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she giggled quietly and looked at him letting him see her eyes change color. "thanks for the compliment and your powers can be useful too. mine make me restless and i have a hard time staying inside for lonng periods of time."
  arabella "firefly" young / wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 2h 29m 43s
Alex raises an eyebrow at her, clearly impressed. [i That sounds awesome! Now my powers sound boring. Thank you.]

He adds a winky face at the end to show his sarcasm.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 124d 2h 33m 4s
"i can change to and from wolf and human form." she wrote back and looked at him.
  arabella "firefly" young / wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 2h 48m 16s
So she's a shifter? [i I hadn't heard about your mutation yet. What kind of stuff can you shift in to? I have energy blasts like Scott, but they come from my chest instead of my eyes. I kind of lucked out on that one.]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 124d 2h 49m 48s
she held her breath to keep from laughing and kept a poker face. she listened to the lecture and then read the note when he wasn't looking. "well, now you see my point. although, your brother is a wuss compared to logan simply because i nearly shifted involuntarily sparring with him." she wrote and carefully passed it back.
  arabella "firefly" young / wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 3h 26m 5s
Alex shoots her a look of pure horror, reading her message. [i Why would you even give me that nightmare fuel? They're bad enough separately! I'll never get that out of my head.]

He flicks it back, almost getting caught when Hank turns around.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 124d 3h 31m 7s
"trust me, he could be a lot worse, try imagining if your brother and logan were one person. and yes, i is ari." she smiled and sent it back.
  arabella "firefly" young / wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 4h 1m 35s
The note comes back and he wastes no time reading it. [i Well, someone has to lighten up the mood around here. Especially with my G.I Joe of a brother. You're Ari, right?]

The note is sent back to her, and Alex perks up a little at the prospect of having someone to talk to through this class.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 124d 4h 4m 59s
she perked up at the note and carefully read it. she smiled and wrote back: "hey troublemaker. alex right? thanks for the laugh. ;)" she carefully tossed it back.
  wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 4h 11m 54s
If there was a class that Alex preferred, it was gym. Most of the time they got to pick whatever activity they wanted to occupy the class, but since Scott was running today's class, they were doing fitness tests.

To try and pass the time until his turn, Alex took the opportunity to pour a bucket of water of his drill-sergeant of a brother. He falls to the ground laughing, catching Ari's eye with her smirk of approval. He didn't know her very well, but at least someone appreciated his antics against Scott.

When the bell signaled science class, Alex lost most of his energy. He slouches in his chair with his head on his forearms, drifting in and out of the lesson.

With Beast's back turned, after giving him a slight scolding for not paying attention, Alex scribbles something on a scrap of paper, and flicks it on to Ari's desk, next to him.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 3y 124d 4h 18m 55s

ari got ready to do a hundred yard dash and smirked knowing she could do it without getting breathless. she sighed as soon as she was done and saw she was late for science. she grimanced and quickly made her way to class. she pretended not to notice the look she recieved from Mr. McCoy and sat next to alex.
  wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 4h 28m 8s
ari sighed as she stretched for gym and waved at alex. she smiled giggling when he dumped ice cold water on his older brother and watched him blushing lightly.
  wolfcutie120 / 3y 124d 5h 1m 56s

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