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Eutharian had looked up to him, before looking to Rajah. Rajah had looked to Vez before saying, "We started with a few hundred... We may have more now than two hundred years ago. We may have accumulated thousands, maybe tens of thousands. We just need to found the familiars." she said as she looked back to Eutharian.

His eyes darted back to Vez. "The benefit of being a Mempha is this... There acre certain number of us that can reproduce with humans to make others, or change a human by bite normally... Its quite hard to pin down, but its worth a shot to find them"

Lenali's groan of discomfort stopped all movement, but she fell silent again, dousing herself in sleep again. Everyone sighed before looking to Vez again. "We remember a few names. Well give them to you a soon as we make the list"
  Bloody_Eve / 201d 12h 56m 43s
Cavezie was lessening on what was being said and sighed a little bit. He walked into the same room as them after getting dressed once more. He looked at each one calmly "How many members of this clan are there?" He knew that he might be asking a bit much at the moment but he much rather know the numbers at the moment because of last time that he called for his true clan. He shook his head violently as he remembered the good times when Rose and himself where still humans back with their clan. He needed to call the family once more this time on a much bigger scale. He sent out a mental message to Rose telling her what his plan was.

Rose was not pleased with what Cavezie was planning and said so to him. She did do a 180 while she was still a eagle and was getting back to him. She knew that if she did not help he would do the one call that would summon all family and it would kill him even if he became a vampire. She also knew that if they worked together they would have enough power and survive the ordeal. She sighed a little bit and continued to fly back without thinking.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 220d 15h 17m 43s
Cavezie woke up real quick and rushed into the room. He did not really need to know what was going on but he could see the problems real quick. His eyes started to glow but not in a good way. The beast that is is inside him started to show itself right then and there. He growled a bit and then took a very deep breath and walked over to Lenal. He touched her cheek gently. He then kissed her forehead just as gently and then said calmly to her "Let us focus on healing. Take my blood and let it heal you and the child for us." He then slit his own wrist and put it against her lips for her to drink.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 230d 16h 2m 18s
Lenali was being watched now... Every hour, someone would wonder upstairs just to check on her and how she was doing. When she was awake, she would stay in bed, unless morning sickness would teeter tatter her out of bed. She would eat, but she still wouldn't look at everyone unless they asked a question. She would ask for revenge every time someone would mention a plan. But it didn't matter. Lenali was quiet, and she was patient.

A few days later, soft whimpers and crying could be heard from her room. Rajah heard it first. She hurried to her room and spotted her gasping , coughing hard, and breathing erratically. She arched hard, wanting to scream, but the sound never came out. She gasped again, wheezing now, trying to grab as much air as possible before convulsing. Rajah ade quick work in getting her to the tub and in some cold water. She needed to keep her cool, make sure that she wasn't hurting herself. And, when she passed out, Rajah hurried to each roo, waking the others. This was serious. The baby was getting worse
  Bloody_Eve / 248d 2h 49m 18s
Cavezie smiled gently as the group came back together. He herd the voice himself and had a hidden evil smile on his face. He himself desire the same thing only to the family that betrayed him before he has meat Lenali. He walked over to her as she fell asleep. He kissed her on the forehead once more. He looked at the others and asked the eldest one "What do you think our chances of winning the fight that is to come?? He did not really give the eldest time to answer by saying "If it not in favor then we will leave without the traps that are set but we will leave a strong scent here making who ever is tracking us think that we are still hear when we will be at a haven that only my sister and I know. The location itself will change every time it is used but the name has not. It is an old name Corvus. That is my true last name. I had to change it every so often so people do not know." He wondered how he will be able to get Rose to the sight and what was needed to open up the door this time. He hated to pay the price each time he had to go there this time though the price might be too high since he has found somebody to truly be with.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 248d 14h 52m 44s
Lenali had let her head fall a bit before she allowed the others to enter. Everyone had hurried to her, looking her over, but when they were touching her too much, she let out a growl. She really didn't feel te need to be touched, and everyone respected her space.

