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[i [center [size9 Inspired by Anne Rice novels, L.A. Banks novels, and J.R. Ward novels]]]

[center [pic]]
[size10 [center Introducing Lenali- a young twenty- one- year old African American woman who is a special kind of vampire... She is the Ultimate Divine [i -The most powerful, and most desired vampire known in all vampiric history-]. Lenali is now an artist, one of which that has quickly took her place in the stars as an author and illustrator after hiding as a librarian. Lenali had lived since slavery, and since the tragedy of losing the love of her life after trying to run for freedom. After her love was lynched, she was raped and stabbed in her cabin, left to die for her treachery. At first, she couldn't wait to die to be with her love, but an opportunity had presented itself. A vampire had granted her deep desire to exact revenge on the men that had condemned her and her love to death.]]

[center [size10 Since her acknowledgment of who she had become, Lenali had began building a team of rogue vampires, trained to handle the thirst and protect the innocents. But, they encounter an unusual breed of vampires, who differ from the "regular" ones in appearance and exude an odor so strong that it makes some of the team members physically sick... Baby's Breath. These vampires were experiments formed by the Eldars from her own documentations. The protagonists eventually find out that these creatures are hybrids created by the evil vampire eldar named Giever, who refers to them as "Memphas".]]

[center [size10 Caveziel Mincinii is a young Hispanic/African American Godfather who, as a human, was a simple pusher. After his boys betrayed him and set him up for slaughter, Lenali had saved his life and turned him, in an attempt to help him fulfill his strung hatred for the members of the gang that betrayed him. Lenali's friend, a Hunter named Nick Van Helsing, who once thought that Lenali was the reason that humans have been attacked all over Atlanta, had switched sides and now works for Lenali as a guinea, or a dirty hunter.]]

[size10 [center Moreover, there's a case of which werewolves are seeing these organized attacks on the human race as a threat. With the five- thousand year peace treaty now soiled by its party, the werewolves find it just to attack any and everything that poses a threat to their kind. Lenali's line of truce with the wolves now waver, and its up to Lenali to figure out why...]]

[center [size10 Caveziel sees the plot of the plotter, and in order to save himself, Lenali and the team, Caveziel forms a plan that is very... Interesting... Lenali must infiltrate the Hunters, by purposely getting caught. What they get is more than what they had bargained...]]

[center [size10 Trapped between his heart and a fate he never volunteered for, Vez must decide whether to endanger himself and others- or forever leave behind the woman he’s in love with. But then an unimaginable tragedy strikes and changes everything. Staring out over an emotional abyss, Vez must find a reason to go on or risk losing himself and his soul forever. And Lenali, in the name of unconditional love, is faced with making the ultimate sacrifice...]]


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Cavezie nodded to this and went inside. He sniffed a little bit making sure that nothing got inside while everybody was outside fighting. He got a strange feeling but he did not know why. He then found Lenali still in her room. He said as he came in and closed the door "Everything is fine outside now. Rajah suggested that I tell you." He did not know what else to say nor do at the moment. He caught a specific scent from her and wondered what it is. He did not know what's going on at that moment. His mind is starting to go blank just because of the scent itself.
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 29d 23h 20m 30s
Lee and D had chased come away for yards, until they fell off of a cliff. Rajah had made sure the entrance was barred from harm. The other younglings had long since attacked the intruders. The battle was won... With one prisoner.

Lenali had felt hungry again, maybe because of the excitement. She felt the rising sensation, one Caveziel would understand. The night had fallen silent. Lenali was safe from harm... But, Rajah felt it was too easy. These weren't many, so why did they pose a threat to the entrance? Was it a threat on Lenali?

