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Dark eyes glanced out the window and upon the seemingly endless kingdom just beyond. Since a young age, Mallius had been taught it was his. He had been taught to be "proper" ruler and a king. But he had also been taught that there was another who also coveted the lands and all who were in it. Another kingdom that they had been at war with for only the gods knew how long. It was all that was ever spoken of and all but shoved down his throat.

This day was just one of his more serious days. One of the days he as horrid as it must be longed for war. Longed for a chance to see what he could do. But most of all, a day that he longed to finally be able to dispose of the enemy he had always been hearing of. Silly and boyish dreams as he knew that a true king would not want war for his people. A true king would make the proper sacrifice and do what was best for all. But what if he didn't want to be a true king? And again he had to shake those thoughts away.

"My lord, your father requested you ride with him...He wished to speak with you over the matters that you began last night." Came the skittish words of one of his sister's ladies in waiting. A pretty little thing if he could say so. He had taken much joy over the years in flirting with Gwendolyn and she having been young then had returned the flirting. But now...now he had to put all that behind him and do as he were bid.

"Very well..tell the my lord that I will be to him shortly." Came the smooth words. Words he hated to use as his father and he when with the other were familiar and not at all like this. But again, image was indeed something that must be kept up.

And soon, Mal and King Wyatt were out with a few of the royal guard and taking their mounts through the hills and the wild flowers. The sun was high and the wind refreshing and freeing as it brushed through the young man's hair and over his face. These were the times he loved. The times he wished would never end. And these were the times he didn't have to worry about being a prince and had only to worry about being himself.

[b "Mallius, you do know the reason for my asking for this ride. You have come of proper age and I will not be living forever. It is time you took your place as king of the kingdom and time you made good on the marriage that was arranged when you were but a boy. I know that you have always been told they are the enemy... But there is a time for war and a time for peace. Now...it is a time for peace. Those times are behind us and you will do this for your mother and I. For this kingdom."] Came the words of the "old" king.

It was when his father spoke in such a way did Mal know that he could not get out of it. He KNEW that his father would stand his ground. And he knew his mother, the Queen Lilyanna would stand behind her husband just as she did these many years. "Yes, father...if that is your wish. Then I shall oblige.. But tell me, is my dear sister receiving this talk as well?" He asked, dark gaze locking upon the man at his side.

A chuckle slipped the man's lips as matching dark gaze locked with his son's. [b "Aye, she is. Your mother said she would speak with Mirena and I would be speaking with you. We thought it best for it to be this way. Now lets continue our ride."] And just like that, the king spurred his mount into a run and Mal, shaking his head spurred his own into a run to keep up. He only hoped his sister would be as level as he had been about all of this.


[pic http://armstreet.com/catalogue/small/medieval-black-cotton-dress-lady-hunter-4.jpg]

[b "Do not do this or do not do that.. Tis hell and makes me wish to send them all to the devil. I may be a princess, but I am not content to this life. Nor do I wish to be the delicate little flower all wish to see me as. This gets old and it gets very boring. There are times I so envy Mal and his being born a male. At the very least he may learn the arts of sword fighting, take rides without having to always be watched, and so, so much more."] Came the hissed whispers from bright red lips as chocolate brown eyes watched her father, brother, and a few of the guard ride out.

A hand delicately came to rest on the cool glass of her window and she sighed. Her words may have been bitter, but she did know her place. She knew to act the part and she knew to keep the image all saw her as. But gods did the young woman hate it. She longed to be free and she longed to be herself. At least her elder brother had that. She had to be content with her lessons in reading, writing, sewing, and just all that annoyed her. It was not as if she could not do it and could not do it well, but Mirena hated it.

"Ah, I see that you are in one of your darker moods today, my love?" Came Queen Lilyanna's voice from the open door that Elara had not closed when she had left her. And so, Mina had not heard her mother at all. The woman had a way with soft steps that were feather light and one would not know her to be there until her delicate voice spoke whatever words would come from pretty red lips. Today, as so many others was one of those days where she had become startled from her thoughts and her brooding.

[b "Yes, lady mother... This..today is another of my more.."] But she could not find the will to finish her words. For as smart and sharp tongued as she could be, Mina always held a soft spot for her mother and could not bare to let the woman down. What was eerily funny was looking at her mother was as if she were looking at an older version of herself. Both were built fairly slender and delicate, had dark locks that loved to tumbled down their backs in soft waves, fair skin that hardly ever saw the sun lest they burn, and those bright red lips. The only things she seemed to get from her father were her temper and dark eyes. Both she could and did often damn to the devil and to hell.

A hand was held out to her and Mirena walked to her mother to take it. "A walk in the grounds and amongst the flowers sounds lovely, wouldn't you agree my little dove?" The woman asked softly as she led the young woman from the room. Two of each of their ladies in waiting were already waiting and following after them as they began the descent from the upper halls that the bedchambers rested within to the lower floors and out a backdoor that would lead straight into the gardens. Or rather to the gates.

[b "Mother, you typically bring me out here when you wish to speak.. So may I skip all the light talk and inquire as to what this is about?"] She always did love her talks with her mother. But something deep down told her this one she would very much hate.

"Your brother will be taking over his place as the new king..and you, my love will be married. It is for the sake of the kingdom and our people. I know just as all others know the tales of war and the enemy..But we are beyond those times. And now peace is what we need. We need one kingdom even if two rulers." The woman said, turning to gaze at her daughter.

The words spoken were as if ice cold water had been poured over her. She had been very much aware she could not get out of the marriage her parents had set for her. But to have it thrust upon her in such a manner was not fair. [b "I won't. There has to be another way."] She muttered, a spark in her eyes there that came with her temper.

"You will do as you are bid.. It is the place of a princess. Her duty and life is not her own but to her people and lands. I know it does not seem fair..But you haven't the choice anymore than I had. And in time...you may even come to love your husband. And if not love at least find a care of. Before you ask.. Mal also received this talk with your father. We thought it best I speak with you and he your brother."

Mina's eyes were filled with tears. Not because she was wanting to weep like a small girl, but because she was so very angry. Instead of let her mother know what she was thinking, the young woman lifted her skirts and dashed off from the woman. Very childish and not at all as a princess should behave, but she wished to be alone and she wanted to get away.
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Running, running, running. Stormie was running but she didn't know whether it was away from something or towards it. The air around her was like ice and the twirling white around her and beneath her feet was chilling. Logically she knew none of it was real. She knew it was a dream, but she couldn't seem to wake herself up even if she wanted to. And then there were those bright golden eyes that seemed to follow her wherever she ran to. Never a body but just those eyes. It was like they were "one with the wind and snow."

"Auntie Tori!" Squeaked a voice beside her. And it was just like that did hazel eyes fly open and suddenly she was back in her room. She was back in her bed and the ice around her was gone. Everything was as it had been before she had gone to bed. The only difference was there was now a four year old girl named Lizzy standing at the side of her bed holding a grey kitten stuffed animal that she had gotten after she was born. [#ea0666 "Lizzy, what's wrong cutie? You're not supposed to be up yet..."] She whispered as she looked to the glowing red numbers on the digital clock to the other side of her bed. "Bad dream..." The little girl whined as her aunt pulled her up onto the bed and began to tell her a story, one that had once been used to help herself when she had been the child's age.

