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This can be a yaoi or a yuri if you want it to be straight we can do that too.

Key never believed in the tales of men becoming wolves. He refused to but when he is forced to move in with his grandparents he quickly learns that he will have to get over that. The reason? The town is made up of nothing but werewolves and to make matters worse the Alpha wolf has been eyeing him up. Which makes Key nervous I mean you would two if a man that looked straight off the cover of a romance novel kept watching you!

Key however is not good with words or his emotions and tends to get into fights alot. So he tends to try to avoid the alpha every chance he gets and focuses on his work in his grandfather wood shop and occasionally helping his grandmother with her paintings and medicine herb business. That is when Key is forced to come in contact with the Alpha. Key was forced to ring the male up while his Grandmother pack up the mans order. What made this worse was Key was doing this shirtless because of the hot summer air. Key refuses to believe that he is a wolf because unlike the others in town that had shifted when they were seventeen Key had never changed.

Need a sexy alpha and to the girls out there I wouldn't mind making this a yuri the only difference is that in the yuri on my character would be in a sports bra. Also I would like to do this through email and just talk it out on here.


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Key ruffled his hair "Des I'm not amazing." he sighed weakly this was exhausting "I am average." he told him plainly as he rubbed his head feeling a headache coming from dealing with this as he looked at his sketches. "Des those are special either I starting having those dreams as a kid probably when I was ten or younger. I didn't even know you or any of this existed." he pointed out too him.

"The wolf in the picture too have been dreaming about that guy for even longer that to the point where it was probably something my mind created as a coping thing. I was a kid and alone what better way to soothe that that what two wolves be together to hope for something like that. And once I realized I wasn't shift that hope was gone." he said softly as he touched the paper gently.

"You, Gran, Grandfather, you all know something I can see it your face and I know what you think it is but what if it isn't" he whispered he held his head down kinda sad that he was down after the morning had started out so right.
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Des let out a chuckle "'Normal damn wolf'?" He teased. "There's already a pack in this territory. Why would wolves, were or not, be in our territory?"

"Yes the howling was absolutely necessary, by the way. I don't like it when you talk about yourself so negatively. I wish I could show you how amazing you are to me!" Des said, but then he suddenly became serious.

"I wasn't excited about a picture of me, Key.... I was happy because, well..." He paused and scratched his arm awkwardly. "You dreamed about me! I dream about you too, you know..."

He didn't know how much he wanted to reveal to Key, but he figured it was best to not mention the fact that the dreams probably meant he would have his first transformation at some point. Key wouldn't believe him, and it wouldn't be right to rob him of the mystery and awe surrounding his first transformation.
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Key caught on seeing the wolfish grin "You jerk!" he said to him hitting him with his sketch pad though it would hardly hurt the male. "I thought you were just a normal damn wolf!" he yelled his face was almost the color of Des hair and it fit him perfectly. This was a playful side of Key the side he never let out because why should he he wasn't a kid anymore he shouldn't be focused of child like fantasy it would just make it harder to pull away from them.

"Was the howling really necessary that hurt my ears." he complain as he huffed sitting back on the stool pouting even through he still had the mask hiding his features. "And the jumping and excitement over your picture." he grumbled.
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Des put a hand on Key, an act of reassurance, and offered him a smile.
"Key, never think you did anything wrong, or messed up. Even if I have to leave you in the middle of something, I'll always come back. I promise"

He offered Key a wolfish smile as he heard the next line, but he tried his best to morph it into an innocent one.

"Well, a lot of the times I go for a jog in the forest... Why do you ask?"

He asked, trying his best to remain nonchalant.

He really was happy that Key had said those things to him, revealed his insecurities and opened up, even if it was when he was in his wolf form.

He didn't want the mystery to go away just yet, so he tried his best to stay looking innocent.
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Key smiled at softly "Don't worry if anything you gave me something else to draw." he whispered showing him the half finished sketch. "Yes they do sometimes. But I should have thought about that last night instead of jumping to conclusions. We were getting somewhere and then with the pup thing I thought I had messed up again." he said to him as he put his sketch pad down and tap it.

"Um in the clearing earlier today um you didn't happen to go for a run did you?" he asked him blushing darkly as they thought about their text wondering what they were going to do now that Key practically told him everything he was worried about.
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Eventually, Des had some free time, and so he decided to go see Key again. He was awfully curious whether or not Key had recognized him, plus he wanted to see if the flowers had been delivered yet.

He was quite surprised to see Key was wearing a mask when he entered the store, but then it dawned on him. Key was allergic to flowers! And he had even TOLD des that before!

He had just been so caught up that he forgot... He felt bad, but after noticing that Key wasn't too bothered by them, he made his way over towards the blonde.

"So um... I see you got the flowers. I'm sorry I forgot about your allergies though.." He scratched his head and offered an apologetic grin. "Where you're from, people usually send flowers to other people to apologize, right?"
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Key blinked at he got lick and than blushed darkly as he realize who that wolf was and groaned. "Great just great urgh." Kai feverishly mess up his hair as he finished the herbs for the shop and when he got home he blushed at the flowers on the table as he sighed weakly putting the flowers in shop so he could stare at them.

"How are things with Des?" Ara asked.

"I don't know I guess okay" he whispered to him as he began to work on the plates he had to keep a mask on so the pollen didn't bother him but he loved the colors they were so bright. Slowly after work was done he began to work on a sketch.
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Des let out a huff of air, wishing he could just tell Key he wasn't upset.
All he wanted was to make Key happy...

But he thought over what Key had said and then made a decision. He stood up, stretching as he did so and letting out a yawn, before licking Key's face, a bold move, but he just wanted Key to know he wasn't upset and really, who could resist that face?

He wagged his tail and although he was in his wolf form, he still had his trademark grin that he flashed, before bounding off, wondering if Key would ever realize just who he had been talking about.

