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[center [pic]]
[center [h3 Mourin]]
[center [b Name:] Mourin]

[center [b Age:] 23 years old *Age depends at times*]

[center [b Gender:] Male]

[center [b Species:] Blood Pegasus]

[center [b Bio/History:]]
He was only a few hours old when the Harpy Queen had found him. She found the small, bright red foal alone, abandoned.
Mourin only knows he was raised by the Harpy Queen. Despite being a different species, the harpies call him Prince, for he is the adopted son of their Queen.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 341d 6h 55m 51s
[center [h3 Edmund Ulrich of Proudbrook]]
[center [b Name:] Edmund Ulrich]

[center [b Age:] Depends- Usually somewhere in his later 20's]

[center [b Gender:] Male]

[center [b Species:] Human(?)]

[center [b Bio/History:]]

[center [b *Coming Soon*]]
  Edmund Ulrich of Proudbrook / Dragoncita / 2y 33d 7h 10m 3s
[center [h3 Alras Hellraiser]]
[center [b Name:] Alras - Vrakar word meaning [i 'Anger']]

[center [b Age:] Somewhere in her 120's]

[center [b Gender:] Female]

[center [b Species:] Vrakar]

[center [b Bio/History:]]
Alras had been leader of her tribe. She had led her people with pride, until that day...
Those damn humans came, nearly destroyed her people. The day it happened, Alras was having her tribe packing up, getting ready to move to new territory, when they came.
Alras was quick, calling forth several of her warriors to hold back the raiders, while the rest of her tribe finished packing, and running to safety. She gave her Husram and her only chiuln a final hug, then leapt back into battle.
Despite their efforts, Alras' warriors who staid behind were captured, one by one. She took quite longer, using her rage to fuel her, taking down quite a few of the raider's ranks. Alas, the Vrakar finally succumbed to exhaustion, passing out cold.
Alras awoke to find herself in darkness. Though, next thing she knew, her vision was flooded with bright lights, the sound of voices all around.

The Vrakar are a warring species; Attack first, ask questions later. Unlike some species, the females of the Vrakars focus on full on offense against any threats or even anything that so much looks at the Vrakars.
The males of the Vrakars mostly stay back in the tribe village, taking on the duties of 'females', as where the females take on the duties of the 'males'. Most Vrakar tribes are nomadic, not staying in one place for too long.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 2y 32d 9h 53m 49s
[center [h3 The Rakia]]
Smaller draconic-like creatures. Appearance like a minature wyvern. 4 limbs; 2 legs, 2 feathered wings. Colors range from different hues of black, white, brown, green red, blue. Gold and darkdark purple has been seen, but extremely rare.
Since she is female, her average height in true form would be about 32ft to 36ft in height and about 3 to 5 tons in weight. Though the rakias are extremely agile and fast. Omnivorous, though prefer fish over vegetation.
In rakia years, she'd be 4 years old which is 20 years for a human. Their powers usually match their scale color, exm: Green-earth, red-fire, etc..
Though the strange thing, all rakias have the power over water, no matter the color of their scales. Most Rakias are only able to speak through telepathy unless speaking Draconic or Beastian; English can only be communicated through telepathy and a few learn to speak English outloud. Also they have a strange habit of 'singing' which sounds like a whale, though with rhythm and meaning. They most often sing when they are happy or if it is raining, nearly any source of water will make a rakia happy
[h3 [center Example How Rakia Sound]]

[size7 *More Info to Come*]
  Chu'mana / Dragoncita / 2y 252d 11h 51s
In the city of New York on a dark Monday night. It was roughly 10:00 PM. A young boy who appeared to be about 17 was walking through the streets and alleyways. He heard a girl scream. He ran to the sound. His brown hair moving with him. He reached the girl and saw a small black mechanical dragon threatening her. He was holding what seemed to be a small sat. Not a shape an actual star. He ran to the dragon and kicked it. It only moved a few centimetres. The girl ran while the dragon was on the ground. The dragon got up and the boy and the dragon began fist fighting it out for a while. The boy's fists began glowing with black and red digital aura. This shocked him but he shrugged it off and continued fighting te creature. He seemed to hurt the creature more now. Digimon were showing up more and more. This creature must have been a digimon. The two stopped fighting. "You ain't so bad for a human." Said the dragon sitting on the boy's shoulder exhausted. "Your not so bad for a bird." Said the boy grinning making the dragon seem mad and shrugged it off. "I'm Novamon but you can call me Vain." He said outstretching one of his claw hands. "I'm Zane." Said the boy shaking the dragon's hand. A digivice appeared in the boy's other hand.
  Zane & Vain / DarkVulpis / 3y 77d 1h 33m 50s
[h3 Lexi]

