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Cavezie said calmly and in a matter of fact tone "I had an even number of girls in my family as well but the only thing that has not happened is myself finding the right one. Then again I never was looking. I was betrayed by both my boys and my girls." His eyes tinted a bit red when he was talking about the rats that he has to clear out. He said "Once this is over and the family that I built is gone I am going to start over and I will make sure that those that will join the family are truly loyal. I had thought that those that betrayed me were trust worthy but I was mistaken." He then said "Your life had to be quite interesting to be like that. My family well we did not kill people that are not involved what so ever. However that was while I was the head. Now I am not sure what that family is doing."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 78d 12h 29m 32s
He nodded, then leaned back. "Huh, so your boys betrayed you, huh?" he said as he folded his arms. "That explains a lot."

He poured some more in his cup before leaning back again. "I was a Indian Cowboy... I used to loot the looters, give it to families who couldn't even squeeze a penny out of the dust they lived around... Got gunned down in the trail of tears. Somehow, i lived till nightfall, where she rode this... This black stallion." He said as he reminisced. "... Its fur glistened in the moonlight, and she slid off, knelt to me and asked: 'Why do you want to live'? I replied... "I want to protect the weak, feed the sick, reward the men of justice... I want to right the wrongs of this world..." He smiled and looked to him. "She turned me. To be honest, i'm glad she did. At first, iw as like you... Kinda wet behind the ears when it came to her ways... But, she managed to be patient with me. I'm forever grateful to her."
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 8h 36m 44s
Cavezie chuckled a bit and said calmly "Well the thing is I was looking for a drug dealer and her name came up multiple times. I finally decided to meet her in person. We made a deal her drugs for money. Then after the deal was made well you know the rest right? I was betrayed by my family. That is not the family that I have raised from the ground. They are nothing more then rats. Every one of them." His eyes were turning red a bit before he noticed the glass of blood. He picked it up without thinking and drank it. He said "Thanks for the drink." He then finished up the stake without any problems.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 79d 8h 51m 28s
He shook his head. "Remember, your not human anymore. Pills won't help you now... Only blood can. You haven't been drinking, that's why your body is sore..." He looked around. "Between you and me, it was some tough balls you got fighting the wolves. Impressive for a newborn. No newborn could survive that" he said and chuckled. "But, when you finish that steak, come with me. Maybe you could tell me about your hitman job. It sounds nice" he said as he went to the fridge and grabbed a jug.

He poured blood into two cups and passed him one. He then took a seat. "But, how did you meet Lenali? It had to be interesting." he said as he took a sip
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 9h 13m 3s
Cavezie chuckled a bit and said calmly while he continued to cook "I think that she has bean gaining power over the years and is waiting for the right time to use that power. I think now is that time to use the power though." He finished cooking and put it on a plate. He then limped over to the table and sat back down. He said "Damn I feel really sore all over and my head is pounding. Got anything that might help the head?" He stabbed the stake with the fork and started to cut it up. He did not know that his taste buds were fucked up and that the stake was raw. He ate the stake without saying another word.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 79d 9h 27m 34s
He laughed as he said so, but nodded as he looked around. "Well, your still a newborn... You don't know your purpose yet... But, it's very odd she picks a hitman to turn. She probably picked you because you resemble someone she once loved... Maybe Giever, you do resemble him some" he said and shrugged. "Maybe so.. She'd never just pick you for your connections. You'd be dead by now if she did. She always has a reason to turn anyone... Maybe, she wants to love again, i don't know, and i won't pry... " He did laugh, though.

"Well, aside from that, since your gonna be our little brother, we're gonna have to train you" he started up. "... With us, you'll have to stay on guard. Eldars, wolves, even humans attack us because of one thing or the other. It's never been because think we stepped on their yard. Its always something about treaties, or in fact power. She has more power than all of them combined... What you think?"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 9h 46m 51s
Cavezie chuckled even more. He said calmly and in a matter of fact tone "I am nothing more then a hitman that has very high connections in the underworld." He asked "Does that satisfy your question about my purpose. I am just a connecter of sorts. If I must defend then I will. Other then my connections and my desire for revenge it is her choice on what she sees in me and as to why she decided to pick me." He asked "Mind if I get something to eat? I am hungry as hell." He moved over to the fridge and looked in. He found a stake and pulled it out. He then moved to the stove and started to cook.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 79d 9h 58m 40s
He nodded, but chuckled. "Nah... I'm not the cook. I'm one of Llenali's Generals... Needless to say Rajah and Lee are as well... The one you really have to look out for is our Unc... He's Lenali's Right hand" He looked at him. "And, it doesn't matter how old you are when you were human... You or Ms. Crimson. Even though you lived that long, it's nothing to boast over. When your born again, you go through the entire routine... You gotta crawl before you walk like everybody else... But you bouncing around my question, Newborn." he smiled and leaned back into the chair.

