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I know, fun title for this but sorry to disappoint sweeties. This is just a little place for me to put ideas of possible role plays if and when I come up with something.
You may look if you like, but please do not steal anything out of here.



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Two men, One kingdom to fight for. One kingdom that both had been raised believing to be all theirs, but only after they win the fight. Ever since they could remember, their families had been at war, trying to keep what they thought was theirs but each could never gain it all. And now alduts themselves, they being as cruel, greedy, and power hungry as their family before them will stop at nothing until they have it all.

Or that was the original dual. Without them knowing, their parents came together. They had wanted all the control and since certain regions listened to and loved one over the other they thought joining together would be for the best. So the sisters to the two men were to marry into the opposite kingdom. Bring about alliances. The only trouble, none want to play nicely.

[right [size8 ©2019 d1gn17y & SheDevil]]
  |....| / SheDevil / 234d 15h 39m 48s

center Monsters, Demons, Pyschopaths are all invented. All in the mind. They are the things that nightmares are made of to scare people and to make them behave. Stories that go on and on. Urban legends that will always be.

That is all they are, right? [b Wrong]... And because that is what you believe it was you who unleashed the new terrors. The next generation who are scarier, meaner, and badder than those that came before. Only problem is they are their children. And they [b want] to be known. They want to be feared. They cannot be stopped unless you know a way. But be warned they may tear you apart.

Summerset Creek was a small town settled by families who once believed in the old urban legends that were passed down. But that was many, many years ago. Because they had been tormented by their worst fears. To try and beat them, the people moved far far away. Only spoke of their worst nightmares as stories and as if they were not real. And in time, they forgot the truth. Buried it with their pasts and so made demons, monsters, and psychopaths just simple stories.

Or so they thought. It's been at least a hundred years since the last series of murders. But one after another has been happening and coming to light. Each body found with just two words written on a page [b Fear Us] but nothing more. The once quiet town is slowly rising in a hysteria. Once peaceful people are becoming violent and fearing those who had once been their very own friends and neighbors.

Things are changing in Summerset Creek. Screams are filling the air, and the smell of blood still lingers in the streets. For ten young adults living in their parents shadows, are slowly starting to come to life once more. They are after one thing, and one thing alone. Revenge. Revenge on those that looked down upon their parents, and wouldn't give them the time of day. It's their time, and they aren't stopping until they feel like their revenge has been filled.

What'll happen when the cops start getting involved? Will they be able to outsmart them, and be able to run to a new town? Or will they get caught in the act, and meet the same fates as their parents? You will never know unless you join, [b [u No rest for the Wicked]]

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  KILLERS / SheDevil / 1y 148d 11h 16m 11s
[i “If I can’t have you, no one can”.. Something everyone’s heard at least once or twice while in relationships.. But what happens when it truly comes with a price?]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GG7L05D.png]]

[#e84a70 [b Muse A was the boyfriend/ girlfriend to Muse B who happened to be in a gang. Everything in the beginning was almost a dream come true. They were happy and so very in love. Or that was until Muse B happened to become so wrapped up in their role of the gang that they no longer could separate their gang self from who they were with Muse A.

Muse A tried to give Muse B multiple chances. Tried to see them as the one they had fallen for. But the more that time passed, the harder that was. Only could they see their former lover as the monster they’d become.

“If you leave me, remember this.. If I can’t have you, then no one else can” Muse B said to A the night they left them.

Now sixth months later, Muse A is starting to try and move on in their life. They’ve changed jobs, met new friends, and are even starting to fall in love again. The threat that their ex made is nowhere in mind and they just think it’s a threat.

Muse A starts to date the new person and for a little while everything seems fine. But what they don’t know is B has been watching the whole time. And the more B watches, the stronger the feeling of betrayal and hurt gets. Keeping to their word, Muse B offs Muse A’s new lover.

So now, A knows what B meant. They would not be the one to suffer but those around them would.

Where does this leave the sanity of both? And who wins the game of Love and Lust? Or will there be nothing more but a bitter end to the messed up tale?

Help me decide by joining Heed My Words!]]

