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I honestly don't really know why I'm creating this
Just, lately I've been getting ideas and whatnot. I rather enjoy sharing my characters, and seeing others with their own ideas.
So, I have created this little thread to where you can share the bio/history of your character if you so choose. Perhaps it'll help you with choosing certain RPs to put your character in, or even change the story later on. The description can be as long as you want
You can do as many characters as you want, I'm more than likely going to have a good bunch here.
[h3 Rules]
Though, like all places, I'd like to keep this under control

~Chatting will be in the chatbox above
I'm sure we all have come to notice that

~Helping each other with character development is encouraged

~Please respect one another, and their characters

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[center [b [u *Human Form*]]]
[h3 [center Geralt the Iron Sage]]
[b Name: Geralt the Iron Sage]
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Ironscale
Powers/Abilities: Being more metallic based, he is able to harden his scales to be near impenetrable
Geralt is able to seemingly 'speak' to metal, turning weapons against their very owners. He can also call upon metals in the earth to aid him
Personality: Brave, not afraid to take risks, extremely loyal to the Dragon King
Bio/History: A loyal guard and long time friend,, to [ King Rigeulus]. Geralt has been a sworn protector to the King, his children, and at one point the Queen herself. He had been appointed as their personal guard by Rigeulus himself.
Sadly, Geralt was unable to protect the Dragon Queen when the humans infiltrated Mount Draconis long ago. He had been severely injured trying to keep himself between the invaders and his charge. Geralt blames himself for the death of the Queen, even though he knows there was hardly anything he could've done to stop it due to being surrounded on all sides and nearly losing his life.
Once he recovered, Geralt had been offered retirement to the [i 'Circle of Elders'] due to the fatal wounds he had suffered from. However, Geralt refused, more than happy to continue serving as a royal guard despite his wounds.
Now, Geralt focuses primarily on protecting the King's children; [ Princess Farah] and [ Prince Fuego]. Well, he tries to, the Princess often manages to slip past his ever watchful gaze, and as for the Prince, his aggressive attitude tends to deter Geralt
Other Info: Certain days his old battle wounds will act up, which leads to Geralt favoring his left hind leg. He had been stabbed in his thigh, the weapon sinking deep into his flesh and to bone. The weapon was never fully removed, the blade still embedded in his thigh. No matter how much he tries to 'speak' to coax the metal out, it refuses. It is believed the metal had been tainted with some kind of dark magic, hence the reason Geralt is unable to draw the broken blade from his flesh.
The worse wound Geralt suffers from is a massive, jagged scar running down his belly. A human had managed to somehow slide underneath the dragon when he was trying to protect the Queen. The blade dug deep into his flesh, nearly slitting his stomach open. Thankfully, Geralt managed to pull away, but the damage was done. The scar, to Geralt, is a painful reminder of his failure of his duty. There are days the old wound causes him severe pain to where he can't even lay down

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  ::Guardian Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 9d 7h 38m 8s
[h3 [center Little One]]
[b Name: Lillian]
Gender: Female
Species: Dragonkin *Part dragon, part human*
Powers/Abilities: A baby, she's still learning.
Personality: Lillian is often shy, but is also quite a curious little thing. She never strays too far from her mother's side
Other Info: Her eyes change color from a yellowish amber, to different shades of blue. Usually they change depending on her mood:
[i [u Happy, Excited, etc.;]] Eyes are usually bright shades of blue
[i [u Sad, unhappy, etc.;]] Her eyes will be darker shades of blue
[i [u Fear, uneasy, etc.;]] Eyes will be bright yellow with flecks of blue
[i [u Angry, frustrated, etc.;]] Her eyes will turn dark amber
[spoiler [ Rosaria's Daughter]]

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  Rosaria Crystalwing / Dragoncita / 10d 5h 37m 59s

[center [b [u *Human Form*]]]
[h3 [center Titus the Chaos Dragon]]
Theme: [ Deathbringer From the Sky]

