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Well, time to start figuring out what kind of roleplay we want to do and ironing out a plot! And just plain having fun! :D

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Hiroshi was a bit bothered by the fact his new roommate was a bit of a stiff when it came to having a conversation like introductions. When he was asked about his stuffed friends a frown crossed his face as he was about to answer but paused for a pit second, turning his attention to the stuffed cat in his bag. "Thats not nice cake..he is not an idot." He said in a stern tone to the stuffed animal that clearly didn't talk back for others to hear. "He is also not a trashy bum, buttons. Both of you need to be nice." He said to the stuffed bear before smiling at the blonde as if talking to his dolls were normal. "My friends would appreciate it if you didnt call them dolls. They get pretty offended easily, especially cake. But to simply answer your question yes I do carry them around with me always." He answered bluntly.
"If you never had a roommate do you have any friends? Or at least people you talk to so that I can introduce myself. Buttons wants me to be polite and introduce myself to the friends of my roommate ..and cake doesn't want me to be around you right now..he is pretty mad."
  hiroshi ito / lavired / 5y 147d 19h 20m 14s
Alexei turned to face the door when he heard it swing open. He half-listened to the guy as he looked him up and down.

'Haven't seen him around before, definitely a new student or a transfer... Very shy and has stuffed animals that he carries on his person... must not have many friends. Insecure by how he's holding himself... Pretty easy on the eyes though. That's a plus.'

He realized the other hand stopped talking and focused on his face. "Ah... What did you say your name was? And I guess, seeing as you have a key to the room, you're my roommate. Forgive me if I don't follow proper roommate protocol; you're my first roommate."

He looked at the two stuffed animals again. "Do you always carry... dolls around with you?" he asked, quite seriously.
  Alexei Marov / AidoChild / 5y 175d 4h 43m 46s
It was the start of another year, and Dante quickly found that almost nothing had changed. He was still in the dorm room next to Alexei's. The buildings were still made of the curious black brick they were always made of. The freshman still gathered in nervous little clumps, occasionally breaking apart to check dorm listings without drawing too much attention. It was calming, the consistency of it all. A voice called to him from the picnic table under the oak tree where...he pulled his mind back to the present, to the brunette boy waving at him in the distance.
"Hey, Dante!"
"Hey, Kiyoshi!"
"We totally have to do study groups again this year, 'kay?"
"Absolutely!" [i Moron.] A familiar crackle tingled just inside his skull. [i Easy, Dante,] he told himself. Nothing would be worse than him losing control of his ability on the first day of school. Nothing, that is, than another year of study groups dodging Kiyoshi's wandering eyes and hands. He regulated his breathing until the tingling lessened and went away altogether. Just then, his bag rustled.
"Meow?" The tiny cat in his bag questioned.
"Oh, sorry, Nova. I forgot I hadn't dropped you off yet." He started for his dorm, passing the main stairs to the school. He noticed a new face; a boy with white hair that he didn't remember seeing before. He thought for a split second that they might be room mates, but his volatile ability meant the Board sequestered him to a room all alone. Well, at least he had Nova.
  Dante Aurora / the_jazziemin / 5y 177d 18h 23m 19s
Verrix Academy was supposed to be a great experience for those with special abilities and what not, however at first glance it was starting to look like a bad idea to attend. Walking up the school steps with a displeased look was a male by the name of hiroshi. His parents forced him to come to the academy on the account of his abilities that made them uncomfortable to be around him, however it never really bothered him.
He never really payed much attention to his parents anyway because he had friends that kept him company. In fact he brought two of them with him to the academy. A stuffed polar bear with one red and one blue button eye, and hanging out of his bag was a stuffed calico cat. Their names were buttons and cake,and they went everywhere he went no matter what. "I don't know..maybe this school thing was a bad idea." He spoke to what seemed like nothing "you're right buttons..I will give it a try...cake watch your tounge and stop cursing already." He spoke calmly and kindly to the two stuffed animals as he entered the school.
Upon entering he made eye contact with a few students and gave a kind warm smile and greeted them in a very polite way. "I suppose I should find my room so we could get settled in." He said as he pulled out the paper with his room information and stuff about the academy. He didn't have alot of stuff with him to set up in his new room but it was enough to get by.
When he found his room he knocked on the door first before letting himself in. To his surprise there was someone already in the room. "I guess I didn't read the part about a roommate." He said in a displeased tone before putting on a cheerful grin and introducing himself to the guitar wielding blonde in the room. "Hello my name is hiroshi. You can call me hiro, and this is buttons and cake" he said showing the stuffed polar bear in his arms and the stuffed cat in his bag.
  hiroshi ito / lavired / 5y 177d 19h 3m 40s
Welcome to Verrix Academy! This all boys boarding school is the top of its kind for boys with magical abilities and skills! Come hone your skills at this prestigious institute! Our colors our Gold and Black, our cheery school symbol, the Golden Unicorn, and our resident boy of the year, Alexei Marov! Well, for now that is. Alexei may have some competition with the new arrivals!! The campus includes a rec center complete with athletics pool and training arena for all your magical needs, three fully stocked cafes of differing flavors, two magnificent boys dorms with studies and activity centers, and our very own lakeside campsite! Enjoy for this is the best school in all the nation!
Alexei tossed his duffle bag on his bed and glared half-heartedly at the second bed across from his. He had the biggest room since freshman year and it was always one bed that he used for his, well, playboy needs. However, Junior year, the Board decided he would have roommate for spacing purposes. Of course, he had to smile and agree to the Board. He didn't want a roommate though. A roommate would put a damper on everything. Not only would he have to find somewhere else to take his conquests, but he would probably get whined at for playing guitar or practicing his abilities in his room .

"Poor baby," teased the little imp on his nightstand. He shot a full glare at the 6 inch creature sitting criss-cross. The male imp flashed him a grin.

"Get back into my guitar before I squash you," warned Alexei.

"Boo, party pooper!" sneered the imp before possessing the guitar once again.

Sophomores in demonology got to summon imps, if they could, and keep them as their companions. They aided with all sorts of abilities and limits. Of course, not everyone was able to summon one. Many had to take their C or take Enchantment instead and enchant an animal as their familiar. No talking, less abilities there unfortunately. The Marovs were well known for their abilities so it was no surprise he got an imp. He would have been disowned if it had gone any other way...
  Alexei Marov / AidoChild / 5y 182d 5h 7m 4s

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