Name: Maria Lexi Bennet




Treating the wounded

Lexi comes from a rather noble family background, She hardly ever shows it because she herself doesn't live the rich life due to her family banishing her from her birth right because she fell in love and married a baker.The two loved each other very much.

She soon became pregnant but the child was still born,She only smiled sadly thinking it was god's way of saying she isn't ready to have a child,She buried her child and moved on with her life.Sadly her husband did not approve of her being happy after such a blow.He pushed her and beat her to get her to show pain but all she did was smile.

One day her mother saw the bruises and the police took her husband away forever. she smiled and cried that day but people thought she was happy but inside she was broken and sad.
  Lexi / RavenByrd / 3y 77d 5h 18m 4s
[center [h3 Galaeron Noblewind]]
Species: Infested Tenno

Gender: Supposedly Male

Age: Unknown

[b [u Powerdrive-]] The creature rams full force into its enemy, aiming to knock them down
[b [u Sonic Screech-]] Like any other sonic blast, it can tear trees right out of the ground, shatter buildings, and has even been known a direct hit on another creature kills instantly, though it is extremely rare
[b [u Fury Swipes-]] Aggressively lashes out, tearing foes to shreds
[b [u Regeneration-]] Allows the creature to heal some of its minor wounds while trying to get a good hit on the enemy

Bio/History: Once a powerful Clan Leader, Galaeron was unfortunately stricken with the infestation plague
The infested had overrun the Dojo, killing and destroying everything in their wake. Many tenno died in trying to retreat. More tenno would've fallen, if it hadn't been for their leader.

Galaeron bravely staid back, giving the last of his clan members, the only 'family' he had known, a chance to escape. Few of the tenno refused, but they finally listened to Galaeron, surely leaving him to his death. As for Galaeron, he accepted this fate.
The Clan Leader stood tall, even when he was surrounded, Galaeron kept on his feet, even though he was as good as dead. He doesn't exactly understand how it happened, how he had suddenly become what he is now.

Now, Galaeron remembers nothing of his past. He doesn't remember who he was, or what he had once been
The ones he once protected, Galaeron now slaughters mercilessly

Appearance: [b *I'll resize the image later*]
  Dragoncita / 3y 202d 22m 19s
There are many methods of one becoming a Slayer, as such there are many different traditions held among different styles of Slayers all across the land, but one usually stands out above all others, a way to show you are a true slayer. A brand that burnt, sewed, and then scarred upon the skin to make certain the mark is never left. A pain that is said to harden all Slayers. Even more say the mark is burnt right into the bone of which it is sat upon.

This mark entails the story of the Great Slayer. The one who slew the serpent lord that ruled sea and sky. The being that all kingdoms from all four corners of the land feared. One that could devour ships whole from the sea, rise into the air, and burn entire kingdoms down before returning to its depths in a single day...

[center Amphiptere]

The mark is simple, but speaks volumes. A blade striking into the Amphiptere, in a circle, hinting it writhing in pain as the blade is stabbing through the beasts back.