"Lenali... Are you alright?" Rajah asked. Lenali didn't say anything. Eutharian sighed. "Lenali... We're doing what we can... The good news is that you won't have to worry about moving again. For now, They can't find us. And for the next few days, we'll be looking for the other covens. We're looking for Giever, too. He poses a bigger threat. Herod is playing a sick game to get you off the board."

"Then, let him try, Eutharian..." an evil voice escaped from her. "I want to kill them... I want to kill them all for what they've done... And i'm not going to make it merciful." Lenali's eyes burned with the fire of hate and animosity. She felt that this had gone too far. She then looked to Asmodian. "Get information. We're gonna need a plan. If we are gonna go and end this with these bastards, we're gonna need intel and proper planning... And..." she looked to Matheus. "... Build an army of his experiments. I want it all... I want revenge" she looked back down, hugging her belly before laying down.

They couldn't protest before her consciousness faded, and try as they might, they couldn't even shake her up. They sighed before they piled out of the room. She was right. They needed to plan now while she was on good terms.
  Bloody_Eve / 253d 10h 48m 15s
Cavezie knew what was going on right then. He sighed a little bit. He hugged her gently and firmly. He said calmly to her "It seems that our child is still fighting the poison. I will get another antidote ready this one much stronger. I know what is needed for the antidote." He kissed her gently on the lips "Please let me do this for us." He touched her cheek gently "Let the others come in as well. I ask this as your mate and it is on their behalf." He could at least tell that the others desired to at least comfort her in their own way. He got the herbs and started to make the antidote.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 253d 12h 25s
Everyone had left the room. As Caveziel went to get his clothes, they all still kept a good distance away. Lenali was shivering, but sweating. The bed she was on was soaked in precipitation. She didn't seem like they were conscious while they were there, but she managed wake up without them noticing.

Their heads turned when Caveziel had came out with his clothes. When they turned back, Lenali was sitting up, her back was showing towards them. She was shivering, but there were an unmistakable sound of sobbing. As Caveziel went to her, they worried about her, about their child. What had he done?

Caveziel asked this, what was wrong. Lenali didn't speak for awhile, but when she did, she said "I'm scared... Our baby... it's not moving... Its hurting..." she started crying, and she couldn't stop... And no one dared stop her.
  Bloody_Eve / 255d 7h 30m 35s
Cavezie sighed a bit noticing that the others will not get close without his permission. He said calmly to them "You have taken care of her while I was gone and that I am very grateful. How can I not let you get close to her when she is in need of those she trust most. I am close to her as a mate but it is you she trust with her life more then myself." He touched her cheek gently with one of his hands after changing the rest of the way back to normal. He got up from the bed and sighed a little bit "Will you move out of the door way please. I do have to get dress unless you want to see me fight pure naked." He started to walk over to the door itself to go to his room to get some cloths so he could get dress.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 255d 14h 5m 59s
Everything was accounted for.

After Vez's sister took her leave, Eutharian and Matheus had finished setting up the traps, and D and Lee made sure to set the cameras around the perimeter Rajah remained silent as she set up the room she picked. After precautions were taken outside, inside they started getting to work with their own spaces.

Lenali had awakened for a fleeting moment before falling asleep again. This happened too many times to count. She allowed herself to sleep fully. After all the moving around, there was no other reason than to allow herself rest.

All the while, it took her another two days before she had awakened. When she did, she felt like she had been pounding liquor bottle after liquor bottle. She groaned and turned over, away from where the edge of the bed was, holding onto her belly with such fearfulness. It hurt... Bad. Her shivering form was a clearcut sign of pain.

She couldn't hear anything... She couldn't feel anything. When Caveziel tried to touch her, it seemed like her skin was on fire, that a hammer was falling anywhere she was touched. She'd shiver noticeably hard, letting out a shuttered breath, and gasp for air after. Every time. His sister may have helped her out, but it wasn't going to do anything as far as pain goes.

