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Well right now I'm bored and I really wanna do a 1x1 romance roleplay(: please tell me if you have any good ideas we could do. We can make up as we go (:


Romance: Duhh Yes! (:
Cussing: Hell yeah! But don't go over the top with it.
Cybering: No! Time skip or PM
Real Pics: YES!! Please No anime!
Be online everyday
Be active
Please tell me when you are leaving or have to go for awhile.
Have fun!! (:

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Roleplay Responses

He smiled at her as she looked out the wndow. "Is there anything you wanna see?" He asked as he leaned on her desk.
  Carson Adams / FireGoddess / 10y 118d 1h 10m 47s
Brookelle looked up into his eyes and smiled then nodded. "Sure sounds good.." she said. 'Did he just ask me out on a date?' she thought then looked out the window for a bit.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 118d 1h 35m 46s
Carson sat back in his chair and shrugged. "I don't knoew, maybe we can go see a movie or somethin'?" He asked.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 118d 7h 16m 4s
Brookelle smiled then shrugged as she looked back at Carson. "Nothing.. Why?" she asked as she looked into his eyes.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 118d 7h 23m 59s
Carson had also turned and looked at th board before turning back to face her. "So what are you doing later?" He asked. He loved hanging out with other people, especially ones as pretty as her.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 118d 9h 17m 45s
Brookelle giggled then shrugged. "I don't know.." she said then looked up at the board. It said that we can talk for the whole period. She smiled then looked at Carson.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 118d 16h 3m 20s
Carson looked at her and smiled. "Well Brookelle, it's nice to meet you too." He said, hischair was now completely tunened around. "What fun to ddo around here?" He asked.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 118d 18h 20m 3s
As Brookelle heard what he said he looked up at him and smiled a bit. She then blushed a little. "I-Im Brookelle Mckenzie. Nice to meet you." she said happily in her Australian accent.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 26m 2s
Carson watched as the girl walked into the room and when she sat down it happened the be the seat behind him. She turned around and flashed her a smile. "Hey, I'm Carson. And you are?" He asked deciding to talk to her. He was usually good at making friends and got along with just about everyone.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 119d 44m 25s
As Brookelle got her things she walked to her class. As she walked inside she sighed then walked over to the corner of the class then sat down in the seat that was next to the window. As he looked around she saw the new guy that was supposed to be in this class. She blushed then looked down at her feet. He was really hot.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 49m 56s
Carson sighed as he walked into his new school. He didn't want to be here, he liked his old school. He silently walked past the people in the hall and to his first class. Math. He took one of the seats in the back of the room.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 119d 56m 53s
** sure **

Brookelle smiled as she walked through the school hallways. She really hated to be at school but she wanted to put on a fake smile for the teachers. As she walked down the halls she saw nobody saying hi to her. She actually didn't have any friends. She never even had a boyfriend. She was a loner. She sighed then opened up her locker to get out her notebook and math book.
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 1m 0s
Could you start please?
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 119d 1h 8m 33s
** ok sweet, want me to start or do u want to? **
  ;:Brookelle Bones:; / Xskatergirlx / 10y 119d 1h 14m 52s
I'll be the new guy.
  Carson Adams / firegoddess / 10y 119d 1h 16m 58s

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