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[b [size25 Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, United States, January 1st... 7 AM:]]
It was a normal, chilly, winters day, the sun barely peaking above the horizon in order to mark the new day. A prison guard patrols the cells, making sure everyone is accounted for, until he stops at prisoner 0516's cell.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/iyj2fUv.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/sG071wV.jpg]

He takes a closer look noticing that the prisoner is gone along with the vent shaft cover was removed.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/xQsK5k4.jpg]

Alarms went off as guards spread out and looked for the escaped prisoner, not knowing what this prisoner was fully capable of, there search being pointless against this sly character. The only information they had on the prisoner is that the prisoner is 16 years old, female, seems to like cosplay, believing her bunny ears and tail were fake, and that she's stolen a variety of expensive and irreplaceable things. The only thing they don't know is how she always got away from the scene of the crime until one day she was caught by a farmer, stealing his carrots, her foot in a trap the farmer placed. That was about two days ago, now she makes her escape from this island prison through the vents, her foot still badly injured.


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Collin nods with a smile, [b " Stay safe now Miss Aria! "]. As Aria left the pool, Collin walks back to the poolside to join James, Hailey and Eliza. Before he even got there, a knock on the door will appear. Collin grunts, [b " Who is it now? "]. Collin walks back to the 2 doors again. As soon as he opens both of the doors, he gets run over by all the police officers, all male and female, as they rush to the poolside to start the party. Collin in the other hand, will be on the ground. James shouts out, [b " Let's get this pool party started! "]. Everyone in the pool starts partying like no tomorrow as Collin tries to get back up. Collin mutters, [b " Least... Say excuse me... "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 14d 15h 20m 53s
Aria smiles as she says, [b [#f15fd8 "Thank you for your help, mister. I better get going before my husband manages to find her before me..."]] Aria hurries back outside to another woman who looks about the same age as her.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/rYSsy46.jpg]

They talk for a little bit and the other woman pulls out a map, pointing to a certain location on the map. The two then run off afterwards.
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 15d 10h 53m 23s
Collin puts his phone near him, [b " Miss Aria will fetch the baby. Mind telling me where you guys are? "]. Hunter replies, [b " We're at Pavilion Shopping Mall, We'll be waiting for Miss Aria to come by and fetch her daughter. Besides, looking at Kala, I don't think she wants to leave that early... "]. [b " Great! Miss Aria is on her way. Stay out of trouble now. "], Collin said as he hangs up his phone and puts it back in to his pocket. Collin looks at Aria, [b " That's done, you're free to go fetch your daughter, and we're glad to help you out. "].

[h3 Hunter Koranov]

