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[pic http://i.imgur.com/wIZskdD.jpg]
[b [size25 Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, United States, January 1st... 7 AM:]]
It was a normal, chilly, winters day, the sun barely peaking above the horizon in order to mark the new day. A prison guard patrols the cells, making sure everyone is accounted for, until he stops at prisoner 0516's cell.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/iyj2fUv.jpg]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/sG071wV.jpg]

He takes a closer look noticing that the prisoner is gone along with the vent shaft cover was removed.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/xQsK5k4.jpg]

Alarms went off as guards spread out and looked for the escaped prisoner, not knowing what this prisoner was fully capable of, there search being pointless against this sly character. The only information they had on the prisoner is that the prisoner is 16 years old, female, seems to like cosplay, believing her bunny ears and tail were fake, and that she's stolen a variety of expensive and irreplaceable things. The only thing they don't know is how she always got away from the scene of the crime until one day she was caught by a farmer, stealing his carrots, her foot in a trap the farmer placed. That was about two days ago, now she makes her escape from this island prison through the vents, her foot still badly injured.


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James raises his eyebrow as he looks at Hailey, [b " From an island to a sandy.. Area?.... Hold on... I feel like I heard something like this in my police report.. "]. As soon Collin heard that, he quickly changes the subject, [b " Uhh! Uhmmm.... She's a Supernatural so... She's free to fly around anywhere really... Just... She didn't know about the current situation of kidnapping Supernaturals around here... Heheheheh.. "], Collin lets out a nervous chuckle. James looks at Collin, [b " Okay.. You don't have to be weird about it... Lets just make our way to the party shall we? "]. As the traffic light goes green, James continues to drive on, giving Collin a relief from James knowing he's taking care of a convict.

After a few minutes of traveling, they reach their destination. James parks his van at a car park as he leads Collin, Eliza and Hailey to an indoor swimming pool next to a forest park. [pic https://s3.amazonaws.com/PhenomHome/Images/Indoor+Swimming+Pools/124037974.jpg]
Collin looks around with his rucksack on his back, [b " Woah. Never knew you guys would book this place.... "]. James looks at Collin, smiling at him, [b " It cost may be expensive.. But hey! Least we can have a barbecue party here tonight! "]. Collin shakes his head smiling as well, [b " Well.. Least you and your friend planned it out nicely. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 1d 17h 33m 26s
Hailey murmurs, [b [#f7d51d "Not an entire ocean... but a good distance... From an island to a sandy area... as a rabbit... with wings..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 2d 3h 44m 46s
As James stops at the traffic light, he turns his head to Hailey, [b " You.... Flew over an ocean.... With who? "]. James looks over to Collin with that curious look as Collin looks back at James, Collin shrugs.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 2d 16h 50m 4s
Hailey then asks, [b [#f7d51d "No... but I flew over an ocean!"]] Eliza looks over Hailey, with surprised, not sure what to say.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 2d 19h 2m 33s
As Collin and James finish their sandwiches, they get in to the van with Eliza and Hailey inside. James drives off to Hong Kong's indoor swimming pool. As James drives along the road, he asks Hailey and Eliza, [b " So! Any of you girls ever been to swimming b'fore? Y'know, in a pool or... At the beach.. Somewhere like that? "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 6d 23h 15m 6s
Hailey and Eliza simply smile at each other. Hailey seems to be more comfortable in the car with Eliza here.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 7d 19s
Back at where Collin and the others are, they are sitting down at a cafe together as Collin and James are eating their toasted tuna sandwich. James' van is parked directly outside where they are sitting at.
[pic http://cdn2.totallythebomb.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/toasted-tuna-salad-sandwich.jpg]

[pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/ff384f91f7f8e7f0501addb4d369532b/tumblr_mncbmiT5MI1spvd4mo1_r1_500.jpg]
Collin looks over to James, mumbling to him with his mouth full, [b " So... I heard that you'f got an information about'f a mysterious case of.... F'prints?... All over Hong Kong alleyways?.. "]. James answers him as he swallows his food, [b " Yeah... And it's not just any random prints... What I heard from the other group is that these prints... All over the alleyways.... Are some sort of... territorial marks. One of the investigators came... They said that these prints are almost similar to Hyperion's logo... But of course, the conclusion haven't been made. "]. James takes another bite of his sandwich as Collin swallows his food, thinking, [b " Hyperion... Here?..... What do they want really?.. "]. James looks at Collin, then to Hailey and Eliza sitting next to them, gesturing Collin that Hyperion is trying to find them and capture them. Collin sighs as he realizes, [b " I see.... "]. James then smiles at Collin, comforting him, [b " Don't worry pal'!... You got us. No matter what happens, the Enforcers will back you up without a doubt! "].
  Ashley Koranov / Peeps4hire / 9d 9h 9m 56s
Blossom giggle as Kala smiles, hoping that everything will be alright.
  Kala Koranov / Kilala25 / 10d 7h 1m 30s
Hunter takes the cigar out of his mouth, blowing out the smoke once more. He looks over to Blossom while Kala is carrying her, [b " Even if they found her... And trying to search for her... As long as we're here, no one will be touching her under our protection. I swear to my heart... That I'll protect everyone in this very world.. From people like them. "]. Hunter hunches down a little to Blossom's height, [b " Besides, we have a baby to take care and Collin's right, maybe this will teach us some experience on how to take care of one if we're planning to have our own child. This will be fun to learn, isn't that right you wittle cutie you!~ "]. Hunter smiles as he tickles Blossom on her tummy.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 16d 15h 18m 46s
Kala then says, [b [#ff6800 "It could be worse... One of those companies that are stealing supernatural's powers could have found her... Then Joe would probably destroy the Earth in his rage..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 17d 13m 56s
As he heard Joe's name, he starts to cough out smoke from the cigar as he remembers, [b " Oh..... God... Now I know where I've seen that birthmark before.... It's... Joe's daughter... "]. He takes the last cough before putting the cigar back in his teeth. [b " We're taking care one of the most powerful person's daughter.... I don't see the reason why it is a good idea to take care of her... Since... He does really have... A short temper. "], Hunter said as he takes the cigar out of his mouth to blow out the smoke.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 19d 19h 14m 29s
Kala then says, [b [#ff6800 "Only angel, demon hybrids have this sort of birthmark that I know of... Well... the only exception being the Sohma's however, they are human, but are also related to the Lupo's... Hunter... This birthmark means she's apart of the Lupo family... Meaning Joe, Shelby, Fawn, or Kilala... and... Well I'm just assuming this... but doesn't Joe have a bad temper... I haven't really met him... but he does seem that sort..."]]
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 20d 3h 54m 34s
Hunter takes a cigar out of his pocket along with a lighter as he looks over to Blossom's birthmark. He puts the cigar on his teeth, holding it as he says, [b " A rose?... Huh.... What's wrong with the birthmark... I thought every Supernatural have that kind of birthmark.. But of course... Different that is... Yet again... "]. Hunter takes another longer look at Blossom's birthmark, trying to figure out where he seen it before, [b " I feel like I've seen that birthmark before... It's troubling me but I just.. Can't.. Put a finger... "]. Hunter flips the lighter cap open, lighting the fire as he lights his cigar away from Kala and Blossom. He closes the cap lighter cap back, extinguishing the fire and puts it back in to his pocket.
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 20d 7h 13m 20s
Kala notices something out of the corner of her eye, then looks at the bottom of Blossom's left foot, seeing her birthmark. Her eyes widen, [b [#ff6800 "Well... I think trouble has found us..."]] She shows Hunter the birthmark, looking quite worried.
  Hailey Muyal / Kilala25 / 20d 14h 16m 32s
Hunter holds on to Blossom, looking at Eliza as he quickly asks abruptly, [b " Wait... WHAT!?.. This baby... Is not hum-.... Then who's baby you've been taking care of?!..... And she teleports?!.. "]. Hunter turns to Kala, passing the baby to her and turns back facing to Eliza again. Before Collin say a single word, a sound of a horn will appear outside of Collin's house. [b " That must be our ride.... Sorry Hunter! We gotta go!... Have fun taking care of the baby. And please... Watch over the house while i'm gone.. "], Collin said as he walks out of the door, following with Eliza and Hailey after. Collin shuts the door, walking out of his house compound with Eliza and Hailey to see a white, luxury van parked in front of them.
[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/01/ad/f8/01adf8004725f2f7cfd9985dd0ff1602.jpg]
The side door of the car automatically opens for them to get in. Collin looks over to Hailey and Erica, [b " Hop in! I'll be in the front. "]. As Eliza and Hailey got in the van, the door automatically closes as Collin makes his way to the front side of the van, getting in to the front passenger seat. The driver will be James as Collin greets him good morning. When everything is settled, James takes off to the city for a short lunch.

Back at Hunter's place, he's staying close with Kala, checking out Blossom, [b " Well.... She's just a baby.... Hope nothing goes bad for us. "].
  Collin Javier / Peeps4hire / 21d 15h 10m 54s

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