[center [pic]]

The mark is usually adorn upon the right hand for easy identification, though some Slayers even place it upon other areas. Like the chest, back, shoulder, or where they have been scarred by a monster. The scar takes replacement of the 'blade' that kills the Amphipters.
  Sonicspeedx13 / 3y 299d 10h 7m 13s
[center [h3 Winged Tunnel Crawler]]
Very destructive beasts, the winged tunnel crawler is much worse than its wingless cousin. Also they are larger, more powerful, and very aggressive.
The Winged Crawler is known to travel in small family groups called [i Gliephs]. The Glieph is headed by a alpha male, or a Bozok, who is usually accompanied by 2 to 5 females, Boz. The Alpha will defend his boz against both attackers and rival males.
They prefer barren regions, deserts preferably. Though there are the few that make their home upon the plains. The winged tunnel crawlers are scavengers, feasting upon rotting corpses and leftover meals of carnivores before them.
In the sky and underground is where they are most maneuverable. Above ground though without any ability to burrow or fly, the creatures are vulnerable. However, their hides are tough, able to withstand multiple blows.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  To be Determined... / Dragoncita / 3y 305d 1h 52m 52s
[center [h3 Graakla]]
[center Name: [b Graakla]]
[center Age: Depends]
[center Gender: Female]
[center Species: Voltolamhol]

This creature is, in fact, a female. Despite her intimidating/grotesque appearance, Graakla has a very big heart. Graakla is kind and always willing to help another. She has a strong maternal instinct. This creature has been known to take orphans of other creatures, be it a human or another beast, under her wings, and take care of them as if they were her own young.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  To be Determined... / Dragoncita / 3y 306d 1h 5m 15s
Irving was a monster hunter. A Slayer. Though not by profession or linage or chosen at a young age like many who have taken the name of a “Slayer” but my choice.

As a boy he was fascinated by the guilds of monster hunters. Their knowledge mixed with their strength and skill awed many. He watched one clear a burrow of Drowners that troubled the near by village, they swarmed him all over and yet the Slayer stayed calm, slaying the beast in nary a minute.

This man would leave a book filled with Lore of monster and the ways of many different Slayers, their fighting style, and their potion mixing as this Slayer saw Irving intrastate almost got him cut up with the Drowners.

[center Better to have the boy know better then to rush blindly into a monster's den.]

Besides, the kid wouldn't stop pestering him.

There was no stopping Irving that was sure. A man of his own conviction and way. Growing up by the Slayer's way. One filled with conviction against monsters, standing strong against the sway of corruption, both made by monster and by humans.

It wasn't an easy journey. His father and rest of his kin wanted him as a farmer. As well as his mother who wished him to settle down with a kind caring lass. In fact Irving had such a lovely woman. Only one to ever make him pause in his choice.

One that filled him with a happy bliss that would cure any childish madness of wishing to venture off slaying beast in the name of coin and glory.

[center That was until she herself was cursed by a witch.]

Irving would learn that this was a ritual going back generation in this village. The place he called his home...

Each generation a young woman, cursed with the 'sign of hallow moon' at birth was to be brought to this witch. These people marked with the hallow moon are cursed with a bit of the witch's soul. Taking that soul to be youthful and powerful once more.

To find where the witch was Irving had to harm those he once called kin. Burning parts of the much needed crops with each and every lie they told.

He ended up burning half the crops until his father broke down and told him the witch's location.

Irving rode, rode so fast he broke his worse and ran even further then he had before.

He could only think of his love. The one he cared more then his dreams of a Slayer.

Could not wonder if this was some sort of cruel ploy of the gods, if fate had forced his hand.

[center Maybe if he made it

Maybe if he could get to her...

His wishes of Slaying would be over and he would take his darling far far away.

Away from witches and curses two faced kin!]

When he arrived at the witch's hut he was confronted by his Love. Alone, at the door step, as if waiting.

Irving confronted her, said he had come to take her away from the inflance of the witch. Saying they could go far off and her soul need not be taken by a witch and turned into something else.

Then, to his horror she would tell him that it was okay.

That she had known sense a child of this, as her mother was the witch, and her mother before her, as was she, and the child that would be theirs.

They were all one in the same. The old witch's soul was apart his love's as was the blood they shared, and as tradition. They were the same person in almost all ways. It was no curse, it was a calling of her True Self to be realized in full.

And once it was fulfilled and his love, also the witch, with full power realized. She and he would become as one and their daughter will be the witch as well. As tradition dictates.

