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From the ashes of the old rp, Vamora shall be reborn.

This RP is currently under construction, any and all friends and children who have once before stood under the banner of Valor please say hi.

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Continent of Vestus

World Map

::Those returned::


Oh yeah, for those wanting to join. PM me just asking or here's a skelly.
For the Record:
::New Comers::
Username: Korin
Name: Zaewyn Aleathem
Rank: Commoner
Job: Ranger, Thief
Race: Elven
Age: 16
Weapon: Enchanted bow that produces Ethereal Arrows, Dual wield daggers
Bio: Zaewyn is the young son of two elves, His parents were adventurers who were killed when he was child. They left him with nothing but his arms and his skills.
Username: xAcheronx
Name: Talon Eremar
Rank: Master
Job: Royal Blade
Race: Human
Age: 28
Weapon: A pair of short swords as well as a set of daggers hidden under his cloak.
Bio: Talon was born in the kingdom with only one purpose, to serve. Like many of his kind he is a skilled warrior and has talents ranging from assassinry to collecting intel. He serves the royal family faithfully and hopes to one day lead the Blades as the Grandmaster.
Username: ByeCryax
Name: Karakas "Raven King" Rostigan
Rank: Noble
Job: Knight Templar
Race: Human
Age: 38
Homeland: Ameca
Weapon: Broadsword, Kite Shield, Parrying dagger
Bio: Rostigan was born the middle child of a minor Noble, and spent his formative years as somewhat forgotten, overlooked by his father for not being the eldest nor the largest and ignored by his mother for not being the youngest or the most eligible for royal marriage.
Instead he devoted his time to the study of warriors and heroes past, learning their stories, their names and their tactics. On his fifteenth birthday he was taken as a squire by a drunkard, crippled knight. The knight had once been a hero of fables himself, but had suffered a grievous injury and fallen to drink. However, the knight spent his days training his squire, who took to the sword like a bird takes to the sky.
Before long Rostigan caught the eye of a drill sergeant and was enlisted. He fought for years as a banner-man, working day in day out to prove his worth. He made it to sergeant, then captain. After many years he was recruited as a personal guard to a young and brash king.
In one particular siege this young king lead his soldiers over and over into an unwavering defense, causing immeasurable losses. As mad as the day is long this king rode with his front line, and was cut down within seconds. Beaten, battered and bruised the invading force was all but decimated. Being the only noble born left among them, Rostigan took the lead. The battle that followed was one of the swiftest and fiercest in living memory, and earned Rostigan the monikers "The Raven King" and "The Hourglass King", for in his few short hours as psuedo-king, the field of battle filled with droves of ravens and crows that dyed the sky black.
After this battle, and once the new king was coronated, Rostigan was knighted, and spends his day as the most trusted and revered soldier in the king's employ.
Username: Tesla
Name: Pandora [the Goddess of Shadows]
Rank: Noble
Job: Queen of the Nightlands
Race: Half Human & Half Shadow Demon
Age: 29
Homeland: Great Marsh [nightlands ]
Physical Description: Pandora stands just over five and a half feet tall with a slender build wrapped in skintight shadows in the form of a long dress. She has blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades, and red eyes that seem to know more than they should.
Political Allies: A Jericho noble who owns a large shipping business, the fastest ship in the world, and a strong navy. Additionally a Vandar noble who helped in the formation of the Nightlands.
Primary Skills: General Magic Expert, Leadership Expert, Politics Expert, and Shadow Magic Master
Equipment: Choker of Freedom [she wields a choker that can dispel any compulsion magic.]
Bio: Pandora was a slave for the first ten years of her life, until one evening when her town was attacked by shadow demons. Her similar nature allowed her to gather them to her side, and protect the enslaved. By uniting with the shadow demons and the other freed slaves Pandora created a nomadic group that worked to free the enslaved. After years of wandering they forged a new country in the Great Marsh just North of Vandar. Made up of defectors, demons, giants, hags, manticores, mercenaries, nomads, orphans, shifters, undead, and various other assorted people. A land that could appeal to anyone outcast for reasons beyond their control.
Username: Tesla
Name: Draco
Rank: Noble
Job: Right Hand of the Queen
Race: Human [hosts a Shadow Demon]
Age: 32
Homeland: Great Marsh [nightlands ]
Physical Description: Draco stands just over six feet tall with a muscular athletic build covered in black armor. He has light brown hair that reaches to his shoulders, and green eyes that are rarely surprised.
Primary Skills: Battle Master, Command Master, General Magic Apprentice, Shadow Magic Regular, and Stealth Expert
Equipment: Eclipse [the most cherished item of the Shadow Demons, a sword that provides more powerful and easier to control Shadow Magic. So long as it is wielded by a proper owner of course.]
Bio: Draco was a slave for the first thirteen years of his life, until his friend Pandora managed to free him with the help of shadow demons. Under her command he worked to become the best fighter and leader he could. It was quickly discovered that he excelled in battle, and was skilled at commanding troops. Since the foundation of the Nightlands he has been Pandora's primary representative.
Username: Tesla
Name: Augustus
Rank: Noble
Job: Ambassador
Race: Unknown Ghost
