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I will keep this simple and to the point. I am searching for a Literate role-play partner, someone who can write detailed paragraphs with dialogue, who can play multiple characters; male and female, and who is interested in a long term role-play.

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I am only looking to add ONE new roleplay to my Queue, so this is not a first come first serve.

I am not one for flashing images or colorful font. I like to keep things simple and purely focus on writing. So I have no preference on pictures or any of that.

It takes me about 10 days to reply, sooner if my brain isn't cluttered by Real life. So this will not be a fast paced rp.

I have a couple plot ideas. However, I am open to many other ideas, and am always willing to brainstorm on a plot.

I only do 1x1 where we each play a few different characters. Though I am open to a small group rp

I play Male and Female.
I do Romance.
My Average post length is 1000-1500 words

The Genres I will play are listed below:
Science Fiction
Political Intrigue/ Spy
Modern Day

If interested in creating a role play with me please send me a [b PM] with what you like to role-play, any ideas you have, and we can talk a bit before deciding if we want to move forward. You might message me and decide you don't want to write with me. >.<

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you'd like a sample post from me, I have a few of my best down below for reference so you can see my writing first hand and decide if you'd like to collaborate.

Thanks! Happy Writing!


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[b ROLEPLAY: Veridian Prime rp by Darien Sci-fi/fantasy/romance/futuristic
CHARACTER: Captain VanBuren, female. supporting characters: Ensign Troi, Commander Talik, LT. Aulra]

[i Beep, Beep.]

“Captain, sensors are picking up a ship.”
“It is currently .09 light-years from our current position.”
“Is it on an intercept course? We can’t be too cautious out in this quadrant of space.” Captain VanBuren asked, skeptical as usual, this close to the Human Home-world.
From her tactical station, Lt. Ursula Aulra studied her sensor readings. Her expression was one of little to no expression at all, her tone of voice flat and generally uninterested. Finally she lifted her head and her piercing amethyst eyes to her Captain. “No, they are not. It is a small Vessel. A Humanoid ship.”
“Life signs?”
“Affirmative, I can not get a count from our distance, but there is life on-board. Their Weaponry is… primitive.” She said the word as if it turned her stomach, and she stood away from her console, hands clasped behind her back. “They are not a threat. Nor do they seem to be in any danger. May I suggest we steer clear of these vagabonds? This is… human territory, or rather what’s left of it.” She lifted her chin, her expression blank. Most people found Lt. Ursula Aurla beyond rude, but it was her nature. The woman was more like an automaton drone then a living Veridian.

VanBuren smirked at Aurla. “Now, now… don’t be so prejudice. Not all Humans are bad.” She said with a wistful smile. “You’re just upset over what happened with Faraday.”
Ursula’s lip actually twitched. “Irrelevant. Most of them are thieves, crooks, and deceivers. I suggest altering course, less they catch us on their sensors and call for their friends.” VanBuren stood up then, an amused expression on her face.
“Or perhaps, it’s a wandering family, out searching the cosmos for a new home. A place to sustain them, one untouched by the Scion.” Slowly other members of the bridge crew stopped what they were doing to watch their captain as she approached Ursula.
“Has your history with the Majority of the Human race been anything less than pleasant?” Ursula challenged.
VanBuren gave her a grin. “No, I’ve been robbed by a human before, but one bad apple does not make for an entire race."
"Captain?" Aulra asked, as if she didn't quite understand.
"When I visited Earth in my youth, I did not see savages, barbaric people, or criminals. I saw victims. People whose home had been ravaged by the Purge of Scion. A People who had lost everything, but managed to hang on. They’re a resilient race of people, they do not take defeat laying down, they fought back –even with their primitive technology, they held off the Scion long enough for us to help them, and don’t forget –Human’s have a gift… there is a percentage of their remaining population that carries a immunity to the Purge. It could prove to help find a cure.”
“Yes, it would… if a human would cooperate with us.” VanBuren smiled again and waved her hand.
“Agree to Disagree. I can see I’m not going to get through to Lieutenant Aurla.” The crew cracked smiles, and if possible, Aurla looked more irritated then before.