Once he got back into town, he transformed, chuckling to himself as he did so.
So maybe he should have gone back and told Key who he was, but the pets were nice and Key was finally opening up to him!

He decided to go to the store owned by a female in the pack who did flower arrangements in her spare time.

There, he custom-ordered a bouquet of blue, red, and purple flowers to be sent to Key's house with a card that read "I'm sorry for running off like that without explaining. I had to help one of the younger wolves out of a predicament. I hope you will forgive me"
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Key jump to cover his ears in pain shutting his eyes tightly "Are you-" before he could finish the wolf let out another howl and Key covered his ears watching the wolf get up and circle him "Are you finished now?" he asked him as he shook his head the wolf was nuts. Key sighed weakly as he went back to petting him. "I like it when he is calm and not trying through you see he talked about a picture of mine before he left me last night. I decided to give it to Alice to see if she would want it and she was so happy. I wanted to apologize to Des." he sighed petting him.

"I wish grandmother hadn't made him so upset yeah I was sad he left like he did but I should have been the one to tell him not her. We will never get anywhere if I can't tell him this stuff." he groaned weakly as he looked down.
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Des closed his eyes and listened to Key's words while he was pet, absently wagging his tail every so often, but soon his tail stopped and his ears started to droop.

Key...Truly thought like that? That he wasn't... What... Good enough for him? That was why he had been avoiding his affections and trying so hard to get him to dislike him?

He squeezed his eyes shut, ears fully pressed against his head, and he let out a mix of a groan and a whine as Key talked. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't like the thought of Key feeling so worthless.

He lifted his head and howled to drown out the last few words Key had spoken. He howled again for good measure, and then opened his eyes to look at Key. He forced himself to stand up, despite being comfortable, and he padded in a circle once, and then again, around Key, before settling right next to him, head in his lap and eyes looking upward as he gave an indignant huff.
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Key laughed at the lick and brushed his fur back softly "I guess you do know them?" he said as he moved to keep petting the wolf. "It must be nice to know you can lay with someone like that." he said with a smile "I am talking to wolf yup I have been here way to long for this to be normal." he said to him as he rubbed his head. "I guess I might have someone like that. He is big and goofy but his heart is in the right place and he is a strong leader that deserves so much more in life the a guy like me."

Key sighed "He showers me with compliments and tells me he would love me even if I don't become like him but how is that fair? He wouldn't have someone by his understands the challenges he is facing and that would just make me a worrying mess. He is that guy that everyone wants and that has focused on the one person who doesn't want to hurt him." he muttered as he laid next to the wolf "And yet that is pretty much what I'm doing every day I'm hurting him more and more even when I try to find a compromise I manage to screw it up."
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Des ignored the food in favor of the feel of Key's hand on him. It was far from sexual, but it still felt amazing to him, and he couldn't help but give his tail a wag.

He had been entirely too focused to register that Key had mentioned that he had dreamed about him, or more specifically, his wolf form.

But he did notice what Key said next, about his dream of him and a pale white wolf. His ears perked up and he looked at the picture, before glancing at Key, then back at the picture, then back at Key.

It hit him then and he let out an excited whine, before wagging his tail again.
He had had a dream about the wolf drawn in the picture, his own red form, before he had his first transformation! And this other wolf, the lighter one. It had to be!
He lifted his head slightly to look into Key's eyes, hoping to show his excitement.

Oh if he wasn't so tired, he would start running again! But the thought that he had in fact had dreams of a wolf similar to what Key had been dreaming about... He knew it! They were meant to be together!

He couldn't help but lick Key's hand, excitement growing. Perhaps soon Key would have his first transformation, and he would realize they were meant to be!
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Key was drawing intently as his hands went over the pencil marking he looked up and his eyes went wide. "You are one of the wolves from my dreams." he muttered astounded. Key reached into his bag and pulled out some meet he had bought with him it was cooked but he was sure the wolf would eat it. "Here you go now you can eat something" he said to him as he stroke his fur "I am going to be real screwed if you are a werewolf instead of a normal wolf." he said with a laugh as he pet the giant furball.

"So I know you but where's the smaller one I usually dream about you with with pale fur that's almost white?" he asked him as he showed him a picture. They were two wolves curled up in the clearing one obviously being the wolf in fount of him. "I was able to tell the color of his fur last night so maybe that is something important." he muttered.
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Once Des had run all of his potential energy out of his system, he headed back out of the forest. He was panting and tired, but he felt so alive!

Eventually he made it out of the forest, and was quite surprised to see Key in the meadow below! There was a downwards dip from the forest to the center of the meadow, so he was able to see Key first.

Too exhausted to run, he carefully padded over towards Key, still panting and trying to catch his breath. He got halfway there before he had to stop and sit down for a second to catch his breath.

His mouth was open wide in a big grin and his tongue was lolling out of his mouth, but eventually he cooled down a bit and continued towards key until he was right in front of him, at which point he decided he'd lay down while Key did whatever he was doing so he could rest a bit.

He was too in touch with his wolf side to even think about transforming back, so he continued to lay like that, occasionally lifting his gaze towards key, always keeping his ears up so he could hear everything around him. Even as tired as he was from his run, as alpha, he always had to remain alert.
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Key sighed he had woken up early after a horrible nights sleep and went out to the clearing as to pick up some herbs for the shop after all they were running low lately. Still he knew he had to apologize to Des for what his grandmother said. Key sighed as he gave up on picking herbs and started to draw the meadow he had another dream last not about the two wolves dancing together and playing he wished they would stop he didn't want to make things anymore painful.

"Why am I falling for him? I don't deserve him and he wants pups I'm a guy I can't give him that and I don't think werewolves have adoptions." he muttered drawing.
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