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The Story

In a world full or hate and love, dead and living, evil and good, there are beings trying to keep the 'natural' order of Earth. Of course, this involves the higher powers from Heaven and Hell. Sent out into this crazy, muddy world are the underlings of the two powers. Fights often break out between the younger angels and demons, while the older ones pass simple curses or nudges. The scuffles are about their jobs. Who lives and who dies. Who suffers and who experiences little pain. Who gets hit by a bus or is saved from suicide. In this world, every human in danger of death is given one angel and one demon to fight for their destiny. Their jobs are to whisper to suicidal people and try to coax them from harming themselves or to argue and fight if the person is set to die. Each being has a watch and timeframes when they assigned humans' deaths are near. Demons want souls, while angels want the living.

In the mess of this world and the arguments between the underlings is a place where there is no fighting allowed. There is peace for the angels and demons. They don't have to worry about their work or the tension between the opposing sides. They can simply relax and talk to one another, if they so desire. It is deemed the Peace Room.For the most part, angels stick to their side and demons on their half. Naturally, some heated arguments occur or tempers rise, but there is generally a calm atmosphere. To control the fights, a counsel called the Peace Keepers are set in place. Five beings, including a head peace keeper, are set in a panel courtroom to sentence and judge individuals on their actions. Of course, below them is a large army split down the middle with angels and demons. The head peace keeper is the middle ground, while the rest are half demons and half angels. The panel is a sight to see: dark cloaks cover the four members on either side of the head keeper, while the Head bares the same cloak with the hood down. Being sent here is never a good thing.

In the midst of it all is a high ranking angel; he is calm and rarely confrontational. Currently, he has been having a wonderful stroke of luck with his position. He has been able to save many people from perishing without so much of a flash of a demon in sight. This is all because of a dead-beat demon. A drunk. This demon was once a high ranking demon, but he became careless and lost many souls in the process. He was demoted to the lowest rank, a novice; this only made him drink more, continuing the loss of souls.

When the demon finally figures out who has been his competition, a fight breaks out between the two in the Peace Room. They are sent to the Peace Keepers Panel and, out of the Heads' generosity and kindness, forced to work together. They are placed in the highest division of keeping the order in the Human World. Both of them will have to work together and rationally decide not only what officials live and die, but who is elected into high offices. If they fail, both of them will be forced into the cells below the courtroom, never to regain freedom. If they are able to work together and make the correct choices, the will both regain their high titles and resume their previous work.

Of course, things between the two start out terrible and rough, but what happens when the demon begins to see the angel in a different light? A light that causes attraction.. What happens when the angel finds out? Or the rest of the demons and angels? Join, and we'll write it out together..


MUST be literate!

Anime pictures, Only.

ES rules apply. ALWAYS

Cursing is allowed, just don't over do it

Anything sexual will be T.S.. No exceptions

I have a 1000 Character minimum, but I do expect more. I do understand writer's block, though

Romance is a given, but it obviously will not be immediate. They're complete opposites and fought for Christ's sake

I do wish you post at least once every week. I am not only a college student, but I work, and have a boyfriend, so I understand life happens. If you're going to be gone longer than a week, PM me or do what I do and put it on your profile.


Angel - Taken by AmberCough

Demon - Taken by Urizen

More Info.

Welp, that's that. If you would like to join, please PM with the title of this RP, a picture , and a sample post. This is not first come, first serve. Do NOT request access to the thread until you've sent a PM with the correct stuff in it.

I have provided my intro post as an example of how long I can post as well as an example of how I want you to post length and grammar wise and an example of the anime art style I like. Feel free to see my page and character profiles for more examples.

Necessary Information for RP

1) Ryan Gorden - Age 35
Recently lost father (?); Avoided questions on budget plans; VERY young; Possibly bad candidate

2) David Boise - Age 47
Heart issue; NOT a good candidate

3) Jake Hellier - Age 49
Background in Law; Studied at Yale; Focus on military/overseas issues; Background in military

4) Matthew Thomas - Age 54
Over zealous about budget (worrisome); sweats a lot ; background in Senate

5) James Smith - Age 43
Current Location - San Antonio, TX; Future Plan - Small time Pres. Candidate

6) Alexander Jordan - Age 56
Current Location - Berlin, Germany; Future Plan - Return home in two weeks

7) Jonathan Peckard - Age 48
Current Location - San Francisco, CA; Future Plan - Mediocre Pres. Candidate; Will be in D.C. by next week

8) Michael Baker - Age 51
Current Location - New York, NY; Future Plan - Small time Pres. Candidate

9) Kevin Richard - Age 60
Current Location - Washington D.C.; Future Plan - Member of Congress

