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[i [center [size9 Inspired by Anne Rice novels, L.A. Banks novels, and J.R. Ward novels]]]

[center [pic]]
[size10 [center Introducing Lenali- a young twenty- one- year old African American woman who is a special kind of vampire... She is the Ultimate Divine [i -The most powerful, and most desired vampire known in all vampiric history-]. Lenali is now an artist, one of which that has quickly took her place in the stars as an author and illustrator after hiding as a librarian. Lenali had lived since slavery, and since the tragedy of losing the love of her life after trying to run for freedom. After her love was lynched, she was raped and stabbed in her cabin, left to die for her treachery. At first, she couldn't wait to die to be with her love, but an opportunity had presented itself. A vampire had granted her deep desire to exact revenge on the men that had condemned her and her love to death.]]

[center [size10 Since her acknowledgment of who she had become, Lenali had began building a team of rogue vampires, trained to handle the thirst and protect the innocents. But, they encounter an unusual breed of vampires, who differ from the "regular" ones in appearance and exude an odor so strong that it makes some of the team members physically sick... Baby's Breath. These vampires were experiments formed by the Eldars from her own documentations. The protagonists eventually find out that these creatures are hybrids created by the evil vampire eldar named Giever, who refers to them as "Memphas".]]

[center [size10 Caveziel Mincinii is a young Hispanic/African American Godfather who, as a human, was a simple pusher. After his boys betrayed him and set him up for slaughter, Lenali had saved his life and turned him, in an attempt to help him fulfill his strung hatred for the members of the gang that betrayed him. Lenali's friend, a Hunter named Nick Van Helsing, who once thought that Lenali was the reason that humans have been attacked all over Atlanta, had switched sides and now works for Lenali as a guinea, or a dirty hunter.]]

[size10 [center Moreover, there's a case of which werewolves are seeing these organized attacks on the human race as a threat. With the five- thousand year peace treaty now soiled by its party, the werewolves find it just to attack any and everything that poses a threat to their kind. Lenali's line of truce with the wolves now waver, and its up to Lenali to figure out why...]]

[center [size10 Caveziel sees the plot of the plotter, and in order to save himself, Lenali and the team, Caveziel forms a plan that is very... Interesting... Lenali must infiltrate the Hunters, by purposely getting caught. What they get is more than what they had bargained...]]

[center [size10 Trapped between his heart and a fate he never volunteered for, Vez must decide whether to endanger himself and others- or forever leave behind the woman he’s in love with. But then an unimaginable tragedy strikes and changes everything. Staring out over an emotional abyss, Vez must find a reason to go on or risk losing himself and his soul forever. And Lenali, in the name of unconditional love, is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice...]]


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Cavezie let Lenali drink her fill and then some. He said calmly to her "That is it my love. Take what you need and more. Drink deeply as much as possible." He touched her once more before she finished drinking. He was still calm when the others showed up. He noticed the witches easy enough but he let the others handle it. He did a mental contact with his sister Rose. He told her his plan then and there and she agreed to it.

As soon as everybody was in the room with Cavezie and Lenali, he walked over to Rose and both nodded at each other at the same time. He said calmly to everybody including Lenali "My sister and I will be contacting our clan sending out one specific signal telling them that one of us needs help here and now and by code we help. It will be about a full 2 days for the signal to reach everybody of the clan by blood. After that it will be about another 2 weeks when they show. How many there will be neither my sister nor I can say. However I believe it will be around 20000 at least. Until they show themselves we will have to defend this place." He then looked at the one that normally would deal with traps and bombs "Will you be able to make enough traps and bombs to last within that time frame that I have just told everybody?"
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As Lenali fed, Nathan, Rajah, and Matheus had kept a close eye on their prisoner. Eutharian had been fast in work, trying to decipher the meaning behind the summons. The only thing he got out the monster was a payment.

With Lenali dormant again, Asmodian and Matheus had found their way outside and on their way to find out where it came from. The area seemed closer to other covens than they thought. Just a ways from them, were a witch coven... The ones that worship Satan. Ugh, if all the bull they had to suffer, now its old hags.