When Elizabeth was asleep curled up beside her, Stormie was slow in getting out of bed and padded to the bathroom attached to her room. The young woman looked in the mirror and hissed softly as she could see the bruises that were forming. The fact that she had a fake id and worked as a dancer and bartender didn't help. But what could she do? It made money and helped her in taking care of her niece. Lizzy had come to her when Simoné had died a couple of years ago and Stormie was the only one who could take her. Their parents had disowned her and her older sister and well it had pretty much been them since.

[#ea0666 "Adrina please watch Lizzy... I've got to go in for a couple of hours...but I should be back by the time she wakes up..."] She said to her best friend who had moved in with her when her sister had died. Well had been killed. It had been a means of dark magic. And Stormie had been there with Simoné, at a bank in town. She had had a feeling something was coming and with the "signs" she had managed to help get half the occupants out by directing them out a back exit. But when she went back for others it had been too late. Quickly she had to shake those thoughts away. Because if it stayed in mind, the young woman of eighteen would not be able to function and she would want to draw into herself and cut everything and one off. Because she felt it was all her fault it had even happened...She still had the note that said [i 'We will get you one day. Enjoy your time little wolf']. Of course that made NO sense to her..but she had kept it anyway.

She plastered on a fake smile and left the house. And she would do what she needed to do for Lizzy and Adri.


A week later, the dreams of the snow and those eyes didn't stop. They only became all the more persistent and vivid. And to top things off, there had been an envelope with her name on it in the mail but strangely no return address. All it had was a note that said a location and time. Weird and like something that came out of books she had read. It had to be a joke, right?

Stormie being logical ALMOST didn't go to the castle. She almost didn't meet the five others. Or rather four since she saw that Snow had been dragged into all of this too. And the moment hazel gaze had caught sight of the other young woman, Stormie blushed and had to look away. The other had been her very bestfriend back in middle school. Had been her first kiss and crush too. But then one day she had just disappeared and Tori thought that it had all been in her head. To see her again...it hurt more than she knew it could. The only comfort in it was she was still as gorgeous as she remembered and looked to be doing well after all this time. Which really was all she wanted for the other.

But soon her atrention was gripped by their host, a man who called himself Michael Storm, or Mikey. He was telling them a tale of magic and of wolf knights. Warriors who stood against dark magic. Fairy tale stuff and not at all believeable, but because of his words the note that she kept hidden in her draw came to mind. Could this have been what was meant?

And soon, she and the five others were outside a door and thuds could be heard beyond it. Arms crossed over her chest and her eyes fell on the man. [#ea0666 "She's right...How do we know all of this is real? Maybe if you could show us we would be more inclined to believe... Fools rush in."] Stormie said softly. Right now even as curious as she was, she had to think about her niece and bestfriend. She could not leave them.

[center [b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]]

[pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/7b6c0aa49292f5391fb003b13c3564c2/tumblr_ndzbn0oP741tfoq9co1_540.jpg]

[i "Atticus, remember to seize the day and live it for what it is. If you remember that today is all we have then you'll be able to get by and nothing else really matters. It is a big help in remembering to take things as they come and to stay calm and collected."] The words played again and again in the young man's head as he sat at the gravestones of both his mother and father. They had been gone for a couple of years, but he could still remember that lesson and he could still remember their smiling faces the last time he had seen them. It was those words that made him into the person that he was. The "take it easy and go with the flow" type of young man he was. And if he was honest, Atticus wouldn't change a thing.

[#7a07ed "I still miss you guys. But at least it's easier now than it had been. Bekka and I were going to get married. Y'all always loved her anyway and she's been amazing. Helped me get through that first year."] He said to them, not mentioning that they had a little boy named Tyler whom they liked to call Ty. And it was after he spoke his words did a sinking feeling hit him. He couldn't tell why, but it was like a flash of..thunder had stricken JUST above the apartment where he and his fiancé and their little boy lived. Luckily or not so luckily, the graveyard was only a ten minute walk or run from his home. And he made the run back.

When he got home, King froze as the building was ablaze and he could hear the screams from inside. He didn't care what was being shouted at him as he ran towards the doors to try and get his family out. And he did, but only to lose them later that night to the burns that they had suffered from the flames. It was a note on the door that had caught his attention and that he still had crumpled in his hand. "You will take what's ours and so we have taken what's yours. Let the games begin, little wolf." What was so fucked up about that was he had NO idea what it even meant. All he knew was he had lost the people he loved most in a "freak accident". And he knew that they would expect him to go on as he had been. So live life and love it, but never forget the ones he loved. He could do that... Right?


Two weeks after the loss of everything he had loved, Atticus was SLOWLY starting to get back himself back together. He had moved in with a friend of his and had even taken extra shifts at the local bowling alley to keep his mind busy. And just the watching of all the people and being around them made it easier to be him again. To remember the lessons from his parents and the love Bekka and Ty had taught him as well. So for the most part he was still him...or was until the night and he was alone.

But it was on this day was there a strange letter left for him on the table. No return address but just a note telling him a location and a time. Being him and letting his curiosity get the better of him, the young man decided that he would go to the castle that had been mentioned in the letter and found there were five others there. One man, telling him and the other four this tale of wolf knights who fought against the evils of dark magic to keep the world safe. Talk about old books and movies. But hey given the things he had seen, who was he to question it? Besides it all seemed kinda cool.

There was another male who didn't seem too much older who rushed down the stairs of the passage that had been opened for them. And their was the sound of thudding coming from deep down as well. He wanted to get closer but before he could, a wolf had come trotting up and gave a look as if saying "well?" It was that look that made him be like "what the hell, why not?" And he was the second to make his way through the passage and to have a chest all but burst and a hide attach itself to him.

[#49f3ab [i 'Finally get to see the light of day again. It's nice to be free and to have a host. Wonder what's changed since being locked in the box.']] The wolf thought, scratching behind his ear. Golden eyes looked around the room and then noted that their were stairs and "a light at the end of the tunnel". With a shrug, Greybeard padded his way up the steps to come across his fellow wolf Silverback and four other persons. The wolf gave a tilt of his head and sat on his haunches with his tail wagging. It was as if he was inviting the others to join them.
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It only felt like minutes she had been laying in the overly soft bed covered with the dark plum coloured blanket covering her from view. She had had a long night out telling the only friends she had been able to make that she would be leaving for college. She and Skye had filled out applications together for something called The Night School and even found out they were accepted. So she had been putting off saying good-bye until the very last minute. That the night before. And it had been kind of hard for her to do as she loved Betsy and Josie. But she loved Skye more and knew that this was a way that they could reconnect and maybe fix the bond that they had. The bond that she felt had been slipping away over the last few years.

