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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/af1CEn0.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/EwIoTgC.jpg]]
[center [size11 Nerites, the proper term for male Nereids, are extremely rare among Nereids as they have only a 0.0002% chance of appearing. Though gender seems to have little influence on physical attributes of the species.]]
[center [size11 Nereids are Amphibious, retaining the ability to survive within water or on land with sufficient moisture applied to their skin. Unlike their Naiad cousins they possess gills which allow for them to stay under the surface for as long as they require. Their bodies absorb moisture and salt through the skin as a means of combating Hyponatremia, a sodium deficiency in their blood; often times they will eat salt if they cannot reach a saltwater source.]]
[center [size11 These creatures among the select few species that can control their appearance, taking on a biped form for land and retaining a tail covered in smooth cycloid scales for protection. The tail is in it's most natural state a sliver like color but can change to better camouflage with the coloring of the water through a system of hormone releases linked to emotional distress. There are also non-camouflaging variations to color based on other hormonal levels, specifically hormones linked to mating. This process is similar to the one found in Peacock Flounders.]]
[center [size11 Nereids possess lithe bodies riddled with muscles, their tails are particularly strong as they are used as the primary source of propulsion in the water. In their bipedal form they are completely hairless, save for their head, in a manner similar to cetaceans. While in possession of their tails their genitals are located just below their naval, concealed in slits within their bodies. When they mate they will often drag their desired under the water's surface and swim around them, occasionally rubbing against them until the other responds either negatively or positively to their advances.]]
[center [size11 There is no data on the length of their lifespan, the only recorded deaths come from birthing difficulties or unnatural causes.]]
[center [size11 Their culture advocates freedom in all aspects of behavior, this results in high levels of mating oftentimes without the intention of reproduction. They have close family relationships and crave interactions with others. Most possess a carefree attitude and disregard other cultural traditions relating to other species.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/UyuBpuX.jpg]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Tu1j90X.jpg]]
[center [size11 Druids are a mutated branch of homo-sapiens, possessing higher levels of active brain tissue. Their brains posses the unique ability to process high levels of energy and stimulation as well as produce their own forms of energy outside of their physical bodies.]]
[center [size11 The mutation occurred sporadically throughout human history sometimes resulting in the creation of myths and legends of heroes but the first verifiable line of Druids appeared around 400 BC in the northern areas of Europe, specifically Scotland, Ireland, and Britain.]]
[center [size11 The most notable line of Druids is those few descendants of Merlin Ambrosius also known as Emrys. Legends tell of his inconceivable knowledge, how he was born with the mind of wise and learned man. His power was so great that even his son who was born of two Druids could not match him. Few lines still remain of him.]]
[center [size11 The Druids are not simply a race but also a religion, dedicated to the pursuit of understanding the gift of [i magic], as it was named in the prescientific cultures, and respect of nature and her creatures. Druids have learned how to rejuvenate their cells so as to cease aging and extend their lifespans however the practice of the latter has been reserved for those High Priests.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/KkAwWgw.jpg]]
[center [size11 Necromancers are a cultural sub grouping of Druids that resulted after the death of Mordred, Son of Merlin, in 537 AD. During that time they were called the Ladies of Mordred as they were composed solely of female Druids who had been prosecuted by the monarchy for witchcraft. However during the Medieval Ages there was a increase in followers that included male Druids causing them to change their name to The Followers of Mordred. This name was later changed once again by the Druid to Necromancers due to some of their practices, the old followers do not call themselves this.]]
[center [size11 In most areas the cultures are similar, though were they differ is vastly so. While Druids believe in the beauty and power of nature the Necromancers do not stop there and believe that their power gives them the right to break natural law. Specifically the natural laws regarding death and murder. Ritualistic sacrifice and torture are customary in many of their ceremonies. Unlike the Druids who believe that true power comes from the balance of light and dark the Necromancers believe that dark is the source of all great power.]]
[center [size11 While the group as a whole is referred to as Necromancers by the Druid most modern culture classifies them different. One of the most popular classifications of Necromancers is that of Satanists. Famous Necromancers include Mary Shelley, David Berkowitz, Jack the Ripper and Jayne Mansfield.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/kBf5hnR.jpg]]
[center [size11 Fae, or Fairies as they are more commonly referred to as, are some of the oldest species in existence. Though there are subtle differences based on the region by which they live. Their lives are usually linked to specific flora, intertwined to their lifespan.]]
[center [size11 The most defining characteristic of the Fae is their wings, which like most insects are composed of chitin. Female Fae have one large pair of wings called the primary with a second smaller pair used for directional movement. Male Fae however have two large pair of wings which are noticeably longer than their female counterparts and have more rounded tips. This allows for male Fae to fly faster than females.]]
[center [size11 Another characteristic is the bioluminescence present in their skin, this allows for them glow with color based on hormonal release. This color is not related to camouflage but to emotional display. They posses irises containing tapetum lucidum which reflects the color from their bioluminescence and allows for them to see in the dark.]]
[center [size11 Due to the fact that their lifespans are tied to that of flora they do not reproduce on their own. They do engage in sexual activities but as a means of bonding or recreational pleasure. The males and females lack testes and ovaries respectively. It is also noted that they do no require physical substance such as food and water so long as their flora is in good health.]]
[center [size11 Human expansion has greatly reduced their numbers however many still flourish in groups of wild pockets. The reduction of their population has made them very hostile towards certain groups of other species, specifically humans. A few, very removed groups of the culture live in cities posing as humans and adapting to the new environment; there is a groups of such living in New York whose souls are connected to Central Park.]]
[center [size11 The Fae have a Matriarchy ruled by the chosen Queen who is referred to by her people as [i Mother]. She is chosen at birth to succeed the former Mother. Each group as their own chosen Mother and when a group secedes from another they elect a Mother until one is chosen genetically. This matriarchy is similar to the hierarchical structure that bees have.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/duQ1cwk.jpg]]
[center [size11 Elves are distant relatives of the Fae which first appeared in separate text sometime during Seven Hundred AD in Scandinavia. They were recorded by Vikings to be exceptionally beautiful, intelligent, and agile; having the ability to move high up in the trees to scout out their prey. Many legends surround their heritage the most popular being the Norse Gods of Old carved them to perfection out of ice.]]
[center [size11 They are humanoid creatures who, like most inhabitants of that geographical region, are extremely tall. The average height being over six feet for both men and women. Their facial structure features strong jaw lines with high cheek bones and slightly angular forehead. Their eyes, which are predominately blue, are almond shaped and deep-set, along with thin lips. Most have dark hair, or either brown or black shades with a few lines having blonde or red.]]
[center [size11 Elves continue to have a Feudalistic structure to their society with a King descent of the Royal Bloodline, or having married into the Royal Bloodline, being ruler of all populations of Elves. Along with other, smaller, bloodlines of Nobles ruling populations of Elves under the titles of [i Roudon].]]
[center [size11 Their culture puts a paramount on tradition and family honor. To dishonor ones family is considered to be the worst of insults.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/xVCf5ME.jpg]]
[center [size11 The origins of this species is vastly debated. For a long period of time it was believed that the first Lycanthrope was Lycaon the cannibalistic king who served his son to a very powerful creature who turned him into a wolf. Or that the two founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus, who were raised by Lupa the Mother Wolf. However during this same time Native American Tribes were telling stories of how their warriors changed their shape into that of wolves to protect their people. One of the tribes with the strongest ties to this species is that of the Yakima.]]
[center [size11 Modern science has reveled that each subgroup has actually been formed by a unique strain of virus with similar results in symptoms. Many individuals are born with the virus already embedded in their DNA, where as some are no effected hosts and will pass it on to their children. This virus is highly contagious if it gets into the blood stream where it will then cause violent change in genetic makeup of the individual.]]
[center [size11 This combination of genetic gives way to certain personality traits. They lack the normal level of control that other's possess, giving way to their instinctual desires with little concern for what is socially acceptable. Lycanthropes also have a very competitive nature, which can result in deep rooted rivalries.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/G3Hmnab.jpg]]
[center [size11 Dæmons originated in Ancient Rome under the rule of Nero. It is said that Nero himself was a victim of a Dæmon, being influenced and driven to madness by the possessive and controlling nature of the creature. While they originated in Rome it was believed for a long period of time that they crawled out of the deepest depths of hell being where the word Demon comes from. The legends of Lucifer suggest that he may have been a Dæmon of significant power.]]
[center [size11 Dæmons are commonly confused to be Vampyres as they are both use Hematophagy as a way of consuming nutrients. However Dæmons are far more powerful than Vampyres, they possess the ability to change their shape and have a level of control over other creatures of the night. Along with those powers they posses the power of hypnosis as their voice can reach certain indistinguishable pitches that lure the individual to a malleable state.. They can create another species with their bite by the conscious release of a virus. This other species is actually that by which they are most commonly mistaken as, Vampyres. Those Vampyres then form an allegiance and micro-society surrounding that Dæmon. These micro-societies are called [i "Covens"]. ]]
[center [size11 Vlad III, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler or Dracula, is still the most famous Dæmon to have ever existed. And Bram Stoker was a Vampyre of his who he chose to write his story for him.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/g9skvFV.jpg]]
[center [size11 Vampyres are essentially the offspring of Dæmons, the victims that have been chosen to serve and live with their creator till such a time that they die. As much as they are the offspring they are also considered to be less powerful versions of Dæmons.]]


