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Cavezie took a deep breath once more and then looked around. He asked "So is it always this quite or is it just me?" He then asked without really thinking "Why did you change me? I mean other then what I am capable of. It is with my connections?" He had many more questions but he did not asked them for reasons of his own. He had to make certain the reason as to why. He looked around some more and wondered a few more things. He herd something that he did not know what it was. He asked "Is it me or do you hear something that I am hearing?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 135d 11h 35m 38s
She obliged to take A sip. She smiled. It was lovely, very elegant and strong. She took another sip as she relaxed on the couch. It had been so long since she had good wine. She drank some more, watching the TV.

For some reason, she didn't feel nervous around him. It was as though he was home. She leaned back into the couch, drinking the rest of the wine before pouring another. This was a good day. It was silent, peaceful. There was no way that this was a dream. She was quiet, though. The quiet air was music to her ears.Him being around made it more enjoyable. She never felt this way before.
  Bloody_Eve / 4y 135d 12h 10m 15s
Cavezie brought back the wine and poured it into the class. He then poured himself one soon after words and took a sip. He sighed with both relief and pleasure at the same time. He said without thinking "Damn it has bean a very long time since I had some good wine. Go ahead and try it you will not be disappointed." He then took another sip this one deeper. He sighed again and then stretched out a bit. He then took a deep breath and then pulled out a book of his own that he had not read in a while. It was in a very old tongue that is more old then Latin itself.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 135d 12h 30m 1s
Lenali watched as he grabbed the wine. She finished her glass before setting it down. In all honesty, she pretty much was embarrassed because she was so bold and straight forward about her feelings. But, she taught herself that it was better to admit it now than to have him wander around thinking of a thousand possible motives as to why she turned him. Besides, she sought to find and eligible person to hold down the fort if anything happened to her. But, with him, it seemed clear that she was always needed. That maybe there will be peace. She took a seat, allowing him to take the floor. She was curious about him, it was her turn to learn a little more about him.
  Bloody_Eve / 4y 135d 12h 45m 49s
Cavezie was a bit surprised about the answer and did not have words at the moment. He said though "I thought that I somehow got under your skin which is why you flustered. I guess I was somewhat right." He then looked at the wine and asked "Why not something a little bit stronger then wine? One that if from the year 1767 is alright and all but not the best. Why not try a 898 wine. You be surprised as to how they made wine back then." He got up and pulled a wine bottle from that time and smiled still surprised that the container itself is still in good condition.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 135d 12h 54m 5s
With the question, she smirked some. "It should be obvious. I do like you otherwise you wouldn't be here" she looked at him. "... But, do I care for you? I do... More than my children, and they somehow understood." She drank some more of her wine.

"They know I would never abandon them. I love them, and they now know that I'm very fond of you. They know its possible things will change. Giever was selfish... Someone that wanted power and a throne and didn't care how to get it. I'm helping you become godfather do you have power over the city and the money with it. Show these humans that we can either protect our destroy." She stood Yoooo meet his gaze. "But,I could never fathom how you made me feel as as a human, and how you make me feel now"
  Bloody_Eve / 4y 135d 13h 23m 38s
Cavezie walked over to her and said "You really think that you were the only one forced like that. I have told you a bit of my life and now you have told me a bit of your own. Not many people understand what my sister and I went through. Our own parents got greedy and sold me and my sister into slavery to where we ended up in the servitude of the vampires that gave us the blood." He then asked without so much as a second thought "Do you like me in some way?" He knew he was pushing a bit but he needed to know before he did anything else at the moment.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 135d 14h 3m 2s
She stared at him for a moment before sighing. "Giever was a slave like me. Back then, slave owners bred us like we were pitbulls, and they choose who we lay down with. If they were no good to their own kind, they became comfort girls" she took her glass of wine from the table and took a sip. "Geiver and I once loved each other.We wanted to get married secretly, but our slave owner had found us. We tried to run..." In her mind, she could remember the darkness of night, them panting ass they made an attempt for freedom. "... They caught us..." Her mind flashed to a dark horse galloping ahead with a white man carrying a shot gun rode well on its back. "... They whipped him, tortured him... They tortured me and the slave owner raped me to set an example to the other slaves. But, he took it a step further. He killed me in front of him. Then lynched him" there was a cold silence.

