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[h3 Hekat the Witch]

No one knows where she came from. Rumors whisper of her origins, where she would race the wind and climb mountains, where she was made of magic and not human.

Of course, all of it and none of it is true.

Hekat doesn't know where she came from. She only remembers her lifetime in the forest with the animals as her family and the magical creatures as her teachers. She came to Hogwarts when Hagrid found her speaking to Buckbeak and understanding the creature.

Hekat is a creature of magic, but no one is certain of how much. It is wild, unkempt, and it is the only thing that Hekat has known in her life.

It's what makes her dangerous, and the Ministry of Magic want her behind bars for the danger she causes.
  Hekat / Tiryn13Leucine / 4y 92d 1h 41m 3s
[h3 Rosa the Witch]

Rosa is a unique witch, a pureblood witch descended from an old bloodline that no one but her mother knows where they descend from.

The young witch is an intelligent young woman, placed in Ravenclaw, with a penchant for cute things and those with honor and chivalry. She loves her music more than anything and will dance to the songs that appear in her head, though she will do so alone more often than not.

However, despite her endearing qualities, Rosa is timid and is an easy target for bullying... as long as it's towards herself. This is why her familiar is an owl, one that can speak oddly enough. She was a gift from Rosa's mother, so there's no telling where she got such a creature. However, Rosa does not know that the owl can speak, so the creature's secret is safe.

Whenever Rosa's friends are bullied, her hazel eyes flash gold. It is a part of her families old powers from being purebloods. These powers range from the greatest of powers to being able to clearly see the lines that connect people.

Rosa's power is one, however, that is feared and hated among her family. She has the power of destruction, the ability to suck the magic out of everything around her if she does not keep her emotions in check. This does not mean she is an emotionless bag; she can express them, but they must not be extreme, such as love and hate.