[b Name: Titus]
Species: Chaos Dragon
Age: Unknown/Ancient
Gender: Male
Personality: Vicious, cruel, power hungry, evil
[u Call for Aid-] Can call forth legions of dracolichs and an army of demons if he needs to, though, being the size of a massive mountain, he doesn't often need help
[u Chaos Fire-] Spews forth black flames. This fire, instead of burning, releases a dark poison which pollutes even the purest of hearts
[u Bolt of Oblivion-] Titus is able to summon powerful bolts of 'lightning', which disintegrate the unlucky target if they do not get out of the way in time
[u Winds of Insanity-] Powerful gusts of air crackling with chaotic power
[u Volburstrun-] A Kamikaze
Titus summons all of his chaotic powers, creating powerful waves of destruction
As the power increases, Titus becomes very unstable
When he reaches a certain point, all of his chaotic powers will burst from his body, destroying an entire world, but he will also die in the process
Bio/History: A legendary monster thought not to exist. Titus is the last, and the most powerful, of Chaos Dragons. It was thought all of the Chaos Dragons were eliminated due to their unstable powers.
However, Titus' chaotic power was not stopped soon enough. His power grew, to where even the gods feared that the beast would set his sight on a much larger prize, controlling the world itself. Though, Titus had an alternative if he could not control the world, he'd rather destroy it.
Due to the growing, unstable powers, the gods sealed the giant beast and locked him deep underground. Titus has been asleep for thousands of years, but with the returning of unbalanced powers, the great creature slowly starts to wake, his bonds weakening.
It won't be long, before Titus breaks free, returning to the surface to create havoc and destruction once again
[h3 [center Creatures Capable of Defeating Titus]]
[ Supreme God]

[ Scourge; Punisher for the Gods]

[ Whedab Ir *Complete Form*]

[ The Great Wyrms]

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  Titus: Chaos Dragon / Dragoncita / 19d 11h 54m 13s
[center [b [u *Supreme Dragon King*]]]

[center [b [u *Human Form- Formal*]]]

[center [b [u *Human Form- Casual*]]]
[h3 [center King Rigeulus Dahaka]]
[b Name: King Rigeulus Dahaka]
Species: Supreme Dragon King
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Powers/Abilities: Has complete control of all the elements; Fire, earth, water, and air
Bio/History: King Rigeulus is from a long line of noble dragons. The Supreme Dragon Rulers were created by the high one itself in order to keep order in the world of mortals. The dragons were basically known as the [i Protectors of the Gods].
The Dragon King once accepted humans, leaving them alone. Yet man has his own ways. The dragons were seen as a threat to their superiority, so it was best thought to eliminate them. The day Rigeulus grew to despise humans with a passion, happened long ago in his younger years.
The humans managed to infiltrate the Dragon Caves. They killed any dragon in sight, be it a chick, to even an elder. The King's mate was killed, protecting his only two heirs; Princess Farah and Prince Fuego.
Since then, he vowed that he will have his vengeance upon all of mankind. No longer did he care for them. To Rigeulus, they were but a dishonorable species.

Other Info:
Mate- Queen Ralenth Dahaka - [i *Deceased*]
Children- [ Princess Farah Dahaka] - [i *Alive*] & [ Prince Fuego Dahaka] - [i *Alive*]
[h3 [center Kingdom Relationships]]
[center [b [u Major Allied Kingdoms/Villages:]]]
[ Kingdom of the Harpies]
Ruled by the white harpy; Queen Nelyrea Crystalweaver
The alliance between dragons and harpies goes back to ancient times
The harpies started small, but with the help of the dragons, the creatures grew to the Kingdom they are now
The Harpy Kingdom is located in the Mountains just opposite of Mount Draconis towards the Northern edges, bordering Dragon Territory

[u [ Dornwich-]] Between the dragons and harpies, they offer protection to Dornwich, the village of the Guasnan, goat-like humanoids which prefer keeping to themselves
Only the dragons and harpies know where this remote village is located

[u Nabol-] The capitol city in a land across the waters. It is home to the [ Dragonians], draconic humanoids

[u City of Imperos-] The great floating city created by the [ 'Supreme God']
It is the sacred duty of all dragons to come to this city's aid should it need it
[hr ]
[center [b [u Neutral Kingdoms/Villages:]]]

[u Village of Sylenrion-] One of the major villages which worship the dragons. It is not uncommon to see dragons flying above the temple that has been built by the people of the village in honor of the beasts. The dragons are known to take human forms, to mingle with the people who see them as their guardians.
The Village is home to many Dragonkin, offspring of a human and dragon.
Sylenrion is located on the edges of the forest along the borders of Dragon Territory

[ Kingdom of Brambles]; ruled by the nameless king, or the King of Thorns
More so, the dragons don't exactly trust this Kingdom. The creature said to inhabit the corrupted landscape being more of something they keep a watchful eye on
Due to the corruption, however, most dragons avoid the place