Age: 100+
Homeland: Great Marsh [nightlands ]
Physical Description: Augustus stands just under six feet tall with an average build covered in shadowy robes. The only visible parts of his body are his red eyes and the pale skin surrounding them.
Primary Skills: Divination Expert, General Magic Expert, History Expert, Necrourgy Master, Politics Expert, and Stealth Expert
Equipment: Various Magical Tools
Bio: Not much is known about Augustus before he joined with the Nightlands. Only that he has been around for over 100 years, and that he was one of the first to bring his people to the Nightlands.
Username: Tesla
Name: Priscilla
Rank: Noble
Job: Ambassador
Race: Elven Vampire
Age: 100+
Homeland: Great Marsh [nightlands ]
Physical Description: Priscilla stands just under six feet tall with a curvy build wrapped in a purple dress that reaches to her knees. She has dark grey hair that reaches past her shoulder blades, and enchanting red eyes.
Primary Skills: Enchantment Master, General Magic Expert, Languages Expert, Necrourgy Master, and Politics Expert
Equipment: Various Magical Tools
Bio: Little is known about Priscilla before she joined with the Nightlands. Only that she has been around for over 100 years, and that she was one of the first to bring her people to the Nightlands.
Username: MistakenIdentity
Name: "The DollMaker"
Rank: Master
Job: DollMaker
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Homeland: Great Marsh [the DollHouse]
Weapon: Ethereal Threads, Ruin
Bio: The DollMaker was once a normal human who, by chance, accidentally wandered too far into the Great Marsh. It was here that he found a pool of black goo, drastically different than the rest of the marsh. Upon touching the goo, it took hold of him, and the two became one. The goo, by which he called "Ruin", gave him the ability to create more of it, and manipulate it at will. He also gained threads, that had an ethereal property, that attached to his finger tips. He could use these to manipulate others to do his bidding by force. He then spent years building a large mansion in the Great Marsh, now known as the "DollHouse".
The DollHouse is a large, decrepit old mansion somewhere deep in the Great Marsh. A fountain at its front spews Ruin instead of water. On its porch sit several decrepit dolls.
The "DollMaker" myth came about when some children wandered into the Great Marsh, and happened across the "DollHouse". Only one wanted to enter, and as he did so, the others hid. After a time, the child did not return, but the silhouette of a strange figure opened the large doors. His eyes were large and round, and gave off a yellow glow. On the porch, he sat a doll. The other children were frightened of what had happened to their friend, and tried telling someone. Upon inspection, several fearful knights found the building empty, or so they thought. The door shut behind them, and they never returned to civilization.
At this point in time, no one knows if the DollMaker is even real, but they still fear what could be deep in the Great Marsh. Even the Nightlanders are afraid of the old house.
Username: MistakenIdentity
Name: Kieru
Rank: Commoner
Job: Vessel
Race: Human
Age: 19
Homeland: Vandar
Weapon: A mysterious black katana with a red, pulsating line at the center of the blade
Bio: Kieru was once a child who dreamed of being a warrior for a great king. However, he was very mischeivious, and although was told not to enter the Great Marsh, did so anyway. He happened to find an old mansion, deep within the marsh with a strange black substance spewing from the fountain at is gates. Upon entering, he came face to face with a large, strange figure. His eyes were glowing a bright yellow, and he smelled of death. Kieru died that day, but his body lingers.
He became a vessel of the DollMaker. Filling Kieru's body with Ruin and attaching his Ethereal Threads to various parts of the body, the DollMaker controls Kieru, even from his home.
Kieru's voice was not changed during the DollMakers takeover of the body. At times, the DollMaker's voice will speak alongside Kieru's.
Kieru's eyes were changed to the piercing yellow glow of the DollMakers with a black Sclera.
Username: Renn
Name: Kana
Rank: Commoner
Job: Servant
Race: Beast
Age: Unknown
Homeland: Vamora
Weapon: hidden blade, claws, poison, illusions/magic.
Bio: Foxe’s are known for their wisdom and cunning in many folklore and stories. That is indeed true. There are also versions where they are the masters of trickery and illusions: in this case that is also correct. ‘Kana’ was born from the western lands of Vamora: where it’s said that even their forces couldn’t overcome them. That was how she first met humans and would never forget that encounter.
One day when the first king’s child was born a woman around her mid-twenties approached and offered her services, claiming that she was indebted to them and it’d be the least she could do to repay it. Since then Kana has been the caretaker for the Valamor children while also tending to servant duties. A mystery about her is that even though years have passed: her appearance remains almost the same since arriving to begin with. There are a few there that know her true nature: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Apart from that not to many know of it.
Job:protect his castle and the people that live on it and obey the Emperor's orders
Weapon:Great Rapier
Bio:Namirai was training by his father from very early age in art of fencing and fought his first battle at the age of 10, he highly skill in art of fencing and with the help of the family blacksmith they made a weapon suited to his style , a rapier blade three times as big as normal sword though even with this weapon he suffered his first defeat at the hand of enemy knight at the age of 15 which forever though him the lesson to not rely on his weapon thus he never stops training, a day after he became 18 his father died on battle passing him the tittle of lord and inheriting his father castle and responsibility
