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[center [#c5072e For the fans of both Devil May Cry, and the DmC Reboot this will be a mini rp and regular. I'm still debating the title with myself.... With time I will add images, music, or whatever.Of course, mini-rping will be allowed...]]

[i [center [#2e00e6 Rules, rewritten]]
Respect the others in here

Save the arguing over whether the classic or Reboot is better for your own chat

Oc's are more than welcome. Heh, most of mine are ocs so it all works for me~

Chat and mini will be done in the realtime, and if we want to rp it'll be in the permanent...

ES rules, cause without them this place would be a realm of chaos...

That being said....I don't WANT to have to lock this or anything, but I will if I must. SO for the love of Sparda don't make me lock it....
I'll post more as needed...

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