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[center [i [b [size14 [Cinzel+Decorative Welcome to a Search Thread.

Though, perhaps not a usual one.

This is a thread dedicated to those who enjoy role-playing, games, and any combination of the two. However, it is primarily focused on gathering people together to play campaigns and or sessions of D&D.

And, whether you're completely unfamiliar to the role-playing game known as "D&D" or are one of the most grizzled veterans who is responsible for putting an end to a Lich's reign of terror, anyone who is simply interested is welcome to be here.

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May many a tankard of Dwarven ale be in your hands, and laughter in you voice!]]]]]

[h3 [center [+red [b [size20 [Cinzel+Decorative What Exactly Is D&D?]]]]]]
[center [size8 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative Here's a video if you don't want to read:]]]]]
[center [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76yhnu4Kwew]]
[size14 [b [i [center [Cinzel+Decorative D&D, or Dungeons and Dragons, is a role-playing game that revolves around a Dungeon Master and Player Characters.]]]]
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[center [i [b [size8 [Cinzel+Decorative This is kind of how D&D works out...minus the stripping part. That's up to the player.]]]]]
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[size12 [b [i [center [Cinzel+Decorative What is a Dungeon Master?]]]]
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[size11 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative The Dungeon Master is much like an omnipotent narrator of the world. But someone who controls many different aspects of the world the Players are currently in, including the creation of the world itself. To be a DM means to be the overall villain of the entire campaign or session that is being played out.]]]
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[size11 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative Players are the "main characters" of the world. Able to do [u almost] anything, but their decisions have an impact on the world around them in ways the DM can decide. To be a character means to be an adventurer that wishes to travel the "known" world and accomplish a goal.]]]
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[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative What is a Campaign/Session?]]]]]]
[size12 [b [i [center [Cinzel+Decorative Campaigns:]]]]
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[size11 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative A campaign is usually a story or series of stories, orchestrated by the Dungeon Master to create an adventure for the players to experience. These can last anywhere from hours, to days, weeks, months, and even years if things go well in the campaign.]]]]
[size12 [b [i [center [Cinzel+Decorative Sessions:]]]]
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[size11 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative A session is often something done every so often between the DM and the players. This often occurs once a week, but the sessions can occur at any time preferred by both the DM and the players. Whether it be once a week, once a month, or more frequent than those options.]]]
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[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative Pathfinder & Other Tabletop Games]]]]]]
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[size11 [b [i [Cinzel+Decorative While D&D is one of the best Tabletop RPGs, there are others. For example: Pathfinder. These games are also great ones and if you would like to list yourself as a player of Pathfinder, Dragon Age, or a different game, you can. Not all people on this thread need to play D&D.]]]]
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[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative List of Players:]]]]]]
[Cinzel+Decorative [b [+red Username:] Crow37 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] 4e, 5e ; [+red Other Games:] Pathfinder]
[b [+red Username:] Sapherno]
[b [+red Username:] Raize ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] AD&D, 3.5e, 4e ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Caleb1021 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] Veneros System, AD&D 2E ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] GoldenSpider666 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] None ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Sonicspeedx13 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] None ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Omio ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] AD&D, 3.5e ; [+red Other Games:] Pathfinder]
[b [+red Username:] Ripkay ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] None ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Renthead ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] None ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Thewolf13 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] 1E - 5E ; [+red Other Games:] Cyberpunk]
[b [+red Username:] Lunalight ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] 3.5e ,5e ; [+red Other Games:] Magic the Gathering]

[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative List of Dungeon Masters]]]]]]
[Cinzel+Decorative [b [+red Username:] Crow37 ; [+red Preferred Version:] 4e, 5e ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Raize ; [+red Preferred Version:] AD&D, 3.5e, 4e ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Goldenspider666 ; [+red Preferred Version:] 4e ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Caleb1021 ; [+red Preferred Version:] Veneros System ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] ShadowOfSkills ; [+red Preferred Version:] DNM: GKNR ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Omio ; [+red Preferred Version:] AD&D, 3.5e ; [+red Other Games:] None]
[b [+red Username:] Thewolf13 ; [+red Preferred Version(s):] 1E - 5E ; [+red Other Games:] Cyberpunk]