[ Zephyr-] An area located in the windswept lands. Zephyr consists mostly of griffins and hippogriffs
Their Lord is Golgrim Wickedtalon, an abnormally large and powerful hippogriff
These creatures have no quarrel with the dragons, as the dragons have no quarrel with them

[u Nilena Caelora-] The Magnificent Elven City located in the middle of Vaenoire, a very thick forest. Those who do not know the area, usually lose their way and are never heard from every again, less they are found by one of the forests kinder inhabitants. There are creatures which would prefer to lead the lost even further astray
The connection between dragons and elves are known to go way back

[ Mahlaansizaan Forest-] In Draconic, the name means [i 'fallen'] and [i 'lost']. It is home to the Kingdom of Fairies. Their rulers, King Tiberon and Queen Azalea.
Honestly, it is surprising the fairies aren't considered an 'enemy kingdom'. The dragons' hatred for these creatures running quite a few generations back.
It is believed a Dragon King of old made a bet with the Fairy King, and lost the bet. Due to losing, the Dragon King of then was forced to give up part of dragon territory to the Fairies, [i Mahlaansizaan Forest].
Despite the dragons' hatred, the fairies show no hostility whatsoever against the beasts.

[ The Great Wyrms-] The Dragons most certainly have no quarrels with these colossal, ancient beasts
The Wyrms are said to go all the way back to the very beginning, even said to have come before the dragons when the Supreme God first started creating life
[hr ]
[center [b [u Enemy Kingdoms:]]]

[u Blackbarrow Lands-] A dark kingdom ruled by a Powerful Overlord
The races that exist here are mostly hellish beasts and humans forced to work under the Overlord
Dragons despise the cruel Overlord, since he is constantly trying to expand his lands into dragon territory

[u Dhulladuhr-] Kingdom of the Dwarves, located deep under the Hraungradr Mountains, which is towards the east of the lands
Obvious reasons why the dragons dislike this race of humanoids, constantly in feuds with the dwarves over treasure and riches

[u Humans-]

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  King Rigeulus Dahaka / Dragoncita / 2d 10h 25m 36s
[center [b [u *Dragon Form*]]]
[h3 [center Queen Ralenth Dahaka - Deceased]]
Theme: [ God and Man]

[b Name: Queen Ralenth Dahaka]
Age: [i Deceased]
Gender: Female
Species: Golden Dragon
Powers/Abilities: Being a rare gold, she had a natural immunity to all types of magic, elements, and even sickness/disease
Ralenth's breath was pure gold flames. The gold fire was considered even hotter than normal flames. The gold flames were able to cling to any surface, burning through even the strongest of armor. Her gold fire was also said to hold some holy/cleansing properties. It was believed that only the pure of heart could withstand the gold flames unscathed
The air around Ralenth had a natural calming effect. It is unknown what or even how, but she was able to settle even the most unruly of dragons or humans. Just her presence was enough to sooth tense situations

[hr ]
Other Info:
Mate - [ King Rigeulus Dahaka] [i *Alive*]
Children - [ Princess Farah Dahaka] & [ Prince Fuego Dahaka] [i *Both Alive*]

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  Dragoncita / 46d 12h 50m 33s
[h3 [center Amaranth]]
Theme: [ Glassy Sky]