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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 “Well at least you seem to have made friends then,” Arin sipped at his cup before speaking. His eyes darted towards the ground as the words slipped out of his mouth. Reese could see he was rather uncomfortable about the whole bit.]]
[center [size11 “Friends is one word for it, flings is a better one,” The blonde said casually with a slight roll of his shoulders. It was hard to be friends with people he slept with, the whole friends with benefits thing didn’t really work out too well for a species that was evolved to be alluring enough to make their mates risk death to be with them for even one moment. Thus he usually had to make the decision of wanting friendship or sex from someone quite early on. “Trust me, it’s easier to get someone in your bed than it is to get someone to hang out.”]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 “You seem to have massed quite the collection of journals,” Mari said as she poked about the office and began picking up some of the medical journals. “Have you actually read all of them, or?” Her voice trailed off as she turned back to him.]]
[center [size11 “Yes, well, not absolutely every article in the journals but yes I have read them,” He moved towards his desk, placing his papers from the day on top and turned on his computer so he could transfer his notes from the day onto his log, “There’s really not much point in the journals if I’m not reading them.”]]
[center [size11 “Feel free to browse them and take which ever one’s you think might be beneficial. And if you narrow your focus I might be able to email some of my colleagues from the University Hospital for you to speak with. Most of them are used to working with students and will be happy to give you information. And if you do find a specialist for PICA then I suggest contacting them to see if they’re willing to give you any quotes or other useful information for the paper,” He pulled out his chair and sat down. “Have you heard from Greyson at all?”]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/JSIPxHV.jpg]]

[center [size14 Hooking up was a foreign concept to the elf. Actually, relations of any sort were beyond his area of expertise. Despite having been married for awhile Arin had never actually had relations with his wife. It had been something him and Mariah had agreed on long ago. She knew his preference and he knew she was too concerned with her studies to ever even think about it.]]

[center [size14 The idea of Reese having relations with anyone didn't sit well in Arin's stomach but he didn't voice his opinions. Reese was an adult and, no matter how much Arin wished he wouldn't, was allowed to seek companionship with whoever he wanted. Arin shifted his weight between his feet and took another drink from his cup.]]