Her mind had just settled down and then she oofed feeling a body all but fall upon hers and the blanket pulled down. She had been about to speak, but then a warm tongue went up her cheek and there was a giggle as her sister left her room. Skye was ALWAYS unconventional in the way that she chose to wake her and this time it left her disoriented and grumbling because she was NOT a morning person whatsoever and her sister knew it too. For a moment, the naturally magenta haired girl debated going back to sleep until hazel eyes fell upon the glowing red numbers of her digital clock. And she grumbled more at seeing that she could not go back to sleep because she had yet to pack or get her baby, Ty into his carrier and ready to go too.

[b "Sorry baby boy.. I know you hate the carrier but mama needs you to get in. We have to go to school and auntie Skye won't be kept waiting."] She said, gently shoving the chubby little black and white tuxedo into the cage after she had just shoved all her clothes and favourite stuffed cat, Callie into her suitcase.

[center [b [u Hours Later/ Heading to the School]]]

[center [i "Welcome To The Night School. This is going to be your home for as long as
it takes, for you to get your powers, under control. The room's are as is, I have chosen who would be staying where, because I don't want people who know each other in the same room."

"The Girl's Dorms; Room One; Skye and Rina, Room Two; Lyla and Lullaby"

"The Boys Dorms; Room One; Caspian and Xagos, Room Two; George and Jericho"

"If you have any question's ask one of the teachers, and they will help you. Welcome home my children, I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember classes start on Halloween, you have a week so get to know everybody."

"Head Master Stone."]]

Again and again hazel eyes scanned the note that had been left for them. She could not believe that she and Skye were not rooming together. That was the ONE thing she had been looking forward to. And now it seemed even that small pleasure or rather luxury was to be ripped away from her. Instead she was to be rooming with some girl named Lullaby who sje knew NOTHING about. And that scared the hell out of her. For Lyla had always had a hard time in makiny friends and reaching out. It was Skye who was the more outgoing of the girls NOT her. So to be rooming with a new girl that she woud just be meeting would be hard.

Her eyes finally moved away from the not that had been posted for them and began over the occupants of the room. And for some reason they seemed drawn to the blonde girl who sat alone and seemed to try and pull away from everyone else. [b [i 'Could she be the girl I am rooming with?']] A funny thought but the blonde hair seemed bubbly as the name, though the girl didn't seem bubbly at all. In fact, she seemed sad and it seemed to call to her. Funny since she didn't even know her.

[b "Hey Skye.. I hope you find your roommate. I think i might have found mine and just going to at least say hi... I love you sis and I know you'll be okay."] She whispered as she gave her sister a quick hug and then slipped through the others that were waiting around and over to the chair. [b "Um..hi... I'm Lyla...or Ly...or even Lala.."] The magenta haired girl said awkwardly as she kept hazel eyes on the other. God this was awkward but at least she was TRYING. The fact that she was now was more than she could say for her high school because she had been a "freak" and so had liked her space. Here she at least wanted to try and get along with others. Here she hoped to at least make one friend other than her sister. So why not start with her roommate, right? After all.. they would be stuck living together and sharing a room.

[b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]][b [#be5cf5 ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/YEFJhnI.jpg]

[center [#81e66b "Welcome To The Night School. This is going to be your home for as long as it takes, for you to get your powers, under control. The room's are as is, I have chosen who would be staying where, because I don't want people who know each other in the same room."

"The Girl's Dorms; Room One; Skye and Rina, Room Two; Lyla and Lullaby"

"The Boys Dorms; Room One; Caspian and Xagos, Room Two; George and Jericho"

"If you have any question's ask one of the teachers, and they will help you. Welcome home my children, I hope you enjoy your stay. Remember classes start on Halloween, you have a week so get to know everybody."

"Head Master Stone."]]
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[b Another Old Starter]

The cool air slipping into the room was something all to familiar to the platinum blonde haired male as his grey-blue eyes darted about the room. He had been waiting for the lousy house elf to come up to his room and finish packing his trunk for him as he would be heading on the ever dreadful Hogwarts Express back to the wretched school that neither he nor his family could stand. The only reason he went there instead the one that his father had inisisted upon was because his mother hated the idea of her baby boy going so far away for school and because all in bother his mother's and father's family had been in the school.

All those thoughts were bouncing round in his head as the doors to his room creaked oprn and the new elf of the last three years poked their head in. [b "Trixie you're late and you know how I feel about tardiness."] The young Malfoy sneered, smirking as the little creature all but winced back, whimpering. He then went on with his words. [b "But I am feeling kind today and so will not be punishing you. Better get packing."] He hissed as he turned on his heel, going to the restroom to get a shower while the little elf went about her duties.

When he was done with his shower, Draco decided to get into a simple white button up and his slacks for school. He figured it would make changing into his robes all the easier as he always detested doing that as it were. With being dressed, the boy went to his bed where his trunk lay and opened it, checking all that had been packed, making sure that nothing had been forgotten. As he searched through his trunk and found all he would be needing for the year within it, Draco closed and locked the thing and left his room, dragging it down the stairs and to the kitchen where both his parents happened to be at the dining room table.

"You took your time, Draco. You've nearly no time to eat your breakfast." Said his mother. Before the boy could even get his words out, the woman held up a hand and merely motioned he take his seat with no more wasting of time. Since he actually respected the woman and knew his father would give him a hard time if he gave her any cheek he went to his seat and silently began to eat, no conversation or anything being passed among the family.

Almost was he grateful when he father stood and motioned that it was time to be going. It wasn't that he didn't love his parents, but they always struck him as harsh and he wished they seemed a better family. Without voicing his thoughts he hugged his mother and took his father's hand while holding his trunk and before he knew it they were on the platform. "Now remember Draco, be good." Those were the only words his father spoke to him before he left the man to get on the train to be taken into Hogsmeade where the carriages would take the students the rest of the way to the school.


The train ride wasn't any longer, but seemed twice as dull. His father had told him that there were to be changes in the school that year, but he would not tell Draco what. Along with his thoughts of what the new year could possibly hold there were Crabb and Goyle who went on and on about all the food they decided they wanted to try and Pansy talking all about her summer that he didn't even care to hear about. So needless to say when the train finally reached the platform his was one of the first to get off and find a carriage.

When he found the carriage, Draco cursed under his breath as it seemed Potter and his friends were in it. [b "This doesn't make us friends. I just want to get away from the others."] He hissed as the door closed and the ride up to the castle began.

Compared to the train it was mercifully fast and he was able to get out of the carriage and rush up the steps and into the Great Hall. Everyone seemed to be filing in and it didn't take long for the older years to be at their tables. It was the sorting that took what seemed like forever.

[#f1be0e "Now that we have our sorting done, I would like to welcome our first years to the school and welcome back our older students. I do hope the summer holiday treated you all well. With that being said, there will be changes this year. Everyone is to be paired off and houses will be mixed. If anyone pair fails to be getting on, the both of you will not pass the year. Our first pair is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy!"]

