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Jack watched them and then smiled a little bit. An image of Jack with glowing, blood red eyes flashed through her mind before he finally said out loud "Are you finally awake and with us?"
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 310d 7h 12m 8s
Zoning to the sound of his voice, Rubin rubbed her head slightly. Slowly making her way to her feet as Gabriel quickly moved to catch her arm as she stumbled. Shaking her head clear. Gabriel looked at her expectingly as she looked back and forth between the two. "Say no.." He then whispered to her. All she could think was /no to what?/
  Rubin Braginski~ / Heros_Wear_Red / 4y 310d 10h 27m 14s
Jack sighed and then shook his head. "Fine. Why don't we let her decide then?" He said to Gabriel before looking at Rubin, "Rubin, are you with us again? I have a question for you. Please stand up when you are able to."
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 314d 20h 18m 13s
Gabriel stood back in protest, stepping around so he stood in front of Rubin on the ground. "You can't have her.." He practically whispered. Yet he knew that alone it would be a losing fight. "You can have hell.. But you can't have her.." He then re iterated. Clearing his throat anxiously.

Rubin just stured on the ground as she started regaining consciousness. Her hand coming up to her head as she blinked slowly. The light seemingly hurting her eyes as she then used her hand to guard from the sun. As if just woken from a deep sleep. Almost forgotten they were in the middle of a battle.
  Rubin Braginski~ / Heros_Wear_Red / 4y 315d 9h 16m 23s
The shadows swirled around Jack and became solid. They stopped the angels in their tracks and they weren't able to move. Jack sighed before he walked over to the angels held by the shadows and took their weapons away. "It's quite simple really. For one, I want complete control of hell. And two,..." He said before he looked down at Rubin, "I want her."
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 317d 18h 47m 55s
Watching as Rubin was ridden unconscious, Gabriel gritted his teeth. "Then what do you want.. Demon.." He demanded in a quiet and cold tone, watching over the demons shoulder at Rubin. Checking for signs of breathing from a distance. A few more soldiers attacked him in a blind attempt to protect their commander.
  Rubin Braginski~ / Heros_Wear_Red / 4y 317d 19h 57m 43s
Jack dodged all three attacks before one of the angels and flipping him onto the ground. He quickly punched the second one in the stomach, sending him flying. He then dissappeared and gently knocked the female angel out. He carefully lowered her to the ground before looking back at Gabriel.

"Your soldiers are not a challenge for me. I do admire their courage though. That is why I have not taken any of your soldiers' lives. I do not plan on killing any of them. I can not speak for my men though." Jack said to Gabriel.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 317d 20h 7m 13s
Trying to react, he stammered slightly. His instant reaction being to pull Rubin up in a protective manner. Holding her between himself and the blade so that there was some form of barrier. Rubin herself was to busy floating back into her panic mode to catch up to what was going on. A couple other Angels tried attacking the demon from behind.
  Rubin Braginski~ / Heros_Wear_Red / 4y 317d 20h 20m 8s
Jack simply shook his head and Gabriel and Rubin. "The only thing I have done is start a war to help benifit me. She was not permanently harmed in my care and I did return her. Besides, even if you wanted to stop me, it would be near impossible. It would take at least three angels of your skill level to take me down. And the reason why you will not be able to defeat me alone,..." He dissappeared in the blink of an eye and was behind Gabriel looking down at Rubin, " because I can bend the shadows to my will and use them how I wish." He smiled and dissappeared again before Gabriel could fullish turn around. Jack was now on the other side of Rubin, staring across at Gabriel.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 317d 20h 26m 49s
Rubin was about to respond when Gabriel turned. Seeing Angels go flying left and right, he gripped his blade pulling her behind him protectively. "Just try to breathe, I'll handle this" he whispered over his shoulder. The last thing that was heard as clear as day. She could feel her ankles get weak as she stumbled back into a bed of stones.

Gabriel just glared towards the demon. "You have done enough.." He barked at him, yet in a mostly calm tone. As if he had been watching his whole time, un able to swoop to her rescue. Lifting his blade toward the demon as he drew closer.
  Rubin Braginski~ / Heros_Wear_Red / 4y 317d 20h 55m 59s
Jack watched as the angels and demons clashed and he sighed as a simple angel soldier charged towards him. As the angel swung his blade down at Jack, the demon simply side stepped and then slammed his palm into the angel's chest, sending it flying into another angel. Several other angels tried to attack him but all were evaded and sent flying. He then started walking towards Gabriel and Rubin. A calm and collected look on his face.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 317d 21h 6m 53s
The other angel simply tilted his blade forwards. As he had, the other angels charged forwards with a battle cry. That unusual of heavens soldiers. Rubin was frozen as other Angels charged past her. Occasionally bumping her shoulders. "I.. Can't.. This wasn't supposed to happen.." She whispered to herself. Almost as fast as the Angels charged, the other line seemed to move forwards in defence. Clashing in the middle as the scream on metal on metal and wails of death started ringing the air. Rubin was frozen in her spot. The only one that had seemed to stick by her was Gabriel. "Rubin, Rubin are you alright?" He practically yelled at her. Though through her mind as the sound of metal on metal followed by screams and battle cries. Drowned out his voice to her. Staring at the end of her blade.
  Rubin Braginski~ / UndeadPrincess / 4y 318d 45m 41s
Jack smiled a little bit until he saw the other angel raise his sword in the corner of his eye. He looked at the angel holding the sword up, then to Rubin before looking at Michael again.

"I guess it is about time to start then. One last thing." Jack spoke as he moved back to be with the other demons, "You may be the light to subdue the darkness but... remember that every light has a shadow." He turned back to face them and smiled just a little bit.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 334d 20h 10m 41s
Blank expressions filled the faces of those on the battle field as the Demons mocked. Just waiting, watching, Rubin herself just looked over the crowd of demons before them, before fixing her eyes upon the demon that had originally held her hostage. Not sure why it would have come to her mind. Moments later one of the other angels rose his blade, ready to signal the beginning of battle. Rubin gripped her blade for dear life, her herself not cut out for battle being her job was as a peace keeper. But, as she failed her job, it was only fair to fight the war she couldn't prevent.
  Rubin Braginski~ / UndeadPrincess / 4y 335d 6h 53m 32s
Jack looked over at all of the angels and then back at his demon army. "Damn. We are really horrible and ugly when it comes to getting ready for war, but then again. War isn't meant to be pretty." He said with a smirk before he looked back at the angels.

He walked over to Michael and looked into his eyes before he said "This is quite the honor to finally meet you, Michael. Since Hell has been remade, I am able to follow my own rules as a leader of Hell. And as such, I wish you luck. Shall we start our war at the same time? Or shall the demons charge at the count of two and then the angels on the count of three?"
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 5y 124d 18h 18m 6s

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