[center [size20 [#f90120 RULES]]

[b 1. Real Pictures]
[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand but I will NOT babysit you!]
[b 3. Be Semi-Lit 800 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged]
[b 4. Posts should be done in the third person]
[b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome]
[b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts]
[b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well]
[b 8. No godmoding, minor is okay to move the plot along but don't full on dictate what I do]
[b 9. No cybering, if things get that far it will be time-skipped]
[b 10 NO DITCHING! If you are bored, talk to me and we can try and change things up or end the RP on mutual terms. If you just walk away without word, I will NEVER role play with you again]
[b 11. Just have fun]]

[#81e66b [b ☆ I am open to more than one version.. but make sure you title your PM with your FAVOURITE ANIMAL so I know you HAVE read and understand everything ☆]]

** I will only play male for three versions.. so PLEASE don't ask me to be the male if I already have the three taken up... But this CAN be FxM or FxF...sorry but I am not the best with MxM

[center[size15 [#e515cc [b Skelly]]]]

[center [i Username:
Character Name:
Nickname(s) :
Role you Want :
Age: (19-30)
Likes :
Personality: (basic) ]]

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  =Hewitt= / SheDevil / 1y 147d 20h 3m 29s
They say that your first real love is the only one that holds true. That it is a strong bond and meant to be seen through. It is also said a promise is a promise. Something that ties you and binds you to your word and making you keep it. But can this be true when your love is forbidden and it can bring about your doom?

There were two packs of wolves that were waring badly. And the leaders had children. One had a girl and the other a boy. The two children had been very adventurous and were always leaving and going past their marked off limits. But they didn't care. They only wanted to play and explore. They were as curious as any other children were. One day, the two had wandered off to the lake that was at the edge of both the packs' territory. It was a nice and clear lake. Both boy and girl had arrived one day in the same spot at the same time. At first they were on edge as they had heard tails from their parents and the rest of the pack memebers that the other pack was sear evil and not meant to be trusted for anything. But that day, the two played together and saw that they really were not so different.

Everyday since they had first met the wolf girl and wolf boy would leave their pack and go to the lake. They would stay there together always talking, reading and just enjoying the others company. They were as close as any in their own packs were, and were even closer then those older then them.

Many years had passed and the male was now nineteen and the femal was now eighteen. He had come to the lake with sad news for the young woman. It turned out that the wolf prince was to go to war with the others and would not be back for quite sometime. The news broke the wolf princess's heart as she had become so fond of the male, thinking he would always be there. The words he spoke to her were "I promise you here and now in this place, that upon my return I will come to this place. I will seek you out and make you mine."

So everyday while the two were apart they would write letters back and forth. But they would make sure that they were the only ones that ever saw the letter. But soon, the letters became slower and slower and after awhile had stopped.

The princess had been forced into marrying a male to keep peace with another wolf pack that could help her people defeat her friend's pack. And the boy like the girl had been forced to marry for the same reason. But in truth they had never stopped thinking about the other.

So nearly a month after both marriages had taken place, the young woman and man had once more returned to the lake. They were so overjoyed to see the other and knew that they were stiil in love. But they didn't know what to do about the ones they had married because the ones they were married to seemed to love them.

After months of debate, the princess and prince of the wolves bring the ones they had married to the lake and let them meet. And as it had been for the princess and prince the second two fell for the other. It seemed things could work, but they needed to tell the four wolf packs about their choice.

Will the four be able to love who they want? Or will this end in a tragety? You will never know unless you join.
  =Hewitt= / SheDevil / 2y 26d 22h 47m 17s
[i The life of a princess is thought to be glamourous, something grand. They are allowed to go to balls and meant to find their prince charming. But what if what the fairy tales say, isn't the truth? What if there is more to being a princess then a grand and gloreous life, and a happily ever after?]

_ was a princess and _ was a lady in waiting. The two girls were born on the same day and had grown up together in the palace. _ and _ were the best of friends. They looked and acted very much alike. Because of that fact, most nearly mistook the girls for the other. But they never really minded as they were so close and thought it so funny to watch how everyone behaved when the two were mixed up.

For years the two girls were close and allowed to be around the other. But the day that _, the princess had started her training in royal manners, government, and everything else the two girls were able to spend less and less time together. It was around that same time that _, the lady in waiting was also to begin her training as well and was taught that she was not to look at the princess directly, not talk to her as if they were best friends, and most importantly to help the princess with what she needed. Their lives were changing so quickly and they hated it.