“They are a weak species.” She said turning away and continued her scouting scans for the space ahead of them.
“Resilient.” VanBuren Corrected. “Incredibly resilient.” Lt. Aurla simply gave her Captain a look, but spoke no more on the subject. “Talik?”
“Yes Captain?”
“Adjust our heading, give us a little extra space from the Humanoid ship. We don’t want to alert them to our presence here. They can be skittish if provoked, I’d like to avoid that. The extra room might give Lt. Aurla room to breathe.”
“Humorous.” Aurla stated, but her tone said anything but humor. Still, VanBuren grinned at her and look at her pilot.
“You have your orders.”
“Aye, Captain. Adjusting course.” Gracefully the ship drifted away from the oncoming ship in their path. “Dropping to new heading 100 degrees, mark 3… and leveling out now. Six hours from now, they won’t even know we’ve flown by them.”
“Very good. Aurla, keep an eye on their course, make sure it doesn’t adjust to intercept.”
“Very good, Captain.” She tapped at the screen of her console and returned her stoic expression to VanBuren. “Course Change Alert in place. We will be notified if they move into our flight path.”
“Very good.”

Glancing around at the Bridge, VanBuren Smirked. “My ship of Valkyrie…”
“Captain?” Ensign Troi asked curiously.
“The men are gone from the bridge.” VanBuren chuckled. “Old Earth Text shows a great deal of religions, understandable, in the early years of this species' development; they were scattered, each group creating their own religion. There was a musical piece I found in the archives named Flight of the Valkyrie, well, I looked into it and they were a sort of warrior maidens, spirits that would come down from some great hall, collect the admirable and brave dead to carry them away to fight the battle at the end of the earth… oh what was it called.” She snapped her fingers in thought, and finally sighed. “I can’t remember… something with a rag and a rock.”
“Ragrock?” Ensign Troi asked.
“No… oh! Ragnorock.” VanBuren clapped her hands together, pacing the bridge.
“Earth History is remarkably violent.” Aurla commented dully from her station.
“Are they a violent species?” Ensign Troi asked. VanBuren became pensive, contemplative and finally shook her head.
“No more then the Moag could be, and our Commander is one of the finest officers in the Fleet, he’s nothing more then a big cuddly bear.”
“Just scratch him behind the ears and he’ll roll over like a dog for you.” The women giggled softly at Josephine’s comment with the exception of Ursula who simply arched a brow.

“None of you have much experience with Humans do you?” The looks her female crewmembers were giving here were answer enough. VanBuren walked towards the view screen and looked out at the stars that zipped by while they traveled through the Galaxy. “I’ve been to Earth. I imagine it was a lovely planet, I’ve seen pictures in history texts, heard stories from elders who lived before the Purge. I was only a child when I went to visit. A Relief Mission with my mother. We were one the surface for a month, in my month I tried to observe them as best I could. They are not so different from us, they looked dirty, but given their state of living, the anarchy of their planet, conflicting views that keep them from true progress… despite it all, they were thankful for help. It was this trip I was robbed, they stole my pendant, a young male human. I followed him, watched him barter for coin… and he took that coin and bought food for his family. They are a species doing what they believe they must to survive.”

“That can make them dangerous to us. If they are desperate enough, they might attack this ship.”

