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"I think Chairman Patches is technically her's now." he said with a laugh as he looked at Maggie and Nix with a smile. He took in the notes of her body langue and shrugged. "If she dreaming I mean she passed out so fast her mind might not have even thought about it." he said looking at her. "The other's are worried through that if Loki hears he has a daughter that he might try to take her and it is not like he didn't break into shield before it would be easy and if he plan it right Nix would probably meet him half way." He said.

"I don't mean it in a bad way but think she is a little kid that has never met her father. She doesn't seem to take others opinion and let it change hers. To her him breaking in could seem like a reach out to get to know her. And if the one person who you got your powers from reached out to you to greet you any child would jump at that chance." Steve said worried.


Nix looked at him confused "Ami Heart." she said softly "My mommy's name is Ami Heart and I am Nina Heart but my brother calls me Nix. He said it was it was because when he said Nix he thought of tricks which made him thing of me." She sniffle. "But he is mad at the moment because these agents took me away from him and he doesn't like that." she said to him.

When the man didn't let go of her forehead she blinked "You should let go if you are a real person in the other world you shouldn't touch me for long. They say I destroy everything I touch."
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Margaret was quiet as she changed Nix out of her clothes and into something more comfortable. The cat curled against her purring. She was surprised how much Steve and herself had talked. They always been so distant.

He would watch her and Natasha during practice but it was because of the red head. She wasn't really attractive in her opinion but it was nice to talk to her idol. She glanced towards the door, he could never like a mutant like her.

She opened the door and gestured for him to come inside, "All done. Your kitten really like her Steve." Seeing how Steve was before she could see he would be a wonderful father. She sat on the bed and she brushed Nix's hair out of her face, "I wonder what she is dreaming about..."


Loki was surprised at how blunt and honest this girl was. She must have gone through some hard times. He wondered what she would be going through now but left it alone. "You're smarter than I thought. Yes the dark has dangers but we are the only ones here."

He glared off into the distance as she spoke of thunder and he agreed, "I dislike thunder just as much. Obnoxious and boastful in his-it's way." And when he spoke, he spoke of Thor, his tone bitter.

He moved towards her, "Girl. What is your mother's name?" He realized whom she looked like and there was a mixture of him in there. He touched her forehead. "If you tell me, you will go away and get out of this dark place. If not you will stay and I shall leave you alone here."
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Steve nodded "I know Maggie but she is going to be looking up to you and Natasha now so you might play a bigger role to her." He said to her as he looked at her blinking slightly as he left the room. He let out another sigh wondering how someone so small could have such an impact on him. Before he would have never spoken to Maggie so openly even with Natasha's constantly telling him that she was good for him Steve didn't think so. No he didn't think Maggie would want a war world two vet as a boy friend that was madness in it self. Steve would just admire her from a distance and keep his thoughts of how wonderful she was too himself.

Nix jump at the voice as she lifted her head "You are an adult you wouldn't understand. The shadows have power and make things worse." She said sniffling her blind eye stay the same gray color but here good eye flash a blue green color. "They must have made you up to hurt me this time to typically they just make it Thunder. I hate thunder it hurts my head." She said tugging on her chains but didn't work. Her big eyes looked at him "Can't you just hurt me like the other adults and go away?" She pleaded weakly not in the mood. "My mommy is gonna die soon and I won't be able to say goodbye."
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Margaret smiled sadly as she moved towards Steve, "Well that's great. Her brother will have a new home to stay in and we can have them see each other." She glanced at Nix, "I think she will be happy to know he will be in a good home and they cold see each other."

When he brought up what Thor said in the last meeting, she gripped her shirt tightly before nodding gently, "She deserves to know Steve. Even if he was a bad man, he is still her father. Yes it could be a mistake but it might be for the best." She dragged a hand through her hair before relaxing a little, "And I'm pretty sure Fury and Thor will be letting her know anyways. I don't have the authority, I'm only to be a care taker."

She nodded as Steve made a suggestion on changing Nix's clothes, "I'll let you know when I'm done." She then pushed the man gently out, "Be back in a few moments."


