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1. There is a post limit please don't join if you can't commit to it. The more you can post the better, I will be doing a range of 450-1500+ words so I'll need at least something that gives me enough to respond to.
2. There is swearing but don't post sentances full of vulgar
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13. Normal ES rules

Yet another crisis has come up in the digital world. The children will meet and band together with their digimon to save the two worlds. Kai is a foster child who is never in the same family for more than a month, he can't be handled for reasons unknown to him.

He comes across a dog and adopts it, unknowing its a digimon. The digimon, Howlmon observes him and soon decides to share his identity with the boy. Kai and Howlmon soon meet _______ who also has a digimon.

Kai doesn't want the responsibility of all this but he is brought to the digital wotld with _______. The two must work together and find the cause of the threat.

________ finds Kai isn't easy to work with. Will the two be able to put their differances aside and fight? What will happen when they find the threat, will they be able to destroy it when time?

The threat isn't what they are expecting. But what else can you expect from the digital world?

[you may use a fan digimon like me, or one already made. please be no younger than 14]


Digimon type (Crest[no stages beyond super ultimate], Digi Armor[only to champion, with up to 2 digi armor evolutions], biomerge[if this please make it humanoid or a machine looking digimon], Burstmode[Digimon Savers style]
Stages of evolution:

Name: Kaito Akechi
Nickname: Kai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: asexual
Digimon: Howlmon
Digimon Type: Crest
Crest: crest of Courage
Stages: Howlmon, Snarlmon, Slashermon, Slasherdramon, SkullHowlerdramon

Name: Blue Ravenwood
Nickname: N/A
Age 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: heterosexual(straight)
Digimon: Dobermon and Goldenmon
Digimon type: DNA
Stages: Xiaomon, Labramon, Dobermon, Cerberumon
Labramon V2: Labramon, Raiomon, sōngshīmon(Sōngshī Quân[means Fluffy lion-dog] + monster, Fóshīmon
Stages: Goldenmon, Rottweilmon, Orthumon
Goldenmon V2: Goldenmon, Toramon, holangmon, Agyōmon, Ungyōmon
[in Japanese the two tigers together read from right to left translating to 'from birth to death' but reading it from left to right they translate to 'life emerges from death']

Digimon: Felldramon
Stages: Fellmon, Felldramon, BaneFelldramon

Digimon: Risedramon
Stages: Risemon, Risedramon, LaudRisedramon

Digimon: Drillerretmon
Stages: Drillerretmon, Gimlettermon

Digimon: MechaCoonmon
Stages: MechaCoonmon, Robocupinemon
Digimon: Taijiquanmon
Stages: Taijiquanmon

Digimon: Inugmimon
Stages: Inugmimon, the rest unknown
Name: MetalRazemon
Stages: Growlmon, unknown, unknown, unknown, MetalRazemon

Name: WarYowlerdramon
Stages: Yowlmon, Gnarlmon, Slicermon, Slicerdramon, WarYowlerdramon

Name: voodoojestermon
stages: unknown


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Roleplay Responses

As the two Digimon ran through the dense forest it began to rain. The two continued running as if chased by an unseen force. One looked to the other, "what are we going to do? if we don't find it---" A crack of thunder cut him off.

The other snorted, "we'll find them Psychemon, we have to" As they continued to run one could almost swear the wind carried the cries of other digimon in agony, though this couldn’t be, seeing as they’d been in the human world for some time now.

Another crack of thunder shot from the sky and sent sparks onto a tree which burst into a fury of flames. The crackling made the larger creature stop, he looked around and gasped as the tree plummeted to the ground, cutting him off from his partner.

His friend instantly stopped and turned but was stopped by the fierce look in the eyes of his friend. The creature shrank back as the flames licked towards his pelt. "Get out of here fool! I'm fine... I'll hold off the enemy, You to stick to the mission and find the one who’ll end the digital world and his own" as if waiting for a queue a roar tore through the sky.

The Smaller creature dipped his head, "as you wish Gururumon..." He ran off into the night as a large beast approached the digimon whose data was already floating into the air. The digimon stood sighed and stood, "Psychemon you fool... if you knew what's about to happen.. You'd never leave..."