[b Name: Amaranth]
Age: Usually in her 300,000's *Depends*
Gender: Female
Species: Chronos Dragon
Powers/Abilities: Amaranth has the ability to release a pulse that can freeze anything and anyone caught in it. She can decide when to release the pulse, unfreezing whatever or whoever was caught in the pulse
When she freezes weapons or attacks in her pulse, she can redirect the attack back, or simply let the weapon or attack fall harmlessly to the side
Amaranth doesn't breath fire, but instead a fine white mist. The mist she breathes has the ability to choke unlucky victims. She most often uses it to deter attackers, or as a smokescreen
Personality: Calm, has a depressed yet accepting nature,
Bio/History: Amaranth had once been a loyal follower and servant to the Goddess of time and destiny. The dragonelle was even blessed by the goddess, given some of her abilities.
As a follower, Amaranth always brought offerings to the temple dedicated to the goddess. The offerings were usually food or treasure. Though, she wasn't the only one who visited the temple. Humans also frequented the area at times. So the dragonelle would often appear when the humans were gone.
One faithful day, Amaranth was returning to the temple, her offering of food in her jaws. She was approaching the shrine when a sudden cry brought her attention. As the dragonelle approached, she found a young babe amongst the offerings. Of all things, Amaranth was most certainly not expecting this to be offered to the Goddess.
Seeing the helpless child, the dragonelle couldn't bring herself to leave it. So she took the small bundle carefully in her jaws, starting to leave when the Goddess' voice spoke.
[hr ]
[i "Lady Amaranth, what do you think you are doing?"]
The dragonelle had paused. The white creature set the precious bundle down, turning her head to look at the statue of the goddess. She frowned, bowing her head, then speaking, [#f08080 "F-forgive me my Goddess...but the child will surely die if it is left like that."]
There was silence, then the voice echoed again, [i "It is the child's destiny Amaranth, surely you understand this."]
[#f08080 "'s only a babe! Shouldn't it be given a chance, a chance to live it's life!"]
The Goddess Statue seemingly trembled. The calm voice changing to something hostile, [i "Amaranth, the child's fate has been decided. You cannot change it. Be gone Amaranth, and leave the babe behind you."]
The dragonelle couldn't bring herself to leave the child to die, even if the goddess she so loyally followed demanded it.
[#f08080 "...I cannot...forgive me my goddess..."]
Then Amaranth took hold of the bundle, quickly disappearing from the temple. She defied her goddess, unaware of the consequences to follow.
[hr ]
The Goddess was outraged by the dragonelle's actions. In response, Amaranth was cursed. What was once a beautiful beast, was transformed into something alien. When Amaranth learned of this, she was devastated. Yet, she still had the child which she continued to care for despite her change.
Learning that the dragonelle was accepting the change instead of falling into despair, the Goddess knew how to break Amaranth; the child.
So one day when the dragonelle was out with the human she was raising, did the Goddess make her move. Amaranth had turned her back for only a moment to hear a cry of fear. The dragonelle whipped around, seeing the child, a knife at their throat. Amaranth made an attempt to save the one she saw as her own chick, to only be stopped, frozen. She could not move, the goddess appearing nearby.
The dragonelle could do nothing as the Goddess took hold of the child, disappearing with them. Once she and the child were gone, was Amaranth released.
Amaranth was broken. The dragonelle roared and screeched her sorrow and rage to the skies above, only to be answered by silence. She no longer found joy in life, only a hollow emptiness. The creature wanted her life to end, to be done.
There is nothing left for her...
Other Info: The orb that takes up most of her face contains her magic. If it is cracked in anyway, her abilities will be weakened a considerate amount. The orb also acts as her eyes. If it is harmed, her vision is harmed.

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  ::Outcasts:: / Dragoncita / 51d 10h 23m 45s
[center [b [u *Dragon Form- [i Fallen]*]]]

[hr ]
[center [b [u *Dragon Form- [i Appearance before he fell]*]]]
[center [h3 Heremod Thunderspirit]]
[b Name: Heremod Thunderspirit]
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Dragon
Bio/History: Heremod was once a powerful holy dragon. He was respected and loved by the heavens, as where the hellspawn feared his name.
Heremod never backed down from his duties, always ready to move when his name was called. He was favored by the Goddess of War. His main duty was to go to earth and find worthy souls to serve her when the [i Final Encounter] would come to end the world.
On one of his journeys, Heremod came across a young woman who was in trouble. She had strayed a bit far from her village, being captured by bandits. The dragon would have left it, if not for catching sight of a dagger getting ready to plunge into the helpless woman's chest. Heremod was quick, not letting them have a chance to kill the innocent woman.
However, being a holy beast, the dragon was merciful, giving a warning to the bandits, letting them go.
In return, the woman was forever grateful to Heremod.

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  ::Outcasts:: / Dragoncita / 53d 12h 20m 43s
[hr ]
[center [b [u Without armor]]]

[hr ]
[center [b [u Khravamor The Great Corrupted Wyrm]]]

[center [h3 King of Thorns]]
Name: It has been lost amongst the ages
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Husk
Powers/magic: Can call upon a corrupted armor to cover his body. The king had complete control of the armor, able to create spikes along the armor and conjure tendrils lines with sharp thorns from his back.
With or without armor, he can call upon corrupted tendrils, once again lined with sharp thorns, to entangle or strike foes.
The King can call upon Khravamor if he absolutely needs to who will aid him.
Khravamor's power is immense. His ability to corrupt and spread it like a dreadful plague is quick. However, the beast can only use his abilities when the King calls upon him.
Due to Khravamor, the King is Immortal
Bio/History: A king who lost his humanity long ago.
There had been a time when this king had a flourishing kingdom with loyal subjects. He was fair, thinking of his people and their needs before himself. With other kingdoms, he was known as an excellent negotiator and a valuable ally.

