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Feuer sighed a bit and then added a finger "Hold up a sec. I just added a bit of extra zoom and can read a bit. It is the location coordinates. Took a little bit longer then anticipated to see. Oh well now that is not good. I can show you the way but I cannot enter the land itself."
  Feuer-Tänzer / Black_Wolf_Storm / 104d 12h 25m 38s
She knew there was a reason she couldn't understand the characters but still felt some type of connection. It was as if she had seen the same characters before somewhere but couldn't remember where. "Let us mount up and ride there." She said sternly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 108d 11h 44m 3s
Feuer walked over to the microscope and looked in. He was not all that surprised about what he is seeing. He said calmly "It is a very old tongue. It is a dead language at that. It says 'To those that read this. Come to the tomb and read my will. Lead the one of my blood and one that is the ruler. So says the duke of Crokakubu.' There a few other lines but they are not readable. Even Time can erase what is written."
  Feuer-Tänzer / black_wolf_storm / 111d 11h 48m 59s
She watched them as they got more light. "I can't make out what it says." She said before turning to Feuer. "Can you figure it out?" She asked.
  Luna / darkelfprincess / 114d 6h 18m 40s
Feuer nodded to this and then found something that might be useful to increase the clearance. He then looked at a couple of the guards "Get some more light in here." The two guards saluted to him and went to work.
  Feuer-Tänzer / black_wolf_storm / 146d 9h 41m 51s
She nodded her head. "Let us go and see about this gem." She said as she followed the man into a room. Once it was under a microscope she began to look at the gem. "There is something engraved here." She said and began to zoom in and attempting to make it more clear.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 183d 2h 11m 54s
Feuer nodded to this and started to lead the way "If you be so kind to fallow me." The woman was a little bit confused on what Luna said "I am not understanding what you mean my lady. The only name that I can think of that is attached to this gem is the first holder. Lord Suke"
  Feuer-Tänzer / black_wolf_storm / 191d 9h 20m 30s
She took the gem gently and then inspected it. She stood up slowly looking into one of the side cuts of the emerald. "Come. We need to get this under a microscope. "Does a number or name come to mind with this gem?" She asked as she looked back at the woman and then to a guard to show her where she could get a better look.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 194d 14h 22m 54s
The woman nodded to this as Feuer walked over to her. She handed the stone to him and he took it to Luna. He did not know what she was thinking and that is one of the few things that he is starting to like. He does not understand why he was starting to like but he did. He moved away from Luna and just stood there. He watched her as did everybody else in the court room.
  Feuer-Tänzer / black_wolf_storm / 195d 9h 36m 20s
She stood up and looked at the emerald. She slowly walked down to the woman and held out her hand. "May I see it, please." She said softly.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 358d 1h 34m 36s
The woman was a bit surprised to this but it vanished quickly "It is a emerald that has bean in my family for generations." She stood up and pulled out an emerald that was a lot more rare then what is expected. Feuer was surprised to see that emerald and it showed on his face "You must be from the first family." The woman nodded to this and everybody expect for Feuer bowed to her right then and there. He said calmly "So how come you had to steal it?" The woman nodded to the question "As I said I was taking back what was mine to begin with. I say this because my home was raided while I was on a trip. It had taken me 6 years to find this emerald." Feuer nodded to this and then turned to Luna "So what say you. What will be her punishment if there is a punishment to be made that is. Then again you have the power to choose that she is not guilty and get an investigation going to find the culprit on the theft."
  Feuer-Tänzer / Black_Wolf_Storm / 1y 4d 9h 23m 39s
It seemed strange to Luna. As she heard the them spoke, she knew death would befall them. When they charged at her she remained calm and collective. She wasn't really sure why. She didn't bat an eye to their punishment and turned to the next woman. "What is the item in question?" She asked and took a seat on the chair. She kept her eye on the woman watching her eyes and her body language.
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 1y 11d 1h 12m 21s
The man laughed a bit "We are the ones that have put the poison in the old bitch's food and drink. We are the ones that have put this country into chaos. We are the ones that have this." Both the man's and the woman's shackles dropped and pulled out knives. They charged at Luna ready for the kill. Feuer did a simple step in front of and then sliced off their hands before they where even close enough to do any damage. He then put his blade back into it's sheath and then sighed a bit "You know the punishment for both assassination and attempted assassination is death." Both the man and woman went down to their knees as their hands fell off. They knew the punishment for what they have done. Feuer sighed some more then turned to Luna "I am sorry but this trial is non-valid for you to become the true heir to the throne." He then stepped to the side of the two that where on their knees and sliced off their heads right then and there without so much of a second thought. He then signaled the two that where suppose to keep an eye on the two prisoners to remove the bodies as well as the heads. He then waved in the next case "This one should be more easy." The next one that came in was another woman that looked a little bit on the unhealthy side. He said to her "State your crime." The woman stood up after falling down once. She said in a calm voice "My crime is that of steeling what is rightfully mine to begin with."
  Black_Wolf_Storm / 1y 13d 9h 29m 57s
"I do not know these two, nor do I fully know their crimes. What did they do? I want to hear it from them."
  Luna / Darkelfprincess / 2y 28d 1h 56m 22s
Feuer motioned for the guard at the door to proceed. The guard then opened up the door and two people showed up one woman and one man. The guard then tapped own weapon on the floor getting the room to be quite. "These two are charged with murder of their own flesh and blood and allowing their own lust for power to let those creatures into this castle to kill the previous ruler of this land. Now what is their punishment?" The two where bound together with chains around their wrists and where kneeling in front of her. Feuer looked at the two with pure hatred in his eyes "If you have anything to say. Say it now." The male stood up while giving the court a sneer "We have done what we did for the country. The previous ruler would have run this country to the ground. Now you have another one that will do the same. Give us the death penalty and you are no better then the last blood queen. Keep us alive and we will do this again." The female did the same soon after words. Feuer sighed a bit "So what is your judgment my lady?"
  Black_Wolf_Storm / 2y 29d 5h 47m 16s

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