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Hailey is caught off guard when she is picked up, struggling to get out from the hands that have gotten a hold of her, her heart racing. However she calms down when they fix up her injured leg. She wiggles her nose as she doesn't move in the car, letting herself warm up as she is freezing, still keeping an eye on the two, cautiously.
  Kilala25 / 1y 140d 5h 7m 46s
Carter reaches the beach, stopping his car at the parking lot. Carter and Collin gets out of the car, wearing winter coats as they brought out their weapons with them. They make their way to the beach using the staircase.
They look around the snowy beach area, trying to search for any clues of the little girl. Carter sighs, [b " Agh.. Crap... Didn't know it'll be this difficult to search for her... From all this snow... It'll take days to search for her! "]. As Collin looks around the ground, he notices a patch of dug snow not far away from his position. He walk towards the patch, examining it as he kneels down, [b " Hmm.... This patch of snow was dug recently.... She must've laid down here to rest... And left before we even got here.. "]. Collin looks around even further, noticing a small drip of black liquid on the snow above the snow patch. Collin muttered, [b " Bingo... "]. Collin signals Carter, following the trail of black liquid drips that leads to where the other staircase is at. Carter then asks himself in his mind, [b Wait..... Black liquid.... Don't tell me that's the color of the prisoner's... Blood..]. As Collin and Carter reaches the staircase, they look up. What they see is a bunny trying to hop up the steps, struggling as they notices the bunny's right leg is injured, bleeding black blood out from the wound. Collin questions himself from shock, [b " A bunny with... Black blood..? "]. Carter adds, [b " Can't believe what I imagined is true..... It is blood... But it's black.. "]. Collin looks at Carter, [b " B-But... It's just a harmless animal.... I-It couldn't be the prisoner... "]. Carter looks over to Collin, [b " The animal is the prisoner... She's a Supernatural..... Another species from another world sharing our planet Earth. "]. Carter sighs in pity, [b " Still.... She's just a kid... And we can't turn her in..... Besides... She's injured and she needs some medical care. That's where you come in little brother. "]. Carter chuckles as Collin shakes his head, annoyed, [b " Always me.... Fine.. I'll help.. But what ever you're planning.. Hope it doesn't cost our lives for something stupid.. "]. Collin put aside his rifle on his back, going up the steps as he gently grabs hold of the bunny, trying not to hurt her. Carter follows Collin from behind, heading back to their car and tend the bunny's wounds. [b " There... That should do! ], Collin finishes patching the bunny's right leg to stop the bleeding. Carter is taking a lookout from any incoming forces to take the prisoner back to prison.
  Peeps4hire / 1y 140d 5h 9m 25s
A few minutes later, Hailey finally gets up, her body cold and a bit numb as her wings disappear into her back. She slowly makes her way out of the cold beach sand, black blood still dripping from her right leg, slightly shivering as she thinks, [font "Harlow Solid Italic" [b [i [#f7d51d Hopefully the ground isn't too cold to dig through... I'm going to have to make a place to hide for awhile... and see if I can get this wound patched up... Ass holes refused to fix up my wound unless I took off my ears and tail... are they insane! They aren't just some decorations on my body, there real, but no one would listen...]]]] When she makes it to some stairs she looks at how high they are compared to her, [font "Harlow Solid Italic" [b [i [#f7d51d You've got to be kidding... Well... this is going to hurt...]]]] She starts to slowly hop up the step, wincing from the pain.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 197d 1h 43m 40s
Carter and Collin will be listening to the new. Collin's eye brow rises as he speaks up, [b " A... 16 year old girl with white hair... Red eyes... Likes to wear bunny ears and a bunny tail escaped from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary pris-.. Do they even know what they're saying!? A 16 year old girl escaped from a high security prison... And you know what's worse? A 16 YEAR OLD! Who in the world would arrest a young little girl in a high security prison? "]. Carter adds, [b " And a girl who cosplays as a bunny... Something that makes the news sound even more stupid... Makes me wonder thou'.... What did she do that she ended up getting arrested and been sent to Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary prison... "]. Collin rolls his eyes as he looks out of the window of the car, [b " Please.... A news like that? Not a chance to believe that.. "]. Carter chuckles, [b " For a guy who turned 23.. Your head's harder than a turtle shell. "]. Few moments later, Carter's communication radio will get a call from the Military Rangers Operative HQ saying, [b " Sergeant Carter, you've been summoned to take an important mission. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Command wants our help to track down an escaped prisoner: a 16 year old girl with white hair, red eyes, who likes to wear bunny ears and a bunny tail. From our satellite surveillance, she's at a beach not far from your location. I'll pin point the location on to your PDA system. Good luck and don't lose her! Veronica out! "]. The radio ends there as Carter sighs, [b " Well... The news ain't kidding around... There is a little girl who broke out of there... Even the HQ wants me to hunt her down... And you're following me. "]. Collin cries, [b " Just as I thought that i'll be home soon just to take a nice warm bath!~ "]. Carter quickly turns his car towards the location where the little girl is.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 140d 6h 40s
After a few hours, Hailey finally makes it to the mainland, news of her escape from the prison already broadcasting on the news. Luckily for her, she lands on a beach, not populated by people because of the cold. Her wings retract as she rests for a bit from the strain she was putting on herself. Cold water nipping at her injured leg but she is too tired to move as she decides to plop down and relax a bit.