[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative Sessions/Campaigns:]]]]]]
[b [+red Session Number:] Stratagem]
[b [+red Occurrence:] Once per Week]
[b [+red Version:] 3.5 Edition]
[b [+red DM?] Yes; [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=45613 Raize]]
[b [+red Open Spots?] Yes; Spots: 6 [+green Open] ; 0 [+red Closed] ; 2 [+orange Pending]]
[b [+red Date & Time of Next Gathering:] 02/14/2015, 7:00 pm CST]

[b [+red Session Number:] ShadowOfSkills' Campaign]
[b [+red Occurrence:] Once per Week]
[b [+red Version:] Custom ]
[b [+red DM?] Yes; [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=16613 ShadowOfSkills]]
[b [+red Open Spots?] Yes; 3 Spots are [+green Open] [+orange ]]
[b [+red Date & Time of Next Gathering:] 02/12/2015, 6:00 pm CST]
[b [+red Requirements:] Skype, dice , paper and pencil , YouTube, and your brain.]

[b [+red Session Name:] Omio's Campaign]
[b [+red Occurrence:] TBD]
[b [+red Version:] 3.5 Edition]
[b [+red DM?] Yes; [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=1412 Omio]]
[b [+red Open Spots?] Yes; 1-3 Spots are [+green Open]]
[b [+red Date & Time of Next Gathering:] TBD]
[b [+red Requirements:] Skype, Evil-Aligned Characters]

[b [+red Session Name:] The Rogue Lord]
[b [+red Occurrence:] Weekly ]
[b [+red Version:] 3.5 Edition]
[b [+red DM?] Yes; [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=42958 TheWolf13] OR Skype: AlexNos25
[b [+red Open Spots?] Yes; 5+ Spots are Open
[b [+red Date & Time of Next Gathering:] TBA; 9PM - 1PM EST.
[b [+red Requirements:] Roll20, Dice , Paper and Pencil , Your Brain.]

[b [+red Session Name:] 5e Starting Level 3]
[b [+red Occurrence:] Once per Week]
[b [+red Version:] D&D Next ]
[b [+red DM?] No; contact [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=35300 Shedinja1]]
[b [+red Open Spots?] Yes; Spots: 3 or 4 [+green Open] ; 2 [+red Closed] ; 1 [+orange Pending]
[b [+red Date & Time of Next Gathering:] 2/14/2015, 8:00 pm EST]

[h3 [+red [size20 [b [center [Cinzel+Decorative Resources:]]]]]]
[center [https://wiki.roll20.net/Mobile_Tablet_Support How to Use Roll20 On a Mobile Device]]
[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size14 [+red D&D 5th Edition ]]]]
[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size8 This version is recommended for those that want to get involved in the real thing but are beginners.]]]]]
[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vuhURkItLnVGt5QXlCV0Y2eDQ/view?usp=sharing D&D 5e PDF -- Player's Handbook]
[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vuhURkItLnc2NjTjBJSnBQZ0E/view?usp=sharing D&D 5e PDF -- Dungeon Master's Guide]
[size10 [i [+red Currently there is an error for when trying to view the Dungeon Master's Guide for 5th edition. However, downloading the file and then opening it should work. Please tell me if it does not.]]]
[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vuhURkItLnWmdWYXBRZnI0OGM/view?usp=sharing D&D 5e PDF -- Monster Manual]
[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6vuhURkItLnSlFlZWJUR2xhYlk/view?usp=sharing D&D 5e PDF -- 3 Page Character Sheet]
[size10 [i [+red This file is editable if downloaded. Meaning that you can fill in the blanks using a computer program. An alternative to this is opening the file in Google Documents using Doc Hub. You will be able to fill in the blanks using Doc Hub.]]