At first the old man's words didn't catch his attention. But when he heard who he was paired with, Draco's eyes went straight to the Gryffindor who he had been paired with. There was no way this could be happening.
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[b Just an Old Post]

A year had passed since the Dark Lord had taken his final breaths and had fallen for good. A year had passed since the Wizarding World's time of pain, anguish, and constant terror. A whole year and yet, nothing had changed for the dark haired male who had for many years played the part of double agent, who had risked his life time and time again for a cause that most thought hopeless. A cause that nearly all thought was impossible. And even in him doing all that he had, the time and the effort, one Severus Snape was still mocked. He was still seen as nothing but a liar, a traitor, and the most notorious of all of what most labeled him, a Death Eater.

Dumbledore of course was now back and come out of hiding. Over and over the old wizard tried to explain that his death had been faked. That his death had been a plan to have Voldemort accept Severus with open arms and let him into the plans he was making. But even with the words of Dumbledore, very few were willing to find the story credible and were constantly whispering about him in the Order meetings or spreading old lies.

This night was no different than so many others before. The man that the others were still sketchy of, still very distrusting of sat at the end of the long wooden table alone, dark eyes trained on Dumbledore. He was trying to focus on what was being said, but the night was the anniversary of the night that he had 'killed' one of the most 'talented' and 'elite' wizards and had earned the name of traitor in the first place. It was because of the day were all the others looking at him in an even more loathing fashion than was usual.

[#2ddef1 "Severus, have you been paying attention to anything that has been said at all? You seem rather distracted tonight, perhaps you would like a night to yourself to gather your thoughts? Or if you would like you are more than welcome to stay here and we can chat about what is bothering you."] The previous headmaster said, twinkling blue eyes on the man who because of the soft spoken words was called out of his head and looked down at the table before him in order to avoid eye contact with anyone who was around the table.

[#81e66b "With the utmost respect, staying here nor talking would do me any good. So I will be leaving quite soon and as you suggested try and get my head together."] Severus muttered, tone coming across as clam and collected as always, though deep down he was anything but. Those who knew him well, and to face a fact that was not many at all, they would know that he was still battling what he had done those few years back, the choice that he had to made to follow Voldemort, and the resentment and bitterness that he felt towards almost all the world that he lived in. Such a sweet man he was, but Severus Snape had never been known for his sentiments or 'weaknesses', only his strengths and capabilities.

Twinkling blue eyes almost filled with a sadness as they stared at Snape. It was as if the man were trying to read gim just as he had always done and in knowing that, Snape sat up straighter in his chair, his own gaze locked with the 'old man's.' [#2ddef1 "If that is how you truly feel, Severus do not let me stop you by any means...just remember should you need to talk...."] But the words were cut off by another Order member who demanded Dumbledore's attention and led the meeting back on track with patrols and rebuilding and everything else of the like.

On and on it all seemed to drone to the man. He was listening to what suggestions were made but most of then seemed on sided and very ill considered. But he wasn't one to speak much in accordance to the meetings as all the others simply brushed him off or argued against him, even if what he said was true. And most the time it was due to the fact that he was out among their world and heard the remaining hurt and saw the remainder of the damages that had been caused .

[#81e66b [i 'When will this infernal meeting be over? I honestly don't want to be here, but because of the deal I had with Dumbledore and the fact that though I am bitter I might still have a heart keeps me here and in the Order. Besides, it is the only form of 'action' I get anymore as after everything I am shunned from most things and those here are weary of me, at least they listen to Dumbledore and leave me and don't taunt me as much as the rest of society does, seeming to make it their mission in life to make mine miserable. It doesn't bother me really as my whole existance is already such. And though I shouldn't be, I am rather amused by their meager attempts.']]

Within the next hour, Dumbledore finally dismissed those of the Order who had so graciously attended the night's meeting and sent them their way. It looked like the old man wanted to talk to him, but Severus was not in the mood and so made his way directly to the front door and down the steps. He had had enough of Grimmuald Place, or the 'Ancient House of Black' as the building had once been called. And just that thought was enough to send shivers down his spine as he had had too many encounters with a certain Black, none of which he cared to think about and so he quickly began to busy his mind with potions that he was thinking he wanted to try and experiment with.

It was as the man was walking did he catch sight of a lone figure standing among the shadows, seeming to be staring at the building he had exited mere minutes before. Though the man couldn't really care one way or the other, but seeing the...man, or at least he thought the figure a man had him curious why anyone outside the Order would come to the building, let alone show it any interest.

[#81e66b "Excuse me, but what business do you...."] But his words caught in his throat as he just stared at the man. He was in quite a shock because of who was before him, as it was a man that even he himself had thought to be dead.
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[i "Miss Bailey do you intend to keep the driver that your mother and father hired waiting much longer? Richard is a patient man, but even he has his limits and he feels that an hour is long enough."] Katrina said as she bowed her head to the young woman who said in the light of slowly coming night. It was clear that the newest of the house staff was not used to Aurora as many of those who had been around longer. She thought the young woman of twenty- three was more uptight about being told what to do by those of "lower statuses" like the Mistress and Master of the house. And honestly it made the young woman a bit sad to see that. She was not her mother or her father.

[b "Katrina...we have been over this before... There is no need to bow your head like that. You're the same age as I am and I want to be able to think of you as a friend...not just one of the staff my darling mother and dearest father hired on at the beginning of the summer.... So please try and remember that. And it's Rora...not Miss Bailey. I'll be down in a couple of minutes, would you aplogise to Richard for me?"] The young brunette asked, crystal blue gaze upon the other young woman whose hands now played with her apron as she looked upon the 'young Mistress' of the house.

Because it looked like the other wanted to say more, to possibly argue with her Aurora raised a hand to dismiss her. It was always the same thing and the same story. And she could confidently say that she was finding it more and more boring. She wanted to be known as a simple vampyre and to even befriend those who worked for her mother and her father. She had been trying to do it in secret as her mother and father could be rather harsh and believed in the old ways. The ways that she found silly and demeaning as she saw how the times changed and hoped that MAYBE others of her race or was it the ward status would realize it wasn't the dark ages anymore. But that had been too much to ask for.

Aurora was stuck in her head and shook her head as the soft chimes of the windchime she kept just outside her window rustled in the soft breeze of the slowly creeping in night. [b [i 'I hope choosing to go to Imperium University for my junior year. I know they say it was good, no the best in the 1950s before it had closed down. Mother and father seemed pleased to hear it was coming back and were in a hurry to make me transfer.. I wonder what the big deal of this place is..?']] Rora found herself thinking as she stood and straightened the knee length white dress she had been wearing and slipped her shawl over her shoulders. The young woman had been about to grab the suitcase she had left lying on the bed, but before she could another of her parents' hired hands had taken in without given her a second glance. And with that being the case, the Astral vampyre went to where she had left her hand back which held her ipod, a couple of sketch pads, a couple of books, and her favourite cat stuffed animal she had had since she was three years old. The young woman checked the bag three times to make sure she had all she wanted in it since her suitcase had already been taken. When it appeared she had, Aurora rushed out of her bedroom that she would not see again until the summer and down the stairs out into the front gardens as that was where the car was waiting for her. She hadn't even bothered telling her parents "farewell" as they were gone on yet another business trip which she had become used to from a very young age.