[center [size14 "Well at least you seem to have made friends then," Arin said, unsure if the word friends was the right one needed to describe the people Reese had been talking to. Did you people considered their romantic pursuits friends? He was unsure.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/CVQ6gdO.jpg]]

[center [size14 Mari was a little hesitant to follow Weston to his house. Greyson had stressed that it was important that she not wander too far between her house and the clinic. Coming here in her off time was probably already pushing her limits, but surely Greyson would be understanding if she was with Weston. There wasn't much trouble she could get into with the good.]]

[center [size14 Mari bit her lip uncertainly as she toyed with the decision on whether to go or not. "Sure, okay," she once she finally made up her mind to go. She followed Weston to his home, with the plan to get what she needed and leave. The less time she spent breaking the rules the better. She was hoping to make a home here in South Hudson and she knew that would be impossible if she caused trouble with the pack.]]

[center [size14 Weston led Mari to a quaint little one story house. From the outside it looked cozy, on the inside it looked like a show house. Everything was meticulously clean, not a thing was out of place. When she entered the living room was to her left with a fancy sectional taking up most of the space. To the right was the kitchen, which was more modern then she had expected. A hallway lined with doors stretched out in front of her and she followed Weston down to the end where he opened the door.]]

[center [size14 This room was probably the only one that showed any signs of life. Books covered the shelf lined walls. On one side was a desk, littered with papers and open books, paired with a nice plush chair. Pushed against the wall was a couch that looked worn and comfortable. A blanket draped the back and a pillow pushed against the arm gave her the sense that he probably slept here more then he did his bedroom.]]

[center [size14 Honestly, to her, the whole thing gave her a homey vibe. She felt waves of contentment just taking up space in this study. "You seem to have massed quite a collection of journals," Mari said reading the edges of some of the books nearest her. "Have you actually read all of them or...?"]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 The taller male let out a dry laugh in response to Reese’s statement, “As if there would be anyone interesting enough in this small part of the world to attract you.” Really? Was he seriously [i that] oblivious? Has he never even looked in the mirror? What did the blonde need to do in order for Arin to understand that he was interested in him? Should he try stripping and pouncing on him? Then again the elf would probably still find a way to think that was a misunderstanding or some kind of innocent act. The idiot.]]
[center [size11 Reese was about to say something when Arin was called away by the tall brunette elf who had been speaking with Iildor earlier. “Ah, I’m afraid I must go be diplomatic for a few minutes. Try not to break too many hearts while I’m gone,” The elf gave a little, and slightly awkward wink as he left.]]
[center [size11 “No promises,” Reese tossed back, deciding that even if Arin was oblivious didn’t mean everyone at the party would be. Maybe getting laid would relax him and take the edge off Arin’s stupidity. It didn’t take long before the young Nerites found a crowd to fawn over him. Flirtatious banter did make the evening more enjoyable for him, most of the individuals weren’t too subtle in their interests but at his point Reese would take what he could get. Sure no one was nearly as attractive as the tall elf prince who was continuously casting his gaze back towards the blonde. For being so oblivious to Reese’s flirting he was certainly taking note of the affections others were laying at the younger man’s feet. The elf was barely able to contain the jealous tint of his glances, anytime the two made even the slightest of eye contact the dark haired male would turn away.]]
[center [size11 As the night wore down the elf found his way back to the blonde, “I see you’re enjoying yourself. If I have to talk about this damn meeting coming up one more time I’m going to lose my mind.”]]
[center [size11 “Fortunately for you I have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s too bad you didn’t get to enjoy the party as much as I did, I think I have a few dates or least a few hookups in my immediate future,” Reese feigned a sort of innocence, as if he hadn’t noticed the annoyed posture Arin had taken every time he’d seen someone flirting with Reese that evening.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 “Pica,” Maricarmen said as she pulled out her laptop and research materials. “I know I could of chose a more common disease but I wanted to do something a little more difficult to make my paper stand out,” The young women allowed for him to scan over some of the paper and notes, they were well organized but a little varied in focus. “Would any of your journals have information on this?”]]
[center [size11 “I’m not certain, my focus has always been on general surgery and since moving here I’ve put more effort in general diagnosis. I’ve not had much experience with abnormal eating disorders, usually abnormal substances in the digestive system came from children or idiotic teenagers performing dares. I suppose it will depend on the narrowing of your focus, do you want to pursue the forms of Pica that are seen in pregnancy or otherwise caused by hormonal or chemical imbalances, or the consumption of nonfood items and their prevalence in developing countries, or if you want to examine the psychological elements involved in treatment for those instances caused by behavioral disorders,” As he spoke it pointed out certain areas of her notes that had been gathered on the general knowledge of the disorder.]]
[center [size11 “If you narrow that it will tell you where you should start looking for more precise research, and honestly if you find an expert in the field they’re usually more than happy to share their own theses or published articles free of charge. Most doctors with narrow specializations are overjoyed to share their expertise. Besides, contacting the authors is a great way to avoid having to pay for full publications when you only need specific pieces,” That particular piece of advice had been given to him by an upperclassman in graduate school while he was working on his own thesis. Of course he didn’t mention the part where his upperclassman said it was because doctors were all narcissist with god complexes. A strange statement for a medical student.]]
[center [size11 “However I do recall a few articles regarding eating disorders, I don’t know which particular issue they were in but you’re welcome to take them and read through to see if they’ll be helpful. Would you like to go now?” Weston handed the papers back towards her, “I can continue reading through your material there while you look.”]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/JSIPxHV.jpg]]

[center [size14 Arin scoffed at that, so much that it was actually an almost laugh. "As if there would be anyone interesting enough in this small part of the world to attract you." He wasn't saying the people of South Hudson were ugly, on the contrary, there were actually some pretty attractive people, but Arin was sure Reese had higher standards then the simple people around him.]]

[center [size14 Before Arin could say anymore he was called away by his mother. "Ah I'm afraid I must go be diplomatic for a few minutes. Try not to break too many hearts while I'm gone," Arin gave Reese a wink before going to be the friendly prince everyone knew him as.]]

