Weird, Anti-Social People

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[h3 [center Weird, Anti-Social People]]
Just a bunch of odd people trying to find a place where they feel welcomed
Description short and sweet

[h3 [center Rules]]
~Honestly don't care if you swear or not
~Everyone here is equal, try to keep people involved
~If a person wants to be left alone, and they ask you to leave them alone, do it. Respect the personal bubble
~Keep drama the fuck out of here. Start something, and I'll kick you, no questions asked
~Bored and wanna do something? Feel free to freestyle RP below

Best thing to keep in mind if you wanna get along with me:
[center [b [u 'Treat me with respect, I'll treat you with respect. Treat me like a bitch, I'll treat you like a bitch.']]]


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