[b[#e515cc ~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~]]

The drive wasn't terribly long, but it still had been boring. Aurora had tried to make conversation with Richard as she sat in the back, but the man had not wanted to engage her. Something about his job being to drive and to not entertain. So that had left her to a playlist that she had downloaded years ago on her iPod and trying to remember what she had been thinking. It was a list of very different music taste than the one she had currently and almost had her ears bleeding. But still it was much better than being in complete silence and left to her fidgeting as she was a bit nervous of the school and of the others that she would be meeting as it was explained so many from different walks of life and talents would be housed in one school.

When the black mercedes had stopped, crystal blue eyes went to look up at the school. It was a castle and almost reminded her of Hogwarts in a way. And she couldn't help her soft almost musical laugh as she had let her mind wander to the Harry Potter series, but she couldn't help it as the place just reminded her of one of her favourite book and movie series ever. It also reminded her of all the other stories she had ever read growing up, but it seemed more gothic and a little more forboding as she knew it was hidden in the Smokey Moutains as it was to keep humans out. So for a few moments more, or rather until she heard the cough outside of her now opened door door. Again she had to pull herself out of her daydreaming state and offered a small smile to her driver. [b "Sorry...just it made me think..."] But the man merely held up a hand and motioned she head up the stairs and to the woman who was dressed a bit provacitively with the bun who happened to be staring down at her.

Slowly she nodded and grabbed her handbag and made her way up to the woman. [i "Your guardian Ali Zednik is already here, Miss Bailey."] The woman said as she had not looked up from her clipboard and passed a key to the young woman. [i Now tonight at five there will be a meeting for all the students in the main hall. Be sure that you are there. At six there will be breakfast served and at seven classes will begin. I hope you have a great year this year!"] Were the next words that the woman said, finally looking at Rora and giving an obviously fake and practiced smile. It was almost like a robot was there to greet her and not a breathing, living beign. But she kept her mouth shut and gave a small smile and nod. [b "Thank you...I will just explore and see if I come across my guardian or anyone else for that matter."] And with that, Rora walked away from the woman, heels clicking softly on the cement or were they tilted floors? She couldn't tell but being away from the woman greeting was the best.

Rora continued her way through the long hallways and couldn't help a squeak when she ran into someone. Her gaze would not come up, but stayed on the floor. [b "Sorry...I should learn to pay attention to where I'm going.."] The Astral vampire muttered.
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[b Intro for Darkest]

The room was light, almost too light being the white that it was. Just opening emerald eyes peered around and realized that the place she was in was foreign, a place she didn't even know. Caressa's hand went through her hair and eyes once again danced around the room as she noticed others on beds around the room just waking as well. It seemed none of them knew where they were either. Like they had all just been brought to this place and left with nothing. No answers, no reasons, and most importantly no memories.

She knew her thoughts of that were running wild to say the very least, but how was she to feel waking in a room with five others and knowing nothing but her name? It was frightening and definitely not something the young woman with long teal hair would have expected, though she didn't even know at this point what she would have expected. Emerald eyes followed the few that got up and began leaving the room that they had been in, her head canting to the side the slightest bit. At the moment, she found herself curious and wondering if she should even follow. But at this point, it became apparent she was the last and she could hear pounding feet within in the halls.

[b [i 'Well it should be now or never...If you are going to leave too, you best be going now..']] She thought, getting up from the bed she had yet to leave and slipping out the door the others had left opened. And it was when she entered the hall was she met with unusual sights. A male with gorgeous red hair seemed to simply vanish and somewhere off down the hall a man was soon an icicle..it was very strange. But it was as she was stopped and staring did one of the doctors came running at her and was inches from her when she lifted her hand, vines seeming to sprout from the walls and ensnare him.

It was at that point did she turn on her heel and run. She knew that whatever happened was strange and not meant to. She also knew that if she stayed more 'weird' things would happen. So what choice did she really have then to join the others and to get the hell out?


It had been two days since leaving the white room she had awoke in. And she was still with the five others, though she didn't know anything about them. All she knew was they seemed to be as lost as she herself felt and even had inhuman abilities as well. But even in those days, the young woman kept to herself and more or less listened and observed.

In the present most the group was either sitting or standing nearby as two of the men talked, speaking of trying to figure out what to do. Then the two other young women added their own ideas as well. So far she and the one with the crow had yet to speak, but that soon changed as he said something about flying above the trees.

[b "At any rate...whatever we decide...they will be after us. There was reason we were locked in that place. But personally I think here would be best...it's more cover."] She found herself saying before she could stop herself. [b "And how might you fly? None of us have wings here."] Yeah, there was the sassiness she had been trying to keep at bay but it clearly had not worked. Maybe the more she knew these people, the less bite she would have. But for now she was on her guard and staying because it appeared they all needed the other.
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Grey eyes looked up at the school and the young woman found herself biting on her lip. She had been supposed to be there earlier on, but her father had purposely kept her longer than he should have as to explain that she was to be good and to not cause any trouble for the others at the school. Of course the man had not told her what he was talking about, but every word he spoke happened to have the underlying meaning of her being more trouble than she was worth and reminding her of what had happened to her mother and just how she had landed with her father to begin with. By the time her father had done, Amelia had almost decided against going to Lamia altogether, but then remembered that it was her only escape from her home life and so when her father had finally done with her she left as quickly as she could and was nervous upon getting to the school.

Very slowly, the young woman took a breath to try and calm herself as she entered into a long hall way, which made her think of books she had read and she wondered how she would ever be able to find her way in a place so large. She was about to try and look at a map that was on the wall, but that was when she heard footsteps behind her and a throat clearing. Grey eyes were quick to look at the woman who stood behind her with her hands on her hips. [b "You're late. Very late."] The woman scoffed as she motioned the male with her to take Amelia's bag and quickly gripped the girl by the wrist and began to drag her along. [b "The assembly has started and is nearly done. Since you were late we had given your place to another girl, but it seems that you have arrived and so we will fix the mix up and you will meet your guardian."] The woman's words and steps were fast and so the girl could not very well think of anything she wanted to say or she would very easily be left behind, which given how gruff the woman seemed was more than a bad idea. Plus if she did fall behind, Lia would end up lost as she had quite a bad sense of direction.

"You said that I would be meeting my...my guardian.. Who might I ask is it?" Amelia finally asked as the woman that had been leading her, well more like dragging her had began to slow down. The girl pulled her hand away from the woman and ran her hair throught her soft brunette lockes and gave the woman before her a raised brow as she had hoped the question would be answered.

[b "Her name is Isadora and you will be learning more about her when you meet her. But first we have to find her."] That was the only answer that was given as Amelia was motioned to follow the woman through a back door and along the outer part of the room as it seemed she did not interruput anything. It took a good ten or so minutes, but soon Amelia was led to a young woman at the back of the auditorium. [b "Isadora, this is Amelia...she is going to be your ward..."] And that was all that was said as the woman led the other ward off and left Amelia with her guardian.