10) Caleb Goodwin - Age 39
Current Location - Richmond, VA; Future Plan - Mediocre Pres. Candidate


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Roleplay Responses

[center Seth kept his gaze steady on the demon, his question slipping into the air with ease. Blue hues almost rolled at the words spoken. Soren's wound was disturbed that night and, once again, the blonde couldn't do anything to help. He couldn't even fight back. He felt his cheeks brighten and warm as they flushed pink with anger. Seth never once had to worry about how weak he was; he was extremely smart and was able to complete his jobs properly without getting into physical altercations with the hell-borns. With his current task, his weak body was becoming an issue. Soren slowly walked over, setting the glass of champagne down on the small table residing to the side of the chair. It would appear that the tall man hadn't thought much about his injury possibly reopening, dismissing Seth's question with ease.]

[center The blonde turned to fully face Soren, watching as he flipped on the television and then moved to turn up the heat. It was already hot in the room, but apparently not enough for the hell-born. Seth's flushed cheeks remained hot, now unable to feel comfort in the overly warmed room and return to its pale color. The dark figure offered out a suggestion, pulling Seth out of his frustrated daze. He pondered for a moment, trying to remember their list and falling flat. He turned back toward the chair and fumbled with his jacket to produce the list. He let his eyes scan the sheet, notes written beside a the names and a few were scratched off.]

[center The closest candidate was in Richmond, Virginia. It wouldn't take long for them to get there if they wanted to spend a few hours flying. Soren would likely oppose, though, as he hated the cold. He turned back toward the demon, a hand resting lightly on the small table containing the lonely champagne glass. His eyes still pondered over the list of names. [i "Hm.. The closest one is in Richmond, Virginia."] He stated, lifting his gaze from the paper to meet a frustrated demon removing a stained piece of gauze.]

[center Seth studied the injury from afar. It had definitely reopened from Sal's hit, but appeared to have scabbed over for the most part. The wound should be cleaned and redressed, though. He wondered if Soren would let him, or simply ignore it. Seth's thoughts were pushed away as the taller figure stepped closer as he spoke; the demon's body heat seemed to shroud the small blonde, causing Seth to freeze. He could have pushed Soren away like he had done before, but he didn't want to risk hitting the injury. It hadn't turned out so well the last time Seth panicked. Crystal hues fell to the ground, his stiff body relaxing only once the demon moved away.]

[center He let his eyes close, a small breath releasing from his down-turned lips. Why did Soren have to bother the angel like this? The sound of dark words hitting the air pulled Seth from his thoughts. He partially turned his body, glancing toward the demon with slightly narrowed eyes. If he moved toward the bed, he would only be giving into the dark figure's taunts, but if he stayed in his current position, Soren was sure to torment him verbally. Either way, Seth wasn't going to be happy. The blonde slowly moved toward the bed, pausing at the bedside table to pick up the phone. He dialed down to the front desk, [i "Mm. Yes, hello. I need to request a medical kit be brought up to my room, please. - No, no. Everything is okay. - Yes. - Yes. - Thank you."] The angel let his voice fill the room, his gaze holding on the nightstand as he spoke. When he finished, he hung up the phone.]

[center It was obvious he was going to at least try to get the demon's wound patched up. He was going to do it later, but figured requesting the supplies now would be advantageous. The injury needed to breathe. Seth took a slow breath in, letting himself sit on the side of the bed for the time being. Soft eyes slowly looked about the room, before settling on the bubbling champagne. He wasn't going to drink it. He couldn't let himself become intoxicated again, mostly for the fear of what Soren would do to him. Then again, one drink wouldn't hurt. He shook his head a bit, shaking the thought away, and turned to glance at Soren. What an awful creature, he was.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 13h 7m 36s
“Did we?” Soren proclaimed, narrowing his eyes as he topped off two glasses. “All the more reason to drink and try again; I’m sure the odds of being attacked a second time are slim to none, don’t you think?” the demon said persuasively. He coyly approached the white angel and put the glass of champagne near. Red eyes bore into the white rabbit’s cool blue eyes, as if searching for answers that would never come forth from such an emotionless plain. Perhaps that was what God was like; a mirror reflecting nothing but yourself -forgiving, always forgiving, but absent and tormented.

Bleeding? Soren grinned and snorted.
“Maybe, I don’t really care to find out right now,” the demon dismissed Seth’s concern. It was rather adorable, how the little white rabbit’s guilt oozed from his aura, creating a rather stifling atmosphere. Guilt was not an emotion demons entertained for long, if at all. Regret, perhaps. Yes. Regret was definitely still there, alongside greed.