[center [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFkdHn1d3Ow]]

[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size14 [+red D&D 4th Edition]]]]
[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size8 This version is recommended for those that are completely new as both a DM and a Player.]]]]]
[http://cadwe.free.fr/cadr/DD4/Player's%20Handbook.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Player's Handbook 1]
[https://www.speaksoftly.info/luke/4E%20Core/D&D%204.0%20-%20Player's%20Handbook%202.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Player's Handbook 2]
[http://www.goddessfantasy.net/Upload/dnd/4e/Player's%20Handbook%203.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Player's Handbook 3]
[ D&D 4e PDF -- Dungeon Master's Guide]
[https://www.speaksoftly.info/luke/4E%20Core/Monster%20Manual.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Monster Manual 1]
[http://www.isccomics.com/grendy/Monster%20Manual%202.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Monster Manual 2]

[center [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRX1XEgnSl0]]

[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size14 [+red D&D 3.5 Edition]]]]
[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size8 This version is recommended for those that want to start off confused.]]]]]
[http://www.aegisoft.be/costa/data/roleplay/D&D%203.5%20-%20Players%20Handbook%20%5BOEF%5D.pdf D&D 3.5e PDF -- Player's Handbook]
[http://www.goddessfantasy.net/Upload/dnd/3e/DMG.pdf D&D 3.5e PDF -- Dungeon Master's Guide]
[https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B08IvhPQezRHNjhkYmVhZWEtZGJiNy00ZTU3LWE0ZWYtYWNkNTc5YWRjZTM5/edit?sort=moddate&ddrp=1&layout=list&pid=0B08IvhPQezRHMjNiM2E2NGQtMTVmOS00MGQzLTkzOWEtOWNmNWRjOTQ5OWM1&cindex=2# D&D 4e PDF -- Monster Manual 1]
[http://choisey.free.fr/3.5/Core/Dungeons%20and%20Dragons%203.5%20-%20Monster%20Manual%20II.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Monster Manual 2]
[http://www.goddessfantasy.net/Upload/dnd/3e/MM3.pdf D&D 4e PDF -- Monster Manual 3]

[center [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpHvfVtnPkQ]]

[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size14 [+red Veneros System (Custom)]]]]
[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_mMEHEb1lWgsgvhj1f3z57qXyAZTAklr1Wqh-HL8d0I&authuser=1 Character Sheet]
[https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-2E8B367nty3pJMXSbeYIjjJAmkoIqZNi2BJf7rUReM&authuser=1 Rules]
[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-lzJRqrGI7qOEElUj_KxltBHAMZ6nQiqdidj2l79y6U/edit?usp=sharing Example Characters]

[center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size14 [+red DNM: GKNR, V 2.718 Beta System (Custom)]]]]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=353528 Character Sheet]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=353531 Example Character]

[+red [center [Cinzel+Decorative [b [i [size10 Note: If there are any links to PDFs or other resources you would like me to list, please message me or state them in the chat. Thank you.]]]]]]]

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Updated information for Session 0 on Saturday

A group chat for the campaign has been created on Skype, all of the appropriate people should be there- if I missed you I apologize, and please inform me of this so it can be corrected.

A repeat of the information posted to the Skype group, to make sure everyone sees it:

Session 0 is set for Saturday, begining 1730 hours EST on Saturday. Does this sound acceptable to everyone?

Those of you who have a completed character sheet please bring yours, those who don't have one, fret not, filling them out and going over the rules is part of what we'll be doing.

Make sure to bring something to record information on/with, if paper, preferably 3 sheets minimum. Also make sure to have plenty of dice, especially d6s. Bring your imagination too, and perhaps some of your favorite snacks and drinks.
  Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies / ShadowOfSkills / 2y 164d 14h 6m 35s
[h3 Pertaining to Practice Session(s?) before True Campaign.]
Alright, so as some of you know, the engines of D&D I'm familiar with are Pathfinder and 3.5e. I have plenty of tools at my disposal for these two engines, they're seriously dirt-common. However! The general aptitude of the players does lean a bit more toward favoring 5e, for player-simplicity.