[center [size14 The party pushed on into the later hours of the night. Mariah had left somewhere between the small conversations Arin having with other party goers. Occasionally he would glance over at Reese and see him at the center of a small group. The elf tried not to get jealous of the attention paid to the other but it was hard.]]

[center [size14 "I see you're enjoying yourself," Arin said when he finally broke free for a moment. "If I have to talk about this damn meeting coming up one more time I'm going to lose my mind."]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/CVQ6gdO.jpg]]

[center [size14 Mari shifted and pulled her laptop out of her bag. She was a little uneasy of letting people read her papers since English wasn't her first language, but she would get past that to get help. Plus it was just a rough draft, she could buff out the grammar errors later.]]

[center [size14 "Pica," Mari said as she pulled up what she had already found on the disease. "I know I could of chose a more common disease but I wanted to do something a little more difficult to make my paper stand out."]]

[center [size14 Mari let Weston read over what she had found so far, giving him time to pick through it and digest. "Would any of your journals have information on this?]]
  [S]outh [H]udson / -Mercy- / 147d 14h 39m 11s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 “Just curious,” Arin said while shrugging. “If she’s working at the clinic then the pack would at least know a little something about her. They’re Dr. Weston’s main patients after all,” Somehow the idea of the lycans needing constant medical attention didn’t surprise Reese in the least.]]
[center [size11 “So the pack is the main source for gossip in town? Back home it was the older ladies, they always poked their noses into everyone’s business but if you needed to know anything you just had to ask,” The blonde said with a smile and light laugh.]]
[center [size11 Reese let a bit of silence settle between the two, Arin wasn’t as much for conversation as the blonde was, and took the opportunity to guzzle down some of his water. “Do you always receive copious amounts of attention wherever you go?” Reese arched an eyebrow as he looked over at the taller elf who was looking out in the crowd. His sea blue eyes followed his gaze and noticed that he was being stared at quite a bit. Though to be honest he stood out more here than he had back home, no one here had the sun kissed skin that Reese did. “Or are your obvious good looks less of a distraction back on your island?”]]
[center [size11 “Oh I’m always catching people’s eyes, no matter where I am I tend to stand out. But honestly it doesn’t just have to do with my appearance, I mean it does help, but Nereids and Nerites have pheromones that help us to attract mates. There was a reason sailors used to sink their ships trying to reach us,” The blonde smiled coyly at the elf. “Of course the better question is whether or not someone catches [i my] eye. Wouldn’t you say?”]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 “No, everyone is fine,” The doctor felt relieved to hear that but his relief was quickly followed by confusion as to why the young lady was standing in his doorway if medical assistance wasn’t required. “I came to see if you could help me with my thesis but it more so looks like I could help you to bed.”]]
[center [size11 Weston suppressed a yawn at the word bed but his mind was starting to wake up and his interest now focused on Maricarmen and whatever the subject of her thesis was. “I’m more than used to long nights here in the office, I’m sure you’re aware how long shifts can be at hospitals. What exactly is the subject of your thesis? I have a rather extensive collection of medical journals kept at my home, you’re welcome to them if they would be of use to you?”]]
[center [size11 The doctor was subscribed to at least five journals at the moment, he found it best to stay as up to date on medical matters as possible when he was the only doctor in town. Sure most of his patients did not have conditions that would be published in such journals but there were still a few humans in town and even the partial humans could exhibit symptoms of a [i normal] disease.]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3Zl8AkE.jpg]]

[center [size14 His voice cracked when he spoke, and he looked like he had been asleep at his computer and his hair had been unbrushed. Mari wondered if he had been home at all that day or if he had just planned on spending the night at his desk. She couldn't say she didn't understand, Mari had been there a time or two herself during med school, when writing her papers and preparing to enter the world of residency. This may have been a rewarding field she was going into but it didn't come with it's downsides too. She only wished right now that she was more then just a resident student, that she could do more by herself to relieve the load off his shoulders.]]
[center [size14 "No, everyone is fine," she said moving into the room. She was little concerned now that he was overworking himself and would get sick. Then who would take care of the sick doctor? "I came to see if you could help me with my thesis but it more so looks like I could help you to bed."]]
[center [size14 Almost instantly Mari blushed, thanking the good lord she had chestnut skin that hid most color changes. Hopefully he hadn't noticed the ever slight change in the color of her cheeks. Hopefully he didn't find an innuendo in what she had said and just saw it as a friendly offering to an exhausted doctor.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7ptLuxZ.jpg]]