[center As the Will of The Hallow-Moon dictated.]

At this more harrowing of revealing Irving only had one question.

[center 'had the ritual commence?']

With a no he would stab her in the womb. Tear would drop from his eyes as he did so. Letting her drop to the ground. Bleeding, pleading, begging why.

As he set up his own ritual surrounding the Witch's hut where the old hag laid in bed, sick from the curse that we all must face: Age.

His love, the woman who had captured his heart and soul laid in a puddle of her own blood.

He kept whispering without her notice he was sorry. Finally coming before her, dropping a potion that may heal her.

“even if you survive. No child you shall bare, not from me, nor anyone. The Bloodline of the witches that sway the whim of our village ends with you.” With that he lit the ground, the incandescent lit around the hut. The wards blocking whatever the old witch might try in anger.

Though it would only hold for as long as the old witch lived, once the new witch, that of his love, would be reborn all wards against her would be lost.

Thus Irving set out to leave as soon as possible...

It took time, maybe too much time to try to get his belonging, but once he did with his favored horse he was quick to leave the village.

As he did though the villagers came together. Watching the self-appointed Slayer flee his first monster, none spoke a word though. None even had a snear or showing of hate towards Irving.

[center He got to leave, they had to stay on the Witch's wrath]

His lover, the youthful, and powerful witch stood in front of them. Her skin healed and innards good enough to keep her alive, but she knew as well as he that no spell will fix that her linage would die with her.

She cast no spells, pulled no tricks, she let him go without a word. Her own face showing that loneliness.

Perhaps she loved him as she said, perhaps she knew that such wrath would never give her child. Maybe she realized the pain and suffering that he felt?

Whatever the cause Irving of Pallo village was now Irving The Slayer.

To this day he has slain each and every monster that has crossed his path, completed the most harrowing of contract that would leave most men in nightmares after just one. Lifted curses that saved many.

[center But he was never able to slay the first monster he ever met. That of the Hallow-Moon witch of Pallo Village. ]

[center His dear



[center [pic]]
  Irving The Slayer / Sonicspeedx13 / 3y 306d 21h 46m 12s
^Human Form: Above^

*Cursed/Possessed Form: Coming soon*
[center [h3 Eliam: Modern/Possessed]]
[center Name: [b Eliam]]
[center Age: Appears to be in his 20's]
[center Gender: Male]
[center Species: Possessed Human]

Once a normal man, he had everything. However, Eliam was a lonely man who suffered minor depression. He lived by himself for a long time. That was until he met 'her'.
As soon as his eyes fell upon her, Eliam was entranced. He could not take his eyes off of her. She was elegant, a picture-perfect woman. Eliam had to meet her.
What he didn't know...this woman...wasn't human. She had cast her spell upon him. Eliam was an easy target, his depression lowering his defenses. She pretended to be his friend, getting closer to him.
The female poisoned his mind with her words, corrupting him slowly. It wasn't long, before she got close enough to him, to capture his soul, and possess it to do her bidding. She had broken him down, leaving a hallow husk of a man behind.
However, the female didn't expect for the corrupted soul to fight back. Eliam's soul, now dark and cruel, fought back, killing his captor. The darkness returned to the husk of the man, Eliam once again full...but in a different way. The darkness that claimed his soul, infected him now fully.
Eliam became cold and cruel. He no longer cared for his work, and he absolutely despises women. Then again, who could blame that dark soul that was taken from his true body and tried to be controlled [b by] a woman?

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  Eliam: Possessed / Dragoncita / 3y 306d 10h 44m 53s
^Human Form: Above^

[center [pic]]
^Wendigo Form: Above^
[center [h3 Julius Grant]]
[center Name: [b Julius Grant]]
[center Age: Depends]
[center Gender: Male]
[center Species: Alpha Wendigo]

Looks can be deceiving, and Julius' is one of those. He may look handsome and be charming, but that is simply a disguise.
When darkness falls, will one see his true nature. How Julius came about remains a mystery. No one knows for certain. Either way, he is a man you do not want to make a deal with.
Cunning and highly intelligent, he uses deceit and lies to get what he wants. Julius cares not for the human race, he simply sees them as prey for him, playthings to manipulate then kill later on when he is finished with them.
Always on the move Julius never stays in one place for too long. He knows to stay in one area, people would begin to get suspicious, and that was exactly what Julius didn't want. Well, who wouldn't get that way when people start to soon as he arrived...

