The Tales of The Brothas!

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[b [i [center [+red WELCOME! This is a tale of a family of brothers who do nothing but argue with eachother, attack eachother, attack other people who mess with them, and rest in an ancient crypt.]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Yes...]]]]

[b [i [center [+red You heard it right,]]]]

[b [i [center [+red The brothas are undead.]]]]

[b [i [center [+red I will update this description as the story progresses. I do hope you enjoy this hopefully funny comedic story about the undead brothas and their wacky adventures in the land of the ultimate noob. ]]]]

[b [i [center [h3 [+red Updates]]]]]

Special chapters can be written by people on ES, whoever wants to do it.

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[h3 [b [center Chapter 3 - MINE BROTHA!]]]

[b [center [+red [i Of course, it was yet another day in the Land of Noob...The brothas get a surprise visitor. A female mage...RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! RU-Oh nevermind, they never listen to me anyways...R.I.P. female mage.]]]

[b Verac - You dare enter the Brothas lair?!]

[b *Verac pulls out a sword*]

[b *The mage turns Verac to ash*]

[center [+red [b [i Wait! WAIT! WHAT?! DID THIS MAGE SERIOUSLY KILL ONE OF THE BROTHAS?! WUT?! OMG! WTF! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!]]]]

[b [+red *The Narrator explodes*]]

[b Ahrim - Wow! Now that is my type of gal!]


[b *Dharok slices at Ahrim and turns him to ash.*]


[b *Ahrim explodes into ash*]

[b Dharok - Why hello there! Don't mind my idiot brothas!]

[b *The mage hugs Dharok and slaps him*]

[b Dharok - What good will that do?! Hahahaha-]

[b Dharok - AGH! WHY?! WHY DO MAGES HAVE SUPER-SLAPS?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!]

[b *Dharok explodes into ash*]

  Pasaulio Valgytojas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5y 130d 22h 2m 38s
[b [i [h3 [center Chapter Two - NOT AGAIN BROTHA!]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Ah, yes...Back again for another chapter are we? Hm...Let's see what I got here...The Stanley Parrable...No, not doing that again....Hm, what else?...Um...How To Be A Narrator...No...AHA! Here it is! The Tales of The Brothas! Just let me flip the page here...Ah! Papercut! I'll be right back...]]]]

[b [i [center [+red ...]]]]

[b [i [center [+red ...]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Okay! I am terribly sorry about that, here we go! It was a nice sunny day in The Land of Noob, two of the brothas were having a rather silly quarrel on what should be for dinner.]]]]

[b Verac - I say we should have a nice healthy salad for dinner!]

[b Ahrim - I don't think so brotha! I say we should have lots and lots of meat! You can never have enough protein!]

[b Verac - We don't even need to eat! WE DON'T NEED PROTEIN!]

[b Ahrim - Don't you raise your voice at me brotha!]

[b Verac - BROTHA!]

[b *Verac zaps Ahrim with ancient magic*]


[b *Ahrim explodes into a pile of ash*]

[b [i [center [+red O-oh dear, that wasn't supposed to happen...Um...Anyway, after Verac turned one of his brothas into a pile of ash, he went on his merry way back into the crypt where he triped over a rock and fell on his face.]]]]

[b *Verac goes down into the crypt and sees the rock stepping over it*]

[b i [center [+red Your going to do this to me on every chapter aren't you? Do you find this amusing? Well do you? I sure don't. You may be the writer but I am the narrator! Now, make him trip on that damned rock or I swear!]]]]

[b *Verac goes down into the crypt, and doesn't see the rock thus making him trip over it and hitting his head on the coffin as he explodes into a pile of ash*]

[b [i [center [+red At least he tripped over the rock, which makes me satisfied. Good on you dear writer! Now end the chapter my dear boy! I am in need of my coffee break...Jerry hasn't fixed the coffee machine yet?...Well buggar, I guess off to Starbucks I go then!]]]]

[b [i THE END!]]
  Pasaulio Valgytojas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5y 195d 23h 53m 0s
[b [i [center [h3 Chapter One - BROTHA!]]]]

[b [i [center [+red Twas a nice day in the Land of Noob, Verac...The eldest brotha was havin a nice nap in his coffin when all of sudd-I AM TRYING TO NARRATE HERE! What must I do?!...NO! You fix the coffee machine! What?! At least I'm doing my job here! Jerry can go cram it where the sun doesn't shine!...Oh I am terribly sorry about that, anywho...Verac was having a nice nap in his coffin when all of a sudden...]]]]

[b *Verac awoke from his nap when he saw what appeared to be a noob*]

[b Verac - Ahhh! It's another blasted noob brothas! Did I need sleep?! Nooooo! Because apparently since I am undead I don't need sleep!

[b Noob - Yo brah, chill out. Take these magic beans and you'll be feeling better in no time.]

[b Verac - W...Where did you get these beans that might possibly be death beans?]

[b Noob - Nah brah, these are natural beans, see ya brah.]

[b *The noob teleported out of the crypt as Verac went back to sleep*]

[b [i [center [+red No! No! No! No!!! That is not how it went, no noob in there right mind would ever give the brothas 'magical' beans! The brothas don't even need to eat! Now, go on back and fix it!]]]]

[b *Verac was asleep in his coffin when a random noob kicked one of the coffins*]


[b *Verack popped out of his coffin and turned the noob to ash]

[b [i [center [+red Much, much better! Now Show the world your creation! Click that Post Reply button! You can do it!...Why aren't you doing it?...Oh fiddlesticks, that's right. End the chapter my dear boy!

[b THE END!]

  Pasaulio Valgytojas / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5y 196d 20h 28m 10s

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