Lenali had been awake awhile, but she hadn't said a word or moved an inch. She seemed tense. Lucifer she could habdle... His son? Not to her liking. He was like a bad genie... And that spoke volumes on his character. Suddenly, Caveziel, The group, Nathan and Vez's sister flooded the living room.
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Cavezie herd what was going on after the easy going interrogations was done. He got up from the demon itself and looked at Rose. He said calmly to her "I'm going to check on Lenali. You take this one to the dungeon and if this thing refuses well you know what to do." Rose nodded to this and started to drag the demon to the dungeon making the creature feel pain each time it refused to go willingly.

As Rose took the demon Cavezie went to where Lenali went and noticed her condition. He sighed a little bit and knew what was needed right there. He hated to do what he was about to do but he had no choice in the mater. It was the only thing he could of at the moment to save her life. He touched her face gently with his right hand. He said in the mind "Forgive for what I am about to do my love. I share my blood with you." He then had one of the blades that he was using facing his own throat and did a quick slice. He felt the sting easy enough but he did not screamed out at all. As his neck started to bleed, he placed the blade itself down and brought her lips to his neck. He said in both mind and voice "Drink deeply Lenali. Let my blood bring life back into your veins."
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The beast bellowed in Hebrew again, and Eutharian yelled at him in the like. It seemed that he was summoned by his master to rid them of a threat, and she was that threat. Asmodian looked in the window to see her still asleep, before looking back to the demon. "Who wants her dead?!" Eutharian yelled. The demon tried to refuse, but Caveziel's sister made it difficult not to divulge. Satan, upon anonymous request had sent him to earth.

Eutharian growled. "I bet that letter came from Herod. This is getting serious... They're trying to kick her while she's down" he growled. Asmodian had looked to Caveziel. "I think we need to do something about this... We need to see what coven is nearby, and we need to see what we're up against"

Rajah and Nathan had went inside and she had escorted him through the living room. Nathan looked to Lenali's sleeping form, and went to her. "Is she gonna be okay?" he asked. Rajah could lie. She could say that she was just tired. But, if he wants to help her, he'd needed to know. "She's... Not feeling well. She's been hurt for awhile."

Nathan looked surprised. "Can we do something?" he asked. Rajah sighed sadly. "Unfortunately, its a little hard. We've been trying to slow down what's wrong with her, but it hasn't helped."

Nathan had looked to him and walked to her, and looked at her belly. It was full of veins, and full of, from what he could see, poison. He looked back to her sweaty face, and covered her up. "Can i sit with her?" Rajah was compelled to say no. Paleskins were not very good around company. But, she could see that he genuinely cared about her. So she sighed and nodded, and he proceeded to sit next to the couch, and fall asleep.


Lanali had suddenly gasped and arched hard against the couch. She was panting hard, and she was so sweaty, her covers were soaked. Rajah hurried to her, and Nathan had turned to her, feeling her forehead. She was burning up. Nathan hurried to the freezer, and grabbed ice to put them around her sides so to cool her down. She was still panting, barely able to keep awake, but as everyone piled in with the demon hostage, it seemed that the demon's presence had kicked her defence in high gear and she was up on her feet in moments. She hissed as her fangs stretched, and her talons were ready to plunge into the demon's throat.

Nathan had went into defense mode and stood before her, and his form began to change. Instead of a child form, he turned into a hooded form, full of lethal intention. Rajah growled and stood beside Nathan, protecting Lenali. Matheus caught the stench of baby's breath before hurrying to the scene. He had hurried to Lenali before she would collapse. He held onto her while Eutharian and Asmodian had hurried forward. "Calm down. Vez and his sis has this coal toy under control." he said before looking to Nathan. "You're that paleskin?" he asked. Nathan had took a second, but returned to his original form. "Yes. I am sorry, i just wanna help Lenali" he said.

Eutharian had nodded before looking to Lenali's passed out form. She was still struggling to breathe, and as Matheus had lain her down, it looked as though she wasn't going to be conscious for long. Matheus felt her belly, and used one of his abilities to feel for a heartbeat. She was safe... But, Lenali wasn't waking up. The energy she had was expelled trying to protect herself. "Get him to the dungeon" Asmodian said.
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Cavezie herd a yell over the sparring that he had. He entangled both blades and the whip and then had the blades face down "We have a problem sister. It is time to face an old one once more." Both Rose and Cavezie nodded to each other and untangled the whip and blades. They rushed into the building itself.