Soren drank from his glass, turning on the television, then fiddled with the thermostat to up the temperature. Outside, thick snowflakes came down upon the buzzing city down below, colouring the afternoon a thick grey.
The demon hated it. He loathed the cold and death it brought on white wings. Emotionless and uncaring cold, Earth’s true punishment. Soren longed for home, or to be held close to a woman’s bosom, cradled by plumb hips, close to the warmth of all children’s origin.
Soren’s eyes landed on the frail white rabbit and he sighed.
“It’s early, didn’t we have someone else to visit?” the demon offered, pretending to care for their little list. They’d so far only been crossing people out; having yet to make a decision.

He drained his glass and refilled it, shaking the bottle when it came up empty after only half a refill. The demon clacked his tongue in dismay, dark eyes already searching for more. Soren set the bottle down and pondered. Life was boring. Human life was boring. All the riches they worked so hard to gain were utterly, dreadfully boring, yet everyone gave in to greed in order to get in that position. He plucked at his shirt, lifting the black garment high enough to uncover the bandages, dark with dried and fresh blood.

They hadn’t thought to bring their supplies, had they?
Nonetheless, the demon’s dark nails plucked at the sloppily applied patch of cloth. Carefully, he peeled the bandage away, revealing an angry-looking injury, red from where Saleos had struck him. What blood could still run free had practically already dried.
“Curse you, Sal,” Soren hissed.
He tossed the soiled bandages next to the empty champagne bottle and drained the last of the alcohol, then took off his shirt, to prevent it from getting caught in the blood.

“Are you going to tell me a bed-time story?” the demon asked Seth, stepping in closer. So frail, so pretty. Soren sniffed at the angel’s hair, then passed the white rabbit on his way to the king-size bed. One bed. He could share, maybe. Either way the demon abused the bed to sprawl out leisurely. For the time being, they had nothing better to do, but be lazy, didn’t they? That and keep an eye out for Sal.
“Or would you rather hole up in your private little corner, like a scared, meek little rabbit?” the demon taunted, a smirk playing about his lips.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 3d 10h 28m 6s
[center Crystal hues held on the other figure, pondering over the taller man. His slender, dark figure held a stark difference against the cool, off-white colors of their surroundings. It didn't take long for the demon to begin to walk, doing so carefully as his injury had been disturbed. Walking caused it to flare up. It was possible that the scab had been torn and was bleeding again. Seth could look at it once they got back to the hotel. That is, if Soren would let him. The odd couple made their way through the halls to the elevator. Seth patiently waited, his eyes pondering over the shiny metal doors. In the reflection, he noticed the black wings disappear. This caused him to break his gaze and shift it toward the demon. His attention didn't stay there long as a ding sounded, alerting the two to the elevator's arrival. The doors slid open, Soren stepping inside first and Seth following behind.]

[center The blonde gently leaned against the railing, his body unconsciously mimicking the demon's stance. Soft words hit the silent air, brief confusion pulling through the angel. Seth's light blue gaze had shut for a few moments, opening only after he felt the heavy gaze of fiery hues burning into him. He stared back, his face expressionless. It didn't take long for the elevator to bring them to the highest floor, where Seth pulled his eyes away from the demon. With ease, the two made their way into the crisp air and onto the roof. A soft promise slipped into the cold winter air as black wings extended. Soren leapt from the building, his wings easily taking the man where he wanted to go.]

[center Seth stepped onto the ledge, a hand pulling through his hair as his own wings flashed into view. He let his eyes gaze over the bustling city, a white blanket of snow covering undisturbed areas. The angel slipped from the building, taking flight and following the demon's trail. Soren landed shortly before the blonde, having planted his feet on a balcony. The demon entered the room, his wings once against disappearing into nothingness. Seth tugged on his jacket upon arrival, his feathered appendages vanishing. The blonde followed the demon, exiting the cold and entering a warm, plush room. Nothing but the [i best] for a demon, huh?]

[center Soft eyes found the dark man with ease as he limped; the injury burned at Seth's side. It had to be worse for Soren. He offered out a bottle of champagne, a grin playing across his lips. Seth rolled his eyes and shook his head, [i "No thanks. We got attacked the last time I drank alcohol."] He stated, his arms crossing over his chest. Seth made his way to one of the chairs close to the demon. It was here his jacket and scarf were stripped from his overheating body and gently laid across the back of the seat. He partially turned toward Soren, [i "Are you bleeding again, from Sal's hit?"] His words fell into the air like ice, threatening to shatter.]

