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Lenali stared at him as he explained, then nodded. "They also smell of baby's breath, the smell is toxic to us. The Mamedon is a demon that takes souls, replaces it with parasites that take over the body. It can even turn a vampire into one of them. They're that powerful."

Lee looked at the two, then nodded. "So, what about you two? Looking like Bonnie and Clyde right about now" he said. Lenali looked over his head to Caveziel, trying not to blush. She finally decided to get up before her cheeks turned red. "Shut up, Lee" she said as she quickly walked past them.

Lee chuckled, then looked at Caveziel. "What do you think? Am I wrong?" D punched him on the arm. "you need to learn when to shut up" he said. Lee chuckled. "What? Haven't you noticed she can't stay in the same room with him for more than thirty minutes? She blushes every time he speaks, and she definitely hears him out, even if he's wrong. Don't that strike you as odd?" D fell silent. Lee looked to Caveziel. "How do you feel about her,Vez?" He asked, eager to listen.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 305d 1h 33m 26s
Cavezie walked up into the kitchen and said "I know of the creature that you speak of. My sister and I have ran into it before but lucky enough that the creature did not take noticed of us. Why do you think I called my dealer. She has bean working on a project to contain that sort of creature to begin with. She calls it some sort of name that I do not remember." He then said "Just a heads up don't make the child cry. If you do then you will suffer for it because the tears are acid. If the other creatures found out about that then we are in deep shit because the creatures then would cover there bodies with it and nothing would be able to hurt them."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 307d 7h 36m 37s
After a few hours, Lenali had emerged with new knowledge of this enemy. She went into the kitchen, spotting D and Lee. Though they were silent, when they saw their mother, their faces came to life.

"Lenali? Anything?" Lee asked. Lenali looked to him and smirked some. "It's a little complicated, but I think we have another enemy. And this one is a big deal" she said a she say down D'art Angelo nodded. "So, with this new enemy, will it be a problem to defeat it?" He asked. Lenali couldn't say anything. She nodded and sighed. "Whatever it is, it's as difficult to defeat like Satan. It's a product of hate and animosity. It has no form, but it can turn any human into a demon... By stealing their souls"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 308d 5h 56m 44s
Cavezie noticed the look from Lenali and knew that she would be looking for information for hours. He sighed a bit and then looked at the child once more. He said "I am sorry for what has happened to you child." The child started to really cry. He noticed that the iron chains around him started to melt. He called up "Bring me a iron bat quickly. The tears from this child is melting the chains." He did not know if somebody even herd him. He said to the child trying to calm him enough to where he no longer cries "Look on the bright side of things." The boy sniffled a bit and asked "What bright side is there?" Cavezie said "If you help us put the Mamedon to sleep you will no longer suffer. I need you to think back and remember where that thing is." The child's eyes went completely dry right there and closed them. He said "I remember that we were in a cave that is in the mountains. A creature that had the touch of death even the air is dead around it as if it is sucking the life out of it. It bit me and after that I woke up somewhere underground. I remember the smell of bile, urine, and shit and it was flowing one direction." When Cavezie herd in detail where the child woke up he knew then that the creature was in the underground sewers maybe even lower then that. He said "Thank you. Now do not cry alright." The child said "I will try."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 308d 20h 4m 5s
As she looked at the child, it was made clear... He didn't know. She sighed as she looked at Caveziel, then walked out the room. Right now, the moment she closed the door, she went to work. She ran to get to the library. She found scrolls, books, and began to read. For hours, she stayed in the library, reading any possible thing she could on this Mamedon. As far as she got, she saw the top information she needed to know. It wasn't easy, but she found the information very helpful. But one question was in her head... Why is it coming back now?
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 3y 309d 14m 27s
When Cavezie herd the word Mamedon he wanted to growl right then and there but did not. His eyes though turned from there normal human color to the darkest red color without going black. He was about o loose his cool right then and got up slowly. He said "So now we know that at least one of those things is still living after all this time." He then turned to her and said "This just became more personal then you can think Lenali. For both me and my sister. It seems we have at least one left to truly kill. Over the years my sister has bean able to create weapons that would effect Mamedon in the most brutal of ways. If those things created the Pale Skins. We know what the sores is now. My sister and I will take care of it." He then pulled out a cellphone and dialed his sister's number. He said "The M's back." He then turned to the child and asked trying to sound gentle "I have one question where is this Mamedon?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 3y 317d 13h 3m 1s
The child just stared. "Are you gonna kill me?"

Lenali stared at it. "No..." she said quickly. "I just know that your kind shouldn't exist..."

"I guess you know... its this... Mamedon... attacked me and my uncle... turned us into this-"

Mamedon? Lenali stared. " the Mamedon? Your a Pale Skin?"

She stared in disbelief. They were thought to be extinct eons ago. She could remember seeing the last of them disappear into the sunrise... was it true?

She knelt to him. "I won't kill you... in fact, ill help you answer all of your questions"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / bloody_eve / 3y 317d 20h 33m 42s
Cavezie suddenly woken up and got out of the bed. He wondered what was going on now with the hostage. He walked to the dungeon. He caught the scent of baby breath and new that the creature was a new born. He wondered about the other creatures that they killed. He said as he walked form the shadows "Might as well not interrogate this one. It is a new born. They do not remember who or what they were once they are turned. The only way for them to turned is threw a specific bite that these creatures. The change itself takes about 100 years for it to be complete. They normally do ten to twenty each time. It does not matter if the creature was human, vampire or animal what so ever. So long as it has blood in it's veins." He then sat down in front of the creature and asked in a voice that did not give anything away and as if he was talking to a child "Can you tell me who the other creatures were once?"
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 3y 322d 9h 29m 15s
In the back of her mind, she knew that she had to pickup the pace. Of she could figure it, it would be a limited amount of time to get Intel... She Need to interrogate the hostage.