[center [size14 Arin raised an eyebrow at Reese, because as far as Arin knew Reese wasn't exactly Jake's type. But then again Arin could have been wrong. Reese did have a certain charm that Arin was sure could turn the most rigid hetero male a little gay. Especially if he smiled. But Arin wouldn't tell Reese that.]]
[center [size14 "Just curious," Arin said with a shrug. "If she's working at the clinic then The Pack would at least no a little something about her. They're Dr. Weston's main patients after all."]]
[center [size14 It was true, the elves and Fae had their own equivalent of human doctors, they never had a need to seek out medical attention outside their own village. That left Dr. Weston treating The Pack, the small humans who lived in ignorant bliss in their small town, and the odd hunting accident victim or two. It anyone knew anything about the people that worked in the doctor's office it would be them.]]
[center [size14 Arin looked at the party guest and noticed that a good majority of them were shooting curious, some might have been lustful, glances at the druid standing next to him. "Do you always receive copious amounts of attention wherever you go? Or are you obvious good looks less of a distraction back on your island?"]].
  [S]outh [H]udson / -Mercy- / 169d 4h 54s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 Weston’s eyes seemed to swim with the words in front of him, his head hung forward with the weight of sleep that was beginning to win over the doctor’s workaholic nature. There was a vague noise somewhere in the office but Weston’s tired mind was too foggy to register the fact that Claire had left for the evening, not too much later than Maricarmen had. He looked up slowly from the mess of notes he’d been attempting to organize before he began to doze off. Someone had entered the room but his glossy eyes weren’t able to focus quite yet.]]
[center [size11 Turning slightly in his chair he began looking for his coat, assuming that the individual was a patient. Perhaps the celebration of Vadik’s had escalated to some extent and resulted in some form of injury that he need tend to. It wouldn’t have been the first time that a party ended up at his clinic. Still searching for some white cloth Weston began to regain some semblance of realization and slowly moved to face the “patient” in his doorway. Even with his slightly more aware mind he couldn’t quite make out whom it was that was before him. Of course it took a moment to realize his glasses were no longer on his face, they had likely fallen off while he was staring over his notes.]]
[center [size11 Fortunately Weston’s glasses were exactly where he expected them to be. Sliding them into place over his eyes he was finally able to make out the figure. To both his surprise and confusion it was not a patient but Maricarmen. The young woman was looking at him and Weston was quickly becoming aware of how a mess he must have looked. He’d run his hands through his hair quite a few times so it likely more resembled a bird’s nest than an actual hairdo. ]]
[center [size11 “Ah,” Weston cleared his throat as his voice came out with a cracked sound, “I apologize.” To be honest he wasn’t sure what he was apologizing for but it felt like the correct response. He supposed that the apology could have been for his unkempt appearance. “Has something happened? Is everything alright?” He questioned with heavy concern in his voice, believing that there must have been a change in her situation or health that caused her return to the clinic.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 As expected Arin blushed a deep red, his ears tinging pink with embarrassment at Reese’s flirtatious compliment. “You should actually thank Mariah for this,” Arin said, finding his voice after a few moments of floundering. “She dressed me for this.” The blonde had very little desire to thank the handsome elf’s wife for dressing him. Besides he’d much rather see the darker haired male undressed than all dressed up. And honestly it wasn’t the clothes that Reese really found to be sexy, they were just an excuse to flirt. Not that he needed an excuse.]]
[center [size11 “Have you been talking to many people here tonight?” Arin seemed strangely stiff even compared to his blushing bumbles as he tried to make small talk with the younger man. “I saw you talking to Jake and Miranda. Did they have any information on the woman from the office earlier?”]]
[center [size11 “Hm? No, why would they?” He asked pulling his eyebrows together. “Miranda was introducing me to Jake, he seems nice. He should really work on his come-ons though, pick-up lines start to lose their luster when you’ve heard them all before. You know? Luckily for him he’s cute and I’m never turned off by compliments.”]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7ptLuxZ.jpg]]

[center [size14 No matter how many times Reese unabashedly complimented Arin's opinion the elf would not stop blushing over it. He'd probably spend the rest of his life blushing, if he could be so lucky to keep his new friend that long.]]

[center [size14 "You could actually thank Mariah for this," Arin said pulling at his shirt. "She dressed me for this."]]

[center [size14 Arin had no shame in admitting that someone else picked his clothes out for him. His go to was jeans and a t-shirt, when it came to party dress her was totally clueless. The best he could do was a suit and that seemed a little over the top for something like this.]]

[center [size14 "Have you talked to many people here tonight?" Arin asked making casual conversation. "I saw you talking to Jake and Miranda. Did they have any information on the woman from the office earlier?"]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3Zl8AkE.jpg]]

[center [size14 If there was one thing that absolutely killed Maricarmen it was forever being stuck inside of a house without going anywhere. She had been the epitome of social activity back at school and now she spent all weekend watching telenovas while her grandma knitted with her. Boredom was slowing bringing her short life to a close.]]

[center [size14 In an effort to release some of her apathy she decided to work on her homework. She had gotten lucky with Dr. Weston in that she could still continue her school work, but working on a thesis without the help of a college library was a little irksome.]]

[center [size14 "God screw this," Mari said slamming her laptop shut and shoving it into her mochilla on the floor. She picked the bag up and headed towards the door.]]

[center [size14 "Adonde vas?" her grandmother asked just as her hand hit the door.]]

[center [size14 "Voy a la clinica. Necesito ayuda con mi tarea." Mari opened the door and closed it behind her, making a beeline for her truck before her grandmother could stop her. Greyson had said she was only allowed at her house and the clinic, but he never said that she could only go there when she was working.]]

[center [size14 Once at the clinic she debated her idea of coming here. Weston wasn't the most social person she knew, and she highly doubted he would want company, much less to help her with her complicated homework. But ruining his evening sounded better then suffering anymore at home.]]