Cavezie noticed the demon right there and then sighed a bit. He herd the Hebrew and looked at Rose. She nodded to that and used her whip after the demon said the name and had the creature's throat wrapped up to where it would not be able to get out and not sliced off the demon's head. She did a hard tug and the demon fell back. Cavezie jumped onto the demon and had the blades to it's neck where the whip is and the blades themselves are facing to the neck ready to slice. He growled in Hebrew "Speak truth or face worse then death. Now tell me who has summoned you and sent you to kill the woman that is my mate" Rose kept hold of the whip itself and the whip tightened and both the blade and the whip where burning the demon all together. Cavezie said in the common tongue then "This one is an solder demon that will not stop till ether he dies or get his mark."
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While Caveziel and his sister were showcasing with Nathan, Lenali had been going through some tests with Eutharian and Asmodian. Lenali had been sitting down in a chair in her room. Eutharian and Asmodian had set up some machinery that helped monitor the conditions of both her and her baby. It had been an hour on the needle, and she had felt a bit better than before. She was finally eating something, and it was apparent that part of the problem was lack of nutrients to slow the poison. She remained still, however. She hadn't moved an inch after finishing her food. The blood transfer had been working for a moment, and now she was feeling dizzy.

After awhile, though, when Asmodian had came to remove the needle, she was asleep, and complacent. Asmodian had helped her onto the couch where she was covered up to sleep. Eutharian and Asmodian then had checked her regularly, and had made more revisions to the traps. But, it seemed that there was something off... Lenali was way too fatigued, and she was pale, more pale than usual despite the feeding. The air was eerily quiet... The animals stopped singing. There was something very wrong with the night. It wasn't long before Eutharian had noticed something... Something was in the trees, watching, waiting. It wasn't anything he recognized. It wasn't old Lu, or even those of the Aerie. But, his guard was up, and he was immediately on the defensive. "Asmodian..." he said slowly. When he turned to him, he had noticed the pair of eyes staring at them. Asmodian growled and barked. "Show yourself, intruder!"

A rumbling growl sounded, and backed up before launching out of the trees. Eutharian had collided with him, grabbing on from what he could see... Horns. A demon?! Eutharian was caught off guard for only a second, but managed to divert his attack. Asmodian had backed up, looking at the monster before them. "What the hell is this?!" he growled. Eutharian had raised his hands, watching the demon trail back and forth on all fours.

"Its no Mempha! This is a full on demon!" he growled. The demon had launched again, this time, Eutharian had transformed, blocking the attack. "STATE YOUR BUSINESS, DEMON!" Eutharian bellowed in his demonic voice. Asmodian had ran to get an available weapon, and when he came out, he saw that the demon was beginning to struggle. The demon bellowed in Hebrew, and shoved Eutharian back before turning his attention to the house. Asmodian had tackled it, sending him spiraling into the field. "Eutharian, what did he say?"

Eutharian hissed as he cracked his knuckles. "I'm here to kill her"

Asmodian turned to the demon, who was standing. "Why is she your target" he yelled. The demon growled and bellowed again in Hebrew. Eutharian yelled back in the language, and a heated montage of fire and brimstone scattered into the field. Asmodian knew Hebrew, but this demon was on some mission after being summoned. The question was who summoned it, and how close were they to have this demon this huge and dangerous at their home.

Eutharian had looked to Asmodian. "There is a summoning circle. Someone had summoned him to do his bidding... But, there is no sign of the Aerie summoning him..." Eutharian said. Asmodian growled at him. "Then who the hell did?!" Eutharian bellowed to the demon and demanded that he reveal his summoner. The demon launched at him again yelling the name "Satan!"
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[i sister]

It has taken Rose two weeks to get to the house that Cavezie is at. She sent out a message that she is back with the blade on her back. She landed right in front of the front door and changed back to her human form. She got dress easy enough since she had brought those with her. She walked up to the door and right when she did Cavezie opened up the door. They hugged one another real quick before heading inside.