[center Seth's guilt of being so weak and defenseless was momentarily taking a rather large toll on his attitude. He was frustrated and pissed at himself, but he also knew there wasn't much he could do. Seth was an angel, let alone the fact he was smaller than most. His frame was weak. He simply wasn't built for fighting, like guardians were. He had the brains and Soren had the brawn. They worked well together as a team, but Seth was definitely the weak point. Their Achilles heel. Now that Sal had found this out, their already hard task was going to be that much more difficult.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 4d 9h 42m 38s
It was as if he had disturbed the rest of the dead by addressing Seth. The white rabbit slowly crawled from his mental burrow and stumbled his mind into second gear. Soren watched it all with more than a little disdain. Honestly? Just how helpless was this little white rabbit then? Only knew how to salvage human lives, huh? Expanding their useless existence with pretty tales of forgiveness and empty promises that one day, one day…they life might actually be meaningful, while in fact it was all useless.
Why worry about what came ahead when the now was that much more entertaining? At last, Seth followed his instructions, most likely keenly aware of the demon’s impatience.
Soren shifted his weight on his bad side, carefully taking a few steps to bite through the initial discomfort. He needed another drink or two, or three.

He lead the way to the elevator, pressing a few buttons to get the machine to trundle upstairs. Soren crossed his arms while they waited, then realised his wings were still out. With but a thought they were obscured from the angel’s sight. Though not for long. Soren intended to fly to the hotel, too impatient to bother with humanity’s stupidity. A final ding alerted him to the elevator’s arrival and the demon slipped inside, pressing several buttons to force the machine to go top level.
He held the doors for his little white rabbit. Wouldn’t do to leave the kid behind, would it now? Saleos would have a fest if he did.

Soren felt hungry all of the sudden. A nice piece of meat would certainly hit the spot quite nicely. He didn’t need to eat, but indulgence was a possibility -so why not? Earthly comforts were meant to be enjoyed.
“So meek,” Soren pointed out. He’d expected Seth to at least defend his actions, to talk back in his ‘oh-so-wise’ ways like he usually did. Always trying to point out the sunny side to the demon, while the angel himself preferred the cold of ice.

They were alone in the elevator. There wasn’t even music on. Soren leaned against the raining, hands on the metal bar, head cocked and eyes narrowed at the white rabbit as if trying to see what manner of delusion was cast on this one. How had he ever lost against this white rabbit?
They reached the top floor at last. Soren stepped out into the cold, cursing the perpetual icy weather and extended his wings. “It’s not far,” the demon promised, heated breath escaping in strung clouds of white. With those words, Soren leapt from the building and spread his ashen wings, blending in with the darkening sky. Thick clouds hung overhead, more snow threatening. Soon, the humans below would struggle to keep to their comforts. Even as he flew, feathers of misfortune twirled from the sky on the city below. The flight was not a particularly long one, though the demon for one was glad to embrace the heated hotel-room. The injury was bothering him more now, a slight limp visible as he walked. The long flight, and now Saleos set him back considerably. Nothing a night’s rest wouldn’t fix. It took Soren exactly ten seconds to find where he’d left the bottle of champagne.
“Want some?” he offered the angel with a smirk.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 4d 19h 19m 10s
[center With much surprise, Seth's kick hit his intended target. Sal was taken by surprise, or unable to dodge due to the small distance between the two. Either way, the angel was successful for once and was able to gain space between the demon and himself. Soren took advantage of the attack, gripping the man's arm even tighter and using a flat palm to strike Sal's chest. The brunette went down, likely with no injuries. Soren's tall, dark figure was able to find its way between the blonde and other hell-born with ease. Glass-like hues peered toward the man on the ground, Seth's small body having to bend to the side in order to do this. He was only able to get a glance toward the other, seeing the man start to get up. Black quickly obscured his view, causing his gaze to raise upward. Soren's black wings had briefly wrapped around his body, but were now extended fully. Embers and black feathers flew into the air; Seth guessed it was due to an attack.]

[center The sound of someone crying out peeked Seth's attention, knowing it had to be Sal. Shortly after, Soren stumbled back. His figure basically shrouded the smaller individual while he nearly ran into him. Pain shot through Seth's side, causing him to wince some. Soren had been hit. The fight was over just as quickly as it had started. Sal offered up some words, his voice dripping with acid as he motioned toward the angel. Seth's clear eyes narrowed, a small scowl pulling down on his lips. The brunette offered out a quick warning to Soren, wiping away blood from scratch marks on his face. It wasn't long until the sound of feet stepping away rung out, before slowly simmering to nothingness. The blonde gave a soft sigh of relief, allowing his eyes to close and features to relax. He was glad that he hadn't gotten injured and Soren was only hit once, the pain slowly dying down now. Faint words hit the air. The demon was right.. there was definitely a problem.]

