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Godfrii was actually initiating conversation? Raising a surprised eyebrow, Landon put his hands behind his head and pursed his lips for a moment, heavily contemplating what he would do if the other man suddenly rolled over and died; well, one could hope, right?
"I'd possess your body and have a wank," Landon mentioned off-handedly, casually shrugging before directing his see-through ethereal gaze over at the rather tangible other.
"That is, if you have the fluids for it," the ghost remarked when he saw Godfrii wipe his brow, "looks like you do," he mentioned.
"But even if you didn't, I'd still have that wank," Landon clued away.
He'd stopped floating while Godfrii tied his laces and tipped his feet into the air, laying back on the air as he looked at the clear sky above. Ah, sunshine and spring. Such a wonderful season.

"Kill what exactly?" the ghost dead-panned, making a point out of the lifelessness of their current trail. Not even animals scurried by, and who would? There was no shade, no food, just an endless row of dead cars. The ill-fitting stolen clothes on Godfrii's back were a point of endless entertainment to Landon, who still wore the same old clothes he'd died in. The three-piece suit had been for something, Landon was sure.
Dispassionately staring ahead, the ghost straightened out and floated a little bit higher to get an overview of the desolate road ahead.

"So if I did see something, what would you find useful? How about a corpse? Something to eat that hasn't crawled away -you'll never find that, could you drink the cooling fluids in any of the cars?" Landon shot out a number of questions.
"What about petrol? Would you carry a jerry-can in hopes of getting lucky?" How could he honestly be on the lookout for something useful if most of the things were actually inside of the cars. Landon let out a sigh of frustration and kept hovering next to Godfrii, only made no point to evade any of the vehicles and floated straight through. Cold metal, mouldy warm plush and sterile glass all phased through Landon's ghostly body causing the ghost to shake off a shiver.

"How about five-year-old baby corpse?" he asked, popping his head out of the roof of a car. "The intestines still look like they could use some decay..." Landon offered, hands splayed out. If ever applying to another job, Landon supposed he could add: hell's desensitisation to the list of remarkable skills, which would undoubtedly land him any nasty job Earth could throw at him.
There were more items Landon cared to put on said list.
One was scout.

Rolling his eyes in exasperation at Godfrii's remark -Landon was older than Godfrii by some years, but by now appeared younger- Landon contemplated sharing what he'd learned with the washed up necromancer.
"I suppose..." he started.
"There's a decent enough truck stuck in traffic just up ahead, looks stranded in traffic, but I think we might be able to free it," the ghost offered. Most larger vehicles were stranded, leaving the bikes, mopeds and other devices free to venture between the double rows of redundant steel. Trucks were good because they often had spare tanks of fuel and did well in rough terrain, of which there was no an abundance.

"You could at least catch some sleep, I suppose, though if you do need to be boring at least summon something so I can drive us," Landon pleaded with Godfrii. It was far better to have some corporal body to interact with than the current form he sported. Floating through everything wasn't only useless, it had gotten frustrating remarkably quickly.
"Promise not to kill you," he added as an afterthought upon floating down, "..for the better part," Landon muttered under his breath.
"But who sleeps while there's a world in agony awaiting your almighty presence?" the ghost sneered with a grin. Landon didn't. Sleeping, eating, all those bodily requirements just didn't fly when you were something of the in between. Even the demons didn't really count him as adversary because well, what was a ghost going to do? Chill them to death?
  Landon Cross / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 5y 141d 13h 49m 44s
[font "Times New Roman" The country had become a wasteland. Godfrii roamed, his feet long used to the pain of the pavement, listlessly and aimlessly as if always on the lookout for screams of help. Quite often, the screams were demons just posing as regular people. Godfrii had fallen for it an uncomfortable amount of times.]

[font "Times New Roman" It was the worst in winter and summer, when it was cold as shit outside and hot as hell, respectively. Not that he'd know anything about the former.]

[font "Times New Roman" He rolled his sleeves up, thankful for the spring breeze. It'd be getting hot soon and still some of the days were considerably cold. Traveling light was easy since there were available things everywhere. Most people were dead. Luckily they hadn't taken shirts and socks with them.]

[font "Times New Roman" Montana. Just what was so special about Montana?]

[font "Times New Roman" He heard there were food reserves there. There were no Twinkies or Ramen noodles or Banquet Salisbury steak meals sitting around anywhere anymore. He had lost weight, instead a more muscled and lean build because there was virtually nothing to eat. Nature was taking back its stolen land, yes, but finding things that weren't tarnished or tainted in some way or other was a struggle all in itself. Demons were some real assholes. As if killing off most of the population wasn't bad enough, they also had to make sure that the remaining couldn't find a way to survive.]

[font "Times New Roman" When Godfrii released this agony, he never imagined it would end up like this.]

[font "Times New Roman" If demons were real, where were the angels? The man assumed demons were real, anyway; they [i did] come out of a hole in hell. So if the devil was real, then god whoever had to be, too, right? Where was he when his people needed him?]

[font "Times New Roman" Keeping up faith was useless and exhausting. He didn't doubt that it was a leading factor in what drove some people to other demises.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+navy "Landon, if I passed out right now, what would you do?"] He paused his trek to wipe his forehead, untying and tying his boots. The boredom could really get to you. No doubt some survivors were crazy--he'd once dealt with a woman that had a classroom full of immaculately sculpted children whom she called her classroom. Even told Godfrii he was disrupting when he made his entrance via getting thrown through a window by a demon that wasn't too keen on listening to the lesson.]

[font "Times New Roman" Sometimes it bothered him that some people didn't even want to be saved. But then again, it was his fault that they needed it.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+navy "I'd kill for an old-fashioned ten-speed bike,"] he added after a second of stretching. Then he continued on. There was a well-worn map in his back pocket. It was strange, how rare it was to find a map now. Everyone had relied on GPS. No one would know their way to the corner store now. He was walking on an interstate that was supposed to lead into Montana. How long it was was another question all in itself.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+navy "Be on the lookout in case any of these cars have useful cargo."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Sometimes he wondered if he was talking to himself and Landon was a figment of imagination he'd made up to deal with the trauma of his mistakes. But one look at that smug face; one register of that annoying voice and he [i knew] there was no way he'd ever punish himself this much.]

[font "Times New Roman" The sun was starting to get lower in the sky. Most of the demons liked to play around at night. Figured it was best to remain the monster under the bed even though survivors were few and far in between. Godfrii had been rattled by some of them before. He'd learned in his service in the military to be a light sleeper, but knowing demons were out there made it so that a drop of a pin ten miles away would wake him in an instant. It was drastic but needed, if he was ever asked.]

[font "Times New Roman" Finding cars with gas that were still usable was damn near impossible. Finding any motor transportation, for that matter. Pilots were almost all dead, and even if they weren't, he sure hadn't found any. Captains were terrified of going back into the sea--the ones that were on shore when it all started, anyway. Godfrii had no doubt that some had been stranded out there and were most likely dead by now. Hell, there weren't even any bus drivers left.]

[font "Times New Roman" He rounded an overturned truck, sighing. The highway was long as hell and he'd been walking for miles on end. It was like some illusion, like he wasn't even getting any closer.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+navy "Gimme some good news, ghost boy,"] he called out to his 'companion'. [+navy "Tell me you found something."]]
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