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He glanced away from his piece for a second and notices the people. He snatches the piece from her head, using the other hand to hold her head, stopping her from moving [+red Do not approach those men.] He spoke in a harsh commanding tone [+red Turn around and walk the other way. We need to get away from these people.] The people waiting outside the house were part of a rival gang, who really hated Chess.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 4h 10m 44s
Rin listened curiously. She guessed the piece was very important to him but still didn't get understand why he wanted her to balance it on her head. "Why am I balancing this on my head. " She asked it almost sloping off but rin stopped it just in time. They were almost back but it seemed like there was a few people there that seemed to know chess.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 6h 29m 31s
He made her hold it for a bit, then placed his forefinger on the top of the piece, applying a bit of pressure. He smiled at the piece, closing his eyes for a moment. [+red The shield bearer, the protector, my castle.. Protect your brothers.] He spoke to the piece despite it not having the capacity to understand. His eyes opened again and he removed his finger again, leaving the piece on her head.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 8h 57m 9s
At that point rin panicked a little. She continued to walk while trying to balance the chess piece on her head. Rin had always had a good sense of balance but the worry made it hard to concentrate. Why did he want here to balance a piece on her head? It didn't make any sense to her but she decided to just do as she was told for a while.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 9h 21m 35s
He removed his hand from her back and took out a castle piece, balancing it on top of her head [+red Don't let it drop or I'll hank your arm.] He kept his eyes on the piece, it having a calming effect on him. No one but him knew why they had such an effect, and he would never tell. Despite the fact the pieces weren't his, he cherished them as if he were thier creator.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 9h 32m 43s
Rin couldn't help but shudder a little at the thought of what he said. She She rubbed her head as she walked walked a bit faster. Well she had given him a way to get out of it. She would just have to wait and leave it to him. Either way she wouldn't let that woman have the upper hand. She couldn't le that happen.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 9h 51m 38s
He sighed, thinking through what he was about to say [+red She would probably rape then keep me in chains for a couple months, she doesn't want me dead for some reason. For you... She likes small girls so.. She would keep you as her personal slave, breaking you and doing many things to you. You would eventually die. Those are our best outcomes...] He placed his hand on the small of her back, pushing her forwards a bit [+red Hurry up.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 10h 19m 31s
She looked up at him realising he was pretty much twice the height of her. "I do want to know." She wanted to know because of if it was that bad then she would consider helping convince her father to pay. If not then shed just endure it and keep attempting to escape until he old just give up on chasing her.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 10h 59m 8s
He stopped walking for a moment, memories of past failures filling his mind. [+red You don't want to know...] He returned back to walking, slowing down to accommodate her speed, he was in no rush to get back. [+blue All you need to know is that she scares everyone. She scares even the high level bounty hunters, none wish to take up the job of taking her down.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 11h 11m 43s
Rin looked at him confused by his change of attitude. She decided to do as she was told this time. She'll always have another chance to escape anything. So she slowly started to walk back to the house before A question came to her mind. "What will happen to both of us if my father doesn't pay the ransom? " She asked slowly down a little.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 11h 29m 32s
He sighed placing his hand to his head [+red As true as that may be, still a bad idea. Now get back to the house please.] He turned around and waited for her to start moving back. His personality seemed to change as his mind drifted away from his work and to his pieces, gaining a calm and collected atmosphere.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 19h 56m 51s
Once she wad grabbed by the shoulder she winced and gave up running. "It was worth a shot. "Rin mumbled the pain she was feeling becoming viable in her voice as she looked looked up at chess

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  rinkokoro / 5y 269d 20h 10m 4s
The pawn had managed to land on its feet, creating a loud thump. It had watched her get up and struggle to get away, reaching to yank her arm to pull her back but taking the better option of pulling on her unharmed shoulder by the orders of its commander. [+red There you are. Not a good idea revealing yourself little one. And an even worse one trying to escape.] He stood up brushing himself off, annoyed that he had rolled on the forest floor in his favourite suit.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 21h 2m 25s
Rin yelped when she to was pulled down. She landed hard on her shoulder which caused her to cry out in pain. SSend was shaking to the point she could not move. Despite that she staggered to her feet and attempted the futile action of trying to limp away without being caught. But of course she was going to get caught.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 21h 13m 52s
He looked at the apple that bounced off his leg for a moment, knowing his leg would bruise, then tossed up the last pawn he hadn't put away, summoning it mid air. It's eyes flared red seeing Rin. As it fell back down it reached out, to pull Rin down with it. Chess had to roll away quickly before his piece crushed him, cursing himself for not thinking that part through.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 21h 19m 21s

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