On the night of the princess' birthday, the king and queen decided to throw a ball where the princess would meet a prince and hopefully fall in love with him so that they wouldn't have to to worry about their little girl and be able to have her help run a kingdom and have an alliance with the other kingdom. As they were getting ready, _ just sat staring in her mirror with _ fixing her hair. "You know...you're lucky...I wish I was able to meet and dance with princes...to fall in love with music and fireworks." The lady in waiting said with a wistful sigh. The princess turned to glare at her best friend, "That's all fine and dandy for one that likes fairy tales, but what about real life? Meeting someone and getting to know them?" The princess snapped back.

That had sent _ into silence for a few moments. A soft sigh escaped the lady in waiting's lips. "I'm sorry...but if you think I have it any better than you do, then why don't you just try being in my place." She muttered as she looked to the princess. _ looked at her lady in waiting, her eyes widening. After a moment, the princess clapped her hands, "_, that's a brilliant idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that. You will go to the ball as me, and I shall go to the ball as you. And if we decide we like the place of the other better we will keep the trade for a little while, and because we look and act so much alike, no one will ever know." She said, a bright smile coming to her lips as the girls switched gowns and went down to the ball.

The lady in waiting spends more and more time with the prince as he was staying at the palace with them what happens if she falls for the prince that the princess was supposed to marry? And what if the princess has been spending time in the horse stables and falls for the stable boy that was so in love with the lady in waiting? Will the two girls ever switch back and explain everything, or will they continue to live the life of the other? How will this all be sorted out in the end?

You will never know unless you join A Royal Switch
  =Hewitt= / SheDevil / 2y 26d 23h 24m 2s
Muse A and Muse B were both placed in an orphanage as young children. Neither one or the other were open to anyone but somehow had found a friend in the other. And after they became friends it was like they were siamese twins and joined at the hip. They were partners in crime and constantly in trouble with the director and the hired staff who took care of them.

One day Muse A was adopted out and forced to leave Muse B. The two when saying "good-bye" made a promise. No matter how long it would take they would find the other again.

Eight years have come and gone and sadly Muse B was not as lucky as A had been. But now they are out of the orphanage and ready to leave the past behind them. That is until they see a poster with a familiar face. It so happened that the poster was of Muse A and it looked like their dream came true. So Muse B decides to see A's show. They wonder if the other remembered them and the promise.

The night of the concert, something happens to A. And they end up in the hospital with no memories. So B lying about being A's family since A's "parents" had both died a year before and becomes reponsible for their old friend. But now they have to try and help them remembered not only their life but what they had once meant to the other. How close they had been.

There are TONS of issues. And over the course of trying to rediscover A, both A and B discover they are starting to fall for the other. What can go wrong?
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 1y 118d 23h 14m 7s
Lips so red
Lips so sweet
Lips that bring nothing
Nothing but bittersweet memories

_'s mind wound around those words for the last week an half and she could never understand what they meant. It always confused her and she wanted to try and figure it out, but when she spoke to her friends about it, the words seemed to mean nothing and she was called odd for them bothering her so much.

Like _, Aiden would hear the words in his head. It had started around the same time and he didn't know what it meant. The boy was never one to listen to the words that he heard, but this time, something about them stuck out. He tried to ask a couple of his freinds about it. No luck, they just laughed at him and said he was crazy.

A couple days later, Aiden and _ meet. The two hate the other and end up bitter and like enemies. But that is their former lives coming back to bite them in the ass.

What if their destinies are once more linked and they are actually meant to be together? What if one kiss forces them to have to once more relive their past lives of being a vampire and angel in order to save the world from the war between the two kinds?
  S.T.A.R.S / SheDevil / 2y 74d 1h 12m 6s
[i Years and years ago the goddess Morrigan had charged a circle of six to work together and gain support against an evil vampire queen. To work together and be the ones that would save the worlds from great calamity and to set all free. They had done their job and all seemed peaceful. But now..Something else lurks and a new circle must be formed.]

[pic http://d2gg9evh47fn9z.cloudfront.net/800px_COLOURBOX7775446.jpg]

[b It has been maybe fifty years since Hoyt, Glenna, Blair, Larken, Cian, and Moira had managed to destroy the vampire queen Lilith. But they didn't count on the fact that she had made a new born that had run off. One that was wanting to get away from the war and have the chance to become more stable and not be killed right off. The new born had left and went to feed, but one thing...the woman was just as evil, if not more so then Lilith had been.