A large digimon came into view. The flames had spread from the fallen tree, and now digimon to several other trees and now spreading to the grass. "Gururumon... how noble of you to try to protect Psychemon... but you know it's only a matter of time before you're gone and I catch up to him"

Gururumon smiled softly, "why say such words before you have gotten the facts straight... i will die here, yes, but not without taking you down with me." He looked calmly at the foe who chuckled, "Howling Blaster" Blue flames spewed from his jaws and hit the larger digimon in the face who let out a small cry. Gururumon thrust himself at the other, "Ice fa---" he shouted but felt a sudden shot of pain. "Red Skull Ram" he heard it but it was too late to dodge. He was smashed into a burning tree.

"Gururumon!!" The digimon looked up, he was barely able to be seen now, the data that held his very being was near vanishing. He coughed but couldn't speak. He started shaking as he saw Psychemon. "Psychemon evolve! Astamon!" The enemy looked over, "well... this is unexpected..." He took a step towards Psychemon's new form. "Hell-Fire!!!!" he fired his gun at the large digimon who jumped back.

"Impossible..." he gasped, His shoulder was beginning to emit data. He snorted. "Maverick" Astamon kicked the digimon aside. He aimed his gun but felt a force tackle him with emence power. Gururumon's faded form snarled, "Damn you! If you don't get away I'll finish you also, the mission comes first!"

Pyschemon stood slowly, the digimon had been forced into degeneration, not knowing what had just happened. He looked down, "I'm sorry Gururumon..." He then ran off into the night, without a single look back.

Without another word the form of the digimon, the brave soul knew it was over for him, the only thing that kept the last bits of data stable was the will to let his friend get to safety and do what they’d been sent to do. He flung himself at the enemy and the end of the fight began.

Soon the larger digimon struck Gururumon hard, the digimon coughed softly then fell to the earth. He was gone before he landed. The digimon rushed after the rookie.

When the storm passed there was a small house in shambles, blood splattered on the remains of some walls.

The large Digimon had blown the nearby houses to peices within a matter of seconds. In a rage not finding what the gururumon and psychmon also had been trying to find, he glared at each house in turn attacking with his full power. Soon each house was in shambles and part of the house behind the others. The giant digimon swore under his breath. He staggered in shock as something sharp was thrown at him and cut his face, blinding one eye. he paused as he saw a young Kaito freezing sat the cold stare of the monster he just saw kill his family.

The Digimon snarled, about to lunge but stopped, the face of the boy, there was no doubt who the Digimon he served feared, there were more he didn't know if he got or not but it was too late. He bared his teeth and turned, fleeing back into the woods, leaving Kaito to sit by the broken bodies of his parents with his knees pulled up to his chest. The Digimon almost regretted leaving the kid but knew if he had both of them would be killed, he knew other humans wouldn't believe the boy if he said anything about a monster, or what would happen to him at all, did he leave the kid to get punished for doing nothing wrong?

It longer mattered, he failed and that meant death, he curled up deep in the woods and fell asleep. A few hours past and he woke up to a chuckle and bullets piercing his side, he looked up and saw Astamon standing before him.

It was clear to him what was going on, he slowly stood up slowly, "you... Gururumon gave his life to protect you so you could stop me... Traitor!" He lunged, feeling regret about killing this scums partner... If he had known he'd have attacked psychmon instead.

The two Digimon tumbled and fought but both soon froze.

"Both of you have failed me" the two Digimon couldn't move. Astamon suddenly shrieked and was destroyed but the other Digimon started to degenerate soon he became an egg, the last thing he heard "you have served me loyally for so long, find the humans and when you do bring them to me, or it won't be only you that suffers."

A young boy standing with a fireman, the boy’s family had been slaughtered and the only reason he was alive was because he wasn’t home during the time what he witnessed happened. no one believed the boys claims about the monster, and after he was taken to the hospital he was admited into the psych ward, where he stayed for almost a year before moving from foster home to foster home.

All was silent, the egg stayed hidden for several years, once hatched the baby Digimon remembered nothing about his life before just hatching, all he knew was he had to find a human.
Four and a half Years later
Quiet, it was too quiet in the Johnson house. Thats what worried Ms. Johnson. The woman had found Kaito Akechi's room empty. He had snuck out again, and it was almost midnight. The woman dialed a number on her phone, she was tired of the boy's ignorance and always breaking her rules.

