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Continent of Vestus

World Map

When time began in this desolate world, two spirits clashed, the Great Spirit and the Dark Spirit. They fought until the Great Spirit launched the Dark Spirit deep in the void. To trap the Dark Spirit, the Great Spirit created a labyrinth of worlds, millions of creatures on each world, building them higher and higher till the lights of each world shined too brightly to see the exit of this prison.

Kronos was the father planet of all planets and a race known as Nutainians were asked by the Great Spirit to watch over it. The Great Spirit placed seeds of all different races on Kronos, to keep the world from becoming bored. When the Dark Spirit finally found Kronos a war started, Nutainians fought beside the ancient beings created on the world to keep the demons of the dark from invading. Soon they devised a plan to seal away the power fracturing the Dark Spirit's army into 4 tools of pure evil and binding the tools to an individual bloodline. The Great Spirit commended the task and granted 4 tools of light for them to combat the 4 tools of evil should they ever rise again.

Thousands of years passed over Kronos and the people saw as the demons whispered and eventually enslaved one another. One man with no name escaped his imprisonment and journeyed over a thousand miles even into the Great Marsh were the demons were sealed. He eventually found an ancient and desolate ruin in a desert by the sea. He stepped inside and the ruins lit up as though its master returned and he drew a blade.
The Nation of Vamora was born and the man took the name Valamor as his title and his blood right. He used the almighty power of the blade to raise the castle from the desert and travel across the sea to his family still in captivity. He desolated the old home and lead a mass exodus from the dark nation and led his people back to the desert they'd call home.

With the Blade of Valor, the people learned to use magic, and with that magic they began to cultivate the desert landscape, turning sand to soil and growing grass and trees. They had their fair share of demons attack but they prevailed. Eventually the nation was a great one and the people of Vamora started branching out meeting all sorts of new people, even the Nurainians. When the humans of Vamora met one country of elves known as Altmor, the elves were appalled that a human could use magic. They claimed it was an act against their god and that they would stop them. A war began, one of the first the Valamor would face and it would test the will of the nation for a thousand years.

Recent times show a man named Paladar Valamor, the first of few kings to learn of real strength beyond the Blade of Valor. He was the first king to refuse using the almighty weapon on the battle field, choosing to face the armies with a single longsword in hand and his thanes at each post. His thanes were Orran Bur, a thief that would lead his armies to flank the enemies, Melchizedek Magmol, the sorcerer that would use the great knowledge of magic to bombard the enemies, and lastly Titus Wearcry, the paladin that would hit heavy by his side.
Paladar was tired of the war, it ruined the childhood of every able child and had lasted to long. He knew he'd never be able to end it, but he set up key events for his children, one of his children if any, Peter, Valentina, or Ender, to stop it. His wife died as his brother did, same day, same time, and at that moment his youngest son Ender was born. The heartbroken man raged across the landscape for eight years till Ender was old enough, then he returned. He grew mad and tried to force the sword on Peter, but it was Ender who took it up, and with no remorse, struck his father down to protect his brother.

Ender was the new child king. He did his best in the early days of war, but had his mother's soft kindness about him and found ways around conflict, used Magmol's knowledge of nerve gasses that would immobilize enemies to win battles and save lives. This was the same tactic he use when he invaded the capital with his three thanes, just the four of them. He stepped forward and bowed to the elven emperor, pleading that the fighting must stop.
The Emperor laughed at Ender's endevor and vowed to continue the war, but a lone heir to the throne saw the child king's efforts and killed his father, stabbing him in the back and taking Ender's offer.

Years again passed and Ender had a family, children not plagued with war, but he felt the presence of darkness looming beyond the Great Marsh. His new allies among the nations saw it too, He sent his kids off, all except Harabel, for she was too young at the time, to go off and train, he prepared them for the future knowing of things to come.
Before his children's return he'd make an expedition out to Vor where the Great Marsh was more easily accessible. He'd find only fear.

Now it is up to the children of Valor to make things right. Ender has done his part to make peace, and he's paid dearly. There's a whole world ahead, take it and make the best of it.

::Note from Ender, given to the children by their mother Alxa::
~"Be wary of Magmol, my children. Whomever is the ruler, he will wish to become thane. Denying him might make him unstable. But regardless, take care, do well. If you ever venture into the great marsh, we might meet again. ~Sincerely Ender Ixis Valamor~"

::Current players::

This is an ancient mystic world full of unbelievably over powered people. Not everyone is overpowered and to become over powered you either need to be really really old and be adept in magic or wield one of the 8 ancient tools, now only one person is wielding said tool, so don't get any funny ideas. Every darkness can be out shined and every light can be snuffed out. Characters from the Black Marsh might get a downgrade of power outside of it, mostly due to the lack of absolute negative energy in the world beyond the seal. Beyond that, have fun, mess with your countries, have a couple of wars, if you're royalty you've got access to an army, if you aren't you might be able to rustle up a few people of your guild and etc.