The news lady will be announcing from a few of the radio stations and the news channels, [font "Times New Roman" [b "This morning, a 16 year old girl with white hair, red eyes, who likes to wear bunny ears and a bunny tail escaped from Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary prison... Her location is unknown, however she is injured on the right leg from being captured two days ago... Reports say she has escaped the facility but there hasn't been any proof she has escaped the island, more information will be provided later... Now for the weather-"]] The news lady just continues with the usual stuff after that.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 197d 1h 45m 17s
At the snowy country side, a car will be on the snow track, making their way back to the city from camping.
Carter will be driving the car, packed with items that are used for camping at the back of the car. Collin will be sitting at the passenger seat next to the driver's seat, cleaning his Lee Enfield rifle.
Collin sighs in exhaustion, [b " You really have to send me to a 4 days.. 3 nights camp.. During winter.. Just to show me how being a Ranger works.. I would've gotten myself killed from freezing my ass all day and night! "]. Carter chuckles, looking over to Collin, [b " Thank me later little brother. You've been telling about joining the Rangers.. Dropping your former rank as an Officer. So I took my free time to show how Rangers do their job by camping! At least you enjoyed it... "]. Collin muttered softly, [b " Not when i'm freezing all the time... "]. Carter's machine gun will be at his side, dangling around as he concentrates on driving his car on the snow track back to the city.
  Carter Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 140d 6h 56m 56s
Hailey struggles to crawl through the vent as her leg is still in a lot of pain as there is a trail of black blood behind her. [font "Harlow Solid Italic" [b [i [#f7d51d God damn farmer! Who would do that to an innocent creature... If that wasn't me who got caught in that trap, an innocent animal could have been dead by now...]]]] She thought as she winced at the pain, continuing to crawl through the vent.

She managed to crawl to a vent exit that led to the outside, seeing guards posted right outside it. Hailey cussed in her thoughts as she tried to carefully and quietly remove the vent cover, not wanting to find another vent way that led outside. She managed to do so, putting the vent cover on the inside of the vent. She looked to make sure the guards were still none the wiser as they weren't. She suppressed a sigh of relief as now it was the hard part, escaping unnoticed.

She then turned into a white rabbit in order to drop from the vent and behind the guards as she slowly hopped away from them, her leg even more in pain from the fall.


When she felt she was safe, two black angel wings emerged from her back as she looks for the coast of the island, in order to start the long, painful flight to the mainland, 1.5 miles away.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 197d 1h 46m 15s

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