Eutharian had came in, alongside the clan. They stayed a good distance away. Caveziel hadn't given them the go ahead, so they stayed where they could at least see her. But, no one could say a word. They all resorted to leaving her to Caveziel's care. Maybe he could help her.
  Bloody_Eve / 273d 4h 37s
Rose said to them calmly "If you are wondering about my brother and I well we where the first two human experiments that have survived a angle and demon blood transfusion when others have died just from a small dose of one or the other. After that they started to use other blood like the shape shifters for starters. That is how he is able to change forms when need to, however the only form that sticks is the wolf one. For myself it is that of an eagle."

She then made the second one and did the same process to Cavezie and he swallowed it without any complaints and opened up his eyes quickly. He saw Rose and sighed a little bit and said in a grovel voice "It is good I sent that message sis. Thanks for coming." Rose nodded to this and then did a second check on Lenali and smiled feeling the temperature gone. She then said calmly to Cavezie "It seem one is out of the woods we will have to wait and see on the other. I am sorry but I have done all that I could do." Cavezie nodded to this and then sighed a bit more "I truly hope that things work out for Lenali, myself and for the child." Rose nodded once more and then walked to the others and said calmly to them "adults are out of danger, however the child is still in danger. There is the chance that the child will die. If that has happened you are to be there to help them get through the pain. I have done all that I am able to do. I have made extra to make sure that if any of you including them get this specific poison again to take it. If I am getting another message from my brother for something like this again I will personally stuff it down your throat. Is that clear?"

Cavezie laughed a little bit and then coughed up a little bit. He spit a bit of blood out of his mouth and then wiped it "That is my sister for you." He slowly started to get up a bit shaken as he got up. He then looked at them "Did I hear the word Homunculus while I have bean keeping my urges in check?" Rose nodded to this and sighed a little bit "It seems that they are in this world as well." Cavezie sighed a bit "Well shit that is not good at all. Are the elders using them this time as well as last?" Rose shrugged her shoulder a bit "You got me there brother." He sighed a little bit more and then sat beside Lenali "I will keep watch on her. Before I forget sister I got pure black Onyx for you to use for the one become two and two become one blades." Rose nodded to this and picked up the bag itself "I will have this done within 2 weeks no sooner. Till then stay alive. You know where to go if you need a spot." Cavezie nodded to this and took a few deep breaths.

Rose went outside and then sighed a little bit. She undressed herself without any remorse or shame for that matter. She was completely naked when she changed into an American Bald Eagle and took flight. She had her cloths in her claws as well as the black Onyx when she lifted off. Cavezie waved her off easy enough from the bed itself since it would be a while till they are reunited once more. He then looked at the others "Okay let us get ready for company."
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 273d 11h 34m 53s
Eutharian looked to her. "They're not going to attack in the open. If you've spotted them, like Matheus, that would mean that they had already sniffed her out. But, they are too nervous to approach her. It is said that Lucifer's son, Satan had created them in hell... Whose souls he used, i don't know. But, they had to be the worst of the worst for him to be dabbing with dark magic and voodoo." he sighed as he kept his distance from the female. Matheus looked to Eutharian. "Never hurts to prepare. Just grab the traps and set them up."

With help by Rajah and D'angelo, they set up traps and weapons around each opening and window. Lee and Asmodian had been checking accomodations before they all were satisfied, and they all were huddled int he living room, waiting to hear news of both Vez and Lenali.

"Okay... Which of us besides Matheus has a good nose?" Asmodian asked. Rajah looked to Lee. "Lee here was experimented on with that of a lycan, too..."

Lee scoffed. "More of a skinwalker than a lycan, Asmodian." he said. D chuckled. Matheus looked to them. "Aren't you two twins?"

Lee tilted his head. "Nah, we're brothers, four hundred years apart." he joked. "Of course we're twins."