In the dream, she was not alone in the dark there was a pale man with black slick hair and glowing green eyes. He wondered why this human looking girl would be here in his dream. He moved out of the shadow and walked towards her. He growled out at her, "Quiet little one. No one will harm you. It's only a little dark." He couldn't help but think that this girl looked familiar in a way. Loki wondered why that would be.
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"Yeah Tony had her brother's file up on his computer. Pepper seemed interested in the boy that could understand the company and asked Tony to look into. I'm pretty sure Pepper is making the whole internship up to make sure he stays off the streets." Steve said as he looked at the little girl. "So she knows her own mother is going to die and she won't be able to see her again. Today was the last day." he said sadly as he looked at her he shook his head. "Poor kid."

"Thor made a point through in his last meeting. Loki was devoted to his life on Asgard until he found out his true family. Are we sure exposing her to the knowledge now is such a good idea when her powers are no where near control. Which mind Fury has a whole other set of test for that. He has been trying to kid proof this place for months." He said as he shook his head as they came to the room it was a plain room. Made to look similar to her one at home right down to the sheets and pictures on the desk. Slowly Steve set Nix down on the bed. "I'll wait outside if you uh wanted to change her clothes."

What neither of them knew was that in Nina mind was a darker and scarier place it was pitch black expect for the white spot where she sat her legs and arms chained as she cried. [i "I want to wake up I'm scared."]
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Maggie was trying to comfort the little girl as she cried about how thunder storms were bad. She wondered how she would be around the god of thunder himself. She hoped it would be a good meeting for them. She tried speaking to the little girl, "Nix. The God of Thunder is a kind man who has saved Earth a few times before. He is your uncle. I'm sure he'll be gentle with you." She hoped he would or she would kick his thundery ass.

She's become very attached to the little girl. She couldn't be her mother she knew that but maybe...maybe she would see Margaret as a sister or friend.

As Rogers was given the order to escort Nina to her room with her, she was surprised at how quickly he swooped her into his arms. As they walked along side each other, she nodded in agreement. "She has every right to cry and no she is nothing like him. She may have powers like him but she isn't him. I wished the others would see that."

She frowned deeply while looking down at her. She brushed the tears from her cheeks, "Steve her mother will be dead soon. She had the ring and I'm not the only one who saw it. She does too..." While Margaret looked normal she was different. She was the Elemental of all the agents. She started out just like Nix, unable to control her powers and seen as a monster. "I want to help her and show everyone she's not like him. She's a sweet girl." Her eyes went towards Steve and smiled gently, "You should call her Nix instead of Nina. Her brother told me so himself."
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"I did not cheat you said nothing against alternating the area." he pointed out as Steve came up "Ah Steve have you met Thor's niece yet she is a curious little thing. Speaking of which when is the God of Thunder going to roar his might hammer our way?" he asked.

Steve looked at Nix who was now shaking at the mention of Thunder and he hit Tony. "Tony stop she scared enough as it is alright why don't you go make sure Clint hasn't broken your new toy thing." he said to him.

"It is not a toy! It is a new computer built in to an ear piece that would help the agents alot more in the field." he said to him as he looked at him.

As they were arguing Nix was close to tears as she sniffled as Patches licked at her tears. "I don't like Thunderstorms. They are bad people died." she sniffled as she held the kitten.

"Rogers why don't you and Agent Ronald show Nina to her new room." Fury order and Steve wasted no time picking the kid up and walking off as she was trying to hold back her tears. However she ended up falling asleep in Steve's arms exhausted.

"Poor kid she got stripped from her family and thrown around so much it's no wonder she didn't break sooner. I don't care how you look at it she just a kid. I honestly don't see Loki in her." he whispered to Maggie with a softness in her voice as she curled up with Patches.
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Margaret tried hard to laugh at the scene that happened between Tony, Nix, and the little black cat. In her opinion, Iron Man deserved it this time. Well he does most of the time. When Nix had picked it up and turned towards her, asking if she could keep him and her promise.

Her eyes followed towards Fury before her eyes landed back on Nix, "Of course Nix. You have to take good care of her though." Her eyes then went towards Fury, and saw Steve behind him coming up the stairs. She didn't want him to get in trouble. "He is mine sir and I thought bringing him here for Nix would make her not be so sad."

Fury had raised a eyebrow at her cool lie. He couldn't tell if she was lying or not. Something the girl had always been good to do. When he looked away, Maggie mouthed for Nix to not tell. She winked at her and then towards Steve. She kneeled down and scratched the cat underneath the neck whom purred in delight, "That's the perfect name for him Nix."

