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When were up rin awoke she was pale and covered in dirt and leaves. She was hungry and thirsty to a point she found It hard to walk. She walked forward as that was the Only way she could think off. She soon came across what looked like a small lake. She didn't see anyone around so decided to take off her clothes and go in to the lake. She had had enough of being dirty. She washed her clothes and left them on the grass to dry while she cleaned off.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 230d 13h 1m 48s
The piece just stared blankly at where she was just a moment ago. Where did she go? It looked around, trying to figure out what happened to her. With a shrug of the shoulders it returned to its position watching over the grave. It wasn't ordered to report back to Chess due to him forgetting so it didn't bother doing so. In two days, Chess went out to check on Rin. He was carrying a waterbottle and a bun, feeling generous enough to try and replenish her... If she was still there. [+red Oh blood Hells lowest circle. How the heck did she get out?!] With both bottle and bread on the floor, he was off at a run. Could he find her before she reached civilisation and subsequently, the cops?
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 230d 22h 49m 7s
When Rin felt the air come through the now made whole she gasped catching her once lost breath.. She saw the piece but no there was an opening she had a chance. She mumbled something and was surrounded by smoke. When the smoke cleared she was gone. This was the only spell she could use. It was an escape spell but she needed a big enough hole to complete it. Where she was, was in the forest, fast asleep on a bed of leaves. She didn’t use this spell often because the after effects was no matter where she ended up she would fall in to a deep sleep for either two day or until someone touches her skin.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 232d 8h 11m 40s
It used the shovel to break into the casket, almost hitting Rin as it did so. With a few jabs it created a big enough hole to look through. Studying Rin with its lifeless eyes, it watched her, doing nothing to help her. It wanted to see what she would do. Would she pass out? Would she beg for help? Would she refuse to give up the act of death? Or was she already dead. It watched curiously.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 233d 14h 10m 35s
By the time the piece got to he casket rin was in so much pain. Tears filled her half open eyes as the amount of pain of having her legs being crushed under a load of concrete was getting to the point she would fall unconscious. All she wanted was this horrible nightmare to be over. She wished she was born to a parent that would actually pay the ransomm
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 236d 13h 37m 13s
The piece noticed a change in the grave and went over to it. It didn't bother to notify Chess. Instead just started to dig the dirt that remained on the side of the grave. It was trying to get a better view of the situation, and that was the best way to in its mind. Once it reached the depth of the casket, it used the shovel to break through and clear out the concrete that was around it.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 236d 21h 38m 9s
Rin listened carefully and could hear people's footsteps leaving. She placed a small Bomb on the Corner of the casket. The bomb set of as small blow. However it only crumbled the concrete which cause it to cave in on her. She started to hyperventilate which would mean the little air getting in wouldn't be enough to keep her alive.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 237d 13h 40m 4s
He dismissed everyone and looked down at the out of place concrete and grinned a little. [+Red She better get scared down there.] He posted a pawn to watch over the grave from a distance. He didn't expect her to get out at all, but just in case. Precautions are always necessary. Chess walked off back to the house, he'll check back tomorrow.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 237d 13h 52m 12s
By the time the hole was filled up with Concrete rins breathing came back and same with her pulse. She guessed he knew she was alive. Despite it begin dark she started to make a bomb to heal any injuries that she sustained. Once that was dine she got to work on the bomb that would get her out of the casket.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 238d 13h 46m 46s
He frowned, hoping for her to panic but not getting the reaction. He summoned a few of his pawns that weren't broken from the fight to help dig. By the time the truck arrived, they had quite a deep hole. He had the casket placed into it and a small hole cut out to fit a pipe in leading to the surface, allowing air in. [+red Alright, with air flowing in, she should decompose quickly. Fill it up.] With that order, the truck began to let the concrete fill in.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 238d 22h 52m 20s
Concrete?! What was he going to do with concrete. She didn't move at all though she she started to think about different spells that could create bombs strong enough to get her out of sub a situation but also quiet enough so that she is not hear from. In the mind she looked through multiple memories for such an spell.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 240d 7h 39m 59s
He ignored every show of life she gave and explained them to the others as just the spirits playing with her body, trying to claim it as thier own. He summoned a castle and got it to carry her outside where he had a casket been prepared for her. As the piece put her into the casket, he made a call. [+red The concrete ready? Good. Have it here within the hour.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 240d 11h 34m 13s
Rin had to hold on just for a little longer. She hopes she would be able to escape the hole But she had a bomb of she couldn't. On the outside she still had to pulse or breathing. She watches the spirits around her. One being a beautiful white fox that came up and nuzzled her hand. She giggled and squeaked happily.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 240d 12h 57m 13s
He had moved her back to the house and was leaning over her at the time her eye twitched. He knew that it was too late for an after death twitch and was relieved to see she may still be alive. Though he kept this from being visible. He had set out a plan. [+red Yep she's dead guys. Start digging the grave. I'll keep you out of the spotlight of punishment. Make sure it's deep.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 240d 13h 25m 39s
For the next 8 hours rin was completely dead. No movement at all. She felt bad for the piece but this was one of her last resorts to escape. While she was trapped in her mind she could feel her mother trying to pull her away, but she was intent in staying. To rins annoyance the spell she had done on the pill was weak and the first thing that came back was a slight twitch of her eye.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 240d 13h 39m 55s

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