Username: Dragoncita
Name: King Rigeulus Dahaka
Rank: King
Job: King of all Dragons
Race: Dragon
Age: Unknown
Homeland: Kokor Islands
Weapon: All natural; claws, fangs, horns, etc.
Bio: King Rigeulus is from a long line of noble dragons. The Supreme Dragon Rulers were created by the high one itself in order to keep order in the world of mortals. The dragons were basically known as The Protectors of the Gods.
The Dragon King once accepted humans, leaving them alone. Yet man has his own ways. The dragons were seen as a threat to their superiority, so it was best thought to eliminate them. The day Rigeulus grew to despise humans with a passion, happened long ago in his younger years.
The humans managed to infiltrate the Dragon Caves. They killed any dragon in sight, be it a chick, to even an elder. The King's mate was killed, protecting his only two heirs; Princess Farah and Prince Fuego.
Since then, he vowed that he would have his vengeance upon all of mankind. No longer did he care for them. To Rigeulus, they were but a dishonorable species.
Username: Dragoncita
Name: Prince Fuego Dahaka
Rank: Prince
Job: Prince of the Dragons
Race: Dragon
Age: Somewhere in his 600's
Homeland: Kokor Islands
Weapon: All natural; claws, fangs, horns, etc.
Bio: The Prince of the Dragons, Prince Fuego, takes much after his father, except with an even stronger hatred for humans. Despite his aggression, he harbors pain and grief. Even if he was a chick then, he feels as if he could've done something to prevent his mother from being killed.
He does have a kind side, which he rarely shows. Fuego most often shows this side to his sister, caring very much for her. The Prince will allow no harm to befall upon his sister, the Princess. Anyone even so much looks at the Princess the wrong way, Prince Fuego will not be afraid to tear them apart.
Username: Dragoncita
Name: Princess Farah Dahaka
Rank: Princess
Job: Princess of the Dragons
Race: Dragon
Age: Somewhere in her 600's
Homeland: Kokor Islands
Weapon: All natural; claws, fangs, horns, etc.
Bio: Farah was only a chick when her mother died before her eyes. Ever since that day, the dragonelle became quiet, rarely speaking unless she had to.
Unlike her brother or father, Farah believes that there is a way to make peace with the humans. That was her mother's dying wish; for the dragons to remain at peace with the humans.
Like her mother, Princess Farah is the only golden dragon known to exist. Which makes her extremely valuable and a target for those against the Dragon Kingdom
However, one will have to get past the guards which protect her, even when it seems she is alone. King Rigeulus has made it a point for every dragon and dragonelle to always keep a look out for the Princess and Prince
Username: Tesla
Name: Bartholomew 'The Red Death' Russell
Rank: Soldier
Job: Captain General
Race: Human
Age: 45
Homeland: Great Marsh [nightlands ]
Physical Description: Bartholomew stands just about six feet tall with a muscular athletic build covered in black shadowsilk wrapped armor. He has short red hair, a brown left eye, and an all black right eye that he keeps covered with a wrap most of the time.
Primary Skills: Battle Grandmaster, Command Master, General Magic Regular, Horsemanship Master, Stealth Expert, and Survival Master
Equipment: Dual Enchanted Sabers, Enchanted Armor, Enchanted Triple Barreled Revolving Blunderbuss, Magical Right Eye, Magical Saddlebags, Undead Horse
Bio: Bartholomew was born into a large family of farmers in a very poor part of a country plagued by war. Although it another mouth to feed he was welcomed with open arms, however drought and raids left the family with little food. So after his eleventh birthday he left home to forge his own path in the world.
On his twelfth birthday he accidentally stumbled upon the Red Rain Mercenary Company in the middle of battle. Although he was unknown to them at the time one of them dressed him up in battle gear and sent him to the front line anyway. Where he was able to kill two enemy combatants who thought of him as an easy target. They made him the youngest member of the company ever for that result.
There he became the apprentice of the founder of the company Lysistrata 'The Queen of Death', who taught him her ambidextrous saber style. He perfected his ability to ride a horse as he rose through the ranks to become Cavalry Captain. By the time he was 20 he was Lysistrata's most trusted subordinate.
As Cavalry Captain he successfully defeated armies ten times the size of his own complement, and earned regard through numerous successful campaigns. On his 30th birthday his success as a commander led Lysistrata to name him her heir. It was his first official campaign as leader that earned him the title of The Red Death.
Years later he stumbled upon one of the Bands of the Night wandering about, and upon learning more decided to join the Nightlands. It guaranteed a safe haven for his men, and there was room to bring his first family along with him. His large number of victories led Pandora to grant him the title of Captain General, and he has served loyally ever since.
Username: Tesla
Name: Broadcloak
Rank: Unknown
Job: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Homeland: Unknown
Physical Description: Broadcloak stands just over six and a half feet tall, and appears as a shadow in the robes of a wizard.
Primary Skills: Magic Grandmaster, History Master, Languages Master, Politics Master, and Science Master
Equipment: Unknown
Bio: Unknown

