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[b "Move!"] Alex shoved her as a blast was sent her way. He fired off his own red plasma disc from his chest, striking the militia member storming towards them.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 66d 17h 13m 10s
Ari sighed and walked quickly with the rest of the army. She sniffed and said. "They've been bombing that town..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 68d 9h 35m 31s
Left behind with the others, Alex gestured the rest of the army forward. [b "Don't let them catch you off guard,"] he spoke as they led them into the town.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 68d 12h 53m 40s
"be careful, Erik..." She whispered loud enough for the elder male to hear and helped gather the flight squad.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 70d 13h 4m 35s
[i "Which is why I will be joining them,"] Erik assured her.

Alex helped him gather the ones with flight capability, and ordered them to follow the elder mutant's orders. [b "He'll keep you alive."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 70d 15h 35m 34s
She nodded and said. "As long as they're careful if the enemy has an anti-aircraft gun..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 71d 14h 33m 24s
[i "If I might suggest,"] Erik interrupted. [i "You have numerous soldiers here capable of flight, among other powers. I'd recommend sending them overhead to distract the militia while the rest of us storm on foot."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 71d 15h 18m 50s
She growled slightly conflicted and sighed. "I don't know.... That's the problem."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 72d 13h 27m 8s
As they approached the outskirts of the town, Alex could see smoke rising from buildings. [b "It's your call,"] he turned to Ari. [b "Do you want us to charge ahead full throttle, or try to sneak attack?"]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 72d 13h 41m 0s
Ari sighed and had to resist the urge to run ahead to get to the village first.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 73d 17h 4m 57s
[b "Let's pick up the pace, guys!"] Alex calls to the army trailing behind them.

Impressively, they all added speed to their march without questioning the young queen. They would shave off a few moments of time, and hopefully stop the militia on the outskirts of town.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 73d 17h 39m 38s
Ari nodded and sighed. "We got to pick up the pace."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 73d 17h 42m 27s
Erik's jaw tensed. [i "More so than I'd like to admit,"] he answered softly.

Alex could see the memories flashing before the older man's eyes, and pushed forward. [b "We won't let them get that far,"] he assured them.

Storm returned not long after, her face set in a stony expression. [i "They're ten minutes up the road. Almost at the edge of the village. They'll get there before we do, but we should be able to cut them off before they get too far."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 73d 17h 46m 16s
"be careful, try not to be seen." She warned and sighed. "Do these militias remind you of the Nazis?"
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 74d 10h 7m 4s
The elder man actually looked concerned. [i "These militias are ruthless. I'm afraid they're not known to leave anyone alive. It's not a certainty that we will find the town untouched. It's more a matter of how much damage they'll have already done."]

Alex frowned. [b "Then we'd best move as fast as we can. Storm!"] he called to the woman. [b "Can you fly ahead and get a look?"]

[i "On it,"] she responded, taking off seconds later.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 74d 14h 41m 49s

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