The new vampress was not nearly as strong as Lilith had been but she was very clever and cunning. By the time she was around thirty she had managed to trick hundreds, no thousands into becoming her new army and becoming just as she was. She taught them that all worlds were play things for their kind. Taught her many children that their kind were like gods and goddesses and were intended to rule all worlds. She told them in order to rule all worlds that they would have to first destroy those who apposed them and turned those who were willing. They were to take over and make more of their kind.

Once more, Morrigan thought it would be best to charge those of different races and from the different worlds and times with the task of going forth and creating a circle that would stand against the vampire army. Like she had during the first vampire war, Morrigan sought out the great-granddaughter of the sorcerer and the witch from the first circle. She would at least know about magic and the old tale of what had happened before and magic ran strongly in her blood. She was told by the goddess that as it had happened before, all that was known and unknown was in danger and she was to complete a circle of eight. But this time, the goddess did not tell her what the others she would be working with would be. She would know them because they would either seek her out or she would have to seek them out. But either way they would all know they had an important role to play.

Once the group is together they are meant to train and get ready to meet the army of vampires by the night of the harvest. If they fail to kill the new queen and take down the rest of the vampries, then all worlds and everything they were meant to save will be lost. But in the process some will find love and relationships will be tested.]

[i Will they complete their task, or will they fail and bring all life that they and the other worlds know to an absolute end? You will never know unless you join The Second Circle.]

[size22 Rules]

1.Real Pictures
3.Drama, Searing, Violence, Romance and all of that is wanted
6.Must be able to post AT LEAST between 800-1000 characters
7.No text talk, please spell everything out completely
8.Proper Grammar and spelling would be nice
9.No love at first sight shit
10.Cyberying if it comes down to it needs to be taken off site
11.Be Mature and Respect Others
13.We will be posting in rounds
14.You will have a MONTH when it comes to your turn to post
15.Most of all have fun

**Note: When asking to join put Red Moon at the bottom of your Skeleton so I know you have read everything**


Puppet Master:
Character Name:
Picture Link:
Supernatural or Human:
Short Bio:

[#be5cf5 [b Characters]]

Puppet Master: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=24822 SheDevil]
[pic http://i.imgur.com/5B1pXMy.png]
Character Name:Alexa (Lexie) Marie Storm
Picture Link: http://i.imgur.com/5B1pXMy.png
Supernatural or Human:Witch
Personality:Sweet, Reserved,Shy at first, Blunt, Smart, Sweet, Sarcastic, Loyal, A bit of a bitch, mostly her mood and personality depends on the circumstances and who she is around
Short Bio: Alexa or as she much prefered to be called Lexie was a simple girl. She happened to be born into a mgical family and was taught to value her gift even from a very young age. Since she was a little girl, Lexie had been told stories of the great battle between the circle of six and the evil vampire queen. She had been terrified of the stories, but completely loved the stories. Lexie had been told the stories so often that she remembered them by heart by the time she had turned ten years old. And by ten she had learned to use her powers better then her parents and so had been sent to work with her great-grandmother and great-grandfather in order to better learn about herself and her powers. The young girl was very clever, sweet and funny. But by the time she had entered school, Alexa had become more distant and reserved as she knew she couldn't talk to anyone else about what she was. It kind of hurt her to know that she had to hide a big part of who she was. By the time she was seventeen, Lexie was sent to live back with her mother and father because she had learned all that she could be taught to her by Hoyt and Glenna. So life was as it had always been to her, but her parents had given up on their magic and had told her to do the same. Lexie loving the person she was couldn't do that. So when she was eighteen the young woman moved out of the house and into a small apartment and was able to do well for herself being an artist and working at the local cafe. But the night she turned nineteen was the night that Morrigan had come to her and explained that once more all worlds were in trouble and it was up to her and five others to form a second circle and defeat the new threat. And it was that night that Lexie knew what she had been born to do. But it was also that night she was filled with fear. Now all the young woman wants to do is be able to find someone to love and accept her for who she is and to live through the battle that she and the others must fight.

[right [size10 ©2014 SheDevil]]
  Sarah Rose Kennedy / SheDevil / 225d 11h 2m 27s
[i You know the saying, 'Every Rose has its Thorns' well it's true, especially when meeting a group of girls who call themselves the Divas]

[b Four besties whom all the others call the 'plastics' or the 'divas' have been running things ever since they can remember. It started back in elementary all because their parents had money and they always had the cutest clothing, hair styles and so on.