[i brother]
Cavezie herd Rose message easy enough and got ready to great her. He led the way inside. After Rise got inside and he closed the door he told her that the youngest brother was alive and was there as well. Rose was surprised to this and it showed on her face. He nodded to her and then told her everything that has happened within the two weeks that she was going to the tomb and after words. He then looked outside and noticed the paleskin child and was a little bit surprised that the creature was still alive but he did not need to do anything at the moment. He said calmly to Rose "We do have a paleskin here but the creature is still a child so be kind."

[i sister]
Rose was surprised to hear that there is a paleskin near by and that Cavezie was in a way protecting the creature. She sighed a little bit and then looked outside. She noticed that the creature was truly a child. A very tall child but still a child non the less. She nodded to this "Alright brother I will fallow but if the creature tries anything with me I will not hesitate."

Cavezie nodded to this condition and then headed out. He waved to Rajah and the young paleskin. "So you want to train young one? I do not mind helping with that a little bit. It might help a little bit to learn from one that has bean cursed by a vampire of very old blood. Well two anyway. My sister here might be willing to train you as well if you do not mind putting your own life on the line with us training you. That is how we train. If you do not believe well Here is a demonstration."

Rose nodded to this and then tossed Cavezie the second blade and he sliced his hand to the blade. It started to glow from the the bright white gold to a dark red glow. He then got into an attack stance facing the sister. Rose herself pulled out a specific type of whip that she keeps on herself making it look like a belt on herself and added her own blood that that. The whip itself glowed when she held it and it changed from a white gold glow to a crazy dark green color.

After the weapons were ready both Cavezie and Rose charged at each other with the intent to kill and it could be felt of in waves with both of them. The match itself has just started and it caused a great deal of noise but weapon on weapon noise over anything else.
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After taking the concoction, Lenali had compelled herself to sleep. For once, she could sleep without worrying too much about the pain. Rajah, Lee and D'angelo had taken the time to apply repairs to their home. Matheus and Asmodian had taken the time to clean the room and the house while they were at it. Eutharian had taken up making more of the concoction, just in case another episode were to present itself.

After the objectives were completed, they had scattered into feeble pleasures, watching the news, keeping an eye out and modifying their traps. It was a slower day without threats, but none let their guard down. It was a tedious venture, the quiet. But, Rajah had noticed that the paleskin child had hurried outside and started training. Curious, she made her way to him, careful not to get too close.

"What are you doing, kid?" She asked.

The little one looked up to her. "i'm training, ma'am..." He said innocently. Rajah furrowed her brow. "Why?"

"So i can help protect the nice lady"

"Nice lady? You mean Lenali?"

"Yes, ma'am... It is a thank you"

Rajah tilted her head. "For what?"

"im not hungry no more. And i don't have to make everyone sick no more"

Rajah furrowed her brow again. "What did she do?"

"She fed me a drop of her blood. It hurt at first, but i feel much better now. Now, i wanna protect her" he said with a determined smile.

Rajah sniffed some... Huh... He wasn't intoxicating like before, and he hadn't turned yet. It usually took a day or two. She sat down after a moment. "How do you suppose you can protect her?"

"Vampires dont like my smell. And i still have a bad bite. I dont know how to fight, though" he said sitting sown nearby. Rajah smiled. "I'll teach you... As long as you're our side" she said sternly. The kid nodded excitingly. "Oh, i would like that, Miss!" He said. She smiled a bit. This could be interesting
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Cavezie moved over to Lenali real quick after hearing the word poison. He had a remedy ready and had calmly said to her “Take this hone. It will help on the poison. It is an herbal remedy that my sister made the same one that helped before.” He placed the powder to her lips as he helped her as best as he could with holding her up. He could not think of anything at the moment and needed things to go well with her. He said to the brother “You need to go brother. We will talk about this later.” The brother nodded to this and got up quickly and got out of the room figuring that it would be wiser to leave at that moment because he would be in the way and he did not want to be in the way at all. Cavezie continued to hold on Lenali gently as best as he could without hurting her.
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Lenali looked up to Caveziel, hearing his request to see his brother. His brother wanted to know who he was a mate to, but she seemed to be reluctant, since he appeared out of nowhere... And it seemed as though this one came from the caves Giever had her prisoner. But, she didn't want to seem as though she wasn't trusting, though she wasn't, and agreed.