I'm willing to learn 5e just so I can teach Okimichi how to DM, and then afterwards play, but if I do so, I need an extra week of prep.

However, if time is of the essence for you all, then I can easily help people [http://www.d20pfsrd.com/basics-ability-scores/character-creation learn Pathfinder pretty quick] too.

Be that as it may, that still leaves a question hanging until I close answers off after Wednesday. Answer however you will, but the question is thus:
[i Do you players want to learn Pathfinder to get the show on the road next week, or will I need to learn 5e really fast, and start things two weeks from now?]
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 2y 196d 16h 21m 3s
0Day-Today I bought a diary. I decided not to date it. I shall write in it as I can just saying how long it has been. Since this is my first time writing I don't see it as nessisary. As I walked through town after buying this diary I heard a couple members of the local Slayer's Guild talking about a big job. Since I just recently joined the Mage's Guild I think I shall try to join up for the quest. Perhaps if I do well and impress the guild I will move up more quickly, after all I am older than the head guy there and have seen much more than he ever will.

1Day-I joined the group going to the quest. We are, it seems, going to attempt to rid the wolrd of one of the many demon lords. A Slayer found where we can enter the lord's realm and defeat him. Although I know I am not strong and have little knowledge about demons in this world, they assure me that every person helping is one that counts towards the fight.

1Day-While we were traveling today I managed to figure out a spell that ignores armour. The details of that spell are contained at the begining of this entry, I plan to expand upon this at a later date . The travel should take a while but tomorrow we are being separated into groups.

2day- I was too tired yesterday to write, we were paired into groups of four and had to tell everyone about what we can do and eachother's names so that we could communicate and know how to stand during individual group combats. Today though was a day for travel. So I thought I would write a little about my past, after all travelling like this reminds me of my trip many years ago to Italy. The trip started in France where I had just been working as a hired hand at a vineyard that made wine. It was a fun job as I was quickly moved up in the ranks to learn how to make the wine. But after twenty years there they started to finally notice that I didn't get much older in that time unlike everyone else, so I was in disguise travelling south to Italy. I wasn't sure what sort of job I would try for but I was farther from my war torn homeland and that was good enough. I figured knowing English would make things easier in my travels as it was quickly becoming the standard language for most the world over. I was right too, as long as I kept my accent under control and didn't show I had ever lived anywhere but the United States people were nicer to me and treated me as though I knew nothing, which made it much easier to learn about them and get a job and learn the language .

1Day- Today was our first battle practice, I found out that the people that were put under my control are completely inexperienced. The Fox-Girl can barelly heal more than once or more than a beetle, the Male Human is strong for a human but couldn't hit water if I tossed him out of a boat, the last of our group is more impressive. A human girl, Illyana, she doesn't speak very good English or any language I know, she said that she was from Russia; I think I will go there some time. She uses a gun like it is the most natural thing in the world, I think she could shoot the wings off a hummingbird so far away that you couldn't hear a lion's roar.

1Day- I still have yet to learn the names of the two in my group who have little experience, but Illyana and I seem to be hitting it off quite nicely. We both give pointers to the other two and chat in our off time but she is starting to handle English better and I am beginning to learn Russian which seems close to German and yet very far off at the same time, it will take me some work.

1Day- I have decided that I will pass this journal down to my future children, but I am not sure I will be alive to teach them the magic that has taken me ages to learn. So herein I record the formulae that makes the spells I know possible. I don't know a lot of variety, thus I apologize to any of my children who wanted something different. Here is Flare, Fireball, Acid Bolt, Frost, Snowball, Eldrich Bolt, and Invisibility. As a last note for the day, I want to try to find a spell to make a Human live longer.