Now, seventeen and the 'queens' of the school, the girls are into partying, drugs and just about everything else. They are all stuck up and bitchy, figuring that they can do whatever the hell they want. They are all players, dating guy after guy, but they are never satisfied, never feel what love is.

It gets to the point where the girls parents are tired of watching their daughters turn out the way they are and decide to hire four guys about the age of the girls and have them enrolled in the school. It is the job of the guys to get to know the girls and try and turn their acts around.

The guys at first go it for the money that they are promised, but soon after getting to know the girls start falling for them. They are caught between telling the girls the truth of why they had started hanging out with them, or hiding it and just going with the feeling of loving them.

What happens when the girls start to fall for the guys and finally feel what they had been missing? Can they possibly change their ways? And what happens once the guys reveal everything to them? Will the girls and guys still want to be together?

You will never know unless you join Thorns]

[#81e66b [b Rules]]

1-Must be smi-lit
2-Real Pictures
3- No godmoding
4- Must post at LEAST once a week
5- Proper grammar and spelling would be nice
6-No love at first sight!!
7-Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Twists are all welcome
10-No cybering
11- Do NOT make this a 1x1
12- We will be posting in rounds
13- Please post in third person
14- Send Skellies to me. And make sure you have what I want for it
15-Have fun!
  Sarah Rose Kennedy / SheDevil / 2y 82d 22h 33s
[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/236x/17/09/87/1709878e505ecde836abd0d96101013e--draco-malfoy-severus-snape.jpg]]

Luna and Draco are total opposites. He's more down to earth and "mean-spirited" and she's more out there and "unique".

Luna was promised to the Malfoy family because her father had borrowed money from them and couldn't afford to pay it back and so made a deal with Lucius, promising the man the girl to be Draco's.

Draco when he learns of it is disgusted, as is Luna. But the deal was made and the two teens can't back out of it.

Will the the two be able to ever get along? Or are they going to drive the other crazy?

Never known unless you join: Money Binds

[size25 Rules]

1-Be at least Semi Lit.
2-Proper grammar and spelling would be nice
3-Please no text speak
4- Real Pictures
5-Post at least ONCE a week
6-Romance, Drama, Swearing, Plot Twists are more than welcome
7- No love at first sight
10-It would be nice if posts be in both past tense and third person
11-Have fun
  Marauders / SheDevil / 2y 183d 23h 16m 21s
[center [size15 [b [i Not All Angels Have Their Wings. Some Have To Earn Them.]]]]

[center [pic http://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1lYzrLpXXXXa5XXXXq6xXFXXXx/2-colors-car-styling-sticker-Metal-wings-sticker-eagle-wings-decorate-Golden-3D-car-sticker.jpg]]

[center [i ___________________ is an angel and has been for a long time. They had been one of the less serious. They liked to party, drink, and overly have fun. Imagine the move 'Michael' and that was what the angel, _________________ was. And had yet to earn their wings.]]

[center [i ______________ didn't care if they earned their wings or not. Or that was until they were called in and talked to. If their wings were not earned in the next three months _______________would either be sentenced to become a fallen angel or they would be sent back as a human on earth. To give them a chance, _____________ is assigned to a human that had been being watched closely by the other angels. ]]

[center [i And it becomes apparent to ______________ that ______________ is just like them. One who doesn't like to follow the rules and have fun. They also realize that their assignment will be a handful.]]

[center [i The angel and human challenge the other. At first they hate the other but then it's like no matter what they are drawn in.]]

[center [i Can they change the other for the better? Does ____________ get their wings and leave their human? Or do they end up together in the end?]]

[center [b Never Know Unless You Join 'The Guardian']]

[center [size20 [#f90120 RULES]]

[b 1. Real Pictures]
[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand]
[b 3. Be Semi-Lit 800 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged]
[b 4. Posts should be done in the third person]
[b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome]
[b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts]
[b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well]
[b 8. No godmoding, minor is okay to move the plot along but don't full on dictate what I do]
[b 9. No cybering, if things get that far it will be time-skipped]
[b 10 NO DITCHING! If you are bored, talk to me and we can try and change things up or end the RP on mutual terms. If you just walk away without word, I will NEVER role play with you again]
[b 11. Just have fun]]

[center[size15 [#e515cc [b Skelly]]]]

[center [i Username:
Character Name:
Nickname(s) :
Role you Want :
Likes :
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 2y 183d 23h 12m 0s
[i Forever in my heart and in my mind
You'll always be there sweetheart
Until the end of time
I know you are gone
No where to be seen
Causing me pain
Nearly falling apart
But I know
That even in not seeing you
Feeling you
Kissing you or touching you
You're forever there
In my heart
In my mind
Forever a part of me
Until the end of time.]