[center [size14 "Weston," she called out as she entered the back door so as not to scare him. "Are you here?"]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 The two boys parted ways at the back door, with Arin heading back towards the Elven village/city/whatever-they-called-it and Reese going up to his bedroom. The blonde was quick to admit that he hated his temporary room was on the second floor, sure he was used to climbing stairs back home seeing as how his own home like most others were sort of carved into the side of the cliffs. But there was a clear difference between dashing up steps under bright Mediterranean sunlight with a salty breeze and hiking up the wooden stairs in Iildor’s house.]]
[center [size11 Once up in his room he stripped down and stepped into the large shower, normally he’d prefer to take a bath or rather just lounge in the saltwater pool that he sometimes slept in. But he didn’t have the time to soak and stretch out his tail if he was going to look as good as he wanted to for the party. Of course he always looked good but he found that Arin’s eyes sometimes trailed over him when he really put effort into it and he enjoyed the flustered reactions he got when Arin realized what he was doing. The blonde sat on the high ledge in the shower, washing his hair and taking his time slowly exfoliating every inch of his skin with the coarse salt scrub Vadik had given to him. The sweet scent of citrus and figs seemed to seep into him. The scrub was great, he loved the way it made his skin so soft and the salt helped to keep him healthy even when it was combined with other components.]]
[center [size11 After a bit more time than he should have actually spent under the hot spray of water he pulled himself away from the shower. He spent a bit of time figuring out what to wear, the party was technically casual but casual was a relative term with the individuals living in South Hudson and more specifically under their roof. Iildor would likely be wearing a suit, probably one his husband picked out since he was a birthday boy, and Vadik could show up in anything from full leather to a ball gown and no one would bat an eyelash. Reese settled on dark, near black jeans with fading along the thighs and knees, a soft silk blend, grey short sleeved tee that fit rather tightly, and beige boots with black accents. And since he was not particularly acclimated to the cold he added a long black cardigan that fell past his hips and had sleeves that reached past his knuckles.]]
[center [size11 The guests had already started to arrive when Reese finally got downstairs, not that he was particularly bothered by that fact. Vadik was in full host mode and dashed about at an inhuman speed, chatting with friends and thanking guests for coming or for their various gifts. Iildor, who was indeed wearing a suit, stood off with a beautiful woman, tall with dark hair pulled up in a bun. Honestly the man looked more comfortable with her than he ever had with Vadik. Reese ended up near the refreshments table, mostly so he could have plenty of water. The waitress Miranda introduced him to a friend of hers named Jake, apparently the two were members of the local pack. Reese ended up talking, or rather flirting with the two of them until Miranda pointed out that Arin was coming over and pulled Jake away with her after telling Reese to “go get him”.]]
[center [size11 Reese turned to look over at the elven prince and nearly gaped at how the other male looked. The blonde didn’t hear a word that the other said, instead he was focusing on the fit of other’s clothes. “Wow, you look sexier than usual,” He said once Arin had stopped speaking. He sighed in a playful manner as the other began to turn red, “It’s a little unfair of you to look so good when you’re already taken.”]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7ptLuxZ.jpg]]

[center [size14 Arin didn't argue with Reese. Vadik had a way of shamming anyone that showed up late for his parties and he didn't feel like being the object of that attention tonight. The elf prince wished Reese farewell before heading to his own home to shower and get ready.]]

[center [size14 The walk from Vadik's home to his own was non-existent since Vadik was kind enough to open a portal for Arin to save time. Arin was never a fan of going through his uncles portals, they felt like they turned him upside down and inside out, but he could not deny the efficiency and time saving usefulness they provided. If his uncle wasn't so guarded of the spell he made for them Arin would be sure that portals would be the next preferred mode of transportation for everyone magical.]]

[center [size14 The portal opened onto the only open wall in his living room. The bright white room was decorated with small touches of his wife. A few pictures here and there and a large bookshelf loaded down with scrolls and old textbooks. She sat on the white sectional in the middle of the room, an open book on her lap and a pencil between her teeth. Her raven hair was highlighted against the room and she looked like a lurid regent.]]

[center [size14 Arin exchanged greetings with her before heading to his room. The two of them had decided long before they married that would not be comfortable sharing a bed, luckily for them their house was big enough for them to each have their own bedroom. It gave them each a level of privacy while maintaining the facade that they had a traditional marriage to the outside world.]]

[center [size14 The rooms were conjoined by a shared bathroom, it was the only one in their home with a shower but they normally never ran into a problem of having to use it at the same time. Arin started the water and bathed just long enough to wash away the sweat from his work earlier. The elf towel dried his hair before wrapping around his waist and heading back to his room.]]

[center [size14 While he had showered Mariah had came into his room to lay out a decent outfit for him since he was fashion hopeless. She always did small things like that to help him out and in exchange he would bring her scrolls that only the royal bloodline had access to. It really helped him socially and her with her studies.]]

[center [size14 "Are you ready to go?" She asked in soft sing song voice when he finally emerged from his room. She had laid out dark jeans for him and decent flannel to keep him warm as the night got chilly. She wore a lavender sweater dress over a pair of white leggings. Her black hair, that had been loose when he returned home, was now tied back in twin french braids. There was a thin winged line on her eye lid that made her blue eyes captivating. If she hadn't of been so tall she would have looked childlike."]]

[center [size14 "Yes I believe so," Arin said as he buttoned the last of his cuffs. "If we don't hurry we'll be late and you know how my uncle can get."]]

[center [size14 Mariah didn't argue on that and the two of them left their home together. The path to Vadik and Iildor's home was littered with fallen leaves and the scent of fall hung in the air. The evening hour left the air brisk and the young couple exchanged stories about their day. Mariah was intrigued about the books Arin had helped delivered and he enjoyed hearing about whatever new thing she had been reading about.]]

[center [size14 By the time they entered the backyard a good portion of the guests had already arrived. Vadik was off entertaining some pack members so Arin did his best to sneak in. Technically he wasn't late but he wasn't exactly early either. Arin glanced around the party and spotted Reese over by the refreshments. He took his leave of Mariah, who had found a friend of her own to go and talk to before walking over to Reese.]]

[center [size14 "It looks like all of our hard work really came together," Arin said happily. "But I highly doubt most of this will still be hanging by the end of the night."]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 Reese was more than happy to help with all of Vadik’s decorating, he loved a good party. Then again with a family as large and social as his parties were rather commonplace. Of course decorating an underwater city and a backyard were hardly similar. Thus it wasn’t too surprising that the heavy lifting was left to the handsome elven prince. Vadik ordered Arin about as he brought his vision into reality, and Reese mostly scuttled around adding decorations were he felt they were necessary or arranging the refreshment’s table and making sure all the other tables for sitting and eating looked absolutely perfect.]]
[center [size11 By the time Arin was done with manual labor and Reese was satisfied with the amount of baubles and ornaments he’d added the party was inching ever closer. Vadik ordered the two away, saying that the two young men needed to be made decent. The blonde nearly remarked that he wasn’t a decent sort but Vadik was surprisingly ferocious for such a pretty man. So the two did as they were told and began trudging up towards Reese’s room.]]
[center [size11 “I’m sorry about my uncle,” Arin said, speaking up once the two were nearing the back door and firmly out of hearing range of Vadik. “He can get a little intense when it comes to decorating for his parties.”]]
[center [size11 The blonde couldn’t help but laugh, “Arin, I have forty nine Greek aunts. [i This] is nothing.” He wasn’t exaggerating, the parties his mother’s family would throw could last for over a week or even two. “Now come on, Vadik may have sent both of us off but clearly you’re the one that needs freshening up. I didn’t do the heavy lifting, and I always look good. Besides if you’re afraid of him in party planner mode just think what he’ll be like if you’re late while he’s in party host mode.”]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7ptLuxZ.jpg]]

[center [size14 Vadik had been hosting parties since they were still called balls. It had become a talent of his and many would consider themselves lucky to be on the guest list to attend one of his more lavish events. This party, however, was small and open. If Arin hadn't of known better he would of said that his uncle found it bothersome. But this was Vadik and he loved any excuse to have company over.]]

