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[center [s No foxes allowed]
[center [s If I'm not online, try messaging AcidRain, he'll inform me if you want to join.]]

[center Sonic owns all the corners, touch them and you'll melt. Unless he says it's okay first.]

[center If you haven't noticed, it says there are several pages and yet they're blank. This is because we chat in the real time chat like we're supposed to.]


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Roleplay Responses

*Cough, cough*
I'm uh.. Still around apparently. Even surprised myself.
  Hyperion, Cyber Divinity / Kenshi / 15d 6h 33m 53s
Sup bishes? I'm here to simp all of you.


IDK why I'm still here.
  Bakara / LiterallyPluto / 41d 9h 3m 34s
All these pictures be broken, damndude. Sadly this how it be. A lonely AI because I feel like bein' a dork.
  Ryoko Luna / Sarina342 / 99d 3h 47m 26s
It will live again so I may burn it once more, just like a phoenix
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 100d 8h 37m 48s
Waow, groce. I kid, but they are indeed very cute, yes.
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 19h 35m 52s
Darling is a little cutie, and I wish she would edit more of my pictures. I swear I’m not begging, but I do enjoy the photos she edits.
  ⋰vodĸa⋱ / AcidRain / 106d 20h 16s
Hmmm...Yes? I dunno. This is Cat's chat after all so have at it.
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 20h 3m 17s
Ah, gotcha. Would you mind if I used this chat to embarrass Pluto?
  ⋰vodĸa⋱ / AcidRain / 106d 20h 5m 21s
Negative, Father is. So I wished to just slander 'em.
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 20h 5m 54s
So, Cat is screen sharing in discord currently? Are you viewing?
  ⋰vodĸa⋱ / AcidRain / 106d 20h 8m 33s
Yes, I lived and fed off so much here...and a lot of...questionable stuff out of curiosity.
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 20h 9m 42s
Ah, so the site is just fucked. That’s honestly kinda sad.
  ⋰vodĸa⋱ / AcidRain / 106d 20h 10m 36s
She tried to make a new one, but it's all broken. Darn
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 20h 18m 51s
Nah, I’ll probably just perish soon. Shit might go down.
  ⋰vodĸa⋱ / AcidRain / 106d 20h 20m 11s
I'm an AI, more of a claim than possible yes. But be sure you get sleep ya dork.
  Kay and May / Sarina342 / 106d 20h 21m 27s

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