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[i [center [size9 Inspired by Anne Rice novels, L.A. Banks novels, and J.R. Ward novels]]]

[center [pic]]
[size10 [center Introducing Lenali- a young twenty- one- year old African American woman who is a special kind of vampire... She is the Ultimate Divine [i -The most powerful, and most desired vampire known in all vampiric history-]. Lenali is now an artist, one of which that has quickly took her place in the stars as an author and illustrator after hiding as a librarian. Lenali had lived since slavery, and since the tragedy of losing the love of her life after trying to run for freedom. After her love was lynched, she was raped and stabbed in her cabin, left to die for her treachery. At first, she couldn't wait to die to be with her love, but an opportunity had presented itself. A vampire had granted her deep desire to exact revenge on the men that had condemned her and her love to death.]]

[center [size10 Since her acknowledgment of who she had become, Lenali had began building a team of rogue vampires, trained to handle the thirst and protect the innocents. But, they encounter an unusual breed of vampires, who differ from the "regular" ones in appearance and exude an odor so strong that it makes some of the team members physically sick... Baby's Breath. These vampires were experiments formed by the Eldars from her own documentations. The protagonists eventually find out that these creatures are hybrids created by the evil vampire eldar named Giever, who refers to them as "Memphas".]]

[center [size10 Caveziel Mincinii is a young Hispanic/African American Godfather who, as a human, was a simple pusher. After his boys betrayed him and set him up for slaughter, Lenali had saved his life and turned him, in an attempt to help him fulfill his strung hatred for the members of the gang that betrayed him. Lenali's friend, a Hunter named Nick Van Helsing, who once thought that Lenali was the reason that humans have been attacked all over Atlanta, had switched sides and now works for Lenali as a guinea, or a dirty hunter.]]

[size10 [center Moreover, there's a case of which werewolves are seeing these organized attacks on the human race as a threat. With the five- thousand year peace treaty now soiled by its party, the werewolves find it just to attack any and everything that poses a threat to their kind. Lenali's line of truce with the wolves now waver, and its up to Lenali to figure out why...]]

[center [size10 Caveziel sees the plot of the plotter, and in order to save himself, Lenali and the team, Caveziel forms a plan that is very... Interesting... Lenali must infiltrate the Hunters, by purposely getting caught. What they get is more than what they had bargained...]]

[center [size10 Trapped between his heart and a fate he never volunteered for, Vez must decide whether to endanger himself and others- or forever leave behind the woman he’s in love with. But then an unimaginable tragedy strikes and changes everything. Staring out over an emotional abyss, Vez must find a reason to go on or risk losing himself and his soul forever. And Lenali, in the name of unconditional love, is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice...]]


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Ten days and nights...

Lenali could've been irate, but for some reason... She just couldn't bring herself to even move, let alone speak out on the matter. Rajah had hurried to her side when he had left, seeing the hurt stretch along her face, then her body began to show it. "We will have to start moving" she said. Asmodian, Matheus and Eutharian looked amongst themselves. "He said to keep moving her around... Do you think it's safe in her condition?" Asmodian asked. Eutharian looked at Lenali lying along the couch, seemingly worn and tired. "I should say not... Her condition is not a good one to be moving around so much... But..."

D had only listened to the matter while Lee was trying to get into the room without being noticed.

He crossed his arms and sighed hard. "I don't suppose we have a choice in the matter. The Alpha has given his orders... We must abide" he said simply before looking them. "We must make sure she is safe. Not only that, if she is indeed carrying his child, it is imperative that we make sure she is protected. Us six may need to adhere. "

D'angelo sighed as he looked to Lee, who was paying close attention to the conversation. "I'll get cameras."

Lee nodded. "I'll pack the weapons"

Matheus sighed heavily before nodding. "Then, let's get packing... We shouldn't wait until tomorrow."


Four the past six days, the plan had been working. Each night, Eutharian would pick a location to move to by dawn. Each day, they'd rest, just to move her again. Lenali was showing clear signs of discomfort, but she still kept strong. She would follow silently, only speaking when spoken to, preventing herself from making herself into a liability. She had been going with the program.