The day he met her however, his life changed. She was like no other, a beauty who found her way into his heart. The King loved the woman like no other, always loyal to her, even to the end and learned of her true nature...
He had not realized it till it was too late. The day he knelt before her, asking for her to marry him, did she tell him. Her heart belonged to another...
The king lost himself in grief. He demanded to know who had stole her heart. She never did tell him.

In his desperation to know, the King went to his library, searching through old tomes and powerful books. In the deepest parts, he found a book of ancient summoning's. There was one spell, one that was thought to have been lost long ago; Summoning the Great Wyrm Khravamor, an incredibly powerful beast with immense powers and abilities. A beast who's name brought fear to all...but in his desperation to know and sadness, the King did not even consider the consequences.

The ritual called for several things, but the King managed to find each. Before he knew what he was getting himself into, he preformed the ceremony.
He never did learn who the woman he loved so much chose over him. Kharavmor's corruption quickly spread as he had been released. The corruption poisoned the king's soul, eating away till only a 'husk' remained.
Slowly, as the corruption continued to spread, the king became devoid of all emotions. The great wyrm's power was too much, eating away at the king and his kingdom till only a mostly barren landscape of brambles and thorns was left in place.

Ages pass, kingdoms rise and fall, but there is still one which has remained standing since ancient times. The Kingdom of Brambles, ruled by the nameless king; [b The King of Thorns.]

[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  ADragonsHoard / 73d 4h 50m 50s
[center [b [u Pact Brand]]]
[hr ]
[center [b [u Amunet]]]
[h3 [center Xero & Amunet]]
[center [b Name: Xero]

Age: Usually in his late 20's to early 30's *Depends*

Gender: Male

Pact Beast: Amunet - Sphinx Creature

Price of the Pact: Instead of being able to eat normal food, he can only feed on human flesh

Brand Location: Located on his stomach

Powers/Magic: Gained enhanced strength, reflexes, and senses. Like his pact beast, Xero has complete control over ice, bending it to his will


Other Info: Often seen wearing a metal mask over his mouth. Why tempt fate when speaking with another human being hm?]

[hr ]

[center [b Name: Amunet]

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Species: Sphinx Creature

Human(Pact) Partner: Xero



[center [b [u *WIP*]]]
  Dragoncita / 78d 13h 6m 12s
[h3 Kyle]
[center [b [u *Normal Form*]]]

[center [b [u *Demonic Form*]]]
[h3 Aiden's Angelic form]
[center [h3 Kyle & Aiden]]
[center [b Names: Kyle & Aiden]

Species: Angel Demon Hybrids

Age: *Depends*

Gender: Both male

Bio/History: Twin offspring of an angel, mother, and demon, father. Kyle took after more of his father's demonic side. Aiden took after his mother's angelic side.
Kyle has a calculating, devious nature. Despite it, he usually doesn't worry about a lot. There are times his darker nature will take over. Usually though, when this happens, his more angelic brother will step in to bring Kyle back.
As for Aiden, he is a calm and serious individual. He prefers the silence, being the more professional of the two. Aiden is the only one who can calm Kyle down when he's in his demonic form and nature.
Despite their demonic and angelic differences, Kyle and Aiden actually work well together. The brothers have made their home in a large city, opening up a decently sized bar; The Serene Underworld. ]

[center [b [u *More might come*]]]
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 163d 6h 29m 42s
[center [h3 Unairu]]
[h3 Human Form]
[h3 Demon Form]
[center [h3 Basic Skelly]]
[center [b Name: Unairu]
Species: Pure-blooded Kyuubi Demon
Age: *depends*
Gender: Male
Bio/History: The last of his kind, Unairu's ruling family had been driven to ruin. Between humans and the lower, impure demons, the pure-bred Kyuubi demons were driven to extinction, all except Unairu.
Unairu was forced to flee, alone and hurt. It was only by chance did he make it to the surface, slipping through the ranks of humans. It was rather simple, the foolish beings thinking he was one of their own while in his human form, to be sent back due to his injuries. However, the demon had no need for their care, once again running as fast as he could, away from what was once his home, his kingdom, his family.
Now, Unairu felt at a loss, a commoner...he could not have that. But his power was considerably weaker now above. In order to regain his powers, grow stronger, he would need to devour organisms. Course, Unairu started small, hunting local wildlife. Though, as the wild game around started to diminish, Unairu set his sights higher. Every single creature he devoured, he felt his demonic energy slowly return, but he needed more. His hunger was always there, it would always be there till his powers were fully restored.
With the creatures he devoured, and the little power he had gained, Unairu, let this demonic energy flow from him, creeping into the carcasses of his meals, transforming them. Once what was dead, came back, mutated monstrosities, ready to serve and die under Unairu's command. With his make-shift guard, did the demon make his move. His sights were set on a little village in the forest, it would do nicely to start off with his conquest, to take back what was his.
In his demon form and the demon monstrosities he created, Unairu had little trouble and barely any resistance when he struck the town. The pure-blooded demon forced the village to accept his rule, provide him what he needed. The people who agreed, lived. Those who wanted nothing to do with his rule and either tried to fight back or flee, were devoured.]