He helped her sit up, and she had tried to get comfy as everyone else seemed to pile in, and take a seat on the ground nearest to the restroom, so to give her space. Last came in Asmodian with Caveziel's brother, and allowed him to sit in a chair at the foot of her bed.

She looked up to him now, eyeing Vez before finding the words to say. [i "I'm sorry... I've been through many things lately... Forgive me for being on edge"] she said slowly, wincing in pain, feeling a twinge in her side. Rajah made quick work to getting to her, feeling her head. She then looked to Vez. [u "She's running a fever"] she said quickly. After requesting ice for her, Vez had sunk next to her, taking his turn on running her belly. Lenali's eyes were shut, her body weak, but she was grateful that Vez was rubbing some of the pain away. His brother noted her sickly demeanor, hearing her heavy breathing and pained groans. When he asked what was wrong with her, Lenali could only say [i "Poison"]

Another twinge had almost doubled her over, her heavy breathing and pain soaked face said it all. It wasn't getting better. She gripped onto Vez's arm, than his hand when he offered it to her. She looked weak, by his brother's look, but could remember when she attacked to defend herself. She was stronger than him, nearly killed him in the room. He had asked what he could do to help as he watched her react to another wave of pain. It sounded like she was pleading... She needed to save her baby... But, she couldn't alone. When she passed out, though, everyone was sent into a frenzy. They didn't know what to do.
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[i [b [u WAY OVER 1000 WORDS]]]
[i first the sister]
Rose received Cavezie’s mental message and sighed a little bit. She did a 45 degree angle to her left and headed to a place that is considered sacred to all races including the vampires. She knew that there will be trials just to visit the grounds itself. She had to collect the second blade itself and knew that she would have to go through another trial that she herself had to go through just to put the blade there in the first place. This time though it will be far worse since she is retrieving it instead of putting something inside. She was taking back to a past to when she did put the blade in the tomb and knew that if she shows any type of hesitation it means death even to immortals like Cavezie and Rose. She really did not want to do the trials again but it is a necessity defense against all tomb looters in the first place. She barely survived the first time and wondered if she will survive this time around.
It has taken about 2 full weeks of flight itself to get to the locations and that is with her going as fast as she could go. She was breathing hard as she got to the entrance of the tomb. She looked at the tomb itself and noticed how creepy it has gotten over the years since nobody has shown up to keep the place in check. She noticed that the skeleton statues that have two crows on each shoulder while they hold scythes crossing each other at the top of the tomb itself where covered in moss, some bones from strange animals, humans included where at the base because they could not pass the first test just to enter the tomb passage to the grounds itself. She got dressed easy enough and started to walk to the entrance. Right when she was a few feet from the statues themselves they started to move and moved the blades of the scythes to cover the door itself and both asked in perfect harmony “Who dares disturb our slumber? Why disturb our slumber if not to die?” Then they said “Speak truth and you shall pass speak lie and you shall die.” The crows themselves looked at Rose with pure silence with glowing red eyes while the reaper statues looked without any eyes at all.
Rose sighed a little bit and knew that it was no riddle, nor any type of trick trap. She called out to both of them at the same time “Guardians of the Raven’s Tomb. I come forth to retrieve that which I have brought with me years ago. My brother as asked me to retrieve it for we have found the other side and they cry to each other once more.” The crows’ eyes started to change color from blood read to pure white that is how they indicate that she spoke only truth and the statues returned to their original post and said in perfect harmony “You may pass for you spoke truth.” She walked on without a second thought and was going on to the second challenge.