She stood up straight before glancing at the messed up Tony, "That was for yesterday. Try not cheating in our next match please." She smiled at Nix before turning serious while looking at Fury.
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Nix attention was capture by a fuzzy black tail sticking out of the computer stand behind Fury. The curious girl put the small stuff too down and walked over to the computer stand. She smiled as the fuzzy tail slipped into the machine.

"Kid what are you doing?" Tony ask as he walked over thinking she was interested in the hard wiring of the computer stand he smirked. He type in the password and a black fur ball lunched itself on its face. "Ah! Get it off me there is a alien on my face!" he yelled.

Nix went into a fit of giggles as she picked up the black kitten with an orange patch on his eye and tail. "I found him can I keep him! You promised!" Nix said to Maggie.

Nick Fury looked at Maggie "How did a cat get into my ship?" he asked her with his one eye glaring at her. The small kitten let out a small meow to answer Fury question. Nix giggled and held the kitten in her arms as she looked at the kitten.

"Your name is going to be Chairman Patch!" she said as the kitten meowed and purred again.
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The agent couldn't help but laugh at Nix's smart and creative comebacks for the Ironman. Not like he was the biggest man in SHIELD, even if he thought so. "She has a point, Tony. Natasha is always cooler."

The guy's mouth dropped at what the brunette said, "I can't believe your joining her side!" Maggie chuckled and pushed him away. Even though Fury had a straight face, she knew he wanted to laugh but soon serious work came up.

Margaret was surprised at how close Nix had gotten to her and she was happy to see the girl wasn't scared of her anymore. She was hoping that she could be a friend to this child instead of someone who looked down on her because of her father.

Putting a hang on Tony's chest, Maggie pushed the man away, "Tony, let the girl rest, it's been a long day for her." Looking down at Nix she spoke sweetly, "I know how you feel. I hate those tests as well but they have to happen. But I believe you should have a tiny break from them." Glancing at Fury, her vice became of one of high authority, "I say give Nix a week so she could get familiar with the ship and relax and accept this as her new home."

Fury was quiet for two minutes after her words and finally he nodded, "You must be with her the whole time and make sure she doesn't do so many reckless things before the tests. At the end of the week, she must do the tests. Understand Agent Ronald? Nina?"

The woman nodded and smiled, "I understand sir."
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"I can see it through they were all happy and then they saw me and everything around them changed color." She said as she held on to her hand as she looked at the ground. "I hate being different. It means you are alone." She said when they got to the main room Nix eyes widen at the sight of all the wonderful computers around her. The smile only grew as she pointed at them and began to go on a tangent about the motherboards and the professors.

This caught Fury and Tony's attention as they turned and looked at the little girl. "You know from the energy readings we got I was kinda expecting a bigger and meaner kid. Not a mouse." Tony whispered to Fury as he listen to the girl. "A mouse that knows technology interesting. Hey there kid I'm Ironman!" he said to her trying to act all important.

Nix looked up to him blinking not even phased by Tony. "Black Widow is cooler." she stated simply leaving Tony to look at Fury in shock and mock horror.

"Fury this child's brain is obviously broken I demand another." he said to him.

Fury sighed "You need to talk to your girlfriend about that for now there are other things that need to be taken care off if you would Mr. Stark." he said.

Tony looked at the kid "Come on kid we are going to play with a few computers video games and other fun kid stuff." he stated as Nix held on to Maggie shaking her head.

"I don't want to take anymore test today. I already did what you wanted at with the other test." she said sound exasperated.
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Margaret frowned as she began to realize the mean looks that most of SHIELD gave the young girl. Just because her father was Loki, The Trickster God, who tried to destroy/rule over earth didn't mean she was a horrible child. It wasn't her fault. She brought the girl closer to herself, "Don't worry about them. They are silly ignorant jealous kids. They know how smart you are, that's why they glare." She tapped her nose gently.

Seeing Agent Rogers she gave a friendly smile and nodded quickly, "Clint always has a hard time taking care of tiny little creatures." Looking down at Nix then smiling at Captain America she spoke, "We'll be sure to keep the little guy safe. And I'm pretty sure Nix will help." She chuckled while walking away with Nix, "Yes you can keep him if he gets fond of you."