"What is YOUR sole purpose to being one of us? What do you think is YOUR role to play in our coven? I know why Lenali turned you. She did that for all of us... But, why did you accept her invitation? What do you see yourself becoming through her eyes?"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 10h 56m 10s
Cavezie sighed a bit. He said calmly "Thank you for the name D'angelo. I prefer to use the persons full first name. Oh just a heads up I have lived far longer then I look." He then chuckled a bit and said "I am a little bit surprised that somebody that is not sworn to secrecy did not tell at least one other person about Miss. Crimson's and my secret." He then sighed a bit and asked "Are you the cook of this house hold?" He then chuckled a bit and said in a matter of fact tone while he got up "I am with this family because she gave me a second life. She gave me this chance so I can get my revenge on the same family that I have built from the ground up. Oh just a heads up I am older then the very first French War. Miss Crimson is just as hold."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 79d 12h 39m 59s
He arched an eyebrow. "Uh.. N... No, she didn't... Honestly, i really don't wanna know about Ms. Crimson if she's of great importance." he said and passed him a plate. "Name's D'angelo, people call me D for short. I'm one of the first vampires Lenali turned, this you probably know. If not, you know now..."

He sat down with him. "So... besides your expertise when you were human, what do you plan on doing while your one of us?"

D'angelo was interested. He always asked newborns that question, to see if they were worthy to stay around Lenai. But he could tell that she created him for a reason. "... Cuz, you see... When i was created, it just so happened that i wanted a higher purpose for myself. A Knight... Soldier... Alot of those things could be possible, but Lenali doesn't want it, though she has no choice in the matter. Everyone here said the same thing... They want to protect their mother... But, i think you may have a better answer."
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 14h 36m 41s
Cavezie chuckled a bit himself as the little girl hid. He said calmly to her "I am sorry if I have scared you little one. I did not mean to do that." He smiled some more when the girl ran away. He then sighed a bit and said "I am no kingpin. I never was. I was once an assassin for hire. I then became a head of a small family. That family grew in both strength and size. I had become a god father over the years as well. And you know the rest of my story now." He then said after sitting down in a chair that was in the kitchen "My name happens to be Cavezie. I am guessing that Rajah told you about Ms. Crimson."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 79d 16h 13m 31s
D'angelo looked over his shoulder and smirked. "Yeah, newborn, i'm cooking medium rare steaks" he said. Beside him was a soft soul, and it was small like a child. It peered over it's shoulder to the man behind it, then panicked, hiding in front of D'angelo, making him chuckle. "Its alright, Kels... He's one of us. He won't hurt you" he said reassuringly. The little girl clung onto his pants, scared half to death. D'angelo looked over to him. "My bad, man... This is Kelsy. One of the children vampires. She was an orphan the Eldars picked off one time during the French War. The entire orphanage was mutilated of children, and only a few survived. Those were the ones she saved"

He gave her her plate and she took it, running out of the kitchen as fast as she could. D'angelo chuckled and leaned against the counter. He then directed his attention to the newborn. "So, what's your name, Kingpin?"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 79d 18h 8m 1s
Cavezie continued to feel groggy while he was put in his own room and was laid on the bed. He felt his eyes starting to lower themselves. When they were completely closed he was asleep. He did not know how long it was but he then woke up and looked outside. He noticed that the moon has started to come down and truly wondered how long it has bean since he fell asleep. He got up and felt really stiff and sore all over. He limped out of the room and down the hall. He was surprised to see a lot more vampires then there were. He moved to the kitchen and noticed that a familiar face was in there. He asked still groggy "Got something to eat that does not involve blood right now."
  Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 80d 6h 46m 8s
Lenali looked around, her energy well above average as she looked ahead. "We're at the house... Come on"

Without another word, she stepped out of the car. She opened the door to the house, looking to the vampires that flocked to her as she stepped in. Everyone was hugging her, some were even crying with joy that she was okay. Lenali smiled softly. She felt loved all over again.

She then slid out of the crowd, and into the kitchen, where Rajah had followed her into. It was a surprise that she was so close to her, but on the other hand, Rajah always was that close to her. "Why do i smell dog?" she asked/ Rajah suddenly cringed and scratched the back of her head... Uh... There was a sort of mishap before we got to the hospital... Some wolves were running rampant throughout the city, and your newborn had to fight them."

She stared at her, before she growled. "What?" she said. Rajah stepped back. Lenali's entire atmosphere warped the room as her anger flustered. "Wolves ran into the city?" SHe thought a minute before realizing something... "That shadow!"

She ran past her and went to the library, where her belongings were in place like she liked it. She looked around for some answers... But, into the night, she hadn't even left that room.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 80d 8h 58m 49s
Cavezie noticed Lee without really remembering the name. He nodded to Lee without thinking and sat down. He noticed Rajah running out. He said calmly to both of them while he got into the car "I had taken care of a group of 15 wolves and then a group of 5. Now if you do not mind I would really like to sleep right now. I am tired and I have not felt that way in a very long time" He then leaned back a bit and fell asleep. He did not know what was going on what so ever. He could feel what was going around him though even if he is asleep. He felt the limo suddenly stop and opened up his eyes slowly. He asked in a groggy voice "Where are we now?"
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 80d 12h 59s

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