Before Lee and D would drag the prisoner in, Rajah halted them. "Don't let him in the house... Take him to the outer entrance to the dungeon. "

The boys did so as she walked to Vez. "Go tend to Lenali... We're fine here"
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 53d 22h 20m 16s
Cavezie growled some more and attacked again with the same target as before and got pass the creatures arms this time. He stabbed the stomach of the creature and then pulled the blade out through the side. He looked before he got hit once more this time in the back of the head. He grunted once more and spit out some his own blood. His eyes changed from normal to that of a wolf and did the one thing that he swore that he would never do and howled a wolf's call that is so old that not even the modern wolves remember it. His call brought a weapon that has bean asleep for so long that only the handle has shown itself. He grabbed the handle easy enough and the blade formed as he pulled it out of the earth. He then moved much faster then was expected even for a wolf vampire mix and sliced one of the creatures into cubes. He growled at the other creatures that were there "So who is next on my death list?"
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 55d 19h 29m 9s
Lenali could hear commotion outside. She reached for her sword, but stopped. She had to be safer without it... Simply staying where they couldn't find her was a better idea than running down and putting herself in more danger. Lesson learned. She, however felt she needed to carry her sword. Never know when you'll need it.

Rajah, who nodded, let Lee and D attack freely, her staying near the door to protect the entrance. They we're able to keep them at bay... Hopefully, Lenali didn't have to stress much as the other younglings came and attacked
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 66d 20h 25m 28s
Cavezie did not smile what so ever and grabbed a few extra weapons that he always has hidden on him. He then looked at Rajah "What we are about to face is much older then you will ever think. Think about it this way the mother of vampires is on her way with her first set of children. My sister and I have ran into them from time to time and barely survive each encounter." He then growled a bit after sniffing the air 'So the mother has the pale skins with her along with her first set of children. This will be a pain." He then got ready for battle "Get ready the old ones always fallow one specific rule. Unable to enter the house hold unless invited. That is what kept me and my sister alive each time. They will send in the pale skins to invite them we have to stop that from happening." The front door then burst open and he tossed the first iron knife that he had. It barely hit it's mark and the first creature went down. He then rushed at the second one and was hit in the stomach by it's arm and flew back and landed on his own back. He grunted with pain and got back up. He growled "Well are you going to defend your home and your lady or are you going to stay there and watch them rape and kill her."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 67d 23h 36m 0s
Lenali stared at Caveziel as he called everyone. She sighed to herself, a bit too weak to even stand going downstairs again. She turned off the water, and slid in after getting rid of the gown. She could wish all day that she could help... But now she had to be very cautious. Now that there is a child on the way...

Lee, D, and Rajah had followed Caveziel to the living room. "What's the threat? " D asked. Rajah nodded. "Is it Giever again... Cuz I want him to hurt right about now. " D stared amongst the others, only waiting for a reply.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 68d 14h 59m 52s
He smiled gently some more and helped her as much as possible. He did not say a thing and let her take the bath that she needs. He asked her "Want me to bring a few things while I make something up for you?" He smiled gently at her some more. He did not know what she wanted so he waited for her reply.

He got a sudden feeling as if something is wrong and was in a non joking way. He said calmly "We have more company. You stay in there till me or one of the family comes to you." He then left her in the tube letting it fill up. He called down the hall "Hey we have a bit of a problem young ones. We have guests that are unwanted here."
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 93d 2m 31s
Lenali gasped when he kissed and hugged her, but hugged him back. So, it was true. She was pregnant, and Giever knew it. She leaned on him, feeling the joy from him, and bathed in it but, after that scare, she felt like washing the filth off of her before she wanted to sleep.

She made an effort to stand. Where that henchman stabbed and clawed at her still stung as her muscles contracted. She grunted some, but managed to walk up the stairs and to the room. She started the bath, and lain down while she waited to fill. She couldnt stand up for too long. She felt like she was heavy.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 1y 2d 9h 50m 29s
Cavezie's was much more calmer while he watched her feed. He felt something was off though and wondered what it is. He was concern but he tried not to let it show on his face. He watched her sleep and then went into a trance to see the chi of what is around him. He wanted to see what is around and what might be. He took a deep breath and focused. He found the reason as to why she was not herself. He was majorly surprised at what he found and smiled a big idiot smile.