When Nix asked a quick question, Margaret petted her head, "Not everyone hates you sweetie. And it's not you whom they dislike. It's really your father whom no one likes." She bended down and whispered in Nix's ear, "And I know that the Avengers and Fury won't hate you in anyway. They are smart and know you are not him." Standing up straight, Maggie smiled, "You are Nina "Nix" Heart and you have a pure love for tricks and there is nothing wrong with that."
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Nix nodded weakly "Yes it means mommy is going to die." she whispered weakly as she curled up in her seat holding the stuff toy closer to her chest as she tried to hold back tears. "It's not a home Shield is a prison where they put people who don't belong with normal people." she said to her. Her hair fell into her face as she curled into a tighter ball she didn't want any of this she just wanted to be left alone. As they got to the base the second they step out of the car Nix could feel the disgusted looks of people.

Nix tilted her head to look up at Maggie terrified. "I want to go home. This place is scaring me people keep glaring." she said. Nix felt on edge and scared as she looked up at Black Widow her eyes were wide with admiration until she heard her tone. Nix was figuring out no one here would actually want to be close to her or even nice. So when they passed Captain America Nix was bracing herself for an insult.

Steve smiled at Maggie "How are you?" he asked her as he looked at Nix his smile falter "Hello there to you as well you must be Nina?" he said to him but watched as she cringed in fear as she moved closer to Maggie he felt hurt flow through him. Everyone had been expecting a devious little smart mouth kid but this girl was practically shaking in fear. He back up a bit look at Maggie as he coughed. "Agent Ronald can I ask a favor? If you see a black kitten anywhere can you hide it from Fury. I found the little guy behind my gym today before coming in and well let's just say Clint got detour and lost the little guy." he said before running off.

Nix perked up at the word kitten "If we find the kitten and it likes me can I keep him?" she asked her. As they moved to go meet Fury Nix watched as more agents stared at her like and animal in a zoo. "Why does everyone hate me I don't know them?"

Fury blinked as he turned around "Any trouble?" he asked her as Agent Ronald appear before him.
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What the boy said to Nix made the SHIELD agent smile. He loves his little sister and Margaret wished she understood the kind of sibling love they were having. And both didn't even want to leave each other behind.

As Margaret and Nix ended up in the car soon after bidding the family goodbye and she was shocked at what the girl said. She realized that she missed something about the woman that she should have paid attention to and later she'll kick herself for it. Her eyes landed on Ami's neck and saw a faint grey ring around the woman's neck.

[i That mother will be dying soon...this is horrible.]

She gulped before petting Nix's head and speaking slowly, "Do you see it as well, Little Nix?" Waiting for the girl to answer she spoke quickly, "Let's be silent about this together. You're brother will surely come and live with us at SHIELD if we do. Otherwise he won't." She hated to do this but she knew that if she predicted the death and told her boss before hand, Darren wouldn't come to SHIELD.

"Let's take you to your new home." She then drove off from the house, knowing they would see the son soon enough.


Once she made it to SHIELD, she reported to Fury about how they had Loki's daughter with her. She wouldn't be able to tell Nix about her father but she would be there to support her.

While holding the girl's hand, she passed by Agent Romanoff whom she greeted with a small smile, "Hey Natasha." The red head looked down at Nix and had a straight face on, "Is this the girl?"

Maggie rolled her eyes at the Black Widow, "Don't scare her now, Tasha. Got to go. Let's train a bit tomorrow. 6 in the morning sharp." She then turned and whisper to Nix, "Don't worry about her, she's a big bear once you get to know her." She pasted by Steve Rogers in the process and gave him a tiny salute, "Hey Cap." After the short encounter, she walk towards Nick Fury.
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Ami shook her head as she looked at her daughter pushing her hair back softly as Nix looked at her scared. "Mommy?" Nix asked tilting her head to the side as her mother stroked her bad eye. "You aren't going to see me again are you?" Nix whispered.

"I will sweetie soon your brother and I will come and see you once you are settled and aren't so busy." she whispered as she hugged her. "Please baby girl don't cause unwanted trouble for these people they only want to help you." Ami whispered to her. "Darren say good bye so they can get going." She said as she looked at Darren.

Darren walked over "Just you wait I'm going to make an implant for your eye so that you can see again. All those that have lost their sight will be able to see because of us." he smirked as he hugged his sister not wanting her to go.

Nix smiled as she followed Agent Margaret to the car looking at her brother and mother but notice something about her mother a dark ring around her neck. Nix knew that ring meant death and it looked like this would be the last time she would see her mother. As they pulled away Nix sniffled weakly "If something happens to mommy. My brother will come to shield right?" she asked the agent looking up at her.
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