[center [size14 "Silence young one," Vadik said giving one last final tug and pulling the last of the the lights out. "I just set up the tables and pulled out the decorations. There is still much left to do." Vadik picked up the lights and motioned for them to follow him, leading the way to the backyard.]]

[center [size14 Until recently Arin had spent little to no time at Iildor and Vadik's home. He had been there a time or two for a social appearance at one of his uncles parties or with for a visit with his mother. Other then that he tried to avoid the place like the plague.]]

[center [size14 Each time Vadik threw a party he would go over the top and redecorate and landscape the whole back yard. This time around he had planted mountain luaral along the tree line that bordered the edge of their large backyard. The small pink flowers looked striking against the turning leaves of the trees. The was a line of long wooden picnic tables running the length of the yard with three set up on the width to make a T.]]

[center [size14 "This is where we'll set up the food and the drinks," Vadik said sitting the lights down next to some poles. "We're going to cram these rods in the ground and wrap the lights around them. I feel like we should go with a zig zag formation, what do you think?" Vadik turned to Reese and Arin took that as his cue to step back.]]

[center [size14 The next few hours were spent as Reese and Vadik's personal labor force He moved the poles for them did whatever else the two asked of him, being careful to do it exactly as instructed so as not to ruin their vision. When it came close to time for the actual party to start Vadik released the two of them to 'go make themselves decent'.]]

[center [size14 "I'm sorry about my uncle," Arin said when the two were finally free of the older elf's earshot. "He can get a little intense when it comes to decorating for his parties."]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3Zl8AkE.jpg]]

[center [size14 Mari didn't push the food issue too much, Weston was an adult. If he was hungry he would eat. She however was famished and decided to call her grandmother to see if she would be kind enough to bring food for her. Which she was more then happy to do, she was an abuela after all.]]

[center [size14 The older woman brought Mari tamales made with salsa verde, because she thought rojo was shit, and homemade horchata. The young woman was beyond grateful as she took the bag of food from her grandmother. The older woman didn't stay long since she had to get to her shop and make sure it was still standing since the employee she left in charge was corto de luces.]]

[center [size14 After she left Mari went to Weston's office and gently knocked on the door before pushing it open anyways. "I know you said you weren't hungry," Mari said leaning against the door frame, "But my grandma brought me some tamales and I know I won't eat all of them. I'll put them in the fridge if you want some."]]

[center [size14 Mari gave him a warm smile before walking back to the front desk. She didn't like leaving it unattended for too long and she knew Weston wasn't the type to enjoy company for prolonged amounts of time.]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 Arin seemed to be in his own thoughts but came out just enough to answer Reese’s musings, “I’m assuming she may not be comfortable around the occupants of the town.” The blonde hadn’t gotten the shy vibe from her during any of their conversations. Of course he’d been the one to initiate all of their talks but she was quick to poke fun and tease him which isn’t something shy people did. Take Arin for example, he just had to be even slightly flirty towards him and the elf would turn into a tomato. “It is odd, however, that she would seek employment in the town if her only intentions were to visit for the summer. I feel like there’s a piece to the puzzle that’s missing,” Arin’s voice trailed off or maybe Reese stopped listening. Either way the Nerites had already exhausted his interest in the subject for now.]]
[center [size11 After stumbling through the forest the two made it back to Iildor’s where they found Vadik pulling something out of… the wall. Reese had gotten used to Vadik and Iildor using magic but the portal stuff was still weird. He was a little afraid that if he went through one he’d leave some of himself behind. The tall elf was pulling what looked to be a robe, or rather yanking it out of the portal. As the couple got closer he saw that it was actually a string of lights. “Please tell me you’re not stealing those,” Arin said to his uncle, sounding like it wouldn’t too far of a stretch for the attractive elf to steal in order to create the perfect party.]]
[center [size11 “Of course not. These were in the attic, I just didn’t feel like climbing the stairs to get them,” Vadik defended himself, closing the portal once the string of lights had been fully extracted.]]
[center [size11 “I don’t blame you, I hate how vertical this place is. My legs ache in ways I didn’t know they could,” Reese complained as he moved over to look at the lights. “Where are you planning to put these up? Are they all one color or do they change? Have you already finished setting up? I thought you were going to wait. Is there anything I can help with?” He shot out the questions quickly not giving time to actually have any of them answered. He looked up at Vadik with excitement sparkling in his large blue eyes, much like a child playing with a new toy.]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 “If you must know,” He really didn’t, if she didn’t want to answer she could just refuse, he wouldn’t take it personally. Probably. “I really don’t know how long I’m going to be here and it’s simpler to say I’ll only be here for the summer to avoid making connections that I’m just going to have to abandon.” Of course if she did join the pack she would be with them for life, at least to his knowledge. He wasn’t sure if there was a protocol for leaving a pack, even joining one seemed complicated enough.]]
[center [size11 The young lady seemed despondent for a moment before shaking herself out of it, “Do you want me to order lunch for you?” Weston pulled his eyebrows in confusion; that was a sudden and unexpected question. “I’ve been here six hours and you haven’t eaten since I got here.”]]
[center [size11 Had it really been six hours already? “Oh it’s fine, I have a tendency to do that when I’m working. Once I get focused on something I can’t be bothered to think of anything else. Besides there’s not many places in a town this size to get lunch from.” Especially because if you did they would know you and then they would stop to talk or ask questions and you would be forced to engage in obligatory friendly conversation. No, starving himself and cooking at home was a [i much] better option than forced social interactions.]]
[center [size11 “You’re welcome to get something for yourself but I’ll be fine. I used to work in emergency rooms, I’m used to not eating or sleeping for extended periods of time.” Weston hoped he was doing a good job of reassuring her that he was fine, he doubted it was working but he’d really rather not discuss the fact he never got food in town because he was too awkward to go to a restaurant where people would recognize him. In the city it had been easy to go with a friend or two someplace new and far away from all the other aspects of his life so nothing crossed over and got overly familiar. But South Hudson wasn’t exactly a city, barely a town if he was honest with himself, thus there was far too much cross over in his life.]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/7ptLuxZ.jpg]]