[center It wasn't until harshness cut the air, causing Seth to draw his eyes upward, that he realized his mind was completely void of thoughts. Confusion briefly crossed over his face. Narrowed red eyes stared down at the blonde, more particularly at the papers he was gripping tightly. The angel wished he could just dissolve into the wall in that very moment. [i "I-I.. Uh.."] He began, stumbling over his words. Seth's eyes fell back toward the granite floor, leaving his sentence unfinished. The demon took the opportunity to continue speaking, directing the angel. He silently listened and nodded.]

[center [i "Right."] His voice came out softer than he would have liked, but he couldn't help it. He felt so weak. While he was able to protect himself, it was only in this one instance and only because Soren acted as a distraction. Had the demon not been there, Sal could have done whatever he liked. Seth couldn't put up much of an actual fight. He slowly slid himself away from the demon, stopping the closest person he could find. With soft words, he handed over the papers and the person went on their way. He turned partially, looking over his shoulder a bit to ponder over the dark figure. [i "I'll follow you.."]]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 5d 18h 13s
Oh, so the little white rabbit could kick, now could he? Such a fitting attack. Rather than step aside and let go, Soren’s clawed nails dug deep into Sal’s skin, ruining the man’s fine suit. Soren stepped in as the demon stumbled back from the force of Seth’s kick, thrusting a hand to the man’s chest before letting go. Saleos landed on his ass, embarrassed more than hurt or anything else. Soren didn’t care; he was positioned now between his little white rabbit and the demon; a far more advantageous position to be in. Sal got up, rubbing at his chest. Inside the fist he used to wipe at some imaginary pain, fire sprouted up.
Soren saw it coming.
Black wings flashed in front of him, easily breaking the fiery attack. Ashes and embers spat apart against the black feathered shield. Sal leaped at that moment, while Soren’s wings obscured his sight and they found themselves face to face. Soren bared his teeth, forked tongue curled back threateningly. His lashing out was swift and unrelenting, drawing bloody marks across Saleos’ face. Sal cried out in surprise, more than anything else, and delivered a punch in retaliation.

Soren should’ve known. He knew. He could only barely dodge back, but the fist hit regardless. The injury flared up painfully, forcing Soren to put a steadying hand to the wall to keep from stumbling back or sagging through that leg. Sal rose to his full height and regained his composure. Calmly, the elder demon touched the blood dripping from his cheek. Neither demon had won or lost this clash.
“So it is true? You would fight to protect…,” Saleos gestured at Seth, “this, huh?”, then snorted. He produced a cloth from his pocket and dabbed at the cuts on his cheek. As a vain demon, it irked him to have his face scarred like this.
“These better not be permanent, Daye,” Sal threatened, turned around and started to walk away. Soren’s red eyes drilled a hole in the demon’s back. One day. One day he would make them all pay. And when that day came, he would be the one laughing.

Soren let go of the wall and folded his wings, catching his breath.
“This isn’t good,” he said to no one in particular. He could fight off a demon or two, but not a score of them; and as a lieutenant of several ranks, Saleos could amass nothing short of an army. Especially if his hatred sought an alliance with Verrier.
Rathmon had been talking, but it was all within the bounds of his plan.
Soren’s eyes travelled to the little rabbit, settling on the papers the angel held.
“What are you doing?” The question was chewed out harsher than necessary because Soren was tired of how everyone homed in on his weakest spot. Anastasia had known what she was doing.
Which was setting him up for certain demise. He felt assured none of these demons would kill him outright however. No; when they brought him back to the fiery gates of hell to be judged, it would be with a grand parade.
Soren sighed and ran a hand through his hair, making sure every single strand was in place. The pain was slowly simmering down. “Put those away, I got us a lovely little room,” Soren offered.
“It’s not safe here,” he pointed out. If they were having this Richard run, they would have to deal with Saleos and his minions. Something Soren rather not, not yet.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 5d 21h 59m 10s
[center Having inquired a few people about the location of Mr. Hoover, he was finally able to figure it out. Seth's small frame easily maneuvered around the mess of people that scattered the halls, preparing for today's meeting. While he knew where the man he was looking for would be, he didn't necessarily know exactly how to get there. The blonde paused off to the side, his eyes scanning a simplistic directory. His thoughts were pulled aside as he heard someone call out, the voice sounded as though it was directed at him. Seth turned partially, his head swiveling the rest of the way. A man with tidy brown hair and a well ironed suit approached, his calm voice sliding into the air once more. The angel turned himself around fully, now able to face the man in a more polite manor. As he did this, he felt that hair on the back of his neck stand on end and goose bumps slip down his arms. Something wasn't right.]