[i 'What am I supposed to do now? This isn't awkward at all...'] The girl thought as a hand unconscioisly came up and began to twirl and play with the little of her hair that had come undone from her pins and had fallen forward on her shoulder. Slowly her eyes began to go from her guardian and to the others around the auditorium and then found there way back to Isadora.
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It was funny how he had been known to be a well trained medic and perhaps one of the best. Of course the fact of being a fallen angel and being nearly three hundred had taught the man a lot and even allowed him to help in ways that other medical personal would be unable. And still the man was beginning to be bored of his current line of work or rather working in the hospital as he had for lacking in better words been at it forever.

[#9251c1 "Frankieeee you've been looking that letter over all morning. And ypu promised that you would be coming with me to dance practice!"] Franklin's younger sister Sharla whined as her hands were on her hips.

A slight smirk came to the man's lips and he shrugged. [b "You could always have mother or father go with you Shar. I've actually decided to take up this offer and so need to get a move on if I intend to be in time at all."] Though as he spoke, the smirk was gone and he actually gave a softer more gentle smile, one that happened to be reserved for people that he actually cared about.

A bottom lip puckered out and tears stung bright blue eyes as they locked with the man's dark brown. [#9251c1 "So...so you are actually going then? This..this means I won't get to see you or spend time with my favourite brother anymore!"] The girl whimpered out, trying her hardest to not let her tears fall down her cheeks.

The truth was he had made the choice about a week earlier but had not wanted to tell his sister because he knew that she would throw a fit and that she would try and get him not to do it. He loved her to bits, he really did but this was a chance he had been waiting for. It was a new adventure and something new to do since he was about three hundred. It was also something none had tried before given the history that they all knew so well of how humans and some supernaturals had escaped. This was the chance of a lifetime and to see for himself just what had happened.

[b "Come on Shar...it's not going to be forever. I promise when I get back you and me can do anything you want. I'll even wear one of those stupid pink tutus of yours and help you practice ballet."] He said and gave his little a sister a wink to which she smiled and laughed.

[#9251c1 "You better keep to it! I'm going to miss you!"] His sister whined as she hugged him.

It took him about an hour longer to get his little sister to fully be okay with the idea of him leaving. Okay so she wasn't okay with it, but at least he had her reassured that he would be back and he would spend as much time as he could with her when he did return. Frankie wasn't usually a softy, but for those who actually meant something to him, the man for lack of better wording was a softy and ALMOST a teddy bear, but that was ONLY if he found himself caring for someone or someones.


When he had gotten home from his parents' home, the man had scrambled around the appartment that he shared with his bestfriend Alex. Alex of course was nowhere to be found as the other man would be out of the "house" for days on end with random women he met at work or even at bars. It always amazed Frankie when his best friend did happen to grace him with his presence for more than a few hours at a time. But he couldn't focus on those facts and quickly began to pack all his medical supplies into various suitcases along with his clothing, books and anything else he deemed necessary to take with him since he was already running late in being down at the dock.

Once he had checked and rechecked the appartment, the fallen angel wrote a note for his roommate. It was simple telling the other that he would be gone and had decided to take up the offer of being the Earth crew's medical personnel. He also told the other man he did not know when he would be back but asked that he did keep Shar company as he knew his little sister was quite fond of him. And when he had done with his slight note, Frankie put it on the kitchen counter and grabbed his cases to go and left.

The docking port wasn't too terribly far from he lived, but given the many cases the man had his arms hurt like hell when he did finally arrive. And when he did, the man noted three others waiting outside the ship and a man who seemed to be hidden behind tons of books slip into the ship. It was an interesting bunch from what he cpuld see, but he had been told the group was the best of the best in what they did and so was going to have to see if it was true.

[b "Hey...sorry for being late..but see I'm not the only one.. There are still a few others? Or am I the last to arrive?"] Franklin asked. Not his best introduction of himself, but the man though good at his job was a little withdrawn and more introverted. It was how he was until he opened up. And as he waited for either an answer or to see if others arrived, the fallen angel male leaned on the side of the ship and brushed his long dark locks back from his face with his fingers, eyes wandering from those he had just come upon. [b "By the way, the name's Franklin, but Frankie unless in trouble. Nice to meet ya."]
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[i Another summer has come and gone and yet it seems like maybe it is for the best. Mom and dad as always have been avoiding me and no matter what I do to try and get their attention it never works out. It's almost like I don't exist here and have all of a sudden become invisible. Okay, well scratch that, it's been that way ever since my letter to Ilvermorny had arrived my first year there and ever summer since when I come home for the holiday. I get that they hate having a witch in the family and had hoped for a 'normal' daughter but this.. I don't know thinking about it always hurts. At least when at school I semi seem to belong..or do in the way that we are all magical in at least some way or another..] The girl bit on the edge of her pen as bright blue eyes locked on the words she had just written in the little pink notebook that she often kept beneath her pillow and only wrote in when there appeared to be times that she felt she NEEDED to get her thoughts out of her head, which apparently now that she looked at the page seemed to be mostly on the first days before going back to a world that her parents could and would never try to understand. Once more she reread over what she had written, letting out a squeak when she felt a nudging at her ankle and a small smile slipped to her lips as she could hear the meowing that she had been too spaced out to hear.

[b "I'm sorry Bambi..did I forget to fill your dish again?"] Lydia asked as she looked to the clock, and immediately wished she hadn't since it was still early. The cat only sat and looked up expectantly at the girl, earning a glare. [b "If mom or dad catch me up, then you're the one going to get it."] The girl said, as she reached down and pet Bambi, giving a faint smile though she had been trying to make him think that he really would be in trouble. To those in her school, treating the animal as a friend would be perfectly fine, but if her parents saw and or heard her it would be an earful of how she needed to stop over personifying the cat and to live in the "real" world for a change.

With a roll of her eyes at the thoughts that had been going through her head, the girl got up from the desk and slowly padded across the cold wooden floor, creaking the door open ever so slowly just to make sure that she would not have the "pleasure" of running into either of her parents. She would have to deal with them and their constant griping for a good forty or so minutes later that morning on the way to the train station and so still wanted to enjoy her sanity while she still had some of it left. As soon as nothing was heard down the hall or down below, the blonde haired girl with the blue streaks in her hair slipped out of her room and began her way down the stairs two steps at a time, still making sure to try and be as quiet as a mouse as both her parents were light sleepers . Because just as she entered the kitchen there sat her mother at the table with her nose buried in the morning paper with a cup of coffee, slowly peaking over the edge of the page at the girl. "If I've told you once, I have told you a thousand times that cat of yours has got to be quiet in the mornings. If he doesn't, then he will have to go." And already is seemed to be starting. [b "I know mom, I know.. I just forgot to feed him and he was reminding me.. It's not his fault."] Lydia muttered defensively as she quickly turned away from the woman and went to the cabinet where the cat food was kept and quickly filled Bambi's bowl for him. The sooner she got it done, the sooner she could get away from the "wicked witch of the west" as she liked to refer to the woman as.