He was my first love. The only one that I had ever trusted with everything. A friend, a brother, and a boyfriend... I thought that he and I were meant to be together..that I was special to him. But I was wrong. After we had gotten permission from daddy to start dating, Jake and I seemed really happy together.. Everything was as perfect as could be. Or so I had thought it was.

On what was supposed to be our three month anniversary, Jacob took me into the woods, to the meadow and sat with me there. He had said he wanted to talk to me about something, but he wouldn't tell me what or even look me in the eye. And that was when I realized that after everything he had said to me, after telling me how special I was to him and how I was his everything that there was someone else. That he couldn't see me as anything more than a friend. And because I had loved him so much, it was as if my heart was breaking.

[b "J-Jake...how could you do this to me? You said that you loved me and I was specail..w-w-were you lying to me this whole time?]" I whispered unable to look at him.

[b "Nessie..listen to me. I would never mean to hurt you like this. I thought that you were my imprint. Thought you were the one for me. I will always still love you...just not like that."] He said to me, watching the tears slip down my cheeks.

Jake tried to pull me into his arms. Tried to comfort me and tell me that he would always be there as my friend, but I didn't want to be touched by him. I didn't want to hear his words. And so I ran from him. I ran and ran and didn't look back. I knew with Jake being at the house that I no longer wanted to be there. And so I went to one of the other places I knew I could go to Leah's.

It had been fifteen years since the near fight with the Voturi and so most the wolves of the old pack had settled down and had imprinted. It was in that time that Leah's gene had faded away and she was able to live more or less like a normal human, but had a daughter who was cursed just as her mother had been and was now a new wolf and had just broken up with her boyfriend because he found out about what she was.

But knowing all of that didn't stop me from going to Leah's. Both Leah's daughter, ________ and I had been really close when the we were growing up. We were just like sisters and had always been together, but ever since she had become a wolf, _____________began to ignore me and had tried to avoid the me and my family because of them being vampires. Though she loved me and my family so much, the new phasing wolf girl wasn't able to face us because the wolf in her hated us.

What happens when Renesmee turns to her old friend for comfort and __________ ends up imprinting? Will the two girls find love and comfort in the other, or will things become too awkward? And what happens when Aro and the Volturi once more decide to get involved?


PM a Sample to me with the title of this rp if you want to join -Tell me who you want to be...
If I like more than one person, I don't mind making duplicates
Must be semi-lit/literate
Real Pictures
Post at least ONCE a month or you are gone
No instant romance, work up to it
Drama, Swearing and Plot Twists are more than welcomed
No Cybering
All ES rules Apply
This will be written in third person

[size8 I am not as strict as these rules are.. But I do want at least someone who can keep with the rp and not ditch.]
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[center [#e84a70 [i ***Please note this is more based upon the Tim Burton's adaptation where it appears Alice and the Hatter do NOT get together... Hatter ends up with the White Queen and Alice marries some man from her world... That's why it is a basic of what could be between their Great-Granddaughters..]]]

[center [b Before]]

[center [pic http://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1fOuajBDH8KJjy1zeq6xjepXaL/7x5FT-Fairy-Tale-Forest-Enchanted-Tree-House-Alice-Wonderland-Mushroom-Photo-Background-Studio-Backdrop-Vinyl-220cm.jpg]]

[center [#9251c1 What Happened]]

[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/47/f9/4047f954d2f0597e19ea4e2009642b42.jpg]]

[center [i My darling great-granddaughter,

Ever since you were a small child your mother has been letting you come here. She has been letting me see you and tell you stories of a world filled with magic and wonder, a place called Wonderland. You and I would talk about it and even make new stories together. But what I want to tell you now....is...that Wonderland is real and so are all of the creatures and people that I have told you so much of. I have visited it twice...One time..I thought it was only a dream...a place I had only dreamed up...And now I am too old to go back. Each of the women in our family have visited at least one time..And now it is your turn. Like me, your grandmother, and even your mother it is time for you to see the wonders for yourself. To make new friends and to even have an adventure. But be warned...Trouble is once more brewing and it is up to you..yes you to stop it. Don't make the same mistake that I had...Don't think of it as merely a bad dream that you have yet to wake from. That my darling could very well become your end...