VanBuren laughed at Aurla, while Josephine sighed and turned her seat away from the helm and towards the others in the bridge. “I don’t think humans are dumb enough to attack the Hawking, even if it’s not a Warship we still have a powerful array of artilery at our hands, defensive sheilding that can auto modulate the rotating frequency phaser shots, and can disrupt torpedo fire with minimal to no damage. To try and take anything from this ship, from any Alliance Vessel would be a suicide mission. You really don’t like humans do you?”
“I do not care for things I do not understand. Humans have a history of extreme violence, even killing themselves in mass numbers through political to nuclear means. They wage war with themselves like it’s sport… they are animals… much like many of The Moag.”
“Such a superiority complex.” Ensign Troi said from her helm. “Mewdacs find the Moag to be barbaric, and we are distant cousins. Yet you do not see me talking down to my Commander, you do not see my prejudice. And why is that, you might ask? Because I am here for a greater purpose. One day I want to captain my own ship, to explore space, meet new species, and improve relations among our interstellar neighbors.” VanBuren stopped by Miranda’s helm and laid a hand to her shoulder.
“Such fine wisdom, Ensign. Aurla is meant for a Warship, however, we are not a war are we?” VanBuren challenged, Aurla looked back with just as much of a Challenging expression.
“The Scion still live, do they not?”
“We don’t know. They’ve been dormant for nearly three decades.”
“Then they are still out there, and it is my belief we are still at war.”
VanBuren sighed. “Talik, you were a fighter pilot, any suggestions to our Tacticle Officer to help her understand?”
Josephine looked over at Aurla and sighed, crossing her arms and cringed. “Oh Gee… where do I begin? I could quote the great philosophers of Prime and state ‘to fight an enemy unknown, is to fight yourself.’ Or, my favorite: ‘I don’t like to take chances.’” Aurla gave a subtle nod of her head.
“The latter of your quotes is sufficient.Though it was not said by one of the ancient philosophers. I do not like to take chances, Captain. Just being this far from the Hypergate into this section of the Galaxy makes me nervous.”
“Not Homesick are you Aurla?” VanBuren teased. Aurla simply turned her head and stared away from them.

[i Beep, beep.]

VanBuren made her way to the Security station next to Aurla’s. Normally Commander Ritter would be stationed, but he and Thane were currently elsewhere on the ship making preparations for rendezvous with the Tessla. On the touchscreen console she tapped out a encoding sequence.
“We have just received a message from the Tessla.” Without another word she brought the message up on the view screen and the women looked to the view screen as the Captain of the Tessla greeted them.

[i “Captain VanBuren, we have received your message earlier this morning. Your stop at the Osiris Nebula is actually the perfect randevous site for us. Our ship is not far away, we would be able to meet you there in three days. It is a closer Rendezvous for us to exchange cargo, and it will allow you an extra day to study the Nebula. Please respond with a new agreement to meet at the Nebula, and provide coordinates upon your arrival. I realize this is not the sanctioned Randevous our people agreed to, but I assure you, it is in the best interest of our Cargo. Captain Kao out.”]

The screen went blank and VanBuren’s lips pursed.
“Something might be wrong…. He might not be able to discuss it with us. Let’s continue on our heading, preform our research, and when the Tessla gets within sensor range, I want us to maintain high alert. Aulra, work with Ritter over the next few days, to tighten security when we pick up the cargo.”
“Captain, it would help a great deal if I could know what the Cargo was, so I could plan accordingly with Commander Ritter.”
VanBuren offered one final, wan smile to Aulra and shrugged. “I can’t… classified,” She began her ascent towards the second level of the Bridge and towards the mag-lift. “Until we have the cargo in our possession, I can’t brief any of you. Talik you have the bridge.”
“Aye Captain.”
  Captain G.A. VanBuren / darien / 5y 22d 22h 35m 55s
[b ROLE-PLAY: This Time Around by Darien Fantasy/romance
CHARACTER: Earl of Terran, Mark Guiseppie, Male ]

Hundreds of miles away, the sea was restless it tossed the ship about relentlessly for the past three weeks. Mark might have blamed Hydor if it was only the water -but it was the weather. The constant grey skies, the storms, harsh winds, rolling thunder and lightning. So far all of his crew was still alive. Even now the thunder rumbled off int he distance and Miles was the helm. Mark paced the main deck looking out at yet another storm. It was too early in the season for this many storms, let alone storms of this caliber.
"Another storm coming Captain." A Crew hand by the name of Derek said. Mark nodded. "So Strange."
"Agreed." Mark muttered distractedly. he could swear he thought he might have seen something off the port side. Maybe it was just the lack of sleep getting to him.
"Captain? Are you okay?" Derek asked. Mark sucked in a breath and grinned.
"Yeah, just tired -no sleep with all these damn storms. It's starting to wear me out." Derek chuckled with a nod. The whole crew would have to agree with that.
"Well at least in a two days time we start back around to port and you will be with your pretty lady." Mark grinned. Oh yes, Saiorse. Whenever he had a spare moment he was staring down into the lovely gold locket with her portrait inside. It never left his person, he kept it tucked safely away under his tunic, around his neck and her silk handkerchief in his pocket.