As soon as she was done feeding Bambi, the girl all but ran from the kitchen and back upstairs to her room, slamming the door. She knew better, but having the run in with her mother had caused her not to care if she ended up waking her father or not. ALWAYS did her parents seem to put her into the most foul moods and that being the case, Lydia decided that she would pack her trunk. It had been something she had neglected and it would give her something to do in order to try and calm down and to distract herself. And so with that being her seemingly only choice in things that she could do , the teen girl began to scramble around her room, tossing her clothing, books, "essentials" and her favourite stuffed bear into her trunk. She even packed Bambi's own little bag that would be with her the entire way as this year she would DEFINITELY not be leaving her baby with her parents as after that morning she was more than afraid that when she came home he would be long gone and either in a shelter or off with a new family.


Icy blue gaze looked out the window at the blurs of trees that passed. Her parents were rambling on and on about only god knew what. She has tuned them out the moment that they had gotten in the car and was merely pretending to pay attention at all. The girl's mind was on school, or rather on the train station where she would be able to hopefully catch up some with Cyrus and Logan. She had not been able to talk to them since they had left over the summer and couldn't help wondering what the two boys had been up to on their holiday. Hopefully it had been better than her own.

"Lydia Faith. are you even listening young lady?" Came the shrill voice of her mother, pulling her away from her thoughts. When the girl pulled her gaze from the window and her head was tilted to the side. [b "Um..to which part, mom?"] Lydia found herself asking and majorly cringing under the woman's gaze. Instantly she wished she would not have spoken and wished that she could be anywhere but sitting in the backseat of her father's navy blue Allero.

"You were supposed to tell me if you had plans for Christmas or not. Because we are supposed to be going to see your grandparents and I need to know if I have to get you a plane ticket as well, or if you will want to stay at school." The woman all but barked at her. [b [i 'Resist rolling your eyes. Resist being smart with her.. You can do this for about fifteen more minutes.']] Were the thoughts that raced through her head as her eyes darted past her mother and to the clock on the radio. [b "I've not gotten the chance to talk to my friends..but when I have an answer I'll send it to you.."] She said weakly as it was the best she could do to avoid another fight with her mother, which really would ruin her mood of happiness at returning "home".

Surprisingly her mother said nothing else and the rest of the car ride was in silence. The only noses that were heard was the soft drawing of the music on the radio and Bambi shuffling around in his carrier that Lydia had spent about ten minutes arguing with the stubborn thing to get in as she REALLY wanted him with her at school. When the car stopped, Lydie all but jumped from the backseat, grabbed her cat carrier and trunk and gave a wave to her parents. She didn't want to waste anymore time and it was clear that they didn't want to be there longer than they had to be. So as quickly as she could, the girl got a cart and found her way to the platform, blue eyes scanning along those who were scrambling about to get on the train. As she didn't see the pair she had been looking for, the girl dragged her trunk with her onto the train, looking into compartment after compartment and finding them nearly full. It wasn't until mid-train did she find an empty one and slip in, finally letting Bambi out of his carrier and the cat of about seven curled up lazily in her lap.

[b [i 'I hope they'll be here soon...I was really looking forward to seeing both Logan and Cyrus again...Maybe they're just late?']] Lydia couldn't help her anxious mind and its racing as normally she was the late one. But all she could do was wait, her hand running absently over her cat as blue eyes stayed trained on the compartment's door as each sound of shuffling feet seemed to get her hopes up that SOON the other two would be there.
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Icy gaze stayed upon the other male before the pair as he seemed for the moment to forget that Olivia were there as well. For that brief moment, it seemed as if Erik were sent spiraling back in time to when something of this nature had happened before. But it was when his arm had been gently gripped did the man come back to the present and give the very faintest of shakes of his head. He really did have to remember that the past was simply that and even if it were just a visit within his own mind and memories he did run the risk of being trapped there once more, of diluding any form of progress that had been made in helping him.

As he had been bade, the man led the way. Of course he didn't think of the ypung woman's attire until they had found their way into the undergrounds and her shoes were in her hands and she was holding the hems of her skirt to make sure the dress would not be ruined. Quite an amusing sight to say the least as the man would have thought the woman to perhaps want to turn back once she remembered that her clothing was not at all suitable for the task that they had chosen to undertake.

All the while, his hand kept ahold of hers to make sure she did not end up losing her balance or end up tripping. He of course knew the ins and outs with his eyes closed and would have no problems, but to be polite he kept their pace slow and steady, only stopping when Olivia did to cast icy blue eyes out over the lake.

"Some believe him to merely be a legend or an old tale. Usually he's forgotten about because his tale is hardly one to be told anymore. So there is no telling if the 'Phantom' was real or not. Though because you mentioned it and seem so intrigued by this place, I must ask if you think he is just a mere legend or at some time in history could have been a person?" It was hard to speak of the man he had once been in such a manner but he was not to give anything away. To boot, Erik wanted to know what her answer and true thoughts on the "ghost of his past" happened to be as he had not come across many would have even remembered or known.

Surprise was possibly how she felt, or was it more of relief? The young woman did find herself a little tipsy but she was still completely aware of what she was doing and what she was thinking. And to be perfectly honest, Cecil was downright adorable in how pleased he seemed that it appeared that they had felt the same way for the other but also been seemingly afraid to say something. To her it was a sweet and refreshing type of innocen that she had not seen in so long.

"How would I have been able to turn you down? There is something so special and different about you.. You make me feel and think in ways no other ever had." Bea found herself whispering against his lips as he had returned her kiss.

It was their first true kiss and it she hoped wouldn't be the last. As silly as it may have seemed, the young woman almost didn't want for the night to end. But she did find herself wanting to be alone with the man. Somewhere that didn't include being surrounded by a bunch of people. Of course no one seemed to notice them, which she was more than fine with but she thought perhaps another scene might be even better. "Want to ditch being here..or stay for a while longer?" She asked as her eyes slowly came up to lock with his.
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This was the same thing that had happened during her last time in Wonderland. It was kind of funny and sad just how history seemed to repeat itself and yet this time he could not tell her who he was or what she had meant to him, what they had meant to the other. Her voice and gasped out words were enough to pull him from his thoughts as brown eyes gazed back to the woman. She did look completely exhausted but still he did not slow his pace nor did he stop. Being out in the open as they were was still quite dangerous and they were still easy targets.

Turn after turn did the man drag the young woman with him. God did he feel horrible for what he was doing and for what he knew he would be getting her into once again but the truth was it could not be done without her. And already they were running later than they were supposed to have been.

When they came to a door, Brooklyn was all but pulled from his grip. Hatter was quick to close the door and once more turned to the man whom had hissed the words at him. [b "I am well aware of that..but you know as well as I do that those cards make everything tricky and have to try and avoid being captured."] His own words were quick and hissed as he moved forward.

[b "Here we won't be hurting you. But if you would be kind enough to come with me upstairs I will explain this to you. The others are also waiting."] The man said, dark eyes locking on the woman who had once been everything to him, other than his home of course. Since she was already scared enough, the man made no other sudden movements and would let her decide if she would follow him or not.
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[#f1be0e "Mags, better get up before your mother does. You know if she's up before you than she'll be making your morning hell.."] Her father said as he gently shook the girl with the raven black hair to wake her from her unfit night slumber as she honestly had not been to bed until about five-thirty that morning.