"So, what are the two of you mixed with?"

Lee sighed. "I was mixed with a skinwalker and a Seraphim" he said. D nodded. "Skinwalker and a Cherubim"

"The Cherubim? The Guardian of Eden? How's that?" Matheus asked. D looked to him. "There's more than just supernatural and the paranormal that's walking this earth, Matheus. More so now than a few hundred years ago." he said. Eutharian looked over to Rajah. "What about you? What makes you a Mempha?"

Rajah looked to him. "I'm mixed with Eingana... The Water deity who created the water and land on the command of God." Eutharian furrowed his brow. "I remember that tale... It's an Australian deity. Wasn't it true that she didn't have... Well, you know... A vagina?"

Rajah looked at him... "Yes, and The God Barraiya used his spear and created one for her so she could birth the world." Matheus had a bit of a disgusted look on his face. "Well, Herod really was looking around for some powerful bastards... I don't even know how he managed to even get the essence of any of these species... Seraphim and Cherubim sounds less likely to get by his own hands. A Vampire can't stand the light, especially heavenly light. And a Australian Deity, A Giant Snake, wouldn't have left a trace for over a few thousand years to lead any person to her. There has to be something going on here..."

Asmodian and Lee looked to each other. "Well, the main thing is, Lenali is the the prime person he's targeting. She has something he may want, or he fears her. Either way, we ought to pray that she and this Caveziel make it through this."

After awhile, Everyone were conversing with each other about a plan. Based on the strengths, they felt that it was probable that they could protect. When the door opened, everyone had directed their attention to the mysterious female. She had announced that they would be okay.

Eutharian sighed in relief. Everyone had nodded a bit in approval before taking a seat. Eutharian got to thinking.

To put it in a list...

Asmodian was a Incubus
Himself, a demon
D'angelo was a Seraphim
Lee, a Cherubim
Matheus was a Lycan
Rajah was a Australian Water Deity

Lenali was the first, which meant that whatever Herod had mixed into her blood was very much stronger than that of any of them, but they were strong enough to defend her. He would have to as Lenali what she remembered. He had to come up with something. Its in their attributes that would make it possible to make it through this bull.

Asmodian looked to Eutharian, who seemed lost in thought. "What do you have?" he asked. Eutharian looked back to him. "We have to keep looking for the scrolls. We need to understand our enemy. We can't act out of desperation. There is room for failure if we do that." Asmodian nodded some and looked back to the group. "I'll help you" he said. Eutharian gave a small nod. "We'll wait till we see Lenali and Caveziel. But in the meantime, we should look for the scrolls at least"
  Bloody_Eve / 276d 9h 16m 1s
Rose continued to work on the antidote but she herd what was being said without trying to strain her ears. She looked at the one called Eutharian and said calmly "I have a few extra things in my bag. They happen to be personal traps as well as bullets that are meant to kill Homunculus without any needed add on to them. The traps will help slow them down to where your best shooter will be able to use those bullets but he/she better aim for the head that is the only weakness that I can remember that they have. If you want to stay alive get one of them in here to pass those out."

She just finished up making the antidote for one of them and then grabbed the blood pack that was near her and opened it up without a second thought. She poured some of the blood itself into a specific type of crystal tube that was specifically crafted to force any medical herbs down the throat of anybody unwilling to drink it. She moved over to Lenali and said calmly to her "This will hurt but it is necessary for the healing process to even start. My brother needs you as does your family. This is why I have made the choice of giving you the first one." She then placed the crystal into Lenali's mouth and opened up the end that was in the mouth and just let the blood flow from there. She said as the blood went down "Swallow all of it and the crystal comes out. That simple. I know you can hear me even though you are asleep."
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The group had already went into action. Eutharian grabbed the herbs. Rajah had went to run cold water into the tub. Lee and D managed to cups of eyes in the meantime. Asmodian and Matheus helped with the preparations, though Matheus was growing worried about the child inside. What would happen if there was any harm done to their child? Caveziel would be undoubtedly upset, but the real question was Lenali. She was going through alot as it is... She was even endangering herself to carry his child. With all the attacks, and with the obvious attempt to get her killed, he could only guess there was a growing strain on the woman. Even now, Lenali was fighting... But its was getting closer to home. Giever wasn't dealt with yet... He may have been weak, but he wasn't going to quit. There was more sinister evils at work... And he could smell it getting closer.