It was one hell of a storm and certainly the worst. they did as they always did, they muddled through it. The blasting winds threatened to rip the sails apart, while the waves rocked the ship without mercy. Miles was at the helm while Mark struggled the deck helping the crew. They were all soaked through and freezing. Little did any of them know, that despite Miles' attempts, they were drifting far off course. The storm lasted through the whole of the night and unfortunately the sea finally claimed a soul from his ship. The crew gave their best efforts, but the young sailor drowned as the waves crushed him against the ships hull, cracking his skull and pulling him under the water. Mark had never been so furious in all his life. The raging storm suddenly seemed like a metaphor for his emotions. When the storm cleared, at least they were greeted with the sun. The crew was exhausted, and as soon as the ship's sails were raised and everything was back in order, Mark let the men retire below deck to rest. It left a handful on the deck with him as he attempted to gather their bearings.

At the helm, Mark reached into his tunic and pulled out the locked and pushed the latch, letting it swing open. he let out a sigh, it was still safe. The water had only damaged the rim of Saiorse' small portrait, but he could still see her clear as day. He never missed someone the way he missed her. He began to think of all the ways he would greet her when he got to see her again, of how good it would feel to have her soft curves against him. He nearly lost himself in his own thoughts and fantasies, when from the crows nest came the sound of a bosun whistle. Instantly Mark was on high alert, stuffing the locket back down his shirt. It blew a second time and with it came deck hands from under the ship.
"Ship off Port side and coming right for us Captain!" the sailor in the nest called. Mark turned to look off port and cursed. So what he saw the other day had not been a figment of his imagination. Miles rushed up to the navigation deck with a telescope and looked out.
"Can you tell if it's friendly?" Mark demanded.
"Not yet..." Miles muttered as he scanned the coming ship.
"All hands to stations -we have an unidentified ship coming our way." The crew moved fast below deck to arm the cannons, and above some men came with muskets strapped to their backs. "Miles hurry up and tell me what you see." Silence. "Miles?" The first mate had paled lowering the telescope.
"Pirates..." He breathed. Mark snatched the telescope to look for himself. "Spaniard Pirates..." Miles shivered.

Miles wasn't lying. Looking through the telescope he could see the massive ship -intimidating even for their ship. On the deck ran about the dirtiest band of men Mark had ever seen, and sailing above their patched sails was a large Jolly Rodger. Black, torn with a horned skeleton spearing a pike through a blood stained heart. It was then he saw the captain of the Pirate ship looking through his own telescope. The man was horrid looking, long dark black curls, a shaped goatee and khol rimmed eyes. The bastard actually lowered his telescope and waved at Mark with a damn smile. Furious Mark lowered the telescope and shouted. "Pirates! Prepare yourselves men!" A roar erupted from the deck as men rushed to their battle stations on the ship. "Miles, bring me our strongest avian shifter." Miles snapped out of the trance from looking upon the enemy vessel and nodded hurrying away Mark was at the helm wheel, he commanded the masts adjusted to catch more wind and draw them faster away from danger. Mark didn't want to engage if he didn't have to. Facing pirates was tricky business, either they died... or you did. He would prefer to not take the chance, as Garreth would say, and get his men the hell out of there and come back with an entire armada to take their enemy down.

Mark's ship was fast, but not fast enough to outrun this particular pirate ship. A canon fired the moment it was close enough barely missing them before plunking into the water, the second canon fired hit their hull rocking the ship. "FIRE!" Mark shouted turning the ship to face off, well it looked like he might be dying today, or not, these pirates must have been very stupid or very brave to take their ship on. Suddenly cannon fire was popping off from all directions. Mark certainly had the opposing ship out gunned, and still their ships drew closer to the other.
"Captain! I brought you petty officer -"
"I don't care!" Mark snapped. "Fly back to Troth'lenka send word we have gone under attack by a foreign enemy pirate ship. And give this... to Princess Saiorse..." Mark said reaching into his pocket and handing the officer the silk embroidered handkerchief." The officer took it with a frown and shook his head.
"No sir, I should stay and fight." Mark glared "I will not be labeled a coward."
"It's not cowardice if I ordered you to fly out of here and send word. It's called following orders, now go, and don't let them catch you." Mark shouted over the blasts of cannon fire. The officer lookled reluctant but with the look Mark was giving him he turned shaking his head and shifted into a hawk, collected the silk scarf in his talons and flew off. Mark just didn't realize how far from land they were, and how lost they were from the storms. It would take the officer a while to get back to tell anyone what happened here today.

