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What if Loki had a daughter that he didn't know about? He moved on with his plans leaving the mother to forget the affair that she had with him and go back to her life with her husband and son. However what if Shield and Thor found out about this little secret and went to track the girl down.Only to take her away from her mother and the family she grew up with. At first the sweet girl is excited that the man she has been calling father is not her real Father. But then again all good things come to end as they show her everything Loki has done. They do this to make sure that she doesn't end up like him. After this she gets mad at Thor and Shield for telling her and she plans to escape. However, she has spent enough time their to know how to escape.Loki is now aware of what Thor has done and goes searching for the girl he plans to kill her until he realizes how young she is and the gifts he has passed down to her. Even through she doesn't know his true intention Nix tries her hardest to make Loki proud of her and show him she can be just like him.

Things you need to know

1. Need a Loki we can share the other characters

2. If you want to double up and have your own oc in I will gladly play someone for you.

3.There will be a limit of 300 characters set I hate one liners


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he smiled a little and hugged her gently "no no love i'm fine i'm just remembering your mother you look so much like her" he would say softly as he smiled at her petting the small stuffed cat "i'm glad i don't want you to go anywhere" he would say as he kissed to top of her head lovingly "now how about we go and get some food"
  Loki / simmal / 5y 22d 12h 39m 42s
"I made you sad." she whispered to him softly as her voice grew weak again as she looked at him. She touched his face to wipe away tears from it. "Don't cry I'm not leaving!" she said smiling for him trying to make him smile again as she picked up her kitten "Neither of us will leave you." she said to him.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 23d 11h 41m 34s
he smiled a small tear forming at the memory of her mother and he hugged her close kissing her cheek gently "im glad you like it love" he would say softly to her
  Loki / simmal / 5y 35d 11h 17m 46s
Nix reached up to play with it slightly it was big for her but it so pretty as she looked at it "Wow it's so pretty." she whispered as she turned it her eyes changed colors with the warmth it came from it. "It's warm too" she said with a giggle as she looked at him with that bright look on her face that her mother had when she was excited by something he had done for her.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 35d 12h 17m 33s
he nodded "yes that is more than likely why hun dont worry now that daddy is here they wont bother you i promise" puts a small charm around her neck and smiles "daddy will keep you safe i promise love
  Loki / simmal / 5y 40d 28m 46s
"Will we?" Nina asked as she looked up at him her small eyes shining. "They scare me they attack my dreams and hurt to use" she said to him as she rolled up her pj pants leg showing the multiple scars on it as she sniffled "I always wake up bleeding and I don't like it." she said to him sniffled. "I always get scare because it's alot of blood and I am all sticky mommy said that's why I'm so pale."
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 40d 1h 9m 22s
he gently pet her head "you uncle is a confused man they all are they cannot see my goals and what i wish to do" he would say calmly and kiss her head gently "you've spent so long without me here to teach how to use your powers and how to use them safely that they have grown out of hand" he would say calmly and kiss her gently again "but now that im here we can work and we can make you stronger" he would say calmly
  Loki / simmal / 5y 40d 12h 33m 0s
Nix nodded weakly as she began to calm down as she sniffled "Uncle Thor is scary Miss Natasha was really nice and told me the truth but Uncle Thor tried to lie." she said sniffling weakly. Held her kitty close to her chest as she rubbed her eyes "Why do my powers hurt so much?" she whispered to him trying to find out what she was doing wrong.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 41d 1h 36m 18s
he gently pet her head and hugged her close "don't worry dear your daddy is a lot older than you know and will live a lot longer" he would say calmly as he pet her head "well for now lets just relax and gather our thoughts ok" he would say calmly
  Loki / simmal / 5y 48d 3h 19m 51s
Nix shook her head "You can't promise that because you won't be here forever everyone leaves in the end no one can really stay." she told him as she looked at him fat tears running down her face. Her tiny hands grip on to him "Daddy What are we going to do now?" she asked him scared. With her mother gone Nix did not have her studies or her books and the man that was her father knew nothing about her which made this difficult.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 48d 13h 51m 12s
Loki hugged her close to him and pet her head "its ok im here your fine" hw would say softly and keep her close "i wont let anything happen to you i promise" he would say calmly looking at her
  Loki / simmal / 5y 51d 4h 15m 43s
Nix woke up terrified clinging to Loki "Daddy!" she yelled crying "The black smoke it got me it didn't want to let go!" she said as she began to cry harder choking on her tears as she sniffled "I couldn't breathe." she cried "It was going to kill me." she whispered curled up into a tighter ball on his chest she was shaking like something was after her.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 53d 2h 10m 26s
furry nodded "ok people we have a girl to find lets ge going" he said as they all went about there jobs

Loki hugged her close useing a little bit of his magic to sooth her nightmares for her petting her head as he gently rocked her "its ok nix daddies got you" he would say softly to her smilling happy to feel like a father amy had worked so hard he couldnt let that all go to waste
  Loki / simmal / 5y 55d 4h 25m 33s
Loki can protect himself but Nix won't be so careful so I would run a scan for her face." Banner said to him "Loki is also going to need things for her so I would look out for things she would need as well" he said to him as he looked at him pulling up the list of the things she would need.

Nix was shaking in her sleep she was scared as the dark shadows were wrapping around her mind. She was beginning to cry in he sleep " No don't hurt me" she cried.
  Lockette / Lunatic19 / 5y 55d 4h 30m 23s
thor sighed annoyed and left the room angerly furry looked at them all "sounds like a plan to me so first things first we need to find loki any ideas?" he would sak calmly looking at tony calmly
  Loki / simmal / 5y 55d 4h 57m 30s

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