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[b "We'll give him another ten minutes. Maybe he had some trouble with the prisoner,"] Alex looked to his watch.

Mercifully, it only took another seven minutes before the red mutant appeared with a bit of a bruise forming on his cheek. [i "He wasn't exactly cooperating once we got him to the cell,"] he explained.

[b "I'm sure they'll take care of it. For now, we have to keep moving,"] Alex said.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 83d 20h 3m 9s
She nodded in agreement and watched the others. "Azazel hasn't come back yet... I'm not sure if that's good or bad."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 84d 5h 38m 55s
[b "I imagine he'd instigate for us to go to war with every other country on the planet, like the egomaniac he is. He's got a savior complex and wants to police the world,"] he sighed.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 84d 14h 29s
She nodded and sighed. "god only knows how much damage control we'd have to do if he was to try helping us."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 85d 14h 38m 22s
Already having a torn relationship with his older brother, Alex didn't feel that bad for agreeing to her wish. [b "If we're going to run a fair court, we can't have him trying to cause rifts between everyone,"] he acknowledged.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 85d 16h 35m 40s
she smiled softly and rolled her eyes. "no, i don't want him involved in our court after this war is over."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 86d 13h 59m 48s
[b "We can make him our official court jester, then. No one takes the jesters seriously,"] he tries to make her smile.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 86d 16h 20m 1s
"I doubt that about Scott... He's never believe me to be anything but a nuisance..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 88d 6h 28m 54s
[b "I'm sure the others do as well. They're just...a little overwhelmed at the moment,"] he put an arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 88d 15h 2m 26s
She smiled slightly and looked up at him. "Glad someone thinks that."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 89d 7h 44s
[b "You're doing great. Already the perfect queen to lead a country,"] he assured her.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 89d 13h 13m 12s
She nodded and leaned against him. "Hopefully..." She said and sighed.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 90d 6h 16m 27s
Alex moved to rest his hand on her back, moving it in small slow circles. [b "We're going to do what we can. We might even cut them off before they get there."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 90d 15h 14m 12s
"of course." She said and sighed slightly. "I just hope we can protect the next village...."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 92d 12h 36m 23s
[b "We still have a handful on our side that have the energy to fight, if need be. The others just need a brief rest,"] Alex was reassured that they could fight back any additional threats.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 92d 16h 7m 17s

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