[pic http://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/f7/2a/a8/f72aa85d98b799acc46bcb637fb880bf.jpg]
Hunter puts down his phone, looking down at Blossom, [b " It's alright little one, your mother is coming down to fetch you and you can be together with her again. "]. Hunter pets her on the head. He turn his head towards the entrance as he notice a man with blonde hair coming towards his direction aggressively. Hunter muttered under his breath, [b " Sorry Collin... But it looks like i'm gonna be in trouble.. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 16d 24m 32s
Aria sighs with relief, [b [#f15fd8 "That's good... At least she's safe and sound..."]] Hearing her mother's voice, Blossom grabs the phone from Hunter and starts making baby noises in the phone. Aria smiles, [b [#f15fd8 "Hi Blossom, how you doing?"]] Blossom makes more baby noises into the phone. [b [#f15fd8 "Really? Your having a lot of fun by the sounds of it. Have you seen Bubbles yet?"]] Blossom makes more baby noises after Aria says that and Aria slightly giggles, [b [#f15fd8 "She's still playing hide and seek over there then."]] Blossom giggles as well. [b [#f15fd8 "Give the nice man his phone back sweetheart, me and daddy will see if we can find you a nice field of light pink roses..."]] Blossom squeals with joy, then give Hunter the phone back as Blossom is now bouncing with excitement. [b [#f15fd8 "It seems she's doing fine... I'll have to go pick her up before I find her father... Don't need him making a scene..."]]
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 16d 22h 40m 27s
[b " I see.... Don't you worry Miss Aria, your daughter is in safe hands. "], Collin said. Collin's phone picks up Hunter's call as he answers through the phone with a question, loudspeakers will be on too for Aria to hear, [b " Yes Collin, is there anything you need? "]. Noises from Blossom will appear in the background of the call. Collin asks, [b " Hunter... Are you carrying Blossom? "]. Hunter lets out a soft sigh through the phone, [b " Yes... Kala bought a baby bag to carry Blossom around.... Now she's at the baby section buying baby clothes for her.... "]. Collin sighs in relief to know that Blossom is still alright. Collin says to Hunter, [b " Glad you're having fun... Listen.. We found the mother of Blossom... Well.... Technically she found us who's been taking care of her but.... You know what I mean. "]. Hunter says through the phone in surprise, [b " The mother of Blossom?.. Mind if I speak with her? "]. [b " Sure! I'm passing my phone to the mother now. "], Collin said as he holds the phone near to Aria. Hunter speaks up to Aria, [b " Hello Miss. I know you're worried sick about your missing daughter, but don't worry... She's with me and she's doing well. "]. Noises from Blossom appears again in the background.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 16d 22h 56m 19s
Aria blinks as she answers, [b [#f15fd8 "They think it's fun to do so, however it can put them in danger as much as it can get them out of danger... I know that when I was her age I would always teleport to a cherry tree and play with the cherry blossoms... usually near a source of water... It's also like them testing out what they can do and their limits. Blossom however is adventurous so she teleports much more until she is exhausted... That's usually when Bubbles shows herself in order to protect her."]] Aria thinks about it and then says quickly, [b [#f15fd8 "Only when she is in danger, otherwise, she keeps an eye on Blossom from a distance... Bubbles is the only one who can teleport to the same location as Blossom just by instinct..."]]
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 17d 16m 53s
Collin slowly turns to James, [b " James... I'm sorry... But can you take care of the girls for me? "]. James replies as he finishes eating his banana, [b " Huh? Why can't you do- "]. Before James completes his sentence, Collin pushes him in to the pool, drowning him a little as he floats up. James shouts in annoyance, [b " Hey! What was that for!? "]. Collin turns back to Aria, grabbing his phone out from his pocket as he quickly dial Hunter's number. During that process, Collin looks at Aria with a confused look and asks, [b " May I ask... In such a young age.. Why does your daughter... Well... Escapes by teleporting from one place to another?.. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 17d 32m 26s
Aria's face brightens up as she says, [b [#f15fd8 "Ya! She just love bears so I made her a cute pink bear hood and pajamas. She also loves light pink roses... Why have you seen her?"]] Hailey and Eliza will be busy having fun in the pool.
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 17d 8h 33m 14s
Collin looks at Aria, [b " Eyes.... Purplish.. Blue.. And it's a She.... Your husband is trying to find her.... "]. As Collin thinks, he finally realizes who she's talking about. He looks at Aria with surprise as he asks Aria, [b " Uhm.... Does this.... Daughter of your's carries a rose... around her... And wears a funny looking bear-like costume? "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 17d 10h 51m 2s
Aria shakes her head, [b [#f15fd8 "No I don't think she's here... Call it a mother's intuition... However, I've been looking for her everywhere...]] She thinks something, then shakes her head as she continues, [b [#f15fd8 "My husband went to find her a few days ago but she is... tricky to catch for her age... She looks sort of like me except her eyes..."]] She hesitates for a few moments then says, [b [#f15fd8 "Her eyes are a purplish blue..."]]
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 17d 14h 31m 23s
Collin looks at Aria, confused and asks, [b " Daughter?... You have a daughter..... Here?... "]. Collin slowly turns to where Hailey and Eliza are, staring them as James stands beside Collin, eating a banana as he tries to understand what is going on.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 17d 22h 47m 5s
She seems to be more comfortable now with less people around her but still seems a bit shy. She eventually mutters, [b [#f15fd8 "Aria... My name is Aria..."]] She slightly looks around the area like she's never been to a pool before, then pays attention to Collin again. She hesitates but manages to gather the courage to say, [b [#f15fd8 "I'm... looking for my daughter..."]]
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 18d 14h 39m 58s
[b " Hmm?.. A woman? "], Collin questions, looking around his surroundings as the people in the lobby are behaving weirdly in front of her. Without letting out a single hesitation, Collin lets her in to their private indoor pool first before giving her the chance to say what she wants to say. [b " Please come in. I think it's better for you to say what you wanna say in private. "], Collin says as he lets her walk in, closing the door behind her after that. Before Collin introduce, he asks, [b " May I know.... Who you are? And what do you need from us? By the looks of you.. You're not like the normal humans around here. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 18d 23h 39m 20s
It appears to be a woman with blue hair and blue eyes. She seems very nervous and unsure. The scent of cherry blossoms also seems to be around her and if you look carefully, cherry blossom petals can be faintly seen in her hair. She looks at Collin then looks as if she is about to say something, but shies away from the words. It is very easy to tell that she is slightly shaking as if knocking on the door took all the courage she had. She seems to be shaking more as people walk by and give her strange looks, then gossip about her as they get farther and farther away from her. It looks as if she is about to run at this point, like a frighten deer.
  Aria Lupo / Kilala25 / 19d 9h 43m 23s
Collin looks over to the giant door that leads to the lobby of the building. [b " Huh?... Wonder who could that be? "], Collin asked himself as he makes his way to the door. James pokes his head out a little to see who's at the door as Collin opens the giant door to check on who's been knocking on the door. [b " Hello?.. "], Collin answered with a question.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 20d 19m 5s

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