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Collin notices as he looks over to Eliza's breakfast, [b " Yeah you're right... Thanks for telling me about it Hailey! I'll give the breakfast to her right away. "]. Collin places his mug on the dining table, leaving the spoon in the mug. He takes Eliza's breakfast upstairs to her room. He knocks on her door, [b " Eliza? You alright? You haven't got your breakfast yet. "]. Collin opens the door, looking in to see if Eliza is alright.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 263d 22h 49m 6s
Hailey finishes breakfast, but before she leaves to get ready, she then says to Collin, [b [#f7d51d "Eliza didn't eat any of the breakfast you made... You might want to see if she wants it now..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 263d 23h 13m 55s
Collin looks over to Blossom, eyes widened noticing the baby got it covered. Collin stutters, [b " Wait... How did she.... What... Where. What?... "]. Collin then shakes his head, forgetting about it as he tries to enjoy his oatmeal. Collin then looks over to Hailey, [b " Once you're done with your breakfast, get dressed up. We can't be late to the pool party James invited us to go. "]. Collin smiles as he adds, [b " And don't worry about me, i'll get ready after you guys are done. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 263d 23h 16m 2s
Hailey smiles as she points to Blossom, [b [#f7d51d "I think she's got it covered..."]] Blossom suddenly has a bottle filled with milk in her hands, drinking from it.

  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 263d 23h 31m 6s
Collin wipes the oatmeal off his face as he groans, [b " Least... I tried... "]. Collin shakes his head, putting Blossom down on the wooden floor. Collin grabs the mug and eats the rest of the oatmeal to himself. He leans on the side of the table as he asks, [b " Then how are we suppose to feed her... We can't just... Leave her empty stomach.. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 263d 23h 37m 9s
Blossom spits it out, wiggling in Collin's arms as she tries to get down. Hailey giggles, [b [#f7d51d "It's obvious she's a carnivore, Collin... not many carnivores like eating things other than meat... but she's a bit to young for that yet..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 263d 23h 59m 15s
Collin laughs a little, focusing over to Blossom, [b " Lets get you something to eat little one. "]. Collin walks over to the kitchen counter, grabbing a mug and a spoon. He makes an oatmeal in the mug for Blossom to eat. As he finishes making a nice hot oatmeal, he takes the apron off, leaving it on the kitchen counter and turns to Blossom. He takes half a spoon of oatmeal to Blossom, feeding her.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 264d 2m 9s
Hailey looks confused as Eliza's face turns completely red. [b [#28bdeb "I'm... going to go get dressed for... the... party..."]] Eliza hurries away to her room. Hailey looks even more confused and starts to eat her breakfast.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 264d 32m 51s
Collin walks around the dining table, holding on to Blossom and puts her on the dining table sitting down. Collin tickles her stomach, [b " Well well.. Nice to meet you Blossom.. Looks like you're under our care 'till your father knows where we are... "]. Collin then looks at the two girls, [b " As for milk..... Who's going to provide it for Blossom.. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 264d 36m 25s
Hailey then says, [b [#f7d51d "Usually, babies drink milk... but I don't think I wouldn't recommend cows milk..."]] Eliza thinks for a moment then says, [b [#28bdeb "I think that guy said something when the baby teleported away... Blossom I think is what he said?"]] The brown wolf pup ears on the baby's head twitches when she hears Blossom, looking up at Eliza.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 264d 50m 55s
As time passes, Collin made Eliza a nice Western breakfast and made Hailey a nice and rich pasta salad breakfast. Collin serves their breakfast to them on the dining table.
[pic] [pic]
After Collin served Hailey and Eliza, he looks over to the baby. He asks, [b " Hmm..... Wonder what she eats... I never babysit a baby before... So.. "]. He asks again, [b " Along with that... What's her name anyways?.. "]. Collin will be in his casual T shirt and short pants with an apron over, covering his body to his knees.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 264d 55m 25s
Eliza takes the baby and as she goes, the baby giggles, happily. Hailey and Eliza smile as they leave the room, closing the door behind them.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 264d 1h 10m 42s
[b " WAAH ELIZA! "], Collin jumps a little, shocked by Eliza's presence. As Collin catches his breath, he explains to Eliza, [b " Well... Technically.. She didn't really follow us... She's just.. Appeared in our house, sleeping on the couch. Probably she teleported here without giving her father any hints of where she might be. "]. Collin looks at Eliza as he pass the baby to her. [b " In the mean time, take care of her will ya'?.. Since you girls are awake.. I'm gonna make some breakfast for the both of you. "]. Collin smiles as he walks downstairs to the kitchen, preparing for breakfast.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 264d 1h 12m 4s
Hailey giggles as she points behind Collin, [b [#f7d51d "I think at least Eliza is already awake..."]] Eliza is behind Collin, then looks over at the baby, [b [#28bdeb "Oh! So this little cutie followed us home..."]] Once she said that, the baby wakes up, looking up at Eliza. [b [#28bdeb "Aw! She's just so cute!"]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 264d 1h 27m 2s
Collin rolls his eyes, chuckling, [b " Believe me.. If you ask me what she is.. I wouldn't even know... And it's best for me to NOT know what she is.. "]. Collin walks out of the room, he turn his head to Hailey as he asks, [b " Wanna come with me to wake up Eliza and Yvarin? "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 264d 1h 30m 4s

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