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Rin watched him curiously but didn't take any action to move or say anything. She was starting to pity him. No she couldn't he kidnapped her !The reason didn't matter he was a criminal ! She convince herself. She pulled down a apple from the tree and dropped it on his head, with the intent of knocking him out. But it hit his leg instead of head.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 21h 31m 15s
He didn't take notice to the gasp, thinking it was just another sound of the forest. He slid down the tree into a sitting position, letting his heart calm down. [+red If she doesn't kill me physicaly, she'll just kill me with a bloody heart attack.] He sighed, recalling all his pieces and slowly put them back into thier positions, taking the time to calm down and think things through.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 21h 38m 47s
When pollux came back under the tree she was in she held her breath. She watched the guild leader and that woman even scared her. She couldn't help but gasp when she looked up at her. But that gasp most likely gave away her hiding spot. She didn't have any more bombs made yet and she couldn't jump down or she would have hurt legs as well as arms.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 269d 21h 47m 44s
After a minute of searching Chess had returned back past Rin, furious shouting following him. The guild head was chasing him, aiming to break his bones for loosing the captive. With a few panicked taps he teleported a few feet to be directly under Rins tree as the tree he was previously at was split in half. [+red I'll find her! I'll find her!] [+green You better you bloody bastard!] The head stormed up to him, holding him by the collar [+green Otherwise your gonna get worse than the tree.] She glimpsed up, somehow sensing Rin, but didn't mention it. She dropped Chess and stormed off, collapsing another tree on her way off. Chess let out a long sigh [+red So bloody scary.]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 269d 22h 34s
Rin held her breath as he ran straight past her. Her stomach growled quietly but luckily he was gone. "I told you had not seen anything yet." She thought to herself. She decided she would stay there until night fall then start moving again once the forest was clear. She felt bad about chess was probably going to get in trouble bit why should she feel bad for a criminal?
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 1h 33m 12s
As he runs, chess summons multiple pieces to help with the search. He played at least five pawns, two knights, and a bishop. He sent them to scout out in a wide semi circle. As he searched, he managed to pass right by Rin without noticing, expecting her to be moving slowly across the ground [+red Where could She be?]
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 271d 1h 43m 31s
Rin kept limping as fast as she Could but was in so much pain. She could hear people around her which made her panic and just run faster. If she could use her arms she would climb a tree .Rin was in a way magical. She could create bombs that did differ things. Rin stood still for a few seconds and closed her eyes mumbled something. A few seconds later a small metalic ball was in her hand she dropped it on the ground and a pillar of mud set her up on a brand and vanished in to the ground.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 2h 13m 33s
He blinked a couple times, a bit confused at what just happened. He looked around and noticed Rin missing and quickly went into panic mode [+red Bloody hell. The little rat managed to escape.] He quickly went over to the bed and got on his knees to grab the hidden walkie talkie underneath [+red She has escaped. I want a full perimeter wide search. Immediately!] He dropped the device and ran outside and towards the forest as that was the most logical place to go.
  Io Shimizu / Pollux / 5y 271d 2h 21m 45s
Rin didn't even care. She was hungry and in pain but remembered she had a special bomb given to her from her mother. She managed to use her teeth to shake it out of her pocket and as soon as it broke a mist filled the room and next thing she knew she was the forest. Slowly she began to limp through using what little energy she had to make a makeshift sling with her teeth. She Had had tto make one once before.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 2h 38m 29s
[+red Woah. Ok then, if you say so.] He backed off, a bit surprised at her outburst. He walked over to the doorway and stopped before exiting [+red For that. You get no breakfast.] He walked out and took an immediate left turn into the kitchen. Barely anything worked in there so he just opted for some cereal without milk. He poured himself a bowl and walked back into the room, moving the chair back to a better distance, and started eating.
  Io Shimizu / Pollux / 5y 271d 2h 57m 21s
"It's nothing!" Rin unexpectedly snapped. He shouldn't be being nice or some what helping her. She was on the verge of breaking down with the stress confusion and the pain, all attacking her body at once. She was fighting of the tears as hard as she could but she couldn't stop then from rolling down her cheeks.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 3h 6m 20s
He sighed at her reaction, not in the mood to punish her. [+red If it is about the pain then speak up, it will only get worse if you don't.] He lent over her, so he could see her face, or at least part of her face. [+red If it is another problem though, I can not help you.] He watched her waiting for a reply, resisting the urge to pinch her cheeks.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 271d 3h 17m 55s
Rin looked sway stubbornly and mumbled. "No I haven't." She said despite not being able to wipe the tears away as she could move her arms. She was just a little kid after all but she had to grow up pretty fast otherwise she would have been dead by now. She looked sway from him still with a stubborn expression on her face.
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 3h 31m 23s
He woke up, rubbing his neck [+red Damn this matt.] He sat up and looked over to Rin, seeing the red in her eyes he got curious [+red Have you been crying?] He stood up, keeping his eyes always on Rin. [+red Tll the truth or you could get punished more.] He was partially lying about that but was hoping it was enough to scare her.
  Chess master / Pollux / 5y 271d 3h 46m 51s
Rin woke up a little while before chess did. The painkillers was starting to wear of to the point it was close to unbearable. She honestly wished at that point she has just dies but she just laid there crying quietly. She started to think there was no point in escaping escaping as escaping as the escaping as the same thing will happen over again. But What would happen to her if her father didn't pay
  Rin Rin ^~^ / rinkokoro / 5y 271d 4h 5m 23s

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