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Kierra couldn't help but to applaud what she was watching. It was like being at a private game. At this point anyone who hadn't noticed her could. Not that she wasn't obvious before. [i [#40474f "Whoops,"]] she thought. She smiled nervously as she felt eyes fall on her. [#40474f [b "I was just... passing by,"]] Kierra stuttered. She waved goodbye to her fellow students. As she tried to slip away she found herself bumping into another student. And another. And another. The girl pretty much bumped into everyone on the basketball court as she tried to leave. Eventually she ran off and out of sight.
Kierra stopped in front of the backdoor to the school in order to catch her breath. She was feeling out of place in this public school. She wasn't aware that her face was bright red from embarrassment. [#40474f [b "Yeah.. I just messed up... a lot,"]] she told herself. She hurried inside, where her next destination was the bathroom. The girl wanted to just wait there until she heard the first bell. While in the bathroom she washed her hands and face. She tried relaxing, but she could have sworn she accidently bumped into that other girl's chest.
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Raven looked up at the clock to see that she still had a good hour before school actually started so she decided to go play, but she did notice the girl with the strange clothing following, Raven didn't pay much attention to her as she could be going the same way, so Raven went to go play basketball and noticed that the school had gotten new basketballs and sports equipment, or maybe it was her spending hours over the summer cleaning them, anyway they seemed new so she picked up her trusty basketball that she had specifically told the coach to keep and went to play.
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Kierra turned her head to see who shouted. It was a boy she never met before. Not surprising since she usually only spoke to adults, save for her cousins, nieces, and nephews. She noticed a female student who the boy was shouting at. [i [#40474f "Was she.. staring at me?"]] Kierra thought to herself. She blushed a bit and turned away. [#40474f [b "Hmm..."]] she hummed. The girl decided she'd follow to watch this game. [i [#40474f "It couldn't hurt,"]] she thought. She made sure to walk quietly, hoping the others wouldn't notice her following. She never once played sports. Instead she often played L.A.R.P. on her freetime. It wasn't much. Her parents and older siblings had her work hard often. It didn't bother her, but work is work. Not really fun.
Kierra hide herself behind the bleachers. She didn't notice how bad she was hiding. The outdoor basketball court appeared well kept. She admired how well the school kept their equipment and sport areas. Watching the other students gave her inspiration to play as well. The shy girl kept her ambition in. She smiled, unaware how silly she looked. Her clothes also made her a bit of a red flag among the students.

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[#40474f [b #40474f = Kierra]]
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Raven was that one girl that always hung with the boys that played video games and basketball. To say it plainly she was a tomboy, a very cool tomboy, so she went to school like any other day and went to her locker to shove her shit into it. When she was at her locker she noticed a girl in a red dress and green bow, she just watched for a while and tried to understand why she was here, the school was a biggie on trying to get kids to have good jobs so she could be a guest speaker or a transfer student, Raven did not know and was being called to by her friends. "RAVEN!! COME PLAY BASKETBALL BEFORE CLASS!!" Tomm yelled at her across the hallway.
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Kierra wasn't someone who was very confident in new environments. Her mother had always been her teacher. Going to a public school was most defiantly a new change for the seventeen year old. She tried to mentally prepare herself weeks ahead of her first day in high school. Why did her mother stop teaching, she would often wonder. No amount of preparation helped as the event drew closer. Now starts her Junior year in high school.
Kierra always wore stylish clothes with an exotic touch. Today was no different. Her appearance made her look rather formal, despite her personality being a bit childish. Over her waist she had a large, green bow tied. It was something she wore with most of her clothes, especially today's outfit. She wore a beautiful dress of red. Her legs were covered completely with nylon stockings. Her preference to cover her entire body was evident.
Layered over the dress was a quaint white blouse. Over that she wore an open, long sleeved vest. As per usual her hair was up in a ponytail. Accompanying that was her favorite headband. The girl slowly walked into the school. Her dress boots made subtle noises of her arrival. She made sure to smile and wave at any passerbyers. Her destination was the office, as most new students did go. Kierra got all of the needed papers. With her backpack in tow she headed for her locker. For as early as she was the halls were quite busy.
Kierra put all of her belongings in her locker, except for a few supplies she'd need for the first class. She couldn't get her body to move. It felt as if a force was keeping her by her locker. She did manage to move her head a bit to convey her surroundings. Her worries magnified when she felt someone was watching her.
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