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As far as it seemed, the night may go quite well. [i Mother will be back...This night is turning out greatly!] There was a skip in her step as she hurried towards the front of the hall, ready to make her announcements. With a smile on her doll face, she pulled up her dress and took her steps onto the risen platform. Taking in a breath, all of the shakiness in her smoothed out. These people before her weren't just subjects, but those of all lands and sorts. To them, she wasn't just the new Queen. Perhaps she could be a leader [i and] a friend.

Harabel took in a deep breath before cupping her hands around her mouth as she spook, grabbing there attention.

"E-Excuse me!" [i Come on, don't be nervous. You've got this!]

"Could I have your attention, everyone?" She hollered out with a smile, dropping her hands back down. Once it seemed things were quiet enough that they could hear her, paying complete attention or not, she spoke.

[i Okay, just speak with all you've got. I know you can do this, Harabel.]

She was quiet for a moment before speaking.

"It's such an honor to have each and every one of you here, from outer lands or even our very own home right here in Vamora." She rested a hand on her chest. "Not too long ago, we here in Vamora went through some troubling times. We, as well as many other Kingdoms have been in such despair, but somehow, we've all gotten through it." Her smile grew as she stepped forward.

"Not even fear itself could tear down our bonds. Here we stand, together in happiness for all the world to see. I thank you for coming here tonight, and I do hope our Kingdom serves each of you well as long as you may remain here, and as long as our hearts are tied." She bowed her head, still smiling. No one could see it due to her dress, though her knees quivered a bit.

"Now enjoy yourselves to your heart's content!"

[i Come on, you did it, Harabel. You got it!] She smiled, walking off back onto the floor.
  Harabel / Akiho / 5y 129d 17h 26m 13s
The once tranquil castle now filled with noise: the quiet hallways echoed with the sound of chatter, laughter, and the sound of life brimming within the walls. The cold walls that almost held a sense of gloom that reached every part of the building. One of the reasons why Aaron probably avoided coming back here unless it was to retire, which resulted in him becoming distant from his siblings once again.
As the festivities commenced Aaron stood on the balcony while everyone was celebrating inside. With his alcoholic drink in hand he looked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of his relatives talking to either guest’s or one another. A smile came to his face as he focused his attention back up to the stars.

[#000080 [b “Least they haven’t forgotten how to smile”]] a soft chuckle escaped his lips [#000080 [b “I almost forgot that Galt’s armour actually comes off”]] Aaron said aloud to himself

For majority of the evening Aaron didn’t spend too much time in the crowds. When he was spoken out of courtesy he shared small talk with them; on a more casual note then what was expected from one of the prince’s here.

[#000080 [b “If a party if all it takes to get rid of the gloom why aren’t we having them every day?”]]

[#800000 [i “Then there wouldn’t be any more alcohol for you to steal”]] a voice spoke with a hint of a smirk from beside Aaron. When the young prince looked to his side: [ he saw an older man] that looked about in his mid thirties with long red flowing hair tied back next to him. Wearing a formal attire of one that would be one of high stature but sensible to travel in.

His image was transparent and emitted a faint glow which came from the moon. To normal people: nothing would be seen but to those with some sort of spiritual awareness or high sensory. A presence could be felt where the red haired man was standing.
This man was not among the living, unfortunately.

[#000080 [b “Heeey! I’ll have you know that I don’t STEAL it. I BORROW it. And place the empty bottle somewhere. There’s a difference old man. Besides I’m drinking my own stuff now”]] With a twitch of an eye Aaron responded defensively while taking a swig from his drink, keeping his voice a bit hushed.
[#800000 [i “Heh about time you learnt. I told you about four thousand, five hundred and eighty SEVEN TIMEEES-”]]

[b “Not to take or accept drinks from strangers or any brewery unless you saw them pour it and don’t leave it unattended. Only drink whatever you have bought and know that it’s safe”] the pair then said in unison in the exact same tone. After a pause the two stifled a giggle as Aaron stared at the man with both a nostalgic and sad look in his eyes.