The phone call only lasted, maybe three minutes before she spoke four words, "Get him out tomorrow" Kai returned maybe ten minutes later, the boy was only fourteen but was hanging out with the wrong people and getting into trouble often.

He saw the look on Ms. Johnson's face and knew, once again he had messed up. He looked to his feet, he wasn't one for long chats. "You called him... didn't you" He murmured.

The woman sighed softly, "I'm sorry Kai... I just can't care for you like this. Kai didn't want to hear it, the same thing happened each time. He turned and walked towards his room, "This is so stupid!" he cursed under his breath. Ever since his family had been killed, Kaito made up stories about what happened, but each time he told it, it never was the same story. He never had the courage to tell what really happened that night. He normally didn't bring it up anymore.

He stopped at his bedroom door and sighed, "Can't I have one more chance?" He said, though it surprised him as well as Ms. Johnson. She looked to the boy, "Kaito... I don't know, the late night parties... making messes and not picking up..." She shook her head. "Let me sleep on it, alright?"

Kai nodded slightly then closed his bedroom door.

The next morning Kaito was woken up by his foster parent opening the blinds. "Get up Kaito, We have to be somewhere soon. I'll meet you in the car" Kai groaned softly, but got up, got dressed and cleaned up some. He then walked out to the car, "Don't I need my things?" He muttered still half asleep.

She looked to him, "No... I talked with your social worker and we decided to give you one more chance, he also mentioned a pet could teach you responsibility" Kaito didn't answer for the drive to the shelter

When the car pulled to a stop he climbed into the car, "Can i pick the pet out?" Ms. Johnson nodded, "yes" The two walked inside and Kaito was taken to the animals while Ms. Johnson stayed behind and filled out papersked at several dogs but one stuck out, it looked like a mangled gold and tan colored mutt, maybe a little like a coyote.

He asked to meet the dog and the two were taken to a room. Kai looked to the door as the worker left and then he shifted his gaze to the creature. All at once he felt numb and faint. With a shudder he collasped, losing consciousness before he hit the ground.

Kaito woke a few minutes later in a cold sweat. He gritted his teeth, muttering a curse. He sat up and saw the dog had broke his fall.
Standing up he frowned to himself, he didn't expect a dog would do that. He stared at the creature for several moments, the canine looked back. His gaze was firm and Kaito looked away breaking the gaze. The social worker returned and before anything was said Kaito blurted out "I'll take him." That was that, a worker brought Kaito back to the entrance and the dog was brought out soon after with a red and black checkered collar and red leash.
Kaito looked at the animal he had chosen to give a second chance. He tended up remembering that night, the night his mom, dad and brother had been brutely murdered. Now here he was, being put in a new foster home every month or two. He no longer spoke of the night he watched some demonic monster rip his family to shred anymore, everyone thought he was crazy, he almost was put into a mental hospital a time or two. What chance did he have in the world? His only friends were older boys who were often in trouble with the law, he had no family and here he was adopting a mutt that would of been euthanized sooner or later.

"His name is listed as Howler" Kaito was brought out of his thoughts as the woman spoke in an irritated tone. Kaito sheepishly glanced at the woman behind the desk, "Howler.." After the adoption was complete his foster parent dropped them off at the house before going off to do her arends. Kaito walked inside and [i]Howler[/i] followed close behind watching carefully.
Kaito led the dog to his room and closed it in before he ran out the house to meet his friends. He returned hours later and snuck in through his bedroom window. Howler was sitting on the bed as if he knew he'd be coming at that moment. Howler eyed the boy deciding not to reveil his identity just yet, if this wasn't the human partner he was looking for there was no reason to talk about helping save the digital would as well as his own.
Howlmon didn't like the idea about having to act like the dogs he'd seen in the pound but he had to be sure Kaito was his human partner.
He grunted and laid down as Kaito came over and sat on the edge of his bed. School would come quickly and he still hadn't completed his homework. He sat at his desk and began to work, he was up past 5 when it was finally complete, he managed to sleep for about an hour before having to leave for school.
He clipped the leash into Howlers collar and headed off for school. He'd find a place Howler could stay once he got to the campus, he didn't have time to walk the dog unless he did it this way.
Kaito was walking at a slower pace than usual, he wasn't feeling all that well so he didn't want to rush and end up getting sick.
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