In his full true form, he is a formidable foe. Julius often looses himself in an uncontrollable bloodlust when in this form. He could care less who or what he kills when on one of his rampages.
He is quite large, nearly 24ft in height. Julius' claws are like sharpened sabers, able to cut through even the strongest of metal. His fangs are serrated towards the back, perfect for rending flesh from bone. Even his antlers, one should be wary. Julius often sharpens his claws and antlers with whetstone.
His strength is unmatched, being able to lift 10 tons with ease. Julius is able to breath choking clouds of darkness, which slowly suffocate his victims. He also uses these 'clouds' as a back-up escape plan. Pity the fool who falls victim to this darkness, being unable to see who is friend, and who is foe while slowly suffocating to death.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  To be Determined... / Dragoncita / 3y 308d 12h 36m 22s
^Human Form: Above^

*True Full Form: Below*

*Half Form: Below*

*Staff: Below*
[h3 Tharalin- The Outworld Devourer]
Last of a few lordly and magisterial race, Tharalin and his brothers prowl the edge of the Void, sole surviving sentries of an outpost on the world at the rim of the abyss. From this jagged crystalline Outworld, forever on guard, they have gazed for eternities into the heavens, alert for any stirring in the bottomless night beyond the stars. Imprinted deep in the shining lattices of their intellect lies a resonant pattern akin to prophecy, a dark music implying that eventually some evil will wake out there, beyond the edges of creation, and turn its attention to other worlds. With their whole beings focused on their own vigils, these Outworld Devourers paid little attention to events of worlds not under their watch. They are considered an omen of worse things to come, but their arrival in itself is bad enough.
There are only 5, counting Tharalin, Outworld Devourers still in existence. These 5 are considered 'brothers'. Though, Tharalin would be considered the 'youngest' of them.

Tharalin watches over older worlds, where his brothers take watch of the newer, younger worlds that are created. The reason is simply, it gives their 'young' sibling time to learn the ropes of what is to be done.
Once he reaches proper age, if one exactly knew, Tharalin will be able to choose which worlds he wishes to watch over. With this, he will also be able to choose when a world should end, and a new one should begin.

[b *More to Come*]
  ::Random Characters:: / Dragoncita / 4y 15d 48m 4s
[h3 The Xuthraxr]
Native alien species to the planet Slainerth
Their home planet is mostly swamplands. There are very few dry places that allow for proper buildings to be made.
Despite appearing feral, the Xuthraxr are highly intelligent, creating small organized family groups called [i Dryics]. Every Dryic has about 20 members. An Alpha Elder, usually male and the oldest member, is head of the Dryic. The members depend on the Alpha making major decisions that will benefit them.
The Alpha is extremely protective of its group. Hence, also causing these creatures to be very territorial. Anything trespassing is seen as a potential threat that could possibly try and take their land from them.
Predators, they have the natural ability to change their skin color to match their surroundings helping blend/hide. Plus, add the ability to spit a powerful acid, makes for a deadly foe. Patience and persistent, once they target something, they are as good as dead, no matter how long it takes.
Though, they have a few weaknesses. The Xuthraxr are mostly nocturnal, their eyesight is horrible, almost blind. However, their other senses, especially hearing and touch, are highly developed, but that can be used against them.
Noises such as explosions or high pitch sounds will most often deter them, for awhile. Same with touch, they sense vibrations, but if one were to stand still, they would not be able to find you. But even a feather barely brushing their skin, the Xuthraxr would know. It is best to wait it out if one wish's to survive an encounter, or if handy, create a loud noise
However, the Xuthraxr can be befriended...with the right items and correct offering

*More to Come Soon*
  ::Abominations:: / Dragoncita / 3y 340d 6h 12m 20s

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