This was the eighth night.

She was finally asleep in the master room, and Rajah had went downstairs after assuring that she was safe. Matheus and Asmodian had been keeping guard of the house, making sure things were safe. Lee had made sure to keep provisions with both security and food prepared. Eutharian would come in the room from time to time, to make sure she was alright and comfy. Each time, he could see the tired woman become more and more unbearably ferocious. She would be silent until he'd give her blood, then her fearful side would approach. She hadn't realized that she was doing it, of course, but he was sure it was out of fear of them, the child, and Caveziel. She had gone through so much... She didn't really need anymore stress.

So most times, after he'd feed her, he'd leave her to rest.

Around dawn, around the time they would be getting ready to make another move, Eutharian attempted to check in on her... Only... She wasn't there.

There was no sign of intrusion. There was no sign of struggle. But, she wasn't in the room, nor was she restroom provided. "Rajah, did you see her?" he asked. Rajah looked up from the suitcases with surveillance cameras in them. "Lenali should be in the room" This caught Lee's attention. "What?"

"She's not here..."

Asmodian looked next. "What? What do you mean she's not in her room?" Eutharian walked down the stairs in a hurry. "She is not in her room... But, there is no sign of forced entry or a fight."

"She may have walked around to get air..." Matheus said slowly... Eutharian looked at him hard. "That's not good, Matheus. WHat happens when any of those vampires smell her? We gotta make sure she is safe... Vez will have our asses if we don't make sure they're safe"

Asmodian nodded, alongside Rajah before they took off out the door in search of her. Matheus took off in the opposite direction with Lee at his heels, out the back. Eutharian and D continued to search the house, all the while packed the truck they were traveling in. Eutharian was praying that nothing happened to her. Vez will kill them if it was foul play. D nodded. "Let's not lose hope... Let's pray we find her before any of those bastards will"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 9d 8h 57m 51s
Cavezie found Lenali in the living room and found her looking at the tv. He was about to go into the room when he heard a specific name. When Cavezie herd the name Lu, he instantly felt pure rage. He knew the name well enough and the person as well. He walked into the living room to see if it is the same person and was surprised that it was. He truly growled right then and there. His voice changed from human like to something that was nether beast nor human "So that bastard is still alive." His own fingers changed into claws that could slice through anything at that moment. His body grew a little bit. He still looked like his human self though he is taller as well as more muscle showing as if he was pure muscle without any fat on his body.
He turned around quickly feeling the door frame touch his head and knew that he needed to get out before he ripped any of his new family's throat. His voice was still the same when he said "I am going to kill that bastard for what he has done to my sister and me." He then called Lenali
He did not give anybody to talk to him at the moment and left them to think. As he walked away from them to go outside he called his sister and told her who he just saw on the tv. The sister was surprised to find out that the one vampire that they thought that they killed was still alive. Both knew then that fire will not do it with this one they had to do the one thing that was impossible for them to do at when they escaped. They had to go for the heart and head this time around.
Cavezie hanged up on his sister after words and then got outside. He did one yell that sounds like a howl of pure pain, suffering, hatred, and all the negative emotions that he had been holding in all of his both natural and unnatural life. He knew that he was going to need a specific type of blade and a material that he needed to find. He then called Lenali on her phone and said "I am going to be gone for a little bit. I am sorry but I need to find a specific type of material for my sister to create a sword that will kill that bastard for good this time. Please do not worry about me. I will return within 10 days and nights. I ask that you and the rest of the family to keep moving around. I have safe houses around the entire town as well as the rest of the world if need be. I am sorry for this once more. I have forgotten to mention that the one that was just on the tv was one of the vampires that my sister and I have been torched by when we were humans. We were the ones that have left a scar of fire on him before he had the ability to be immune to it. If we knew that he survived that day we would have finished the job. Contact my sister and say ‘Raven’s Den.’ She will understand that and take you to where you need to be." He then hanged up and went onto his journey.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 69d 16h 37m 47s
Lenali was in the living room, with the coven surrounding the flat screen while the news anchor spoke of a fire breaking out in downtown. She watched as the camera's shakiness revealed a figure coming out of the fire. She then saw a wide smile... She exhaled... Oh, she wished it wasn't this one...