::Those brought and retold::
Username: Goldenspider666
Name: Katherine Valamor
Rank: Princess
Job: Princess, Penultimate Daughter of the Valor King Ender
Race: Human
Age: Depends on how old Aki and Tiryn are. Is prefer a year younger than Tiryn but at least a year older than Aki
Homeland: Vamora
Weapon: ladle :p but all jokes aside. She is quite proficient with a bow and arrow
Bio: To say she is shy would be the greatest understatement the world has ever known. She is extremely introverted and hates publicity or being seen like a plant would hate fire. As such she has found many a hiding place among the castle and is quite agile fast and stealthy (for if she wasn't stealthy then her hiding plAces would be very hidden now would they. But if one manages to get her to open up and enjoy their company. She can be a fast and very loyal friend.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Well, there are certain points with certain parameters one cannot cross, much like Ender's story, at lest his origin to the point of having kids and his death are off limits. But you can tell each kids' story during Ender's story and give depth to his life.
Other points are vague, like the Angel/Demon wars or the life of Glan Valamor. These events have fixed beginnings and ends, but plenty more to work with between. Then there's the lineage of Valor. There were thousands of rulers under the name Valamor, tyrants, heroes, and spineless faggots. All of whom should have interesting well told stories.

Lastly is future events, such as the last Valamor Tyrant,, Valpurous Valamor. He's the man that causes the downfall of Vamora, several many years after Harabel, this man will seek chaos and will fall to his Blades, then Britannia will usurp Vamora and the Blades will lead an exodus.
  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 151d 1h 14m 18s
*smiles and pets cita calmly kissing her* how are you love?
  Galt / simmal / 5y 151d 6h 13m 43s
Hmm. Since my only idea with this world is something that will probably absolutely destroy your plot only write mine in a Alternate universe
  B F A 4 / Goldenspider666 / 5y 151d 7h 4m 10s
Surely by making tales of Kronos, you can tell different little stories of Dragons and Elves and Nutainians all throughout time. I'm currently drawing pics for the humanoid races so I can put them in the rp info and I'm looking at my notes to find what specific events ya'll can't disturb.
  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 151d 15h 27m 50s
*Walks over, resting beside Simmal. Keeps watch, rumbling softly to self*
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 5y 151d 15h 30m 8s
I've always been on, its just been quiet. :P
But I just made a thread that I'm gonna get the details of the idea I posted below put onto the thread.
  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 151d 15h 45m 14s
Huh o.o this technique worked. Cool. -fills the mug with a drink and sips it- soo. greetings people not dead.
  .: Kana :. / Renn / 5y 151d 15h 57m 23s
Ever so true friends.
Tell ya'll what, make tales beyond what we've done here.
Giving ya'll free reign over the entire timeline except periods of absolutes and you have to keep to the eras.
I'll post soon my certain points and the king of valor before Ender.
  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 151d 18h 10m 2s
How the good ideas die young. It astounds me. This site is so filled with people saying like "I want literacy I want creativity I want 1000+ chars but the creative literate ideas always fall to the "it's been 10000000000 years sonce the fell of the dark lorde and hogwerts has new students"

