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"no... if I come back, your brother will push me away again..." she said. "your brother was one of the x-men who brought me to mansion and made me feel safe and at home... but now.... I can't..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 2y 361d 17h 17m 35s
[b "I love you too,"] he answers, curling an arm around her. [b "Which is why I'm here to ask if there's anything I can do that will make you come back?"]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 2y 361d 17h 38m 47s
She made him sit on the couch with her and cuddled his side. "I love you..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 3d 13h 50m 39s
[b "Oh...right. How nice to see Sangha again,"] he adds the last bit under his breath, a little gruffly as a spike of jealousy hits him.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 3d 13h 55m 56s
"Sangha is my dance partner.... Kumal is his twin." She explained and finished her cigarette before leading him inside.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 7d 14h 17m 31s
[b "Right,"] he acknowledges, looking around. [b "And just for clarification, who are they?"]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 7d 14h 30m 25s
"Sangha and Kumal's apartment..." She said and sighed.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 12d 15h 2m 48s
[b "It'll be alright. Scott just gets crazy. It's a wonder why Jean hasn't married him,"] he says sarcastically.

[b "What is this place?"] he asks.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 12d 15h 9m 55s
She sniffled and cuddled him. "I should've expected it to happen... I'm always pushed away from somewhere I feel safe.... I hate this Alex..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 12d 15h 16m 21s
Alex's old Jeep sits in the garage, and the tires squeal as he peels down the driveway. It doesn't take him long to find her, and he's pulling her in to his arms as soon as he's within reach of her. [b "I'm sorry. I really am."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 12d 15h 23m 1s
Ari sniffled and sighed waiting for him. She fidgeted to keep from falling asleep and stood going outside to smoke, a habit she had quit but the current situation with the X-men was making her crave the toxic chemicals in the cigarettes. She also knew that it would help her stay awake and keep away any nightmares.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 17d 10h 4m 55s
[b "Yeah!"] he says enthusiastically. [b "I'll get ready!"]

The conversation lasts a few more minutes before he hangs up to pack some clothes in to a small duffle bag. He was hoping he'd be able to convince her to come back. He was also planning on kicking Scott's ass when he got back.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 17d 12h 49m 13s
She sniffled and smiled hearing his voice. "How about right now, Alex? Can you please come? I'll text you the address...."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 20d 14h 38m 55s
[b "Just say the word, and I'll be with you in a heartbeat,"] are the first words that leave his mouth when she answers.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 20d 14h 46m 49s
Ari sniffled and jumped when her phone rang. She answered, her voice cracking. "Hello?"
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 3y 28d 13h 17m 27s

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