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The pawn just looked blankly at his arm and the girl, drawing a dagger with its free hand. The one on reserve moved in, holding its sword with point facing Rin, ready to jab. The second moved in doing the same. Neither attacked, waiting for a good moment to. [+red Then we will have to reduce your capabilities. Tell me, do your hands and limbs grow back?]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 3h 46m 7s
"See what I mean you underestimate me. Remember I have been kidnapped over 25 times. " She didn't pay attention to the first attack and actually ran towards the second one as it was about to slash down.she slashed up his arm and seeped at its feet saving the other blade for defence against the other two.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 3h 57m 46s
[+red Three unfeeling warriors against one little girl. You think you have a chance little one?] The pawns started to circle her slowly, after a moment of this, the one behind her jabbed. It wasn't aiming to harm her, only distract as the one in the front right swung down, aiming for her shoulder. The third stood unmoving, on reserve for the next strike.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 4h 4m 18s
Sho rolled is eyes then sat down on the sofa. He sighed and rubbed his head *

Rin didn't show any fear on her face. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of having the upper hand. She flicked her wrists and the blades extended so they were like mini daggers." Go ahead a try" Rin said in a mocking tone.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 4h 18m 48s
He stared at her for a moment, annoyed that she knew that. [+red I may not be able to kill you. But I am able to bring you close to death, as long as you don't die.] He ordered his pieces to surround her, thier swords ready to strike. The man grinned, cracking his knuckles [+blue Breaking skulls, and other bones.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 4h 25m 33s
Sho looked at the other male with a blank expression. "If your no good at thinking what are you good at?" Rin just stood up and brushed her dress down her arms seemed to be fine and not causing much pain, though there was still a twinge. She still had the blades in her sleeve and just looked at the male with an sarcastic expression."You won't kill because if you do that then I will become worthless and you will be stuck with that woman." Rin said obviously not scared of the males threats.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 4h 41m 17s
He cursed, seeing her not effected, and just throws her away. He didn't notice the bomb, keeping his eyes on Rin. He took out his chess board and drew three pawns, all fully armed. [+red You will pay for that rat. Not only did you defy my punishment, but you ate my sandwich. Let's just hope you don't die from this next punishment.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 4h 50m 34s
Rin didn't seem effected by being pulled off the bed. "Obviously." She said with a raised eyes brow and a sarcastic look on her face. She had been working on a bomb that would heal her arms and it seemed like it was time to test it. As she was pulled off the bed by her hair the bomb dropped out her pocket.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 5h 12m 9s
[+blue I know your not. Just hurry up. And let me know when you got one.] Chess looked to where his sandwich was then back to Rin. He got angry and grabbed her hair, lifting her up [+red Did you really just eat my sandwich you eat?] He dragged her off the bed, giving him more room to pull her around.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 5h 20m 20s
When chess crouched down rin swiped the sandwich finishing it in a matter of seconds. She could say that was definitely a success and despite being glared at she couldn't stop laughing at her little prank. She was very please with herself. "Give me a little while for gods sake. I ain't a computer. "
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 5h 43m 48s
[+red If you grew up in the warrens, like the proper thiefs, then your nose gets desensitised you moron.] He crouched down to look under the bed, finding the stink bomb, and tossed it out the window. He glared at Rin, either it being her or the other two. [+blue Then think of something. I'm not the thinking type.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 5h 59m 23s
"How did you even land with this job. It's obviously coming from under the bed" Sho said to then looked to the other male and shrugged. "Not too sure." He said. Rin was trying hard not to laugh but she just ended up breaking out on laughter that they were so clueless. The smell continued to grow toll the point it could be considered Intoxicating.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 268d 6h 15m 41s
He placed his sleeve over his nose [+blue Alright. What do you have in mind?] Chess placed the sandwich onto the bed, making his hands free. [+red If it wasn't you, then what the bloody hell was it? Did you let a skunk crawl in and die?] He didn't mind the smell, it reminded him of his childhood home. Though he would rather it be gone.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 268d 6h 30m 28s
Sho held his nose. " I think he will be too occupied to notice." And then Sho yelled. "It wasn't us."

Rin wasn't effected by the smell. She could turn her senses on and off at will. However she couldn't help letting letting a sly giggled escape as the ssmell only seemed to get worse and opening a windows didn't help.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 1h 48m 6s
[+blue Hmm, yeah that could work. Though what about Chess? He will try to kill us if he found out we're trying to undertake the job.] Chess walked back in, a poorly made sandwich in his hands. He sniffed the air for a moment then went back to eating [+red Why does it smell like the warrens in here? Have some curtesy you bloody mongols.] He assumed the smell was coming from the men.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 1h 55m 47s

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