Mark turned in time for a bullet to pierce through his shoulder from the Pirate ship. Now side by side, muskets and pistols fired back and forth. Mark actually pulled his from the holster at his waist and fired with miraculous accuracy into his shooter's skull. He felt the bullet wound throbbing in his shoulder, but ignored it, he rushed to the deck prepared to fight with his crew. Ropes swung from the ships and as the tried to swing over, Mark's men either shot them down and gut them the moment their boots hit the Saun Palo II's deck. They were certainly out numbered that was for sure. The Pirates were merciless, killing on sight with smiles and laughter, quickly overtaking his ship. Mark refused to lose his ship this way! Not on his first excursion either! It just couldn't happen! He fought valiantly, side by side with his men sword flashing with claw, men fell in their blood before his feet, but what he had not anticipated to to find a dirk at his throat and a cutlass poised to strike him.
"Drop it." the Dark haired Captain ordered. Mark just glared, growling as he bared his teeth. Mark dropped his sword to the deck. "Good, now call off your men."
"Not happening." Mark growled.
"But I am one cannon away from sinking your ship young captain." The Spaniard chortled. He had a terrifying face, yellowed teeth, black eyes made all the darker by the khol around his eyes, outside of his teeth everything might have been considered handsome by some women. Long dark curls, a manicured angled goatee, and he wasn't too terribly old. "Come come little man, you are obviously out manned and out skilled." Mark simply spit in the Spaniard's face. He didn't take that too well because he simply reached forward and stuck his finger into Mark's bullet wound. It nearly knocked the breath out of him. Collapsing to his knees and gritting his teeth in pain. "You have no cause to be brave."
"Just kill me." Mark growled.
"Kill you? Boy why would I ever do that? You killed a good portion of my men, you scurvy bastard. Why on Earth would I kill you -no... I'm keeping you, got a lot of character you have." His boot came up and kicked Mark back, sending him sprawling across the deck. "Call your men off." Mark wouldn't. He just shook his head, annoyed the Spaniard rolled his eyes. "You heroic types are all the same..." he muttered. "Kill them all." He called nonchalantly to his crew, it was them Mark realized he and his crew had been slowly corralled to the center of the deck, while other pirates ransacked below deck for any goods they could take. Mark raised a hand then.
"No?" The Spaniard grinned.
"Just put them down men..." Mark wheezed to his crew. They looked at him like he might be crazy. But they were such a young ship, and none desired to die and so reluctantly they set down their blades and guns and held their hands up.
"You men are an awful long ways from home. Spaniard Water? We haven't seen a Trothian Vessel in these waters for over a decade... not scanning them for someone are you."
"The storms blew us off course." Miles said from the group. The Spaniard chuckled along with his ragtag crew.
"Blew you off course?" He grinned. "Well how fitting, none of you are fit to staff a ship, if a few storms have blown you off course, and are you the navigator?" Miles gulped.
"How on earth did you make it to your position? Don't you animals have rigorous standards?" The term animal erupted a series of growls from their tight knit pack. "Oh well... kill the moron." No sooner had he said it did another Pirate aim and fire his pistol at Miles, shooting him dead on the spot. Mark stared wide eyed. Miles -dead. He was suddenly yanked up by the scruff of his collar and the Spaniard put his arm around Mark. "I can see we are going to be very good amigos." Mark growled at him as he was thrust back down to the floor and to two men who shackled him.
"I thought you didn't take prisoners." Mark growled.
"I don't... there's far worse things for men like you then death, or being a prisoner to rot in the galley... no... men welcome to the crew." Mark felt his heart plummet. No one hated the idea of Piracy more than he, now to become one? The Spaniard picked from his crew fifteen other men to keep, before he had them all killed on the spot. Mark and his men fought the entire way and the moment they were all over safely onto the enemy ship, the Spaniard had the Saun Palo II shot down, and Mark was forced to watch it sink to the bottom of the ocean with a deck smeared in blood and the loss of too many young lives.
  Earl of Terran Mark Guiseppie / darien / 5y 22d 22h 50m 6s
[b ROLE-PLAY: BlackWalk by Malachi. Apocalyptic/political/romance/sci-fi
CHARACTER: Harper Daniels MD, Female & Rose Astaire, Female]