Rose got to the second challenge and saw that there were more bones in the hall then the last time she was there and knew then that people tried to get into the sacred grounds without facing the second challenge which happens to be of blood. She went to the only bowl that was in the hallway and noticed that the bowl itself has been filled with water a lot of times and growled a little bit herself knowing that the only way through is through blood nothing else. She dumped all the water that was in the bowl itself and dried it out properly. She then pulled out a specific dagger and sliced both her left and right palms and placed them both over the bowl and let it fill up to the rim itself. A few seconds after the bowl was filled she knew that she had to keep moving even though she wanted to sleep off the blood loss. She wrapped her hands easy enough with some cloth and continued on. She lifted up the bowl of blood and was walking on without a single incident. She placed the bowl down at the other end of the hallway itself and went through the second the last door before she was in the tomb itself.
She took a few more deep breaths before opened it up as she was. She saw that the final challenge had a lot more bones then normal and wondered what has brought those poor souls to the final challenge and then tour them apart joint to join. She noticed a fresher corps that just started to decay and took a closer look at the body itself. She examined the body very closely and did not leave anything to chance. She even opened it up where it was already sliced. She noticed that the heart and liver where gone and sighed a little bit. She looked up and knew that the creature was one that has been cursed before birth and broke through the creature’s mother’s dead body. She also knew that the creature will not stop unless dealt with and she will have to deal with it before going on. She turned into the creatures only equal in being a predator and started to hunt the creature down.
It was just before sunrise did the creature show itself. Rose did not hesitate at all and charged at the creature. The battle itself lasted for a full hour before the sun itself has shown itself through the cracks of the walls themselves and the creature started to run away. Rose gave chase without a second thought and pinned it down till the sunlight itself touched the creature. The creature itself howled in pure pain and was burning from the sunlight. The creature tried to get away once more before Rose sliced the creatures head off with one of her own claws that she had no desire to use in the first place. She growled a little bit once more and then moved away from the corps before standing in front the final door to the tomb itself.
She simply touched the door and said in a very old tongue “Let those that rest here be awoken and share what they know and let those that guard that which is important come forth and return to the giver.” The door opened up and five specific spirits where showing up as the doors opened up. She bowed to them showing respect to them since they are the first five of the clan itself and they bowed back with just as much respect since they knew her from before. She told them why she has came and the middle spirit pulled out the blade from nothingness and held it out in front of her. She kneeled down in front of the middle one and waited. The blade itself touched her left shoulder then her right one before the blade was placed down in front of her handle up. She got up from there and took the blade itself. She bowed once more before leaving and had to do the hallway challenge in reverse which was the only challenge left. She strapped the blade to her back before picking up the bowl of blood and placed it back on the pedestal in the middle of the hallway. She then left the hall without any more problems for her.
She then just remembered that she was still holding the Onyx orbs and sighed some more. She placed those orbs in front of the statues and called up “This is my payment for protecting the tomb great guardians of the Raven’s Tomb.” The orbs started to float up and the statues absorbed them without another word and the statues started to change from the last stone material that they were giving which was black and white marble. She then stripped once more and had them all bundled with the blade in them and then changed once more into the eagle and took off once more to Cavezie….

