Editing Profiles!!

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Need a profile edited and fixed up?

Well, looks like you've came to the right place.

Felling like you can't get your emotions out..Well fuck i'll give you my ear.

Need something fixed or just want to do something bold and new ask me and I'll help.

Stay beautiful!!

HEY OPENING THIS UP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sweeeet! Thanks so much. i pmed you :) ill give u some info on there :)
  TurtleConspiracy / 5y 27d 13h 48m 29s
Well, i'm here to help you. Just tell me what you need done. And Megan, i'm not all that sure on how to re-size pictures, but I have a general idea.
  Love / SimmeringDarkness / 5y 27d 23h 54m 13s
Hey so i have a HUUUUUGE problem lol im currently on my ps4 and cant do anything to my profilee.. I used to have an account but cant access it :(
  TurtleConspiracy / 5y 28d 5h 16m 28s
Hi! I don't need anything done with my profile, but I was hoping that you could resize a picture ;u;

[pic http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2013/233/3/1/glasses_by_princesselemmiriel-d6j3xwv.jpg]

I have this picture, but it's way too big. Like, I think that just making it half it's original size would be perfect. But if you can't do resizes, then that's alright, thanks anyways ;u;
  Katherine Withers / Megane-kun / 5y 33d 13h 15m 33s

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