[center Seth lifted his hand as the other offered out his, giving him a light hand shake before his arm rested back at his side. The blonde pondered over the man as he spoke, allowing little to no time for him to reply. Seth was glad for that. He wasn't so happy about the predicament he was in. This man beamed with sin and fire, similarly to Soren. It was highly likely he was a demon or some sort of hell-ish creature and Seth was backed against a wall. [i "My apologies. I was sort of a late entry and a few strings were pulled, which is why I'm lost.. I didn't get to go to the orientation."] Seth stated, likely uselessly lying. If this man had been human, the angel's persuasion would work with ease, but that simply wasn't the case. [i "I'd love to grab some coffee, but I was given a task that needs to be completed as soon as possible."]]

[center The boy started to take a step, obviously going to walk away before Sal could stop him, but his plan was halted at the sound of a familiar voice. Soren. Crystal hues peered passed Sal to view the other man; fire boiled behind a dark gaze. As suspected, Sal was a demon and a high rank at that. He had heard about the two being paired up and probably was also aware of their mission. Seth took a small step back, his back nearly resting against the wall, as a clawed hand extended. The angel grit his teeth, his jaw clenching as he prepared for whatever Sal had planned. Luckily, his fingertips never made contact with cool skin. Soren had closed the distance and grabbed the other man.]

[center Once again, Soren was having to save the angel. Sal didn't bother to turn toward the other demon, his low words threatening. Seth relaxed a bit, allowing himself to be prepared for a close encounter with Sal. While Soren did have one arm, the other was free. It would be easy to get attacked. Then again, that also meant Seth could too. Deciding he needed to stand up for himself, Seth took action while Sal was distracted. While little damage would be done, he could at least create some space between himself and the demons. The blonde pressed his back against the wall, his eyes flashing up to hopefully meet Soren's to give him some idea of what was about to happen. Maybe he'd have enough time to move away and not end up toppling over. With a deep breath in, Seth lifted a foot and gave a swift kick toward Sal's abdomen. He hoped he was fast enough and that Sal was distracted enough to allow a successful attack.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 6d 20h 40m 49s
Something was off. Soren lay sprawled across the couch of his luxurious room, on his fourth glass of champagne, ticking his black claws against the brittle glass in thought. He tipped the glass against his lips, the liquid flowing inside with ease. The demon’s eyes were trained on the ceiling, but his focus was elsewhere. Soren narrowed his eyes ponderously before sitting up, the irritated injury nagging as the awkward move jostled the healing site.

There it was again. He stood, mouth a thin line which parted to bare his sharp teeth at the world. Close to the white rabbit, was it? He drained the glass in one go and set the bottle down for later. Foolish little demons, thinking they could get him out of the way by targeting his little white rabbit. Barely suppressed rage blossomed in his chest, creating a feral grin on his face. Soren opened the window to the balcony and stared down the length of the building.
Cold wind whipped about his vest, though Soren couldn’t be bothered with Earthly trifles at the moment. His claws drew grooves into the metal beam as he searched.
There! There it was.
It smelled like a demon’s work.

“Are you lost, young soul?” a man called out from behind Seth. The man’s short brown hair was cropped evenly and neatly, fashioned according to the latest style. His suit was dark blue, a tie to match. His white shirt was plain, but meticulous.
“We haven’t met before, have we?” He called. The man approached Seth and offered him a hand. “Sal,” he said with an approachable smile. “You must be new. I usually make it a point to greet our new employees -how did you slip my bill I wonder?” Sal was still smiling as he said it, but his eyes narrowed. Then, as if he finally caught what he had been missing, Sal’s face relaxed.
“Why don’t we have some coffee?” Sal offered. “I’ll introduce you to some of your colleagues, as your supervisor has obviously neglected doing so. Who is your supervisor anyway?” he said conversationally.

Getting into the building wasn’t difficult. Soren hadn’t even bothered with the front door. The elevator-ride down from the roof took long, and Soren was getting mixed signals because the demon was so close to his little white rabbit. Nothing had happened. Yet. Impatience played the demon parts.
He wanted to rip out the organs of the demon who dared approach what was his. The elevator held at several floors, but few people actually stepped inside. Soren’s aura was absolutely vile, putting off a plethora of innocent people. Only those with sin dared approach. As expected. They knew all that which could absolve them from sin was someone who cared. The fires in their hearts, burning with their passions and fears, were reflected in the world ruled by his master.

