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she nodded and thought for a moment. "talk to logan and sabertooth, they should be able to help with a counter of some kind."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 203d 8h 52m 11s
[i "Your Highness,"] Erik bowed his head in respect. [i "I'm afraid there's been sightings of a rogue group of militia that must have escaped during the siege of the bunker. They've been spotted less than an hour from the castle, and appear to be stockpiling weapons."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 203d 10h 49m 19s
She sat up covering herself and looked up at Erik. "Yes?" She asked and yawned.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 209d 12h 35m 16s
[b "Can we punish whoever it is with a day in the stocks? Is this that kind of kingdom? Do we even have stocks?"] he grumbled as he struggled to put his jeans back on, lest he give whomever is at the door a royal show.

[b "Has someone died?"] Alex leveled his stare at Erik.

The elder man crooked an eyebrow. [i "No, but you might if that chip remains on your shoulder."]

[b "Your adviser is being mean to your future husband,"] Alex turned to whine to her.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 209d 12h 59m 35s
Ari nodded sleepily and tried ti ignore the knocking on the door. "Tell them to go away..."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 215d 13h 7m 45s
[b "Well I don't have to now,"] he assured her. [b "You're alive and well. Aside from the gunshot wound, I mean. Just keep it that way. No more bullet holes."]

He was basically latching on to her like a koala bear in his groggy state. Alex tended to be an extreme cuddler when drowsy, something that drove Scott crazy when they were young and had to share a bed during family trips.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 215d 13h 19m 37s
"don't please...." She mumbled tiredly and cuddled him.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 221d 10h 58m 13s
[b "I'm glad you're alright. I'd probably have burned everything in my path if you'd have died,"] he admitted, looking at her through half-awake eyelids.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 221d 11h 59m 20s
She smiled and cuddled his side. "Very clear, my King." She whispered and kissed his cheek. "I love you."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 226d 11h 32m 55s
After nearly an hour of careful activities, their clothes were in a heap on the floor and they were looking rather undignified with disheveled hair and rumpled blankets. [b "I hope your king has made himself clear,"] Alex mumbled, unable to keep his eyes open.
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 226d 11h 56m 8s
"ooh, what a kinky king you are." She teased and kissed him. "Your presence is so tempting, my king.... I can't help myself from wanting you...." She cooed flirtatiously and reached down tugging his belt.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 231d 7h 4m 34s
Alex moved so he was lying above her, keeping his weight off of her with his arms. [b "I feel like you aren't taking my kingly commands seriously, my queen,"] he flashed a pout back at her. [b "Perhaps I need tie you to the bed to ensure you heed my commands to rest."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 231d 11h 12m 23s
She snickered and kissed him. "Yes my king."
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 231d 11h 29m 48s
Alex made his voice as authoritative as possible, though he couldn't keep a straight face for long. [b "I mean it. As the king of this country, I demand my queen obey me in all matters related to her staying alive as long as physically possible."]
  Alexander Summers / Kooza / 231d 11h 45m 53s
She nodded and made a face pouting. "Okay...." She said and knew he wouldn't let her tough things out anymore.
  Arabella Young / wingedwolfy120 / 237d 11h 18m 33s

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