She does not know of this power and the personality it has created. She is not to know, not until Rosa faces it herself.
  Rosa / Tiryn13Leucine / 4y 92d 1h 49m 50s
[h3 Grammy Worg]
An ancient beast, she doesn't even remember her own name or age. Though in the pack, she's been dubbed as 'Grammy Worg'.
The oldest of her pack, Grammy is usually seen in the caves where the worg pack has made their home. She sleeps a lot, most often being able to sleep through even the loudest of rackets. Though, she manages to stay awake long enough to give the pups a story. As with the pups, all of the worg pups know 'Grammy Worg', and enjoy hearing her stories, usually begging for one often.
As for Grammy, she's the size of a heavy draft horse, though not as big as some of the worgs in the pack. Her form is covered in ragged scars. In her pack broken shafts of a few spears can be seen. They have been in so long though, they have become apart of her so to speak. One of her eyes is missing, yet she has never told how it happened.
Grammy tends to seem grumpy all the time. Though she does have a soft side.
  Grammy Worg / Dragoncita / 4y 92d 1h 51m 25s
[h3 Steven]
Well, Steven is nearly 156 years old, somewhere in there. He once was also part of Tala's pack, but he fell in love with another. Worse part, he fell in love with a werewolf's natural enemy; the vampire.
Though she loved him as well. The two were forced to meet in secret. However, they were soon discovered. It was the only time when werewolves and vampires met together in order to punish him and the vampiress.
Vampiress was destined to have her head ripped off by the werewolves, he sucked dry, slowly, and painfully. However, before they could react, Steven attacked. He, however, was subdued somewhat. He was forced to watch his love die, sending him into an uncontrollable rage.
The werewolf escaped barely with his life. He's an outcast now, having lived with the nightmares of her death always replaying in his head. Steven still has a score to settle, the werewolf who killed the vampiress, was none other than Tala herself. Hence, his hatred towards the alpha female, and there is no alpha male in the pack, for she forbids it.
Granted, it's against elder laws, but the pack has grown to fear her. She is harsh, punishing those for the smallest of crimes.
  Steven / Dragoncita / 4y 92d 2h 9m 43s
[h3 Lord Hydrus: Elemental Ruler of Water]
Elemental Ruler of all Waters, Hydrus is a calm individual. In his true form, Lord Hydrus represents a huge, humanoid sea dragon. His scales also change different shades of blue, sometimes depending on his mood. Hydrus has no wings, but large fins replace those wings. He also can change his size. However, unlike the Supreme Being, his size changes do have their limits.
Hydrus does have a human form, in order to travel amongst mortals. He is tall, nearly 7ft in height, body form muscular yet slim, pale skinned. He can often be seen wearing shirt(?), black pants(?) & boots, and what appears almost as a black slicker (trenchcoat?) over top. His hair is dark blue, almost black. However, he has a streak of hair which is pure white. Why this is, no one really knows. His hair also tends to be messy with a few spikes here and there. Over one eye, a rather odd eyepatch is in place of that eye. The leather which makes up the strap is jet black, coming from an extremely rare species of creatures which are only known to roam in the realm of the gods and goddesses. And in the middle of the one eyepatch, an almost mirror-like pool of what appears to be water, rests. This item seems to contain some of Hydrus' powers. Mostly his power which allows him to see any body of water he wishes and so forth. His other eye is normal, however it also changes different shades of blue.
His powers include complete control over all water, even if it is 10,000 miles or further inland. While with control, all water creatures bow to him. Hydrus is able to control any beast of water he so chooses, though some have been known to ignore his calls and do what they want, usually resulting in the deaths of humans etc. This also includes creatures which are inland as well. However, these creatures have to completely belong to water. For there are those which are water and air, water and earth, and sometimes, rarely, water and fire. Lord Hydrus creates floods and many other disasters out at sea. Yet he does this rarely. He mostly keeps the waters calm. Despite his unusual calmness, if he were to be roused, Hydrus is a force to be reckoned with.
Like the other Elemental Rulers, he came after the gods and goddesses. Lord Hydrus is most often the one to speak when it comes to peaceful negotiations and during the meeting of the Elemental Rulers each month when the full moon rises.
  Lord Hydrus / Dragoncita / 1y 110d 12h 23m 38s
[h3 Scourge: Punisher for the Gods]
Suppose you could say this would be the left hand of the gods. Scourge is sent to destroy villages, even Kingdoms, if they prove unworthy of the Gods' favor. However, Scourge is controlled only by the Supreme God. No other can control this powerful beast.
He is basically a bull of gigantic proportions. However, Scourge does have a few tricks himself which were given to him. His horns, which curve on either side of his head, are known to generate with powerful charges of electricity and are able to strike through even the toughest of armor or hide. Scourge can cause earthquakes simply by stepping down with a hoof. He only does this though when he is told to.
Despite his power and massive size when in his true form, he can also be docile and careful. Scourge can step lightly if he needs to while traveling. Though, if he had to travel, he most often travels through the mortal world in his Minotaur form.
In his minotaur form, Scourge is nearly 8 and a half feet tall, broad shoulders, and legs which end in sharpened hooves. His fur is jet-black, grey, or some even say dark maroon. It is unsure exactly what color his fur is. Like all cattle, he has a tail which if he needs to, he can use it like an extra appendage, much like a monkey. Even if he is smaller, Scourge is still extremely powerful.
  Scourge: Punisher for the Gods / Dragoncita / 1y 110d 12h 23m 52s
*Below Image: Amongst Mortals*
[h3 Supreme Dragon God]
This supreme being created the entire universe. It created the stars, the planets, galaxies, and all life. Its exact gender is unknown, though most often it is thought of as male. It can change its size, from the size of a pea, to bigger than this very planet which life lives on. When among mortals, it shows itself as a bright ball of energy, much like a will-o-wisp, but it radiates with immense power and the colors are iridescent. Once in its true form, it is that of an immense dragon. It has three sets of wings. A thing of horns upon its head resemble closely to a royal crown. Also around its head, appears a mane of pure white. The beast's scales are iridescent. It cannot die.
Even though being the Supreme Being, there were many things which it couldn't watch over all at once. Hence, it gave 'birth' to 5 gods and 5 goddesses. Each was given a certain task or part of life which they were to watch over. They cannot die as well.
The Supreme God also created several other factions in order to keep the world under control. These include:
[ Scourge: Punisher for the Gods], a beast of gigantic proportions. This creature resembles a bull of immense size. He is able to stomp a large mountain with one hoof. Scourge, however, does have a minotaur form, in order to 'blend' in better when amongst mortals. He is immortal.
Below the gods and goddesses, are the Elemental Rulers. There is 4, 2 Lords and 2 Ladies. The major elements include: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air/Storms. The names of these elemental rulers: [ Lord Inferno, fire]; [ Lord Hydrus, water]; [ Lady Gaia, earth]; [ Lady Tempest, air/storms]. Unlike gods, the Elemental Rulers can die. They are, you could say, demi-gods. If one were to die, the balance of the world would be thrown into complete chaos. However, they can only die by a special metal which only the higher beings know of.
The Supreme God forbids any form of love amongst the Elemental Rulers, yet that doesn't mean they don't do it. If they are caught, they are punished by Scourge.
This Overgod's punishments are quite harsh. Depending on how serious the crime is also determines how harsh the punishment will be. Only it knows of the types of punishments used on the Elemental Lords.
However, it can also be a benevolent creature. The supreme god mostly stays out of the way, allowing the other gods and goddesses to do their work. It will interfere, rarely, if it needs to.
  ????? / Dragoncita / 1y 110d 12h 20m 7s

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