She later went onto the dungeon, where the scent of baby's breath stunk the atmosphere. She hissed some before proceeding to the prisoner, who seemed in a daze. She stared at the creature, analyzing the beast. "Who are you, and what are you?" She growled

The thing looked up to her and tarred up. "I don't know...l it said. She was confused a second. Why was it crying?
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / bloody_eve / 3y 323d 6h 53m 30s
Cavezie sighed again and thought that rust is decay but apparently it is not. He will have to remember that and tell his sister to make sure that the next set of blades is made out of Iron and made sure that the iron can never age of any kind and also to make sure that they happen to be extra razor sharp to where the blade can cut a hair of a hair into 6 different splits. He then sighed some more and went to his room to get some sleep. He was surprised that he was tired. He also did not count on a coffin to be in his room as well. He went over to the coffin and noticed that the lid was opening while he went to it. He laid down in the coffin and then fell asleep while the lid was closing.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 5d 9h 7m 29s
Lenali looked at him, and nodded. "What's the one thing that can't decay?" she asked as she walked on. She turned to him as she gave him... "Iron... Though it rusts, it never decays unless you let it... " she said as she looked to him. "Paleskins... I thought they were extinct."

"That's what the fuck i said!" D'angelo yelled. She looked around and sighed after a few moments. "I'll let you rest... Sorry for pushing you so soon" she said before walking up to her room. She then sat on her bed, looking at the setting sun.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 189d 23h 39m 50s
Cavezie sighed a bit and said "Let me get some rest damn it. I had not gotten any rest after the damn wolves." He then got up still sore all over and drank some blood. he wondered what she wanted him for. He was good at making normal things cry a melody that he is use to but he has yet the chance to do his thing with the creatures that just attacked. He grabbed a packet of blood and drank it from the back itself. He then took a second one just in case and drank it as one of the older vampires showed him where the prisoner is. He noticed that Lenali was carring something. He asked "Got anything that won't decay right now?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 190d 16m 34s
She watched as Lee and D'angelo tied up the prisoner. Afterward, she closed the door and walked into the lounge, looking to Caveziel. "Get some blood... I'll need your help during the interrogation" she said as she walked up to her room. She needed her torture equipment... She finally found her box of goodies in her closet, and searched around for the perfect tool. But, all of them were good for usage. She decided to take all of them, walking out of the room and down the stairs. She really needed to get intel out of him
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 190d 1h 2m 4s
Cavezie had both swords in his hands when the door finally decayed. He rushed to one of them and quickly removed it's head. He knew that the only blade that might have survived even if it is only temporary was the sword that his sister made. He would have to ask his sister to make another one just like before only unable to decay and make it two swords instead of just one. He then stabbed the final one that Lenali did not knock out. He was breathing hard once more and sat down. He really hated breathing hard but he was still sore no matter how good at healing he was.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 195d 5h 54m 35s
Rajah and D'angelo looked to eachother before looking up the stairs suddenly. "Take everyone to the lounge" a familiar voice called. Lenali was standing at the top of the stairs, staring at the door. "We got this"

Rajah had nodded and took off, Lee and D'angelo not far behind. Lenali knew in that moment… The sweet smell of baby's breath was a dead giveaway.

Her eyes darted to the door, walking down the stairs while she prepared her sword. The steel of the sword and her throwing stars felt good in her palm. It had been awhile since she had her grip on this bad boy. She was ready.

With the weapon in hand, Lenali didn't change her stride, even though she wanted to rush into the shadows. She was itching for a fight after dealing with whatever it had been that attacked her, and the Paleskin members before her had perfect fucking timing.

Killing the beast was just what she needed to take the edge off.

As she drew the paleskin into the shadows of the house, Lenali's body primed for the fight, her heart pumping steadily, the muscles in her arms and thighs twitching in anticipation. Her ears picked up the sound of a gun being cocked, and she triangulated the weapon's aim. It was pointed at the back of her head. [i Damn, this one is fast,] she thought, But looking to Caveziel, she smirked. She knew they had this...

In a fluid motion, she wheeled around just as the bullet exploded out of the muzzle. She ducked and threw the star, which flashed silver and twirled in a deadly arc. It caught the paleskin right in the neck, splitting his throat open before continuing on its path into the darkness. The gun dropped, clattering against the wood flooring.

The paleskin grabbed his neck with both hands and fell to his knees.

Lenali walked over and went through its pockets. She took out the wallet and the cell phone she found and tossed them aside to the waiting chair that was merely inches from her. Before the other could attack her, though, she grabbed her sword from it's holster and aimed it at it's neck. She sucked her teeth before using the hilt and knocking it unconscious. By then, Rajah and D had ran in. She looked up to them as she put her sword into the holster. "Take him away. Tie him up..."

And, they complied. Lee had ran in as she stepped away from the decaying body. It began to decay the wood flooring around it, and she looked at it as she backed up. "Lee, i want you to bag and tag this body. I need to see what the fuck this is"

She was disappointed the fight hadn't lasted longer, but going by the dark, curly hair and relatively inept attack, this was a new recruit. With a quick thrust, she pushed the paleskin onto its back, slipping the weapon in the air and caught the handle with a swipe of her palm. The blade plunged into flesh, cut through bone, reached the black void where the heart had been. With a strangled sound, the paleskin collapsed in a flash of light.

Lenali sighed as she backed away, looking to Caveziel. As Lee finally got it off the ground and made his way to the lab, she walked over to him. "Handle the old man.... Cuff him and tag him. He can't do much more harm now" she growled with authority. She looked around, making sure no one was around to see, and then excused herself.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 197d 2h 53m 12s

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