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Selena is now 16 and has only her father. Her mother died when she was giving birth to Selena. Selena has no idea of love, sex, or how to like somkeone. She has to get good grades because her father beats her if she gets a bad grade. She has to get straight A's. If she does done little thing wrong she gets beatten by her father untill he wants to stop. She doesn't own a single t-shirt. She always wears long pants and long sleeved shirts because if someone asked who beat her she wouldn't want to say. She has no other family members for her to stay with if she gets taken away from her father. She doesn't want to live with foster parents so she tells no one of his beatings.

Selena has no friends and no money, she usually doesn't eat at school which most of the time makes her pass out. Her father won't give her money to eat at school. Her father always beats her for little stuff, if she is even a second late to school or late comming home she is beatten. She has to go straight to school and straight back. Her father won't let her get a job to pay for other clothes or food.

Selena is always doing chores and cooking, she somehow finds time to study even if she doesn't evenn get any sleep she tries so hard to get straight A's. Once when she was little in kindergarden she got an F and she was beatten so hard to where she could barley walk so she never got an F again.

Selena is the new girl of the school. The most popular guy in the school laughs and makes fun of her right in her face but soon he starts to like her. Will she get close to him and tell him about her father?

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  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 289d 11h 55m 3s
She avoided looking at him, "I don't wanna live in a foster home, and even tho I hate living with him I don't wanna get tooken away from my father" she said and she looked up, "Can I go to class now so I don't fail!?" she asked him glaring that he kept her there.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 289d 11h 59m 0s
Suddenly, his predicament with his parents seemed so pathetic compared to the misfortune she has with that bastard of a father of hers. There was that uncharacteristic feeling of protectiveness again as he inwardly seethed.

"Why don't you report him to the police then? If it's lawyers you need, I won't mind being of assistance." He told her, not looking at her again. True, Serio Izumi wasn't really known for charity and blatant kindness. Especially to strangers.

"And you might as well excuse Melina. She's the blonde cheerleader. On second thought, I meant you might as well get used to her bitch of an attitude. It's common thing here really."
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 289d 12h 12m 9s
She did flinch when he was getting mad about it. "N Not just grades, ...Anything I do wrong" she said and sighed. " Last night I just about got a knife in me" she said, "I should have known I wasn't suppposed to go into the study withought him saying" she said looking down pulling her sleeve back over her arm. "I would like that yes......thanks" she finally said she was meaning to say thanks but didn't know when cuz that girl was always with him.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 289d 12h 22m 0s
"That's bullshit! He'll hurt you just because of damn grades?!" He snarled furiously but then sighed apologetically as he figured his outburst would only terrify her more.

"I'd testify for your homeworks' mishap." Serio told her after awhile, not quite looking at her as he recalled with a grimace that it was Melina's fault as to why some of her homeworks were overrun by vehicles and would probably result to poor grades with their crumpled states. "If you like, that is." He added.
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 289d 12h 26m 35s
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  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 289d 12h 33m 42s
She watched as his face and voice soffened. She noded answering his question, "Every day, and If I don't get a good grade on my homework then I would get hurt way worse then I am now" she said, "That's why I needed that paper" she said looking down. "I would have gotten hurt way worse then what that car would have done to me" she said looking down at the bed she sat up on.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 289d 12h 53m 48s
He strained slightly to hear her when she spoke, but Serio managed to catch her reply all the same. His hardened features softened at once, seeing the fragile look on her face. He had been meaning to contemplate this feeling since the moment he saved her from the car. Why was he feeling so protective of her?

"I see." The harshness on his tone was completely gone, replaced by an awkward tinge of tenderness. "I used to think I'm the most unfortunate son on earth with parents constantly rubbing it on my face that money was more important than their own flesh and blood." His voice was wistful as he sat next to her. "Clearly I was wrong. Does he often do that to you?"
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 289d 13h 1m 44s
She looked down and then back up at him. "m.....my dad" she said really soft to where you could barley hear her. She looked like she was about to cry, she didn't want ot tell anyone because she didn't want to get tooken away and put in a foster home.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 289d 14h 30m 57s
< Sorry for disappearing without warning. Got something urgent that came up. >

Serio looked at her with piercing black eyes, one that clearly told her that he didn't believe her one bit. Maria had gone off to the main infirmary to fetch some salves and supplies, but not before giving her word that she won't inform anyone about Selena's case.

"Don't lie to me." Serio hissed quietly, as he turned back to her. He swiftly grabbed her arm and pushed back her sleeve once more. "They're not fresh wounds. Where did you get them?"
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 289d 15h 37m 20s
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  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 290d 11h 23m 2s
She watched as the two talked about the bruieses and all, then she heard him speak. "Ah yea they are!" she lied, she didn't want anyone to know about her father. She quikly pulled her sleeves down and just sat there looking up at him wondering what he was ganna say next.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 290d 11h 45m 45s
The moment he heard Maria gasp again, Serio had already dropped the ice pack was beside the nurse in an instant.

His eyes narrowed in contemplation as he surveyed the bruises on her arms. She wasn't hit of course. Serio made sure of that already. And if there was anyway, she can be hurt, it would be because of their rough landing on the pavement. And with his strained shoulder giving evidence, Serio was sure he sustained all the damage.

"She wasn't. Take a look at the bruises and cuts again, Maria. They're not fresh. In fact.." Serio paused, taking her right arm to observe the injuries better. "..they look like in the process of fading." He met the girl's gaze ans spoke in a partly demanding tone. "These bruises aren't from the accident, are they? Where did you get them?"
  Serio / bluezephyr023 / 9y 290d 11h 49m 22s
As Selena was laied on the bed the nurse didn't even get her time to get up and she was already pulling her sleeves up as she gasped at the bruieses and everything on her arm. She quickly ran to the other side and pulled the other sleeve up and it showed bruises. "I thought you said she wasn't hit?" she asked him.

Selena just closed her eyes tight not wanting to see their faces but then just opened them and just sighed. This was ganna happen either way and the boy was the one who forced her to be here.
  Selena montez3 / premiepower94 / 9y 290d 11h 59m 56s

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