"Lenali...?" Rajah asked. Lenali stared at the TV intently, trying to verify who it was... She sighed in frustration when it was who she thought. "It's a calling card... " she said slowly. Rajah furrowed her brows. "From who?"

"Only bastard that can walk through fire and comes out completely unharmed" she huffed impatiently. "I was wondering when Lu would show up"
  Lenali Shepard: The Rogue / Bloody_Eve / 137d 18h 42m 40s
Cavezie was glad that Lenali was enjoying herself with what he have given her. After making love with her he went into a deep sleep. He had not slept like that in a while.

It was an hour after sunset did he wake up. He noticed that she was not in the room and was wondering where she went. He got up and put on something to cover up. He then left the room and went on the look. He was a little bit hungry but he did not know what he was hungry for. He did know that things are going to get interesting real soon.
  black_storm_prince / 144d 19h 20m 33s
Blushing now, Lenali had taken him into her arms. He showered her with kisses, with all the love he could muster. And she was taken over the edge when he had made love to her that day.

Sunset came, and so did the hustle and bustle of the house. Lenali woke up first, seeing the clearly fatigued yet satisfied slumber Vez was having. She smiled softly before sliding on her robe. She went quietly downstairs and to the kitchen, watching the boys having a regular teenage day. They were riding to music, playing videogames, challenging each other having a good time. Lenali smiled to the sound... It just seemed so... Normal.

Just then, as she sipped the blood she had just pulled from her microwave, she felt... nausea. The little Paleskin boy had just came in, grabbing a glass for himself. "Hi, Ms. Lenali! I will go to my room, just getting something to drink" he said. Lenali smirked a bit. "Why not play with the boys on the video game?"

Curious, the young paleskin ventured into the living room. No... It wasn't him... It bothered her nose, but it wasn't him making her nauseous. She hurried upstairs, into the room and to her restroom, where her glass of blood plopped to the bathroom granite sink as she doubled over the toilet, and heaved. She quickly flushed and grabbed mouthwash. She was glad Vez didn't notice. It would've been embarrassing. Still, the thought returned. As she did she laid down beside him then, turning on the TV so to distract herself from the question she didn't have an answer to.
  Bloody_Eve / 145d 14h 18m 13s
Cavezie noticed a certain look in Lenali and smiled gently at her. He kissed her lips back gently without a second thought. He noticed the bottle then and wondered what it was. He took the bottle and noticed what it was then. He was a bit surprised to see something like this. He was a little worried now. "What do you think you are doing using this sort of this. If you need something to help remove the edge then come to me. You know you can trust me on that my love." He touched her gently once more before setting the bottle down and then he started to do his thing with her.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 145d 15h 42m 48s
Him offering himself had Lenali shiver a bit. She made sure not to take too much, but she didn't want to pull out the siphon without returning the favor. After grabbing her fill, she kissed the wounds closed, then kissed him. After which, she had materialized a bottle and a cup, drinking some to keep her sedated. She then had a thought. If she was carrying... What would it mean for Vez? For the pack? For her? How much in danger is she in? When will the Styx coven become a bigger threat? She shivered and hugged herself before looking away. Emotions rushed to her lashes and to her cheeks. What could she do to protect them all, including herself?
  Bloody_Eve / 150d 14m 15s
Cavezie noticed the hunger that was taking over Lenali and sighed a bit. He moved his neck to her fangs and made her puncture his skin. He flinched a little bit to her fangs but nothing else. He was calm when he patted her head "Drink up. Your thirst is showing. You need to feed." His own fangs started to ache but he did not say anything to her. He wanted her to be happy and to be able to think. He touched her gently while his own blood was going into her throat while she feed from him. He did not know how long it will be before she was full.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 150d 15h 4m 43s
Her face was bright, looking up as the shadows on his face complimented his features. [I "I would love nothing more. Those Angelvamps had to have been watching me... Remiel is so secretive , but Phanuel likes me to where she always find ways to help. It is odd i can see Giever in my dreams. "]

She looked back to him, and kissed him. [I " Has anyone told you you're handsome? The light is absolutely gorgeous on you"] She seemed hazed out. Whatever was on her had her loose, wanting, desiring... It was creeping up her spine, and her fangs wouldn't retract. They ached, her lips being pricked by her fang. What was going on?
  Bloody_Eve / 190d 15h 3m 47s
Cavezie had herd this before from an old vampire that had both him and his sister. He was surprised to hear about the seven coven meeting coming from her lips but did not say anything.