Maggie turned over and bright green eyes glared up at the wizard and she let out a hiss. [b "I dun't care what mum thinks and you know it."] No she was definitely not a morning person and whoever woke her before she was ready to wake was likely to get a bit of her claws .

Jamison only gave his daughter a look and a shake of his head. [#f1be0e "I don't have the time to put up with you and your attitude today. Be up or face your mother, but don't say I didn't warn you."] The man said before he left the room, causing Maggie to smirk as the door slammed behind the man. He had annoyed her and so she had annoyed him. A common morning routine and one she would miss while she was away at school for her seventh and final year.

For a few seconds bright green eyes stared up at the ceiling and she tapped her fingers on the bed beside her as she listened for the pounding footsteps of her mother in the hall and then the banging on her twin brother's door. If she had it timed right, Maggie's door would be banged on in about another minute and then an earful of not being downstairs and eating would be coming her way. Funny yet annoying, but the self-proclaimed Slytherin Princess just couldn't help herself. She wasn't exactly mean, but not exactly friendly either. People had to work to get to know her if they wanted to know the real her. And honestly, it was the way she liked it.

[b [i 'Five....four....threee...two...one...']] And as if on cue, a woman with blonde hair which matched Avery's came stomping in with her hands planted on her hips. Blue eyes were locked on the girl and a glare had taken place on the usual gentle features of one Annalisa Wright's face.

"Margret Rose Wright, you get your arse out of bed right now young lady!" Came the shrill words that the girl had known would be. But still they annoyed her to no end because her mother always seemed in a bad mood or like she liked picking fights with her. Avery was the favourite with the woman and Maggie knew it too. Besides if she wanted to, she could simply turn the woman into a mouse and her mother would not be able to do anything about it as she was a muggle afterall. So she was more than amused when her mother turned her icy glare on her.

[b "And if I choose not?"] The seventeen year old asked, though she was getting out of bed and took her wand from the drawer in her bedside table and used it to push her mother from the room, locking the woman out as her trunk packed itself. When everything was nearly packed, Maggie went to her closet and got into a simple white dress which came to her knees, a pair of boots and a sweater. As soon as she was done getting dressed and had her hair brushed, the girl let her snow white ferret Draco out of his cage and then turned to the door, taking a few deep breaths before she recomposed herself and once more faced her glowering mother.


For an hour she had had to listen to her mother scolding her in the car and her brother talking about how excited he was to be going back to school. All she could really think of as she pet Draco was that she wanted the both to shut the hell up and how peaceful school would be. At least when at school she didn't have to listen to the griping made about who she was and she didn't have to be around her perfect brother. Maggie could pretend to be the perfect little Slytherin .

Upon getting to the station, even though she and her mother didn't see eye-to-to, Maggie gave the woman a quick hug before she disappeared beyond the barrier with her trolley, purposely leaving her brother behind. As soon as she got on the train, the girl began to wander through the compartents until she saw one of her fellow Slytherins and two Hufflepuffs. A smirk and came to her lips as she was facing away from the Hufflepuff girl and she winked at both Theo and Robert.

Draco had by now hopped down from the girl's shoulder and onto the seat. The little white ferret was nosing about and seemed to be nudging at both the boys. Unlike Maggie, Draco liked people and was always pestering for attetion. The smirk remained on Maggie's lips as she watched her ferret for a second longer.

[b "Oh here you two are my darlings! I've been searching all over for you! Thank you so much for saving me the seat.. I've not seen either of you since the end of last term, you must tell me simply all about your summers."] The girl said in an almost purr as she moved over to take the seat Draco had been nosing around in. Bright green eyes then fell on the Hufflepuff girl and she gave one of her fake smiles, that could seem real. [b "You two didn't tell me you had a new friend and that she was so cute. Another Hufflepuff, right?"] She asked and then directed her attention on the girl. [B "I'm Maggie, and you are?"]

Yup she was going to have fun with this and see what she could do. Besides it was a long way to Hogwarts anyway and she needed the distraction from her mother's behaviour, even if it was an argument with a girl she hardly cared existed.
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Hermione had been anxious since Harry and Mister Weasley had been gone. She had tried locking herself in the library with the books as she normally did, but even that for some reason was of no comfort to her. Mostly did she believe that her bestfriend would be getting out of the trouble that he had gotten into, but there was still that little bit of doubt in her that he could be found guilty and it was that small doubt which seemed to be eating away at the bushy haired teen girl.

[i "Come on Hermione, there's nothing to worry about. Dumbledore'll be there and able to get Harry off. Don't see why you're being as anxious as a mother hen. Hey, I know what will get your mind off of this for a little while, watching Fred and George get in trouble for trying to listen in on Order stuff. What do you say?"] Ron said as he watched the girl fidgeting in the chair she usually was curled up in with her books.

A sharp brown eyed glare fell on the ginger haired boy. [b "You've honestly the emotional capacity of a teaspoon, haven't you? Even with Dumbledore's help and being there he still might not have a chance.. Especially with Fudge and all his deceptions."] The girl replied huffily, only to get up from where she had been sitting as loud chatter could be heard downstairs.

With the loud chatter and Mister Weasley's voice drifting up the stairs, both Ron and Hermione ran down the stairs just as everyone was crouding Harry. Ron had pushed his way through like his other siblings, but Hermione had hung back. When she could, the girl did make her way through the others who were still crowded about and over talking one another, hugging the boy tightly when she got to him.

[b "I'm so glad you got out of it!"] The girl said when she pulled back, a dark red in her cheeks when Ron all but stared at the two.

[i "I told her you would, mate. If we can steal you, want to go upstairs and tell us all about it?"]
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[#e515cc "Mom I do NOT want to be going back to school. Everyone acts like I am a freak or something."] The young woman muttered as icy blue eyes locked on her mother who had not woken her long ago. It was more than clear that Romey tempted to at least try using her powers on the woman, though she knew that it would not work on Scarler Witch. Her mother was way older and could very easily turn it around on her. Not only that, but Romey was worried about the powers she had been born with from her mother and so HARDLY ever tried using them. Mostly she stuck to the powers that she got from Vision. But that did not change her reluctance to be going back to school.

"We have been over this, Romey. It is a chance for a new world and for this war to be put aside and to make new alliances. Besides it is a place you can fit in because all of you are different in your ways." The woman said with a pointed look of her own as she had been watching the girl. She knew that her daughter was as stubborn as she was sassy and she was expecting a fight.

[#e515cc "But mom! You and dad don't get it..."] The girl said exasperatedly as her father appeared behind her mother. With the man there, it would be even more hopeless. He was a smooth talker and seemed to be able to convince people of things, regrettably she was one of those people. Instead of continuing on, the young woman turned away from her mother and father with her arms crossed.

[b "Romey, what is it that you think we do not get?"] Her father asked almost the instant that the girl had turned her back.

[#e515cc "Nothing, okay. You want me ready to go soon, then fine. But better to leave me and let me get dressed and packed."] The words were soft and bitter as she spoke them, a hand raising and the door near slamming and locking on her parents. She knew that it could be easily opened, but she also knew that her parents reapected her enough and would leave her to her tasks and just expect her downstairs before she left for school.
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