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He stepped forward, hearing the spirit say something about going away. [+red I wonder if it can see me or only her.] He looked back to his pieces [+red What do you reckon?] All he got in reply was a shrug of the shoulders from one and he stared back amazed for a moment [+red I always forgot you guys have basic interactions.] He turned back to Rins mother, his eyes glowing red slightly as his magic activated [+red Oi! She stays with me! Go away!]
  Puppeteer - Suzuko / Pollux / 5y 264d 2h 27m 5s
Rin just sat there completely zoned out. She couldn't move at all and the light was just blinding her. "It's time to come with me rin."
"But mother I'm only a kid "
"You don't want to spend any more time with your no good farther do you? And you don't have any friends that'll look after you. Just come with me."
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 264d 3h 49m 2s
He watched curiously, though he had seen a couple of things like this, he had never seen someone face it with such calmness. He had seen his own father being taken away. And he cherished the memory. The hatred he had for the old bag was larger than his hatred for the rich snobs he stole from. His pieces had followed him, walking with heavy steps, ruining his stealth. With a sigh he stood up, never taking his eyes off the girl.
  Puppeteer - Suzuko / Pollux / 5y 264d 5h 22m 42s
Rins eyes were completely white. She was glowing as what looked llike an older version of her appeared. It was her mother's spirit and it was trying to pull rin to the afterlife. It tried every year but rins father managed to stop it. However rin just thought it was her mother wanted to see her again. She didn't know how truly wicked her mother was.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 264d 5h 39m 32s
[+red Huh?] He heard the out of place sound in the forest, becoming curious as to what it was. He way laying on one of his castles, trying and succeeding to sleep until this moment. [+red What do you think that is? Why am I asking you?] He rolled off and stood up, turning his head to locate where the sound was coming from. Moving slowly and quietly he went towards it, as soon as he got close he moved into a crouch, trying to remain hidden. Examining the light from the shadows.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 264d 6h 15m 47s
Sho looked up to him an nodded. Rin remained fast asleep until she felt a cold wind brush past her. She looked around. By now both sho and the other male was asleep. Rin stood up and climbed silently out the window. She didn't run but just walked. She wasn't trying to escape, she just had to clear her mind. She kneeled down in the grass and bowed her head. A strange song seemed to come from her and she was engulfed in light.
  Me and Jon / rinkokoro / 5y 264d 6h 53m 47s
Chess saw her falling back asleep and took his moment to get out. He feinted waking, yawning and stretching. Then stood up, surveying the room for a second before walking to the door. He noticed Sho but thought he could get away with getting out alone [+red I'm heading out to check the perimeter. Stay here and make sure she doesn't escape.] With that lie he went out, finding a small clearing in the forrest. He summoned his pieces, letting them all wander the clearing.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 265d 4h 29m 6s
Rin looked at chess then curled up in to a ball, hiding her head in her knees. She slowly started to fall asleep, paying no mind to anything around her. Mean while Sho was sitting on the sofa typing something on a miniature laptop he had bright himself. He never left his base without is. If it wasn't obvious already Sho was more of a brain then anything else.
  Me and Jon / rinkokoro / 5y 265d 14h 7m 28s
Chess felt bad, he had prevented her from doing something that was obviously very important to her. But he ignored the feeling, he shouldn't be feeling bad for his hostage. She was more obedient now, so making her miss it was beneficial... He just had to ignore her sadness. He was getting sleepy again, but the nightmare still haunted his mind. He had to get out and go outside for some time with his pieces, but he couldn't let Rin see him do that.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 266d 7h 43m 51s
Rin seemed to be looking at the stars. She mumbled in a quiet voice as she closed her eyes. "Im sorry I didn't visit you..I didn't mean not to.. I will bring fresh flowers next time..white roses..." She mumbled in a shaky voice as she closed her eyes. She didn't fall back to sleep but the crying made her eye lids heavy.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 267d 8h 49m 15s
He remained there watching, not wanting to go back less the nightmare return. Curiosity filled his mind at what Rin had said. What is she sorry for? He could not think of an answer, and neither could he find out. All he could do was watch her and wait. Though it was rather boring. He just waited, waited for her.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 267d 9h 8m 25s
Rin didn’t notice chess was awake. She was dazed out in her own thoughts. Tears were streaming down her pale face but she made no movement to wipe them away. No sound was uttered either. It was like she just wanted to slip away. “Im sorry mother…” She mumbled in a barely audible voice. She had missed her mums birthday. That she had spent every year at her mother grave. That was the only day she felt as if she could see her mother.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 267d 9h 18m 13s
The entire time she was unconscious, Chess had remained beside her bed, watching. He had awoken from a nightmare to see Rin crying. He remained still, feinting sleep, in order to watch her more. Some effort had to be put in to prevent himself from holding her and comforting her to stop the crying. He did not need to appear weak, he needed to remain in control.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 267d 9h 33m 22s
Rin remained unconscious for longer then last time. When she finally did awake she would just lay there in a daze. She wouldn't speak eat drink or move unless told to. The only time she would even move was when everyone else was asleep. She would just stare out the window and not bother fighting back the tears. She didn't seem to care anymore. Something happened in her mid while she was unconscious.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 267d 23h 33m 47s
the man dropped her, not caring now she was unconscious [+blue Maybe she has like really bad mommy and daddy issues, so she Rebels a lot. Or maybe she is just a brat.] Chess caught her before she hit the ground, since she was unconscious, it was no use causing her any pain. He moved her over to the bed and placed her onto the ground while he removed the mattress and replaced it with a board of wood, then placed her onto that, leaving the mattress on the ground next to the bed for him to sleep on later.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 267d 23h 40m 41s

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