He continued to try to comfort Lenali without knowing what to really do. He just held her gently while the tv was on. He brushed her hair from time to time without thinking. He tried his best. He kissed her every once in a while. He then sighed once more "I have not bean to one before but I have herd about it. If you want me to be there I will be there Lenali."
  black_storm_prince / 190d 15h 18m 2s
Lenali suddenly felt a pair of arms around her. Then, a whisper urged her to calm down. It was all she needed. She sighed as he asked her to eat what he cooked. She nodded as she started eating and relaxed a bit. [I " Vez, i think we need to come up with a plan...i don't like where this is going... The Styx coven are making things worse... I think we need to go to the Seven Archs Coven..."]

She looked to him. She felt him near her face, kissing her, and turned on the tv for awhile. He was doing what he could to keep her calm. She appreciated it as she leaned on him.
  Bloody_Eve / 192d 19h 40m 5s
Cavezie finished up the rest of the bodies and then went to the room. He noticed that Lenali was asleep. He smiled gently at this and sat down in the chair that was in the room. He fell asleep himself without realizing it until he got a dream that he had not had in a long time.

He had woken up to hearing her screaming and sighed a bit. He walked over to her and gently patted her on the head. He did not know what to do even if he was not what he is. He was still confused and then thought of something. He went downstairs to fix something good for her. He felt like he needed to do something to make her feel more at ease.

He walked into the room without knocking thinking that she was still asleep. He found her awake and noticed a particular look in her eye and went over to her. He sat down on the bed even if he still had a tray in his hands. He placed it on the side table and then did a quick turn and hugged her gently. He whispered into her ear "Everything will be alright Lenali. Everything with be alright. Will you try what I have prepared for your breakfast?"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 194d 15h 39m 18s
Finally tired, and allowing everyone their space, she allowed herself to lay and fall asleep.

But, her sleep was all but pleasant.

Throughout the entire day, she sweated, began trembling, ad even began whimpering. Giever had been playing with her mind, and she was struggling to fight him.

She awakened with in a panic come the wee hours of the night. She looked around, remembering that she wasn't where Giever was. She flopped back on the bed, still feeling a sense of restlessness and a roaring fear. She had to protect her coven... But, now she had a bigger dilemma. She now had to do so much more. If Giever had came back... That meant the Styx Coven wasn't far behind. And with a child pm the way, she had to do better... Or watch as her coven fail
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 1y 34d 4h 22m 48s
Cavezie shook his head a little bit "Yea I am fine. I am sorry but I need some fresh air." He then stepped out of the room and took a few deep breaths. He needed to think and for some reason he cannot think around her at the moment. He needed time to get use to the fact that he has found one that accepts him for him instead of what he pretended to be.

He set out without thinking and went on a walk after helping take care of the dead vampires that have not turn to dust yet. He knew that they are regenerating so he dug a deep enough hole and tossed all the bodies in it. He then added oil and lighted them up without so much as a second thought. Some of the bodies started to move from the fire and started to scream.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 1y 34d 18h 55m 20s
Lenali had turned to him with a stare. She stared to him with the want that she hadn't known she felt before. She nodded to his news, then looked back outside, watching everyone working to rid the bodies that were sitting on her porch. "Are you okay? " she asked.

With everything that was happening, she was still trying to get used to the fact that there was nothing to fear with Caveziel here. She could easily sat back and watched the show. But, in her mind, she also knew what her new duties were... She had to make sure her mate was tended to.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 2y 27d 7h 35m 49s

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