By the time you read this letter... I will be gone. But please don't fret my darling. When the time comes...when it is your turn to face the wonders that Wonderland has to offer, I know that you will be able to do it. You are a very sweet, smart, and clever girl. You will be able to handle yourself and anything thrown at you...And don't be afraid to ask your friends for help, strength, or guidance..It's what they are there for..And most importantly, DO NOT lose yourself. Be true to your friends and yourself. I love you

With all my love,
Great-grandmother Alice

[center [b When her great-grandmother died, _ didn't know what to do or what to think. The woman had practically raised her and had been her best friend. The two would have tea and the woman would tell her all about Wonderland, both the creatures and the people there. They would even make up adventures and stories about the Hatter, the Red Queen, the White Queen, and all the others within the magical land. She couldn't believe that now all of it was real. That now it was meant to be her turn to go there.

Ever since Great-Grandmother Alice had become ill, _ had dropped her belief in stories and fairy tales. Had stopped her belief in magic and decided that she would be a part of the real world.

It was perhaps a week after her great-grandmother had died did _ start to see a white rabbit running and checking a clock. Finding this curious, the young woman went after the rabbit and found herself falling down the rabbit hole and into a strange room with a key and a small door. Not thinking, the girl takes a drink of the drink on the table and holds the key, unlocking the door and going through.

What meets her has her shocked. She sees the world that she had been told so much about as she was growing up. She sees Wonderland, except now..It's all dark and eerie. It's not at all like the stories she had been told.]]

[center [i My dear great-granddaughter,]

[i I know you have lived with your great-grandmother and I since after your mother and father were taken by the Red Queen's granddaughter and have been like our daughter since. That you have always been with us and have lived supporting the rebellion and plans to get this family back in power and restore Wonderland to it's former glory. That you know the stories. Know the stories of a girl named Alice and those who came after...but now...it is time you know one more thing. One thing your great-grandmother and I have not been telling you. It is now your duty, not just to Wonderland but to this family to find the girl who will be coming here. The two of you will need to team up and save this world and her own. For if you should fail, all of what has happened here to our world will expand into her own. You need to protect her and help her at all costs.

This is important. Through the next years you will find yourself lost and thinking more of the past and way things used to be.. You will even find yourself a little 'mad', but don't fret my darling. It will be your madness and the way you chose to do things and help this girl that will help you stay true to not only your cause but to who you are. And nothing is more important than that. Now listen to this...the girl may think Wonderland and everything in it to be just a dream...you will need to show her that it is not. That this world is just as real as hers. This won't be an easy task and you will need to be patient, but I know that you can do this. I love you. And best of luck my darling

Best wishes,
Great-granddad Hatter]]

[center [b It had been three years since both her great-grandparents had passed and the castle soon fell under her rule. _ sat on the windowsill and looked down once more at the letter that had been written and sighed. She didn't know anything about what Hatter had written. He had always been a little bit mad, and sometimes she wondered why the White Queen had married him. But as she thought about it, _ knew that it was the madness that had made him so lovable. Made him one of the most fair and loyal in and of Wonderland. At least until the Red Queen's granddaughter managed to steal the crown and take over Wonderland and plunge their world into darkness.

And since the death of the White Queen and the Hatter, _ took up being the leader of the rebellion. She had been caught a few times but had always managed to get free. She had faith and hope that they would get their home back to normal. And she had faith that this descendant of Alice would be able to help them. Or at least that was what she had to act as if she believed. Being the leader _ knew that she had to try and be strong even when she wasn't so sure herself.

It was on the day she had been told by Chesire that _ was out wandering in the woods and soon came across a girl that was clearly not of Wonderland.]]

[center [#f1be0e [i What happens when the girls meet? Will they be able to trust the other? Will the young Hatress be able to help Alice's great-granddaughter? What happens when the girls fall for the other? And what happens to Wonderland?]]]