He growled a bit from the thought. Asmodian caught onto his growl, and turned to him. "What is it?" he asked.

Matheus looked to him. "I don't believe the fight is over. There's more dangerous works coming... We have to keep a sharp eye and ear out." Asmodian furrowed his brow. He always trusted Matheus' intuition, his instinct never failed him. But, he couldn't deny that he was feeling the same thing.

After following the woman's instructions, the rest had gathered with Matheus and Asmodian. After giving the group a rundown about the main situation at hand, even they were put on edge. "We hadn't thought it being over yet, either, Matheus" Eutharian said. "In fact, i have a feeling this is just the beginning of the evil that's aimed at her."

Rajah growled as D'angelo and Lee looked towards each other. "Damn, Herod... He needs to take a chill pill."

D stared at Rajah. "Well, it depends on what Matheus saw earlier..."

Matheus looked to him. "It was a Homunculus..." he said slowly. There was an overwhelming silence before Lee blurted out. "Homunculus?! What the hell, dude?!"

Matheus barked. "It was something i was going to tell you once they were taken care of. Apparently, we ended up moving closer to the Homunculi. The Seven Sins Sabbath are sure to cause some major trouble. We couldn't have been more stupid to be exposed." he huffed. They looked up the stairs. "We don't know what we'll do... But we can't move her anymore... We have to wait until they're cure... There has to be a plan... And this time, it can't be easily killed. The Sabbath are Satan's creations. We need to learn about them."

"How? Its not like they're in the yellow pages" Asmodian said. Rajah sighed. "Look into the scrolls. We have a lot of things we'll need to catch up on..." she said as everyone sat down and began to think. What were they going to do? If the Homunculi were close, even Caveziel's brashness and reckless intent wouldn't save her if they were slick enough to kidnap her at her weakest. The answers would be difficult to find, but they had to try.
  Bloody_Eve / 277d 10h 8m 4s
Rose said calmly to the five that where there "I am going to see Cavezie and Lenali. Do not question me for I am here to heal them." She did not give them time to think on what she have said nor did she give them a choice ether. She just went right in and headed to the one room that the two are together in. She noticed that Cavezie was on the ground and his blood veins are showing themselves. She knew right then what type of poison was in his body and she growled as if she herself was harmed. Her growl was far more primal then any animal growl ever known throughout history. She moved to Cavezie quickly but he stopped her. He said gently to her "Hello sister. It is good to see you but do not worry about me. Help Lenali first. She has bean infected longer then I have. I will keep in control till you are done." Rose nodded to this and then stepped over to Lenali. She touched Lenali's head with her own.

Rose could tell what is the matter real quick and sighed a little bit. She said calmly to them "If you want to help heal these two then give me a hand on making the antidote. I have the herbs in my bag as is. Keep these two in cold water or even under a tub of ice. That is the only way to keep it from spreading and do not drink from them at all. The poison spreads that way from one to another." She did pulled her back in front of her and started to make the antidote without a second thought. She then got a second thought "If any of you are herbalist then you will be helping me grind the herbs into powder and put it in the blood packs that was brought here." She did not give them a choice on this matter ether. She said a little bit after some silence "Cavezie happens to be my brother so you better help if you do not want them to suffer and in turn make me your enemy for doing so. Now get moving..."

[i sorry if the sister is a bit pushy but when it comes to family the two will do anything for each other even kill]
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 277d 13h 23m 39s

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