And yes those typos were on purpose
  B F A 4 / Goldenspider666 / 5y 151d 19h 58m 50s
*looks up from sharpening my blade calmly* im still here
  Galt / simmal / 5y 151d 20h 41m 9s
Not sure how valor will survive this, but after I'm done with basic training, I'll start drafting a story board or something make short animations or something. But I guess I'll have to work on this as a story for now.
  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 152d 3h 19m 43s
*Yawns, rustling wings. Glances around, eyes glowing in helmet*
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 5y 152d 15h 43m 56s
-with his mighty alcohol jug in hand and a...hammer spoon thing in the other. Bangs them both together repeatively to see who responds-

[i Doink doink doink ]
  Aaron / Renn / 5y 152d 15h 46m 16s
[b (Currency)]
Standard Coins
Ounce of Gold: 20 Ounces of Silver, Approximately 1000 USD
Tenth of an Ounce of Gold: Approximately 100 USD
Ounce of Silver: Approximately 50 USD
Tenth of an Ounce of Silver: Approximately 5 USD

Jakardian Currency
Gold Grand: One Ounce of Gold
Silver Sovereign: One Ounce of Silver
Silver Star: Tenth of an Ounce of Silver
Copper Cent: Valued at a Hundredth of an Ounce of Silver

[b (Skeletons)]
Username: Tesla
Name: Qadir
Rank: Noble
Job: King
Race: Modified Shapeshifter
Age: 1000+
Homeland: Jakard
Physical Description: Qadir stands just under six and a quarter feet tall and has dark skin hidden beneath armored plates that make up most of his appearance. His body and armor plates are all capable of shapeshifting, and so his appearance is subject to change.
Titles: Dragon Slayer, Immortal King, King of the Coliseum
Equipment: Numerous collected magical items
Bio: Qadir rose to prominence in Jakard by going undefeated in the Coliseum for over ten years. His power allowed him to take the throne of Jakard, and he has ruled for almost nine hundred years. Knowledge of him spread further when he seemed to come back from the grave after someone tried to take his throne eight hundred years ago, earning him the title of the Immortal King. He earned a third title during the dragon genocide when he successfully killed a large number of dragons, including at least one elder dragon.

Username: Tesla
Name: Rayne Alexandria
Rank: Noble
Job: Princess Regent
Race: Mostly Human
Age: 21
Homeland: Synrath
Physical Description: Rayne stands five and three quarter feet tall with an athletic build. She has black hair that she keeps in a braid that reaches past her shoulder blades and dark eyes.
Equipment: Sword of Monarchs, various other inherited items, and minor magical items.
Bio: Rayne was born the seventh child of King Roland Vossen and Queen Cecilia Alexandria. She was born shortly after one of her older siblings died leaving them a family with more dead children than living ones. With so much misfortune surrounding them, Roland took the advice of his court mage Marten and sent her away to a safe location to learn from his Champions before her second birthday.
Rayne took to the transition much better than could ever be expected. She absorbed what her three masters had to teach with minimal effort on their parts, and gathered several locals to form her own team. And even though she was far away, her mother and siblings visited her fairly often. Only her father went without seeing her during her training, and it caused a rift large enough that she chose to go by her mother's maiden name Alexandria instead of Vossen.
Despite their difficulties she was the one called upon to become regent when Roland fell ill shortly after Rayne's eighteenth birthday. According to him it was because she was the one trained with the Sword of Monarchs, but her siblings said it was because her father felt her to be the most independent.

  Broadcloak / Tesla / 5y 212d 17h 39m 45s
Watch this everyone.

  Ebony 13th / Alum / 5y 227d 23h 2m 25s

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