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Hailey giggles, [b [#f7d51d "It's fine... She's really cute! Her scent though... is very odd... She smells like... a wolf, a tiger, and a dragon all at the same time..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 108d 10h 40m 58s
[b " Hmm?... Is she mine?.. "], Collin looks at the baby he's carrying on his arm. Collin's face goes red, [b " W-Wha!?... N-No! Sh-She's not my child.... She just a-appeared in our house last night. I have no other choice but t-to baby sit her... "]. Collin looks away a little, with his face still bright red.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 108d 11h 7m 1s
Hailey and Meko groan as they are use to sleeping in more. Meko seems to say something in dragon, which Hailey gets up, yawning. [b [#f7d51d "Alright... alright... I'm up... Meko said he's going to sleep in... and that he's trusting you and Eliza to make sure nothing bad happens..."]] Hailey rubs her eyes as she wiggles her nose, then she looks at the baby. [b [#f7d51d "Hey Collin... What's up with the baby? Is she yours?"]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 108d 15h 20m 52s
Collin walk upstairs to Hailey and Meko's room. As he gets in front of their door, he opens the door, walking in to wake them up. [b " Time to wake up Hailey! And you too Meko!.. We need to get ourselves prepared for today's party event. "], Collin said as he walks over to the window curtains, sliding them to the side for the sun light to come in to the room.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 109d 3h 44m 25s
The baby still sleeps, soundly, as Collin carries her, still looking very tired.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 109d 4h 56m 33s
Collin's phone starts to ring from James call. Collin softly groans as he tries to reach for the phone on the living room table. As he grabs on to his phone, he quickly answers it so he won't wake the baby up. Collin stretch a little as he answers softly, [b " Hello?.... "]. James says excitedly, [b " Wake up sleepy head! Time to party at Hong Kong's largest water park! I arranged a van to fetch you guys to the water park. The van will reach approximately around 10.30 a.m. Before that time, get ready yourselves 'cuz it's about to get wet! I'll see you around Collin. James out! "]. James hangs up the phone. Collin puts his phone on the couch's arm rest, holding the baby on his arms while she's asleep. Collin yawns as he mutters, [b " Well... Time to wake the others... "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 109d 8h 34m 21s
The baby's tail slightly wags as she sleeps. The rose is back to normal as the thorns seem to avoid poking both Collin and the baby.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 110d 3h 20m 52s
Collin quickly lets go, shocked by the rose's movement. Collin sighs as he put his arms on the top of the back rest of the couch. Collin mutters softly, [b " Looks like i'll be babysitting you for tonight... "].

As morning rises, Collin will be sleeping with his whole body on the couch and the baby on his stomach, sleeping soundly. Collin snores a little as he sleeps comfortably, arm dangling off the side of the couch.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 110d 3h 37m 44s
The baby's grip tightens and the rose starts to move as if it was alive! The end of the rose stem starts to grow and as it does, it wraps around the baby's hand, gently.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 110d 17h 10m 40s
Collin looks at the rose the baby is holding, [b " A rose?.. There are thorns too... "]. Collin sighs as he reaches for the rose, [b " Sorry kid... You can't sleep with thorns all over your hand.. "]. Collin holds on to the rose, slowly taking it away from the baby trying not to wake her up.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 110d 19h 1m 3s
The baby would be holding a stuffed bear in her left hand and a light pink rose in her other hand. The thorns look like they are still on the rose, but the baby isn't bleeding as it seems where the baby's hand would be, there is suppose to be a thorn.

  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 110d 19h 25m 55s
As Collin looks over to the baby, he froze where he is. Collin quickly puts his pistol back in to his holster as he walks around the couch, looking at the baby. Collin screams in his mind, [b WHAT!?... ISN'T THAT THE BABY BACK AT THAT MOUNTAIN VIEW!? HOW DID THE BABY.... BUT.... WHY... ]. Collin is panicking while trying not to make a sound. As he runs out of option, Collin sighs in defeat, no other choice but to take care of the baby for the night. He muttered softly, [b " Well..... No way i'm bringing you out tonight.... Guess that teleportation you did ended up being in my house... I just hope your father doesn't take it the wrong way.. "]. Collin slowly sits next to the baby on the couch, keeping an eye on the baby. He takes off his tie, putting it on the side and unbuttons his shirt a little, showing his T shirt under.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 111d 4h 25m 19s
The cute baby with the blue hair and blue eyes would be sleeping soundly on the couch. Brown wolf pup ears can be seen on the baby's head while a brown wolf pup tail can be just barely seen from under the baby.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 1y 111d 4h 32m 37s
Collin blushes as he walks in, first time feeling a girl's lips. He rubs the back of his neck, celebrating his success inside him. As soon as he put his shoes on the shoe rack, he looks over to the couch, seeing an unusual hat dangling off the side of the couch. [b " Huh...? Someone's... Here?... "], Collin muttered softly to himself as he slowly makes his way to the couch. He quietly pulls out his Beretta pistol from the back of him, aiming his sight over the couch. His index finger is over the trigger, in case something bad happens. Collin speaks up but in a soft tone, [b " Hello?... Anyone here? "]. He looks around every corner but his gun is aiming direct at the couch.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1y 111d 5h 2m 5s
Eliza smiles as she says, [b [#28bdeb "Their history goes as far back as the Horrific Angel and Demon war... They say that's how this universe and all the new creatures in it came into being... At least that's what Kala told me... She said when an Angel and Demon clashed an explosion would occur... Which you humans call the Big Bang Theory... Angels and Demons live for a long time... When they die, they like all other creatures, have a choice... they can fade away into the cosmos... or... live in Heaven or Hell... depending on their choices of course decided on where they go... Spirit World is where the dead show up to be separated into their respected areas... While Demon World is simply the home for demons... Demon World, however, does have an entrance linked to Earth... but only the demons know where... and those who the demons decide to show of course... However... If a demon were to die, they can never go back to Demon World... Hell is where the demons who have parishes live..."]]

Eliza giggles a bit realizing she might have confused Collin there, [b [#28bdeb "Sorry about that... I guess hearing about all that stuff might be a bit confusing... I don't completely understand it myself... but it is a good question you ask... If that is how this universe was created... Who created the creators..."]]

Without another thought she yawns, looking pretty tired, [b [#28bdeb "It was a nice first date, Collin... Thank you..."]] Eliza gives him a peck on the lips. Then heads upstairs to bed, blushing.

However, when Collin decides to enter the house, a pink hat with what looks like bear ears on it can be seen dangling off the side of th couch.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 164d 8h 42m 29s

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