In and out she went, but this time it was not from her concussion, it was a drug induced haze. The most she could recall was lights, there were people around her, her body tingled in a strange numbness, and her mind was foggy, her head heavy. She couldn't move her body -it was out of her control. she felt like a puppet on a string as she was jostled in and out of consciousness. She couldn't sleep! not now! She still had to find Sonja! Her mind played a loop while she was out. She was with Streaker, they were looking out the window, the ceiling and the light had erupted, the beam had swung down killing Streaker in an instant and knocking Rose back. She wrapped her self as best as she could to protect her skin, she'd stolen Streaker's flashlight..only to lose it when she reached the second floor. She remembered the air burning her eyes, her hands her neck, the tops of her cheeks, and like a fool she had removed the coverings on her face to shout for Sonja.... no luck... she hadn't been able to find Sonja. People had been pushing past her, creatures had jumped over her, and something had hit her. Something had knocked her back, enough to slip on a puddle of blood behind her, and with a thwack she'd slammed her head against the hard marble and concrete flooring of the Library. It was the last thing she remembered. The rest was hazy -just a strange mix of light and strangers. She must have been moved into Heaven... Bethany had been right.

They gave her four days to recover... Rose was awake in ten hours.

She came awake with a startled breath, her body jerking in terror. Where was she? The lighting around her was bright, the room white, and sterile looking. Tilted her head back the slightest she saw an IV pouch connected to her arm, and then she felt someone holding her hand. Her head spun around to see a woman seated at her side and massaging a silvery metallic looking slave to her hands.
"Oh... you're up early." The woman said, grabbing a roll of gauze and began to wrap her arm. Rose just stared on curiously. "You took a pretty nasty fall by that goose egg on the back of your head, but you're lucky you are... Doc will be pleased. Just sit tight Sonja..." Sonja? Roses blonde brows furrowed and she opened her mouth to speak but for a moment nothing came, just a strangled sound. The woman wasn't wearing a mask... but Rose was. Rose waited long enough to the woman to tape the gauze before she ripped away from the woman's touch and jerked her mask off. "Oh no don't!" She shouted jumping to her feet.
"Where is Sonja?!" She shouted angrily and pushed the Orderly's hands away from her to sit up. The room wobbled for a slight moment and she looked to her arm where the needle rested. "Get this thing out of me!"
"You need that! You're dehydrated-"
"I don't care!" Rose reached over and started to rip at the medical tape on her arm to remove it herself. When the woman's hand reached out and stopped Rose.
"Well I'm not going to let you rip it out." She grumbled darkly, and slid the needle out for Rose. She gasped looking away. She'd never seen a needle in real life before. "Now lay back down." The Orderly said trying to push her back down.
"No..." Rose wheezed and slipped from her cot to her feet. The floor was cold tile, and she pulled a hand down the front of her hospital gown. An old blue color with white patterns, it covered her just enough. "I need to find Sonja..." The nurse glared.
"You are Sonja!" She snapped, Rose shook her head,
"No..." She cried. "I'm not... I want Sonja..." She stumbled towards the door past other cots that had others laying in them, but none of them were Sonja. "SONJA!" She screamed in a panic, and ran for the door. Her bandaged hands pushed the hinge door out into the hall violently and she looked left to right. Her neck was bandaged as was her head, covering the cut on the back of her head and her ear, but at least her reddened skin had softened into something like bad sunburn... and it certainly felt like it.