One of the many causalities of the war...was his teacher. Who had taught him most things he knew when sent away to study like the other kids. His name was Rider Schmitt: killed in action. Fell victim to a poisoned arrow and died an hour later after treatment.

Since he was young even though he wasn’t great with magic like his sister, Aaron developed certain sensitivity about some things. Mainly: Being able to see spirits and the lingering souls of the deceased. Not a talent he really brags about of course but it led to a lot of complaining and cry baby moments from him when he was younger.

[#800000 [i “So why are you sulking out here? You still haven’t gotten over your social awkwardness?”]] the older man asked with a smirk
[#000080[b “Cauuusssee. I’m not great with these sort of things >_> and I don’t know what to saaaaay. Or who to talk to”]]
[#800000 [i “Isn’t that why you have siblings there ._.”]]
[b [#000080 “Yeaaaaah-“]]
[#800000 [i “Stop extending your words! It’s a waste of time”]]
[#000080 [b “Meh >_<”]] he leaned forward resting his arms on the railing, plopping his head so it rested on his hand for a moment.

Rider sighed as Aaron not to long after slowly leaned himself back up [#800000 [i “Just stop whining and walk in there already”]] the teacher smirked [#800000 [i “Or else they really will think you’re crazy talking to no one out here”]]
[#000080 [b “Then its a good thing only a few of them live here”]] Aaron mumbled to himself as he turned around and headed back into the ballroom party area. The brunette’s hand scratched the back of his head while glancing around the room...he had nooo idea who to even talk to.

The awkwardness settling in: somewhat shuffled over towards where the table with the punch bowl seemed like the best place to hide right now. And maybe other awkward people would come by? Who knows

[#000080 [b “Just going to stand here with the punch...yuup. Like a normal person”]] he mumbled to himself somewhat nonchalantly. Just chilling there.

From a distance the spirit looked on with a sigh, face palming at this scene, and shook his head [#800000 [i “He’s hopeless...”]]
  Aaron / Renn / 5y 143d 10h 40m 3s
"I'm sorry I should've introduced myself, Bartholomew Russell of the Nightlands," he said as he mimicked what he thought was an appropriate bow to a low ranking noble. "Thanks for the seat," he said with as non-threatening a smile he could manage before sitting down.

He hoped that she had not heard much of him, as he doubted the appropriateness of his epithet at such a party. It may have been a celebration of a successful war, but in his experience nobles were rarely happy to converse with a man bearing a title of death.

"Do you not like parties like these?"
  Nightland Nobles / Tesla / 5y 184d 8h 28m 56s
Katherine jumped slightly startled as a figure approached her. "Hmm? Oh yes no it's free. I'm Katherine and you are?" She said leaving out her last name. She didn't really want the questions of why a princess if the royal family was not taking part in the festivities like always. It always helped tht she was the las person anyone would guess that she was a princess. A noble most assuredly by the way she was kept and of course her poise. But in any other way she was just a normal subject.
  Katherine Valamor / Goldenspider666 / 5y 193d 22h 54m 48s
he nodded teh the elven noble and stepped away knowing elves were a kind people though also knew a mad elf was not a good thing he looked around the party and saw the envoy form the dragons they were ornate people and fascinated him and he saw one of then a golden winged dragon she caught his eye and it was a few seconds before he could look away from her and shifted a bit and walked over to the dragon near her he had heard this was the prince and he bowed polity "good evening sir i hope you are enjoying yourself" he would say polity to him as he raised up "im not sure if we have introduced i am Galt" he would say calmly looking at the dragon prince calmly
  Galt / simmal / 5y 195d 4h 55m 34s
The former thane didn't make it to the party. Belca saw his priorities a bit away, and rumours from his spies of an attack didn't surprise him. Same thing happened with Ender and Paladar and most of the previous rulers. The attack wouldn't work out, for Belca knew despite the lack of knowledge the new Queen had of her newfound power, she couldn't be easily killed, especially with the new thanes and several Blades on guard, many in disguise.
Belca was going to great lengths to hide the Blade of Fear. The scales of power were unbalanced, this might stir a third faction to be pushed into action. Belca knew of the Order and their obsession to balance, Nutainian texts told of their constant involvement before the fall.

Rowan wore a simple suit with a hood that was draped down his back. His features told a rugged tale of the boy prince now a lord protector of his cousin and friend, but his was the path of a darker power. He approached Galt grinning a grin between his beat up beard, "Well well my cousin, parties are certainly the bomb." he chuckled slightly nudging the thane of strength, "Didn't think Id be a thane and follow in my dad's footsteps, but I seem to have stepped of a bit. Heard him mumble something earlier, but I dunno."