He caught sight of them almost instantly. Sal was tall, but slender; the suit hid it well. The slippery bastard had seen the last of his days.
“One finger, Saleos,” Soren threatened from afar. Sal turned about-face and paused, a question on his face, until recognition washed the confusion away.
“Why, if it isn’t Soren Daye,” he greeted the demon. “I thought they were rumours, even when Rathmon betrayed your trust, I thought he was only complaining your insipid leadership.”
Soren’s red eyes were blazing with fury.
“Oh, but Soren? Haven’t you heard the news? You no longer outrank me.” With that, Sal turned to the angel.
“And you must be Seth. News travels fast,” Saleos threatened and reached for the angel’s face. Such fine skin. Soren’s nails dug into Sal’s arm as he prevented the demon from touching Seth at the last possible second.
Sal’s face was void of all mirth in a flash.
“Do you know what we do to low-life demons such as yourself?” he threatened low, fire on his breath. Soren held his ground.
“Try me,” Soren challenged the demon.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 6d 22h 17m 14s
[center As the small angel began to walk off, he heard the demon's whispering but was unable to make it out. He figured it was something typical like a teasing joke or a way to fire up Seth's emotions, never would he have guessed it was a warning. The blonde turned back some, shouting out toward the demon to keep his drinking to a minimum. He knew the words would fall on deaf ears, but he could try. The male turned the corner and disappeared from the dark figure's gaze. Crystal hues scanned his surroundings as he walked, taking in the ever busy city. It wasn't long before he felt a twinge of pain at his side, causing him to flinch and his stride to stutter. He lifted his eyes toward the sky, catching a glimpse of black wings before the disappeared into the low clouds. Seth drew in a deep breath and continued on his way, hoping Soren would heed his words.]

[center It wasn't a very long distance to Seth's desired location. Considering he would be walking in shortly after Kevin, the blonde figured his target would likely be in his quarters preparing for the long day ahead of him. Seth paused in the middle of granite slabbed floors, his eyes scanning the area. The fragile man was approached by a woman who seemed to notice his lost stare. Seth turned to face her as he heard the clicking of her heels pause in stride. [i [+pink "Do you need help?"]] She asked, her voice soft and sweet. The woman appeared to be in her early forties. Her dark brown hair was tied back and her pantsuit was cleanly pressed. She peered down at him through thick rimmed glasses.]

[center [i "Yes, please. I'm sorry. I'm just a new page and I was told to find Mr. Richard. Do you know where he may be at the moment?"] Seth's sweet, soothing voice slipped into the air with ease. The woman perked up at the sound of the angelic voice. She thought for a moment, her pointer finger briefly resting at the corner of her lips. [i [+pink "Mm.. He's most likely in his office. Come on. I'll show you to it."]] The woman turned on heel and began to masterfully navigate her way through the hallways, Seth following closely behind. Upon arrival, she motioned with her hand to the door, [i [+pink "Here you are. It's best to knock first."]] She stated, smiling toward the smaller figure. Seth thanked the woman, who nodded and left the male to his business.]

[center The angel stood in front of the door, listening through the object to see just how many people may be in the room. Hearing nothing but paper shuffling, Seth headed directly in after knocking lightly to alert the being inside. As he turned the doorknob, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Knowing he had business to attend to, he brushed it aside for now and entered. Kevin sat behind his desk, looking at the papers in his hand. [i "Sorry to bother you, Mr. Richard. I was told to meet with you and ask if you needed any assistance before the meeting proceeded."] The blonde spoke as he walked toward the desk, stopping after he was directly in front of it.]

[center The man sitting behind the desk looked slightly panicked, beads of sweat having formed on his forehead. His tired eyes lifted from the papers as he heard the boy speak. With a long breath taken in, Kevin sighed it out. He set the papers down, releasing them from his grip. [i [+purple "As of right now.."]] He began, letting his eyes drift down toward the mess that was his desk's top. [i [+purple "If you could deliver these to congressman Thomas Hoover, I would appreciate it."]] A small stack of papers was produced from the pile on the desk and held out. Seth reached across, his hands landing gently on top of the other's.]

[center Kevin could be a suitable match for the next president. While his heart wasn't pure, as no human's was, the sins he held were minute.]