When she woke up he smiled at her some more still the idiot smile. He said calmly to her "I have checked the chi that you carry and found a few things that you might like. You carry a child my love" He kissed her lips gently and deeply and held her some more.
  Cavezie / Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 2d 22h 45m 42s
She looked to Caveziel as he offered her his blood. Hesitantly, she gave in, and fed sparingly so not to dream him. She then grunted and sighed as he closed it and tried to slide her legs over. She doubled over and grunted some. Her stomach was irritating her, but she held in the pain so not to cause a panic. She then sighed as she slowly straightened up. Her mind raved to what Giever said... She could be...

She looked to Vez. Her eyes search in his, but all she could feel like doing was crying. If she was pregnant...
  Evette Stone / Bloody_Eve / 1y 3d 14h 48m 31s
Cavezie's eyes were extra dark and dragged the vampire to a holding cell. He tossed the creature into the cell without a second thought and growled "Do not try anything with the youngsters that will be coming. If you don't lesson to what I say right now then expect to be in extra pain when I come back." He then left the creature alone in the cell and went to Lenali's side without a second thought.

When the others left he slit his wrist and brought it to her lips. He said calmly to her "Drink from me my love. Drink my blood." He waited for her to drink from him. "Once you feed things will be better. You will have the honors of draining the vampire that has captured you."

[i sorry this is the best I can do at the moment.]
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When they reached the house, Lee and D ran to the car, immediately rushing to Lenali in fear. Blood stained her dress, and her body was limp, though she tried to move, she knew better. As painful as it was, she had to let there people around her help.

" Lenali, dammit! " Rajah said as the twins brought her in, and set her down on the couch. Rajah put a blanket over her and looked to Caveziel. She nodded. " I'll go get some packets" she said and walked on to the restroom. Lee and D looked to him and nodded, walking off to leave him with his mate.

Rajah came back with the packets, connecting then to an iv and connecting the other into her arm. She growled. " really, Lenali? Why would you get yourself hurt like this? " she he'd as she saw her twinge to the sound of anger in her voice. " you are our mom... You can't be getting get especially with a war going on. You -"

A his came from Lenali that silenced her. " dammit... Rajah... Stop with.. The goddamn ranting" she growled. Her eyes slowly opened to look right at her her eyes were red, and she didn't have a smile anywhere. " least time I checked... If you were my child I would be protected... chair protect what is mine, but don't expect me to be wonderful at it right now... " she tried to sit up. " besides... Giever caught me off guard. So shut up and work with the jeweled I claimed" she said, making Rajah look down in defeat. " I'm sorry" Lenali sighed. " don't worry... We'll get the plan together once I'm back fully... Just give me time"
  Evette Stone / Bloody_Eve / 1y 5d 11h 28m 12s
Cavezie was really pissed off now for what they have done to what is his. He did not give a damn to what happened to him at that moment. He was in front of the vampire in less then a millisecond and the vampire's throat was in his hand. He growled at the vampire some more. "I will so enjoy making you bleed. Oh I am sure that the others will enjoy making you bleed as well." He then did a simple call and four lycans showed themselves. He growled at them "Get your ass in here and carry the female before I loose my temper even more." The four lycans moved quickly and carried Lenali out. He growled "Carefully or die here." The four moved as careful as they could and he dragged the vampire out with it's neck in his hand. He flipped open a phone and dialed a certain number to his sister's personal phone. He said as calmly as he could to her "One creature in hand one being carried by four pups. Bring the Crow. Meet at the cross"