[i second the brother]
[i [b before the weeks happened]]
Cavezie herd the call and looked up. He moved more quickly than anything else at the moment and found the beast right there. He was stunned to see the creature itself and wondered how long it has been since he saw the creature. He growled a little bit and pinned the creature down without hesitation. He said in the old tongue “Do you not remember who you are little brother? You are a Raven. You, who have helped Rose when she needed it, the one that has brought peace to others through talk, the one that have been against violence one’s entire life? If this is true then let me put you to rest.” He then punched the one spot that would put the creature to sleep and the creature when into a deep sleep right then and there.
Cavezie walked over to the others and helped them up. He said to them and to Lenali “I must apologies for my younger brother. He is not like this normally but from the look of things well he will not be able to be back to normal till we kill the master, who has put his mind in the feral state that it is in right now. I ask this of you from one family to another help me find the one that has done this to him.” He showed the type of request that means he is truly serious on his request.

[i [b after the problem and during the weeks it took Rose to get to the tomb]]
Cavezie was walking around the house once more hoping to keep things in line and he kept an eye on his younger brother to make sure that he does not go ballistic again which he has not in the time that he was there so far. The two brothers talked for a while every once in a while to catch up on what has happened in their lives. The younger brother was surprised to find out that Cavezie has found a mate and that he might be a father if the child survives the trial that it is going through. The younger brother would like to meet the woman who would put up with Cavezie’s craziness and he agreed under the condition that his brother is bound. The brother nodded to this knowing the reason for this. Cavezie had a gentle smile on his face which has not been on there for so longer after what has happened and went to talk with Lenali.
He found her in the bedroom once more and walked over to her. He asked her “I know that this might be sudden but would you like to meet my younger brother. He has agreed to being bound and watched over by everybody if only to meet the woman who has became my lover and mate for this life and the next one.”

[i I hope that this is enough for the Cavezie for now]
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They all nodded and looked up the stairs. "Me and Rajah will still guard her room" Matheus said, looking back to Vez. "For all we know, it can be something or someone looking for her again."

Asmodian nodded, then looked to D, Lee, and Eutharian. "That leaves us on the hunt. Spread out. Keep an eye out for an aerial attack." he said.

D and Lee looked to the front door and hurried out. Eutharian and Asmodian took the back. Matheus and Rajah had looked into the room, to see she was awake, and sitting up. "Lenali?" Rajah asked.

She turned back to them in a hurry. "It's on the roof--"

A bang sounded. She looked up before making an effort to stand and move away. The banging on the roof continued for only a moment before the sound of Asmodian's voice and Eutharian's yell sounded. Footfalls could be heard on the roof balcony, and Lenali's labored breathes turned into pants of anticipation. She put her hand out, pushing Rajah and Matheus away from the doorway as she backed up. After a few moments, something crashed into the room from the roof, and came down hard into the bedroom. Lenali backed up considerably despite her stomach, but she could see that Eutharian and Asmodian were tussling with the beast. It slapped Eutharian away and punched Asmodian away in the other direction.

Lenali growled, looking to the sword still in the room. The beast turned to her in the doorway, and pointed to her. "YOU! ALIVE!" it bellowed. Lenali made quick work to grab her sword, and arm herself before he would try an attack. She growled at it, hissed at it. She would protect herself. She had to. "WHO SENT YOU!" she growled. The beast roared at her in response. She hissed. "If you won't tell me, i'll beat it out of you!" she growled. . The beast tried advancing towards her, readying his hands to grab her, but she moved enough to dodge his fist. She backed up a moment , catching her bearings before taking a stand against him.

"You're unwelcome here! Leave or pay the consequences!" she growled. Matheus nd Rajah made haste near her, but the beast's advance towards her made it hard to find an opening. Matheus saw Lenali dodge him, a little easier now, and landed q punch on his nose, knocking him back a few feet. Matheus had took the chance of getting in the middle, growling as began to transform into his wolf form. It was quick, and he managed to bellow a roar . Rajah had grabbed onto Lenali, moving her away from the two titans. "Don't kill it, Matheus. Knock the bastard out!" she yelled. Just as she said it, The beast had slapped the two of them away, hitting the wall outside the room. Lenali gasped for air, feeling a pain she hadn't felt before. Rajah had groaned as she sat up. "Lenali?"

Lenali gasped hard before looking to the fight that spurred between the Beast and the Lycan. "Help him... That Beast... It's Giever's henchman..." She groaned, trying to get up. Rajah growled. "Like Hell, i'm not leaving you now!"

"We have to help him!" Lenali grabbed onto her sword. "We have to help-"

She tried to stand again, this time she let out a yell. She couldn't move at all! Eutharian and Asmodian had managed run out the smoke and to her. "Go... Go and help Matheus.." she gasped in pain. Rajah growled and looked to the two. "Lenali, i'll take you to Caveziel. They got the Beast"