[center [b [u *More to come*]]]
  Unairu / Dragoncita / 203d 1h 47m 30s
[center [pic]]
[center [h3 Mourin]]
[center [b Name:] Mourin]

[center [b Age:] 23 years old *Age depends at times*]

[center [b Gender:] Male]

[center [b Species:] Blood Pegasus]

[center [b Bio/History:]]
He was only a few hours old when the Harpy Queen had found him. She found the small, bright red foal alone, abandoned.
Mourin only knows he was raised by the Harpy Queen. Despite being a different species, the harpies call him Prince, for he is the adopted son of their Queen.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  ADragonsHoard / 282d 6h 31m 4s
[center [h3 Edmund Ulrich of Proudbrook]]
[center [b Name:] Edmund Ulrich]

[center [b Age:] Depends- Usually somewhere in his later 20's]

[center [b Gender:] Male]

[center [b Species:] Human(?)]

[center [b Bio/History:]]

[center [b *Coming Soon*]]
  Edmund Ulrich of Proudbrook / Dragoncita / 339d 6h 45m 16s
[center [h3 Alras Hellraiser]]
[center [b Name:] Alras - Vrakar word meaning [i 'Anger']]

[center [b Age:] Somewhere in her 120's]

[center [b Gender:] Female]

[center [b Species:] Vrakar]

[center [b Bio/History:]]
Alras had been leader of her tribe. She had led her people with pride, until that day...
Those damn humans came, nearly destroyed her people. The day it happened, Alras was having her tribe packing up, getting ready to move to new territory, when they came.
Alras was quick, calling forth several of her warriors to hold back the raiders, while the rest of her tribe finished packing, and running to safety. She gave her Husram and her only chiuln a final hug, then leapt back into battle.
Despite their efforts, Alras' warriors who staid behind were captured, one by one. She took quite longer, using her rage to fuel her, taking down quite a few of the raider's ranks. Alas, the Vrakar finally succumbed to exhaustion, passing out cold.
Alras awoke to find herself in darkness. Though, next thing she knew, her vision was flooded with bright lights, the sound of voices all around.

The Vrakar are a warring species; Attack first, ask questions later. Unlike some species, the females of the Vrakars focus on full on offense against any threats or even anything that so much looks at the Vrakars.
The males of the Vrakars mostly stay back in the tribe village, taking on the duties of 'females', as where the females take on the duties of the 'males'. Most Vrakar tribes are nomadic, not staying in one place for too long.

[center [b *More to Come*]]
  -:Test Charries:- / Dragoncita / 338d 9h 29m 2s
[center [h3 The Rakia]]
Smaller draconic-like creatures. Appearance like a minature wyvern. 4 limbs; 2 legs, 2 feathered wings. Colors range from different hues of black, white, brown, green red, blue. Gold and darkdark purple has been seen, but extremely rare.
Since she is female, her average height in true form would be about 32ft to 36ft in height and about 3 to 5 tons in weight. Though the rakias are extremely agile and fast. Omnivorous, though prefer fish over vegetation.
In rakia years, she'd be 4 years old which is 20 years for a human. Their powers usually match their scale color, exm: Green-earth, red-fire, etc..
Though the strange thing, all rakias have the power over water, no matter the color of their scales. Most Rakias are only able to speak through telepathy unless speaking Draconic or Beastian; English can only be communicated through telepathy and a few learn to speak English outloud. Also they have a strange habit of 'singing' which sounds like a whale, though with rhythm and meaning. They most often sing when they are happy or if it is raining, nearly any source of water will make a rakia happy
[h3 [center Example How Rakia Sound]]

[size7 *More Info to Come*]
  Chu'mana / Dragoncita / 1y 193d 10h 36m 4s

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