The sister hung up then and got a specific vehicle and drove it to their meeting place. Cavezie saw the vehicle and growled at the four pups "Put the female in the back carefully and then get off." He dragged the vampire to the back of the vehicle and chained the creature up to where it cannot move no matter how strong one is. He then got in and helped Lenali into the vehicle then after words. The four pups left quickly and he said "To the manner sister." The girl then drove off more quickly then what is normally expected by a very old vehicle.
  Black_Storm_Prince / 1y 6d 19h 19m 36s
As soon as she was released from the shackles, her body collapsed into his arms. She had lost consciousness due to the extensive torture she had to endure, but, her body show all he needed to know. Her legs were burned, cut, stabbed... Her skin around it d black and blue, and bloodied to the point that her torn gown was stained in it. Her stomach had punch marks, stab wounds, talon scratches, also black and blue with blood coming from the torn parts of her gown. Her arms held the danger, with fang marks that weren't closed, also discolored. Her neck was laced with bites, also unclosed, letting her bleed onto the cleavage off the gown. Her face was discolored, with punch mark imprinted on her cheek along with talon marks along her cheek to her chest., her nose bloodied and possibly broken. Her lip was busted, and her eyes were left untouched.

A clap of hands sounded, and in walked Giever, smirking. " brabe, Cavezie. You managed to get to her before she bleed it" he chanted. He stepped forward, revealing himself from the shadow. " so, you managed to save your mate... " he growled. " tell M's... How does it feel to see the mother of your child like this"
  Evette Stone / Bloody_Eve / 1y 7d 6h 58m 4s
Cavezie smiled gently at her while she slept after making love so many ways. He kissed her on the forehead gently and left the room. He did not pick up a scent that he normally would but his noise could smell nothing but their loving making sweat and a few other things. He was walking around when someone hit him in the back of the head and he went out cold for a while.

He woke up a few hours latter hearing a pain coming from somewhere. He opened up his eyes more quickly then he meant to and got a blast of sunlight in the eyes. He growled and tried to cover with his hands but felt silver around his wrists and ankles. He growled even more this time more pissed off the surprised. He took a deep breath and then caught a scent that he had not caught in a very long time. He looked around some more and noticed that multiple people were around and knew what they were. He spoke in an old tongue that all lycans knew "Release me now and I will forget this encounter. If not then be sure to watch all of your loved ones be remove from this life and be guided to the next." All of the people there growled in their own way but one stopped them all from attacking by lifting up her hand. She said in the lycan language as well "We know who you are Cavezie or should I say "Cursed one"." She then spit onto the floor and walked over to him. "I am sure you know who I am since we have meat once before when I was no more then a cub." Cavezie chuckled a bit "Ah so the new pack leader is a female like the rumors said. Well then things are defiantly more interesting. Did you challenge your own father?"

The female growled at him and did a back hand across his cheek. He laughed a bit and spit out a little bit of blood onto the floor. "Come now you can do better then that if you challenged your father." The female punched him this time making him actually grunt a bit with pain. He truly laughed this time. The female growled at him "I do not see a beast that my father saw in you." Cavezie closed his eyes once more and took three deep breaths and then opened his eyes once more. Instead of one pure color it became two. His eyes became pure black with red iris. "You desire to see a creature that has bean asleep for years now? Very well then." He then broke the chains that were attached to the cuffs. He then removed the cuffs without a second thought and got up from the table.

The female was scared as hell and started to back up. She then remembered that she is the pack leader and then stood her grown. She attacked him without a thought and was on the ground a second latter. She was surprised and felt one hand on her neck while she was pinned. Cavezie growled at her "Never test the beast again young one. Now tell me where is the female that has become my mate." The female growled a bit and then she felt her neck get tighter and she was gasping for air soon after words. She said in the gasps "Torcher room about 3 floors down. 4th door on the right." Cavezie said calmly "You better not lie to me. If you do I will personally make you packless." The female whimpered now and knew that she was true beaten. The other lycans in the room did not move from where they were and knew that if they tried to even try to help her that she will be killed on the spot and then themselves.


He left the room without any more trouble and lessoned for the screams. He caught the screams and fallowed it without a second thought. He then found the room a few minutes latter. He noticed a man holding a bright red iron rod and rushed in without a thought. He ripped the vampire's throat out and unlatched the shackles that Lenali was in. "You alright??"
  Cavezie / black_storm_prince / 1y 7d 16h 4m 57s

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