Luma too was at the party. She wore a simple green garb and sat to the side. The Blades told her of the potential attack, so she was prepared. Ender put emphasis on her and Belca learning the skills of their trade rather than relying on the past to provide answers, why they held their own in the big battle, especially Belca who took on three dark thanes at once and came out alive. She was quite surprised by that.
  Belca Valamor 3 / Alum / 5y 206d 17h 32m 59s
Namirai takes a look at Galt [+red i am surprised myself] he responds to galt greeting how unpredictable a man he had fought before was here how unexpected [+red that last duel was one for the ages...] Namirai smiles remembering the past where he was still reliant on his weapon a man defeated him with skill good times indeed [+red In either case wile its good i meet you again...i would prefer to b e alone right now....the sound of the party its got me on a ugly mood like always] he says chuckling after all it was better to keep his distance from people he knew could compromise the plan so he walk to a different corner.

Seems he wold at least be fighting an old enemy how lucky maybe he should let himself be found after all its said and done to have a duel with the man that defeated him once . Namirai clutched his fist with exictment thinking ''what a wonderful night''.
  NamiRai / LordGiromancer / 5y 212d 51m 58s
[b ]
Rayne had been one of the first into the hall, and had danced with a few lords and ladies since the start of the party. With her Minister of Foreign Affairs was in another country she had to play diplomat for the night. Which was much easier with her Grandmother Charlotte, and her Court Mage Broadcloak there to pull her away when a less polite dance partner got to be a bit too much.

While Rayne was dancing Broadcloak stayed just off to the side of the dance floor to keep an eye on xir Princess Regent. Most nobles avoided the tall and shadowy figure for understandable reasons, and those that approached tended to just make some small talk before drifting back into the crowd.

[b ]
With her earlier business out of the way Pandora was able to maintain a pleasant face as she mingled with various groups. Being the face of both the Nightlands and Indra helped her to focus on keeping up appearances, and work to establish new contacts. Her country was most likely the youngest to have representatives present, and so more than a few took an interest in talking to her for that reason.

Priscilla was having a much easier time in comparison thanks to her talent to join almost any conversation in the room in an enjoyable fashion. Chatting with all of the nobles allowed her to show off her diplomatic prowess, and her joy for conversation allowed her to come alive in the room.

Augustus on the other hand was staying on a wall close to the dragons, as his knowledge of history made him the best potential conversation partner for them. If the opportunity to have a conversation with them should arise in a way that he would notice.

Bartholomew kept himself off to the side as he searched for a table that would provide a good view of the party. He needed to be out of the way since he was not as adept at navigating nobility as the others at the party.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Bartholomew asked as he found a lone noble sitting at a corner table.

[b (Qadir)]
Qadir arrived a bit late thanks to the preparations one of his allies did for the party. When he saw the layout of the party though he realized how important those preparations were to his success tonight. Since avoiding the eyes of the dragons would not be as easy as he originally hoped.

Normally he would never turn down a fight if it was presented to him, but between being surrounded by people he needed to make nice with, and being surrounded by people who would limit his weapon usage he wanted to avoid a fight with dragons. Their power required special weapons and tactics to deal with efficiently, as he learned so many years ago.