The hall was not deserted, there was a handful of others dressed in smocks and more dressed in black. Seeing her startled a few of them, but Rose didn't stay still for too long she darted down the hall as the Nurse came after her. "Get her!" the nurse ordered, and Rose ran like hell from those that chased her. She didn't get far, she got down the hall and halfway around the corner when a set of arms caught her. She struggled despite the strong arms that bound her.
"Rosie..." She stopped, tensing and lifted her face to see a very familiar one staring her down. Blue eyes, short cropped grey hair, and half his face was burned raw, a hand completely bandaged up, but he was dressed in a hospital gown as well. "Calm down..." He told her, and Rose sobbed.
"Uncle Jim!" She dropped her face into his chest and cried. "I can't find Sonja..." Uncle Jim tensed and held her at arms length.
"Calm down. I asked for both of you, and they told me where to find Sonja... we can go to-" He groaned painfully and doubled over. It was then Rose realized a man was behind him with a wheelchair helping him to sit back down.
"Uncle Jim?" She questioned nervously.
"I'm fine..." He wheezed, and held out his hand. "Let's go find Sonja."
"She is Sonja." Noel's nurse said with a glare, huffing and puffing with others behind her. Rose paled, and Uncle Jim thought he might kill someone.
"No..." He rasped. "This is Rose... Sonja... is my daughter..."

Rose tensed and spun around to fix Uncle jim with a shocked expression. All this time... he'd never told anyone, not even her.... and here he was telling the world?! How come she'd never seen it before? The similarities, how he fought for her, welcomed her into their fold with no questions asked, had always showed her a bit more love than necessary... and always called her baby girl. It all made sense to her now.. and she didn't know what to say.
"Well If you are Rose... then there must not be a Sonja." Rose looked up at the Nurse with glassy eyes, and her full red lips parted in shock. How dare she say that? Sonja had to have made it! "Lewis will you please take Mr. Monroe back to his cot, that man should not be out of bed."
"Like Hell." Uncle Jim barked angrily, but even then he doubled over in pain and the tall dark skinned gentleman with him had no other choice but to take her Uncle Jim away.
"I'll find Sonja! I promise!" Rose called, and felt the hand on her shoulder.

"Rose? Now that's a pretty name... What does it mean?" Rose didn't reply to the woman behind her, she just watched her Uncle being pushed away to another room.
"She has blonde hair, blue eyes... she's only sixteen... she just turned sixteen..." Rose spoke oddly in a calm voice, distracted but calm. "She had Kapers in the morning... I... I left her... I never should have left her... I never should have left her..." She repeated. The nurse sighed. The girl was finally calm, and so she looped and arm around Rose's shoulders and turned her away and back towards her cot.
"It's going to be alright."
"How many of us survived?"
"you're at ten now." The nurse answered. Rose felt her heart lurch. There had been nearly three hundred of them, and only ten had survived so far? Rose shook her head. No, that couldn't be right! "Listen... why don't you finish resting, finish the IV you have waiting for you, eat some food, and I'll have some clothes sent to you and then you can look for Sonja..." The nurse offered. Rose nodded in a daze and followed. Once placed in her bed, the IV back in her arm, Rose laid in her cot and stared up at the ceiling lights.

the Nurse left to find Nick and she found him with his brother Dig as per usual just returning from another run this time with extra supplies. "Nick!..." The Nurse - Harper called. "The girl you brought in last night woke up... you're lucky I didn't kill her..." At Nick's inquiry she informed him how she'd jumped out of her bed, and went fleeing down the halls. "She was looking for a Sonja... but she's not Sonja. Said her name was Rose. She's awake though, and in one hell of a pissy mood." Suddenly Harper grinned and gave Dig a look. "Dealing with her is like dealing with you when you're on bedrest." She teased. Harper, was their resident nurse, along with the Doc, there was a total of five of them in the Medical Unit -but they were just as much Blackwalkers as the rest of them. Harper was a pretty chill woman of 26 with strawberry red hair, and warm puppy brown eyes and freckles, but her red hair was generally pulled back into a tight bun -like now, and her light teal scrubs were stark, clean, and well taken care of. She was a bit of a neat freak, and so didn't go outside of the medical wing very often. "If you don't mind, I'm going to get her some food and see if I can't find her things among the washed pile... but ahh good job Nick-ol'boy, that's your first rescue to live..." She gave him a friendly grin and left them "Later boys." she mock saluted and disappeared through the doors.
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