Lenali couldn't fight them. Eutharian and Asmodian had ran back into the battle while Rajah hurried Lenali down the stairs and to the living room. She set her somewhere safe before the Beast crashed through the opening, roaring as Matheus had it in a chokehold. "VEZ! KNOCK HIM OUT!" Eutharian yelled as Asmodian used a chain, his preferred weapon, to tie his legs down. Rajah stood before Lenali, protecting her.
  Bloody_Eve / 166d 7h 4m 14s
Cavezie sighed a little bit "For starters everybody calm down. Now lesson to what I have to say." He moved easy around each of them "Well first the weapons is a must to protect ourselves as well as Lenali. Second find the intruder and capture him or her. It is only after we collect the intruder will we decide on what we will do to them. Now find the intruder and leave nothing unchecked." He then lifted up a specific blade and it started to glow in his hand. He knew right there what it was and was very surprised to see the only other one of a specific pair. He had a strange smiled on his face. He said calmly to to them "It has bean a very long time since one of two have come out of hiding." He then looked at Eutharian "Now tell me where did you find this blade? I ask this because this is one my original blades that was crafted by my sister by a material that is no longer available no matter how far in hell or in heaven because they are extremely rare to where just having a peace of this would cause a war between the two. Now I can call my sister and tell her to get to the old crypt and bring out the other one."

He then did single cut into his hand and when the blade tasted first blood after so long it started to glow even more so but instead of a slightly white gold glow it became a dark blood red glow. He said calmly "The blade desires blood more then any vampire in a hunger frenzy that cannot be satisfy." He noticed the runes starting to show and smiled even more "I am going to give my sister the signal however it will take me awhile. In that time find the intruder and bring them to the front chamber. Now get to it." He then went into a deep meditation and started to contact the sister."

[i the next post will be the sister's post.]
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 167d 8h 14m 7s
Lenali ws still in her room at the time, but it didn't mean that everyone wasn't thinking about her safety. As soon as Caveziel said there was an intruder in their midst, Thoughts immediately went from threat, to weapon, to cameras, to Lenali. Rajah growled out loud, looking up the stairs. "We need to protect her. There must be another threat after her blood." She hissed. Lee, D'angelo, and Eutharian had looked to each other. "Get the weapons, Eutharian. I'll go and grab onto the security cameras!" Lee said before hurrying past them down the hall to the security room. D'angelo looked to Matheus and Asmodian before they all had turned to Caveziel. "We follow you, Vez. What do you need for us to do?' Asmodian asked, looking to Matheus, who looked up the stairs after Rajah as she ran upstairs to Lenali's door.

Rajah had opened the door, seeing that Lenali was still unharmed and asleep... For now. She hurried to the top of the stairs. "We need to move her. Now... She can't be where they can reach"

Matheus growled. "We can't move her. Not now, Rajah. She's in condition to move!"

"Well, what do you suggest we do, Matheus?" Rajah barked back to him.

Asmodian huffed. "Now's not the time! Vez, Rajah can keep guard of her inside of the room, and Matheus can keep guard of the stairs. I'll stay down here alongside you, then Eutharian Lee and D'angelo can scatter, closest to the stairs and doors, just in case they try some silly shit like ambushing us from other angles. How does that sit with you, Vez?"

Eutharian had hurried in seconds later with guns and swords. "Grab what you need" He said quickly, and within moments, the group was equipped. Rajah planted herself inside, looking to Matheus, who was in the doorway, He nodded towards Lee, who stayed at the bottom of the stairs, and Lee looked to D'angelo, who was near the front door. Eutharian gripped his gun as he stayed near the back, and looked to Asmodian, nodding to him that he was at the ready. Asmodian had looked to Vez then. "We follow your command, Vez..." he said
  Bloody_Eve / 169d 1h 13m 34s
Cavezie looked at Lenali and smiled gently. That smile left soon after words and his true nature of protector and hunter came out "I have asked my sister to return because we will be calling forth a very old clan that make current psychics of all kinds look like house kittens to a pride land grown adult lion both male and female. She will be in a few hours at most." His eyes turned from a soft look to a look that makes ether a super nova feel colder then space itself or space feel like a super nova. His own voice was about ready to break as he said "There is one call that they themselves cannot refuse. It is a simple one but one that is true. I will speak the words now for once she is here the call will go out. 'Those of family that carry the old blood come forth for family. To protect future generations to come and remove that which has cursed the blood long ago.' When that call is out those that carry the old blood will come. From what I can tell there is at least a thousand to ten thousand in that category. I cannot tell how many specifically." He got a strange whiff from something strange real quick and he went on the defensive real quick and said with a voice that has cracked finally "we have company. Not my sister that is for sure."
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 175d 4h 17m 19s

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