[center [#be5cf5 [b You will never know unless you join "Down the Rabbit's Hole"]]]

[center [size20 [#f90120 RULES]]]

[b 1. Real Pictures]
[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand]
[b 3. Be Semi-Lit 800 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged]
[b 4. Posts should be done in the third person]
[b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome]
[b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts]
[b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well]
[b 8. No godmoding, minor is okay to move the plot along but don't full on dictate what I do]
[b 9. No cybering, if things get that far it will be time-skipped]
[b 10 NO DITCHING! If you are bored, talk to me and we can try and change things up or end the RP on mutual terms. If you just walk away without word, I will NEVER role play with you again]
[b 11. Just have fun]

[center[size15 [#e515cc [b Skelly]]]]

[center [i Username:
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[right [size10 ©2014 SheDevil]]
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[center [pic http://images2.onionstatic.com/clickhole/4883/5/original/800.jpg]]

[center [i Daddy, you and mummy can't go! Don't leave me...!"] The two year old girl whimpered as she watched both her mother and father look to the group that had come to them. It seemed that after all this time of peace, fear and darkness was once more coming back, or rather rearing its ugly head in both the Wizarding and Muggle world.

[b "We've got to, sweetheart. We are doing this to protect you and the others.."]

 Her mother whispered softly as she knelt and took her locket off, gently draping it around the child's neck. 

[b "I know right now it is hard to understand...but one day you will.. Both your father and I love you very much."]

The young woman had whispered to her daughter and with that, both mother and father were gone to the little girl forever.

It had been thirteen years since her parents had left her to try and fight. To try and help save friends and other family members. But there wasn't a day that _ wished her parents would have just listened to her. That they would have stayed with her.

Though she knew that her parents had died as heroes,_ never got over the fact that they had died. Had never gotten over the fact that they had left her alone. Well they hadn't really. The young woman had all sorts of family who cared about her and loved her, but it wasn't the same as having a mother and father.

This year at Hogwarts, was going to be different. They were deciding to open up a foreign exchange program and they would be accepting someone from America. He or she would be attending Hogwarts as one of the students and would be allowed to stay after the year if they truly liked it at the school. And _ was meant to be the one to try and help them around the school.

An American boy or girl had the chance to go to Hogwarts and see what another magical school would be like. _after being chosen was excited to go and wondered what sort of people they would meet.

___was also a trouble maker. It wasn't like they meant to hurt anyone, but anytime they tried to do something, some sort of 'evil' streak would kick in and they ended up being horribly mean or cruel. All _'s life, the child had not understood it. It was like there was some sort of darkness in his/her soul that was not easily controlled.

What happens when the two teens meet? Will they hit it off, or end up hating the other?What will the American witch/wizard do when they discover that they are the grandchild of Voldemort, the darkest and most evil wizard? And what will _think when she finds out it had been _'s parents fault that she had lost her own parents?]

[center Never know unless you join Magic from Two Worlds]


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[size22 [#e84a70 [b RULES]]]

1-Be at least Semi Lit.
2-Proper grammar and spelling would be nice
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4- Real Pictures
5-Post at least ONCE a month
6-Romance, Drama, Swearing, Plot Twists are more than welcome
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11-Have fun

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[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/originals/9c/81/61/9c81614fd36131c47b4996ed1a63fb16.jpg]]

[center [b Bella becomes a Cullen, leaving Jacob all alone. They decide that she is a little too dangerous and decide to move away and allow Bella some time to get used to being a newborn.]]

[center [b Now Jake is left alone heartbroken and needing to pick up the broken pieces of his heart. He still hangs with the pack and everyone, but he seems more down and less willing to be the wolf that he and the others are.]]

[center [b But what if a new girl, _ moves to La Push because her parents force her to. And what if Jake meets her and it turns out she is the one he imprints on? How will he tell her anything about it?]]

[center [#9251c1 I am willing to play Jake or the New Girl..role doesn't matter to me]]

[center [i We can discuss further plot ideas..this is just a basic]]

[center [b Rules]]

[center Real Pictures
Post Within Two Weeks
No ones liners
Please write in third person and past tense
Try to use proper grammar and spelling
Drama, Plot Twists, Swearing and Whatever else is welcome
Mild Godmodding is okay to move the plot but don't over do it
[b open to more than one version]
[b I will give you the same as you do me in a post]]

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