She sighed. "Not too long later did Dracula found me and him... Saved us. At first, it was fine, being immortal... But,I found Giever wasn't the same. He began getting greedy, selfish. I couldn't fathom what came next..." She sighed as she looked to him. "He tried to kill me." Caveziel could hear a soft sniffle from her. "... I fought back. Won, too. But, for that betrayal,I exiled him... Since then, everything fell into play. That's why I'm here now. To make use of my immortality" she looked to him. "no one can understand what I been through. Maybe never will. But,I know everyone us trying to put us together... I've been without for so long, its been impossible to find the time for love" she sighed again, then leaned back with her glass of wine.
  Bloody_Eve / 4y 136d 21h 28m 38s
Cavezie sighed even more so. He had to figure something out. He also needed to figure out on how to put the creature out of it's misery permanently without the creature knowing it. He knew of multiple ways of doing so but he had to make certain that things are good. He then went to the living room and noticed that Lenali was still awake. He walked over to her "I was somewhat informed on what type of person the one that has wounded was like. I was also told that you have a certain feelin for me. I told them that I somehow get under your skin in some way. I am not normally one to pry into another person's past when I do not want to reveal my own but you already know me more then anybody else in this entire world alive or dead. That is not including my sister. So tell me something about yourself or the one that has taken your heart in the first place. If you be so kind to do so."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 142d 16h 23m 41s
D nodded and stood. "I think she'll answer your questions if you ask. Besides,I don't think she's upset. She's more understanding than many" D then looked at the sun. "Now is the perfect time to ask. She doesn't sleep at times. You have her to yourself. She'll be more than happy to answer them. D then patted him on the shoulder. "Just give it a try,Vez. What can you lose?"

Lenali was in the living room, watching television. She was thinking about this new creature, wondering about the thing that suddenly surfaced. Why did it surface now? What was its plan?
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 143d 12h 49m 46s
Cavezie said "I think the mood that she is in right now it would not be a good idea to ask. Besides I am using the power that she gave me to get revenge on the mafia that nearly killed me. Once that is over I would truly be indebted to her and I do not like to be indebted to anybody. She knows what I plan on doing with that power and for some reason does not disapprove." He then looked outside and noticed that the sun was rising and sighed some more. He said "It seems that the sun is rising." He then turned to the kitchen but did not say anything else. He figured that he would let the other's sleep while he figure things out for a bit and truly wonder if it is for revenge that he accepted to be a vampire.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 143d 14h 59m 57s
"well..." Lee stared at D sighed. "Well, Giever was a man of few words... He grew thirsty with power... She didn't feel right about the situation. He ended up trying to kill her to be the new subject of power. She didn't kill him, but scarred him and personally banned him." D cleared his throat.

"At that time, her heart was broken. She went on a killing spree, almost became a mempha for it, too... But, she used it to her advantage. She took revenge with the elders with it, set the prisoners free. As for her, she ran off to Russia, where she hid, them came to America around the time of the old west. Rajah was the first of us to be turned."
D smirked a bit. "There's been a lot she took. Its been more than five thousands years. You could understand" he nodded to him. "But, to get the whole story, you might need to ask her"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 144d 8h 30m 9s
Cavezie sighed some more. He said "I am only stating what I am thinking that is all. You asked me how I felt about her and that is the one question that I cannot answer because I do not know how I feel. I am indebted to her. I say this because I have not felt fear in a very long time till I was wasting away in a pool of blood of my own" He knew that he was explaining things too long but he cannot say the right words on how he felt since he does not know himself yet. He asked "So the one that turned her into who she is now is the one that betrayed her love. Do ether of you know what this lover like?"
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 4y 144d 11h 33m 57s
D'angelo looked at him. "Damn, I think I told the wrong guy to shut up" he chuckled. "you sound like everything has to be by the book, Vez. Somewhere, you gotta let your feelings be known. She obviously likes you, if you haven't caught onto that already. Its been a long time since she blushed. The last one she cared about..." D looked to Lee.

Lee signed. "The last one she cared for... Turned against her when turned him. It broke her heart... She admitted that. But, its very little she would tell us about it. I think you being here, though its throwing the balance off , it somehow will be a major difference" he looked to Caveziel. "So, from the heart... How do you feel about her?" D asked.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 4y 144d 13h 2m 46s
Cavezie sighed again. He had to do something other then think. He said not really paying attention to the question that was asked of his thoughts " I know of the creature that was spoke of. I have called my dealer because she has something that might help. That thing has given the ones that made me and my dealer live longer it's blood. We have bean waiting to kill the thing that has cursed us. She has bean working on many thing that might help kill the damn thing forever but yet to find one that I am aware of." He then looked at Lee and said as a matter of fact "I have noticed that she was in the same room with me longer then the 30 minutes that you suggest each time. As to if I am wrong or not that depends on the question or situation first. Then it depends on who was causing the trouble or asking the question. As to her blushing well the only explanation that I got is that I somehow get under her skin in some way every time we are in the same room or vehicle as well. From what I can since I would say most of it is through anger. Beyond that I am not sure."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 4y 144d 13h 12m 15s

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