  Broadcloak / Tesla / 5y 212d 17h 48m 18s
[b ^King Rigeulus Dahaka^]
[b ^Prince Fuego Dahaka^]
[b ^Princess Farah Dahaka^]
[b ^Dragon Lord Jaonos^]
[b ^Dragon Lady Rishima^]
[b ^Elder Mahipala^]
[h3 The Dragons]
Unlike many of the other guests, the dragons stood off to the side, watching the festivities. Now and then they appeared to be muttering amongst themselves. The King easily towered over all in the dancehall. His armor added to his majestic, powerful stance.
[#c71585 "Hm...they could really do with some tips on decorating and whatnot,"] the red haired male suddenly muttered under his breath.
The woman with violet eyes only sighed, [#c0c0c0 "Lord Jaonos, please do contain your 'fashion' tips to yourself."]
The red head only gave a soft snort. He lashed his tail under the feathery cloak which he wore. The woman simply returned her gaze to those before her.
As for the Elder, he had fallen asleep on a chair. Didn't help that there happened to be a warm fire. But, when you were his age, couldn't really blame him for wanting to rest after the long flight.
Now eyes would settle upon the one that stood out from the group of dragons. None other than the golden dragonelle stood off to the side of the group. Though, close by, stood her brother. His tail lashed back and forth, clearly showing his agitation. He was on edge, glaring all around. The Prince's forked tongue would flick out now and then, testing the air. He wasn't about to let the Princess out of his sight for even an instant.
As for the Dragon Princess, she simply stood still. Her form held no emotion, nor did she show any. It was almost as if she had none.
  King Rigeulus: Human Form / Dragoncita / 5y 212d 19h 19m 27s
Galt was walking around teh party calmly returning smiles shaking hands politely turning down dances when needed to he wasn't one to dance unless of course with was with his sword that was still strapped this his hip ever since the incident before he left he never was without it anymore though he was talked out of wearing his full armour he wore a simple shirt and pants that concealed the leather cuirass he wore beneath it without the others knowledge he mixed calmly trying to be friendly with the people though he saw a familiar elf arrived and smile a little calmly walking over "Namirai?" he would say calmly standing there "its nice to see you again i didn't know you were coming"
  Galt / simmal / 5y 212d 20h 1m 42s
Soon it was the party. Katherine for not the first time took delight that she wasn't the prettiest of her sisters and that she wasn't part of the valor Quad. As she was perfectly able to stay hidden at a nice table in the corner and stay out of it. She hated parties especially when someone comes and talks to you. And you have to make small talk. The weather. The rebuilding proccess. The lasted jousting tournament. It never was her forté

  Katherine Valamor / Goldenspider666 / 5y 213d 16h 28m 25s
Namirai arrive finally at the kingdom walking forwards the party but before entering he had a run in with person after a little discussion he went his own way and forwards to the party where they removed his great rapier due to security measures , normally he would do everything in his power to keep his prized possession but he was not at home after all . After looking at the other guest e started to think of the reasons which he hated This kind of things nobles gathering together just to praise or laugh at each other , then of course speak of money and personal glory ''Lets just see what happens when chaos its added to the party'' he thinks to himself as he finds a wall to lean against bit away from the rest of the party right next to the meeting spot that had been discussed . He never expected to get involve in politics he was a knight after all but it seems is the only way to get things moving in this world at least if things got moving the way he hoped his long time wish would most likely come true .
  NamiRai / LordGiromancer / 5y 215d 2h 34m 12s
Katherine sighed "Oh Bella. you will never lose us, I promise, I would never let that happen. I'd well I don't know but I won't let that happen." she said trying for a smile, kissing her cheek "Now come on sis, you have duties. we seem to have some guests." She gave her sister a last hug before leaving the throne room. Not having to do with anything to do with meeting foreign dignitaries or leaders. so she went out the side door and started looking around at the rebuilding process .
  Katherine Valamor / Goldenspider666 / 5y 217d 14h 29m 53s
Namirai was on his room another day he had spent not doing much when he decided it was time to do something blunt, he stood up and look trough the lletters send to him there was a invitacion for party in Vamora it was quite a walk and party was not even started yet but better than to waste his time doing nothing aorund his castle. His father would probally make him dress for the occation but he wa sno longer around thefore Namirai went on got on h is suit of armor , maybe to look apart. With everthing ready he set off towards his destination the kingdom of vamora.
  NamiRai / LordGiromancer / 5y 230d 22h 20m 21s
Pandora maintained a calm smile as several of the soldiers went for their weapons. It was her own fault they went for their weapons, as she should have remembered that people outside the Nightlands rarely respond well to people who step out of shadows. She kept close to the shadow she stepped out of in case one of them had more of a hair trigger than expected.

Her smile grew noticeably as Rostigan kept his men from lashing out at her surprising arrival. However it dimmed at his sigh, and the weariness in his smile.

"It seems that we are both here in regards to matters involving life and death. So would you not agree that we should do away with the useless formalities?" She asked, but continued as if he had said yes. "From the tired look on your face and the horses behind you I can tell that you rode here, but if you would allow me to have just a few minutes of the Queen's time before you I promise a return trip by ship. You may have heard of my ally Indra, as they say he commands the fastest fleet of merchant ships in the world."

"So in return for postponing your return by no more than an hour, I will cut days off of your return trip. That will mean that both of us are able to prevent further disaster, and many innocents will benefit from the decision," Pandora said as she pulled a jar of food from her shadow. "I will even throw in a field ration for you and your men while you wait, as my country may lack monetary wealth, but we have more than enough food to share with our friends. And I would much rather we be friends than enemies Sir Rostigan."
  Nightland Nobles / Tesla / 5y 232d 3h 26m 6s

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