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She smiled at him and hugged him again. "It's okay, Daddy, I understand."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 57d 9h 53m 11s
Alex felt himself beginning to relax. [b "You look like me,"] was all he managed to say, noting that the girl's features favoured him while his son definitely took after his mother.

[b "This entire day has been completely surreal, I'm sorry,"] he gave his head a shake.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 57d 9h 59m 24s
Emily smiled and touched his hand. "It's okay, Daddy. Breathe please?" She said and helped him with her powers.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 61d 6h 47m 52s
Alex started to hyperventilate the second he saw the young girl. [b "Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god,"] he forced himself to remain calm as she greeted them.

[b "You're...you look...oh god,"] he felt like he was going to faint.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 61d 7h 31m 42s
She giggled and nodded. "Let's go meet your little princess." She teased and led him to the medical wing where a beautiful red haired teen girl was sitting and reading a medical study. "Oh Emily!" She said and smirked.

Emily paused and looked up smiling. "Hi Mom, hi Daddy." She said and went over hugging them.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 62d 7h 58m 7s
He froze. He'd momentarily forgot that he had another child roaming around. Instantly, he got excited. [b "Can we?"] he tugged at her. [b "Please?"]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 62d 8h 16m 7s
"or we can find the other one." She said and poked his nose gently.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 64d 3h 58m 55s
[b "Well, Jean is an expert at all things Scott, so we should have an easier time with everything if she's here to rein him in,"] Alex acknowledged.

[b "Should we go find that brat of ours?"] he offers a small smile.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 64d 4h 33m 1s
"that's one of the reasons I wanted her to come here. She's a good mediator between me and him." She said and looked up at him.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 68d 2h 43m 54s
[b "Jean is far more forgiving towards him than she should be,"] Alex stepped forward to rub at Ari's shoulders. [b "But it was kind of you to let her go to him. She may even talk sense into him."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 68d 5h 49m 6s
"I will not stop you. If the guards give you any trouble, call for Jasper or let me know telepathically." She said simply and sighed.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 69d 5h 6m 25s
Though the woman loved the elder Summers brother, she understood his temper. [i "It's not my place to question your decision. I understand that this is your country. My only request is that I can sit with him before we go to fight."]

Alex felt for her. She'd been the only one who could successfully calm his brother. However, he knew it caused her migraines when faced with high tensions. [b "What do you think?"] he asked his future bride.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 69d 5h 24m 50s
ari smirked triumphantly and said. "thank you for understanding the situation." she watched as the guards took scott back to the dungeon and looked at jean letting her into her mind, something she rarely did. 'i feel safer with scott downstairs in my dungeon than on the main floors of my castle...' she thought to her and sighed.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 70d 4h 1m 1s
Alex looks to the woman he considered to be his older sister. [b "What do you think, Jean? Will you help us?"]

He tried not to look like a hopeful puppy dog. Scott was practically growling under his breath. The redhead looked over the strategy table, taking it all in. [i "It'll be dangerous,"] she admitted. [i "But then again, when are things easy for us?"]

She rested a hand on Alex's head and gave it a ruffle. [i "Can't leave you to fight them on your own."]

Breathing a sigh of relief, he scooped her up in a hug. [b "You're honestly the best."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 70d 6h 3m 36s
Ari watched them and looked at Scott blankly before touching a button on the table. "Thank you for helping us with this war." She said her accent more noticeable than when​she was at the mansion. "We'll be dropped off here... Make our way to this camp..." She said and pointed at the three dimensional map that had popped up on the hologram. She zoomed in on the camp and said. "Here and here are the weakest points, if we successfully get there with no problems... If we captured, for any reason or a certain someone fucks things up, then we might as well all die because those men... They will try to break us into telling them where more mutants are and then kill us.... This particular camp we're going to be destroying is specifically designed for Mass torture and killing." She said seriously and then looked at Scott. "Then again, I highly doubt you would care if more of us died." She made a motion for the guards to take him back to the dungeon. "Try to get some rest before the morning, we move out at four thirty."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 71d 9h 34m 38s

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