1Day- Today I learned the names of the two other people of my Group. The Fox is Mira, the Human male is Jacques. I once knew a Jacques who worked in the vineyards with me, but he was somewhat slow in the head. I wonder if this Jacques is the same. I guess there isn't much I can do for it except to wait and see. I just hope

3Day- I missed some days. We arrived at the lair of the demon in the middle of my last entry. Everyone is dead. There is only three of us left. Myself and the two that couldn't swat a fly. We have been running away for some time now, nearly Thirty-Six hours. We have a few minute respite now as we camp on the very edge of a place known as National Park in a country that I never meant to come to. I still can't beleive we are the only ones left but I know it is true because I
watched them all fall under the Demon Lord. The last to die was Illyana as the four of us made our retreat. I used the last of my magic to shield the little ones, I barely made it out alive but she.... Well the Demon Lord shouted a curse at us as we managed the escape. Let us hope it was an Idle threat.

?Day- I don't know what day it is. I came to kneeling over a bloodied body and the last thing I remember was watching Illyana die. I rather not go into it though. I wanted to write that it was the same day as that incident, but when I opened my book I had already writen. I remember how I saved the two young ones, some typw of protective spell. But I don't know anything of the kind.

1Day- It has been a full day since I lost my memory. I still don't know what happened that day other than killing a goblin. I didn't let on what happened and so the other two don't know. I think it might be shock though, sometimes that happens after a traumatic event. I hope it passes but I can't lay out my problems on the young ones, else they will not grow.

2Day- I missed a day but we spent that day searching out threats to defeat and training. Mira and Jacques finally are getting to a point where they can protect themselves. But that is with me staying out of any combat and only instructing them. I hope they can get even better. Perhaps one day they will surpass me and not have to worry any more.

?Day- I don't know where I am. I remember who I am but I was leaving Italy recently on my way to India. I found this book on my person and reading it before writing. The two people with me seem to be my friends and I am some sort of teather for them? At any rate I won't be much use to them now, after all it took me an hour just to stop speaking Italian. I will show them all this in the morning and try to explain as best I can. My guess is that I am loosing my memories, but it happening only after the Demon Lord? I have to assume that the two are somehow related.

1Day- I let the others know what I know now. Including all the somewhat mean comments about them that were written in this book. I studied the diagrams that were drawn in here and learned to make ice out of nothing, but the Fox, Mira, pointed out that combat is what spawned both instances of the memory lapse. As a trial I suggested trying to find a combat and seeing if I loose even more, but Jacques pointed out that this gets worse every time and so next time my mind might cease to exist.

1Day- Today the three of us went all over a town called Hansen's Cliff looking for anything that might lead to being able to remember everything. There was a rumor about a Medicine Woman in some place called Fish that is suppose to be able use a vary unique kind of magic that might help. If nothing else I want to see about this unique magic and maybe learn it a bit. We perchased a few horses and will head out a little after sunrise.

1Day- We travelled all day today. There is an infinite number of buildings crumbling in this nation, unlike in Italy where the buildings that crumble at least look good as they do it. This land is very interesting. I have learned that it is somewhere near Greece, which I suppose means I didn't get very far on my way to India. Also it would seem that all manner of Demon, Beast, and Angel has infitrated this world, aswell as magik becoming a regular thing. It use to be that magik was rare for those born to this world and without a findable trace of the multiverse in thier DNA.

1.5Day- Hi myself! So far so good, we found the medicine woman after riding all night to get here. The town is under siege and we are trying to help, but there seems to be nothing for it. We can't sleep or we die , we can't fight because there seems to be a war here going on for some time with no give either way , lastly the longer we stay awake the more we aren't even fit to run away. Now I am staying awake by learning things from the Medicine Woman who doesn't seem to have any magic at all, but at least this might come in handy. Here-in I record the many Healing tonics and the like that the Medicine Woman taught to me.

1Day- Jacques is dead and somehow this doesn't bother me in the least. At least Mira is still alive. Neither of us is really sure what to do but after a full throttle mad dash for the exit, we managed to get to a new town. One called Bastion that doesn't seem to have many problems at all. I don't know a lot just yet, only that Mira can be a ghost and has a bad habit of leaving herself in some mighty awkward positions when she does so. I will try to find out more about what we can do to remedy our situation.
  Alexis / Raize / 3y 272d 3h 48m 36s

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