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Three juvenile delinquents are sentenced to a correctional facility where they encounter gang violence, death, and harassment from staff and other inmates.
Adam Butch and two other juveniles from Colorado are transfered into the violent, soul crushing, morale depriving medium security facility: Enola Vale Youth Correctional Facility, Judge may have given you a sentence but in reality your sentence depends on your behavior, you show some goodwill towards change means you can get out on parole earlier with hearing from the judge.

Right now you're on level one, your attire consists of a white undershirt, black sweater and black sweats with choice of dark or neutral colored shoes , evaluations will determine for us if, whether you wanna change and rehabilitate. Show us some improvement and you can move to level two and become a trustee, you'll notice these gentlemen by their sports black pants and polos. They've acknowledged that they've made some poor choices in life but they've proven to staff, and more importantly themselves that they're ready to re-enter society with necessary skills to avoid further criminal behavior.

Becoming a trustee comes with a lot of privileges, but if you mess up. If you try any crazy stuff with on anybody in here, or yourself or if you try to bust out well congratulations you just won yourself an orange suit and a free trip to special unit.

[B Rules for inmates and staff]
1.This is juvie, prison, a youth correctional facility, all the same thing.
2. Lights out is from 11:00 pm to 7:15 am
3 Staff, keep your inmates in line, last thing we need is another lawsuit or one of our own dying.
4. No sharp objects, no weapons, no pornographic material, no illegal substances and absolutely no gang activity [B For inmates, but then again who's stopping em]
5. You will have classes from Monday to Wednesday, such as social studies and anger management.
6. We will do labor such as excavation for businesses nearby and basic chores.
7. Any and all problems and questions will be reported to your unit supervisor.
8. Residents may have free time for one hour max, they may use computers or TV and board games, staff they need to blow off steam too.
9. I don't really care just don't make a 1 on 1 an we're cool, if you do you'll be catapulted to the face of Pikes Peak wait no scratch that you'll be catapulted to Silver Lake LA where you'll be called mainstream cause maybe you are
[B The Warden: Officer Sanders]
[B Units:]
Supervisor: Officer Goodyear, has days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday off
A1: Samuel, Adam Butch
A3: Scott Johnson, Sam, Lukas "Wolf" Kilt

[B Inmate Skelly:]
Reason for conviction:
[B Staff skelly:]

[B Inmates:]
Name: Adam Butch
Age: 17 years old
Unit: A1
Reason for conviction: Terrorizing a local neighborhood lighting stuff on fire while wearing a fox mask while high, then assaulting a crooked correctional officer taking one of his eyes

Name: Samuel
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Unit: A1
Reason for conviction: Caught drug dealing, Pick Pocketing, Use of illegal drugs, Drunk in bar in Alaska , Robbery of five banks, Hacking of ten banks
[B Special unit Residents aka Orange Suits]

Name: Scott Johnson
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Unit: A3
Reason for conviction: Sexualized Assault on three of the boys he was babysitting. Convicted at 17.

Age: 20 years old
Sex: Female
Reason for conviction:Killing her whole family, Having drugs on her.

Name:Lukas kilt
Goes by :wolf
Age: 17
Reason for conviction:killed his mothers boyfriend who he'd caught molesting his seven year old sister has been blood thirsty since also killed three cops when they came for him he was 15 then and has lost track of the number of inmates he's killed or tried to kill

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Samuel was lead to his cell. All he he could think was [i FTW no not for the win... Fuck the world]. Samuel sat on his cot and thought of plans to escape.
  Shadow / AnotherLostSoul / 5y 179d 21h 45m 25s
Scott barely glanced up when the boy approached him and he just continued sketching, adding shadows to the picture making it look almost lifelike. [b [#030303 "What do you want?"]] he grumbled not even bothering to introduce himself.
  Scott Johnson / TheDollMaster / 5y 180d 14h 20m 16s
Wolf smirked as he was lead out to the yard and aloud to move freely as e could with his shackles. He approached a male with long red hair. "Hello I am wolf" he said blood thirst Clear in his eyes.
  wolf aka lukas kilt / kenbloodmoon / 5y 181d 14h 34m 6s
Samuel walked in covered in chains the officer to the left was his half brother Officer Daniel who was looking for a profession there. "[b Hurry and take this disappointment out of my sight please. He, well just isn't fit for the family]" Officer Daniel told the Warden then plopped the key on the desk. "[b I'd advise that he'd be under watch of armed snipers at all times and at night put these chains on him and chain him to the bed]" Officer Daniel advised then left in a hurry. While Samuel heard this he was strongly offended. It wasn't like he ever killed anybody, just was a escape artist and a professional hacker, robber, and drug dealer. Samuel looked over at the Warden. "[+Red Why ain't I at the special units? Yes I didn't kill or sexually assault anyone but I did some other decently large crimes. Now I tell you what I'll give one billion dollars in cash if you let me out of this hellhole]" Samuel offered. He would do it he hadn't lied one day in his life and that is that but the Warden probably wouldn't trust him as far as he could throw him in chains.
  Shadow / AnotherLostSoul / 5y 186d 19h 10m 7s
[B "Alright Mr. Butch this officer Goodyear, late as usual." I have good excuse, wife worked today I had to drop my daughters off. Yeah and its becoming a habit, we can't have you thirty minutes late almost all the time."] Goodyear said to Sanders, both arguing

[B "Can I just get changed and go to the dorm?"] Adam spoke to break the argument, after getting into his outfit he picked up Hus bin and headed to dorm A1 with Goodyear. [B " Okay Butch you get the top left corner bunk, and- am I boring you sunshine? "] he asked as Butch yawned. [B " No sir. Good cause I read your profile and you should be listening closely.. "] Goodyear replied to Adam.

[B " C'mon you got break time, head to the courts, or library. "] Goodyear showed Adam what was where, Adam deciding to head to the courts to lounge around.
  Adam Butch / Askredsamurai / 5y 187d 15h 17m 59s
Scott was sitting in his cell reading when the guards came in crossing there arms, [b [#030303 "Okay Johnson time to socialize come on out hope your ready for your cavity search,"]] the guard said and Scott glanced over his book and snarled lightly before standing up and putting hs book back under his matteress before heading up to the guard who smirked and pulled the boy's hair. [b [#030303 I'm surprised the warden has let you keep this ungodly hair well at least it tells the newbies that your avalible for a nice privet shower,"]] he laughed then grabbed Scott's arm and lead him to the room that they used for searches.

Once his search was over Scott was released into the yard wearing hs bright orange prison suit and he just walked over to his usual spot in the corner of the yard and sat down and picked up a small piece of coal and used it to start sketching on the cement and he started sketching a little boy one of the few he was acused of assulting all those years ago.
  Scott Johnson / TheDollMaster / 5y 187d 18h 28m 54s
Wolf yawned as he stepped out of the room where hed just went through a full body check he looked around at the other residents picturing how he could kill each of them a bloodthirsty look in his eyes "lukas kilt you will not touch the other residents"one of his guards said causing wolfs head to snap around his eyes meeting the guard's "i toldyou my name is wolf dont make me say it aagain"he said in a low deadly voice
  wolf aka lukas kilt / kenbloodmoon / 5y 188d 15h 20m 59s

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