So Bored.... **Need Guy**

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Well... I guess the title says it all. XD
We can pick a topic, I have a few ideas, but we can talk.


Cybering ~ No
Romance ~ Yes
Fighting ~ Keep it to a minimum.
Cussing ~ Keep it to minimum.
G-modding ~ No

Real Pictures Only Please.
Semi-Lit, Good Grammer.
*That's it*

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Zack just stood out in the rain waiting for something to happened he hated his life,nothing never went right the way he wanted it to be.Zack stood in the rain he was only in a t shrit with his basketball shorts he was soked but he didnt care .School was about to start and he didnt want to go even thought he has to so.
  Zack / wolfboy12312 / 9y 22d 3h 27m 34s
*We keep missing each other. xD
Well I will start the role play. You can just reply off of that. We don't really need a topic. We can go with the flow of the role play!!*

Rain trickled down Laney's cheek as she stood in the street, catching rain on her tongue. It was mid summer and it was rainier than ever. Laney walked around, kicking the water from the puddles at her sister. " Hey!" Lacey screamed, not wanting to get to wet. " Oh come on. Lighten up a little. Your already out here aren't you?" Laney asked shrugging her shoulders and lifting an eyebrow, questioning her sister.

Laney was going to be a junior when school started back again. She wasn't really looking forward to school. The only part she was really looking forward too was hanging with her friends. But she could do that over the summer, right?? So she didn't see the point in going back again.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 22d 23h 4m 22s
  Zack / wolfboy12312 / 9y 23d 15h 45m 50s
*Hey sorry I never replied. My computer is awful and always shuts down. Getting fixed.. Do you still want to role play??*
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 23d 23h 48m 30s
May I Join ??
  Zack / wolfboy12312 / 9y 24d 14h 31m 18s
* Please Join. Everyone knows how it feels to be extremely bored. *Please Join.* :D
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 25d 35m 39s

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