[center [size14 For the most part Arin had stood quietly while Reese spoke with the doctor and his new assistant. She was a pretty girl but Arin could not ever recall having seen her in the town before, which was a bit of an oddity for him since he made it his business to know who lived near him. If he had to guess though he would say that she was related to the antique shop owner. She was the only lady of Hispanic descent in the city and the girl was still young he assumed she would live close to family. But Reese acted like he had met her before, maybe she had simply flown under Arin's radar.]]
[center [size14 Reese pulled Arin from his pondering with his questioning. "I'm assuming she may not be comfortable around the occupants of the town," Arin said as they walked along at a leisurely pace. "It is odd, however, that she would seek employment in the town if her only intentions were to visit for the summer. I feel like there's a piece to the puzzle that's missing..." Arin trailed off as they continued walking, lost in his own world trying to figure out the curious visitor.]]
[center [size14 It wasn't long before they were back at his uncle's home, it had seemed that Vadik had gotten a head start on decorating the outsideof the home while they had been gone. The old elf had a portal opened on the side of his house and was pulling out a sting of lights from it.]]
[center [size14 "Please tell me you're not stealing those," Arin said as him and Reese approached.]]
[center [size14 "Of course not," Vadik said pulling the last of the lights from the portal before closing it up. "These were in the attic I just didn't feel like climbing the stairs to get them."]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3Zl8AkE.jpg]]

[center [size14 Mari could feel her eyebrow visibly twitch at Weston as he helpfully made an excuse for her, she just hoped Reese didn't show up here to check in on her while she 'worked' through their party. The last thing she wanted was to weave herself into a web so deep of excuses that no one here would trust her.]]
[center [size14 "If you must know," Mari said walking back to the desk and taking her previous seat. "I really don't know how long I'm going to be here and it's simpler to say I'll only be here for the summer to avoid making connections that I'm just going to have to abandon."]]
[center [size14 She could feel herself begin to shake from the depressive emotions she was trying to control. The idea of not having a home, not having roots broke her to her core and she preferred to keep people at a distance right now to avoid hurting herself anymore. Her life was in a downward spiral and she didn't want to drag anyone else into it.]]
[center [size14 "Do you want me to order lunch for you?" Mari asked signaling an end to conversation about her time in the town. "I've been here six hours and you haven't ate since I got here."]]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OscJkME.jpg]]
[center [size11 “I’m not sure I’m really allowed to go,” Mari replied to Reese’s enthusiastic invitation. The blonde found himself pulling a face between a frown and a pout. Why wouldn’t she be able to go? Vadik had pretty much invited the whole town, and then some. “But maybe you guys could come to the house sometime?” The girl must have seen the crestfallen look in his eyes as she quickly added this.]]
[center [size11 “But why can’t you come? Vadik’s invited pretty much everyone and I’m sure he’d love even more people to celebrate him! If it’s about not having an invitation you could be my plus one or something!” The nerites persisted, he wasn’t one to take no for an answer, mostly because he wasn’t particularly used to hearing that from anyone.]]
[center [size11 The doctor cleared his throat, “I’m afraid it’s my fault. I need Maricarmen’s assistance in the office this evening. Thus I’ll be missing the festivities as well. I’m sure you can pass on our best well wishes to Vadik?” Reese got the distinct feeling that something was up as Mari’s sentence suggest something other than needing to help out her boss, but he also got the feeling he wasn’t going to get any answers out of either of them.]]
[center [size11 “Oh, yeah, of course. I guess I’ll call or text you so we can hang out while you’re here. You said you’re only staying for the summer, right?” Before he could hear her answer the doctor began coughing slightly. He waved off the concern of the others however. “Well, I guess we’ll be going,” Reese reached over and took Arin’s hand like it was completely natural. “See you around Mari!” The blonde dragged the other male out with him.]]
[center [size11 “That was weird wasn’t it?” He asked once they were out of the clinic, “I mean that bit at the end. Do you know why she couldn’t go to the party? Does she not like them?” He mused on it for a bit. “I hope Vadik didn’t do too much while we were gone, I want to see everything. It really is going to be a great party, huh?”]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0O7pV7l.jpg]]
[center [size11 Once the two young men had left Weston let out the breath he’d been holding since the blonde had mentioned the party. He turned to Maricarmen with an apologetic look, “I’m sorry for stepping in however I thought you might not wish to disclose your current situation. And that one seemed quite persistent in dragging you off with him. I know it must be difficult to be caged in like this, hopefully Greyson will resolve the situation soon.” The doctor had become very good at creating plausible excuses for avoiding social situations. A good skill to have when one was as socially awkward as he was.]]
[center [size11 He cleared his throat and shifted his weight to his other leg all the while juggling the books his newest patient had given him, “If it’s not too impolite to ask; why did you tell the young man you would be staying only for the summer? If your intent is to leave then it wouldn’t make sense to join the pack here.”]]
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