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[B Do NOT STEAL this plot and idea. I created this, and I WILL find whomever steals this! I will, so keep your hands off! Else you'll be found so fast, your head will spin off! ]


To make this short and sweet, let me start by letting you know that this is an rp based on Tony Stark finding out that he has a daughter. It will start with my character, Isabella Stark going on her way to Stark's newly rebuilt Tower, to reveal to him what she has only just found out herself.

I want this to be long lasting, but not dragging either. This will have an end, when and how we shall discus as the rp progresses. There will be a lot of drama, humor, some action, adventure, and even romance. [B And no, I do not mean romance between Tony and his daughter! That would just be down right wrong! ]I mean a romance between Isabella and either Clint, Steve, or Loki depending on whom you want to pair her with!

However, that is not a priority and won't come into play till later. This is set to happen after the events of the first Avengers movie and the third Iron Man movie. So, in this one Tony has already rebuilt Stark Tower, a.k.a the new Avengers HQ, and that is where Isabella will be going.

Now, for the really fun part. [B Le Rules! ]

- No [B DITCHING ]what so ever. I understand having a busy schedule and a life outside ES, so I am alright with you being able to post when you can. I am a very busy person as well, and a lot goes on in my personal life so I'll be upfront and say that I tend to be gone for days or sometimes weeks, to which I apologize before hand. So if you are the same way don't worry I understand as long as neither of us ditches. I have already taken out the previous partner I had for this, sense she ditch and this is why I am advertising this again.

- No GMing, that's just rude. I understand little things like: [i EX: I was walking down the stairs when suddenly Isabella appeared out of nowhere and made me crash into her. Making her fall to the floor. ]But anything bigger then that is not acceptable. Ask before you do anything big.

- I would prefer if you could write +1000, but I understand if you can't at times. However, I will be setting a 500 character limit.

- Yes to cursing, but let's keep it classy. Not every other word, and only when the need or moment calls for it.

- Yes to romance, but later on and rated PG-13 at the most. Anything higher will either be TS or just won't be allowed to get that far at all.

- ALL ES rules apply.

- Be able to play more then one, or even two characters at a time. As other avengers are likely to make appearances.

Alright that's enough of the rules. Now for the [B Characters ]

[B Isabella Stark ]: [pic]

[B Tony Stark ]: [pic]

[B Pepper Potts/ I will be playing as her or we can share her ]

[B Loki Laufeyson ]

[B Steve Rogers ]

[B Clint Barton ]

[B Black Widow ]

[B Bruce Banner ]

[i Likely others will come later, like Fury and Maria. Also we can share a character or two if you would like. ]

Now if you have reached this far, thank you so much! Also, if you are interested in this rp, PM with your subject being Starkward. [B Please, only PM if you are +18 and if you know for sure that you can rp as Tony Stark. Within PM send me a sample writing of you as Tony Stark and if there is any other character you really want to play as sent a brief one as them as well. ]. I know, horrible pun XD Anyway, if you do not do put this as the Subject, then I will simply not look at your PM.


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[B Isabella's POV ]

Imagine being told by your dying mother that you are the daughter of [i the ]Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man. Yea, hard to believe, huh? Well, welcome to my life! Not only did I just find out that I am the daughter of Tony Stark, I found out on the day that my mother died. She waited till she was breathing her last words to tell me, till I was a month away from my twentieth birthday. Now I am sitting in the city bus, on my way to Stark Tower from the airport to confront the man that I have been searching for my whole life.

He is not expecting me, and this only makes me even more nervous. As the bus pulls up to the tower, I slowly get off with my suitcase and stand before the horrifying tower. Gulping then taking in a big breath, I push myself to open the doors and enter. Once inside, I gap at the entrance alone. I enter the elevator and look at the floor options and then realize that I have no idea which one to go to.

[B Third Person POV ]

[i "Hello, miss, and where is it you are looking to go?" ]Isabella jumped as soon as she heard a robotic like voice speaking to her. Looking around everywhere, she felt panicked as she saw no one around her. [+blue "Hu..I am looking for..Mr. Stark. He is not expecting me, but it is important that I speak with him. ]She spoke in a shy and uneasy manner, but still spoke in a respectful manner as she had been taught to do by her mother.

[i "I will let Mr. Stark know that he has a guest." ]Isabella shook her head frantically, as she began to speak quickly. [+blue "No! No, please don't let him know that I am here. I don't want him to have the chance to deny me access. Please, this is important. This is twenty years in the making kind of news." ]She begged the mysterious voice to keep her presence a secret, and at first no one answered her.

Just as she was fearing that the strange had already left to tell on her, she finally received a reply. [i "Mr. Stark is located on the tenth floor in the living room which is located passed the doors right in front of the elevator. He is unaware of your presence, Miss." ]Sighing in relief, Isabella quickly pushed the button that would lead her to Tony with a shaking hand. [+blue "Thank you so much." ][i "You are welcome, miss." ]

Sooner then she would have liked, Isabella had arrived to the tenth floor, making this the shortest elevator ride she had ever had. Stepping out, she instantly saw the door that she had been instructed to go through. She considered just barging into the room, but having been taught better then that, she simply knocked first before walking into the living room.

Once inside the room, she instantly felt her eyes grow wide with awe as she saw the huge living room. As she gabbed at the room, her eyes suddenly landed on a man with brown hair and matching eyes. She knew instantly that this was Tony Stark from all the news, and she felt herself freeze in place and her mouth go dry with her throat tightening.

He had seen her enter, and now she felt unable to speak suddenly. He was not alone in the room, there was his assistant and long term girlfriend Pepper Potts with him. She remained rooted to the floor on which she stood, as if waiting to see how Tony would react to a stranger in his tower. Not just any stranger either, a stranger with a suitcase in one hand and an official looking envelop in the other.
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