[center The small male smiled softly toward the older man as he took the papers. [i "Will do, Mr. Richard."] He stated with a positive tone. Seth excused himself and slipped out of the room. After he gave these papers to the proper person, he would go and find where Soren had decided the two were to stay for the night. Seth walked slowly through the hallways, navigating his way by asking a few people where the office he needed was located. So far, this had been a rather successful and quick target to look at. Seth was glad for that.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 7d 9h 59m 22s
Red eyes narrowed at the white rabbit’s complacency. Perhaps the demon had finally worn down Seth’s puny little barriers and the angel saw fit to give in to temptation, to have that material comfort upon return of his mission, to be alone. Anger was just as much of a sin as greed or envy and wasn’t annoyance the kindle to light the ever growing fire? Yes, Soren approved of this new development. Soon the ice in the white rabbit’s heart would ignite with fiery ambition and determination, lit by the demon himself and together they could be more powerful than any other being alive.
“Why, I will happily oblige to find a comfortable abode to rest our wings,” the demon agreed, a sight smirk playing across his lips. Soren tipped his head back, watching the white rabbit and stepped closer still, until the pull and attraction of both their auras confused the people around them to such measure, they started to trip over their own two feet.
Evade or approach? Ah, humans were such simple creatures.
“Best be careful, little white rabbit,” the demon warned, “there are demons on the prowl,” he whispered. Seth was already moving away, so it was unlikely the angel had heard Soren’s softly spoken words. He watched from afar, stare fixated and expression unchanged even as Seth yelled a pretty nice suggestion at him.

He grinned at a passing woman, who seemed caught in her attempt at evading the demon and then reconsidered. Their eyes met and Soren could see the woman’s sins, splayed out plain as day-light. Without giving her as much as a second glance, Soren dropped a black feather in her path and then sighed. Sometimes the little rabbit could be a stubborn pain in the neck. Black wings unfurled, unseen to the human eye and Soren took to the sky, ashes curling like clouds of dust with the force of his wings’ beating.
The injury flared up once more, an irritated mess after their long flight through the cold. It would suit to remind the angel that this was no one-man mission. Soren could sense where Seth was and kept a careful eye on the young angel, assured he would sense it when and if a demon threatened to approach his fond little ball and chain.

Soren landed not far from a luxurious five-star hotel and straightened out his hair. A feral grin played on his lips as he entered the building. Money was a meaningless currency people adhered to for their daily needs and desires; money was what birthed sin. The room Soren got was nothing short of human paradise. The large space was filled with simple, elegant and luxurious items.
‘Don’t get drunk’, Seth had instructed, but it would take a hefty amount for the demon to get to that point, so he didn’t hesitate to pour himself some expensive champagne, considering what else to order. Perhaps some humans to entertain him while Seth worked? Soren approached the room’s window, bottle and glass still in hand. He drained the glass in one go and refilled it almost immediately. The steady burn of alcohol would help the wound simmer down. Then, when the pain was doused, the little white rabbit could have his go at refreshing the bandages.
Soren’s second glass was consumed at a slower pace. He was watching, waiting. If anyone so much as breathed wrongly at his little white rabbit, there would be hell to pay.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 7d 20h 31m 57s
[center Darkness and light clashed in the middle of a busy DC sidewalk. The morning rush was beginning to die down, but that didn't mean much for such a largely populated area. Seth's confused expression softened as the demon gave a simple response. So, he had missed some kind of interaction between the two. Snowy hues flickered down slightly as he was bumped into. His feet shuffled forward a bit, bringing the two beings closer. While the blonde was often brushed by passing people, Soren was very actively avoided. People unconsciously knew that the dark haired figure was no good, their inner lights guiding them away from the man. Seth's calm demeanor and inviting aura almost drew people into him. The differences between the two were drastic.]

[center Soft eyes lifted as Soren began to speak once more, his typical grin played across his features. The blonde gave a few small nods of his head. His pale cheeks and the tip of his nose had shifted into a soft pink color. While he never seemed to get cold, the low temperature and slight wind appeared to be taking an effect on his exposed skin. Seth silently watched the other, his dark gaze found its way downward. The angel cocked his head to the side ever so slightly. The busy street noise and talking momentarily hushed around the two. It wasn't until Soren crossed his arms that the sound returned.]

[center Seth lifted a hand and ran it through his hair, letting a cold sigh fall through his lips. The taller figure spoke up once more, cracking the air with his low tone. [i "Mm.."] Seth began to reply, partially thinking about his plan to interact with their current target, when the demon interrupted. Crystal irises narrowed some, a look of slight frustration over taking Seth's features. His hand fell back to his side, [i "No."] He stated rather simply. [i "Go find us somewhere to rest for the night. I'll come find you when I've finished."] For once, Seth's voice appeared rather stern. He hated how the demon kept talking to him. It would do the blonde some good to get away for an hour or so. He hadn't realized that him going out alone could be dangerous.]

[center With that said, Seth began to follow the same path Mr. Richard had taken. After walking a few few, he yelled back, [i "Don't get drunk!"]. And with that, he was off to complete his task.]

[center It didn't take too long for him to get to the congressional building where Kevin worked. It was also going to be rather easy to get in. Angels, while not having as much persuasive abilities as demons, could get work done. Seth looked very young, matching the average age of a typical page. While pages worked with the House, they were also seen running paperwork for their particular representative to other locations and asking questions to Congressmen for congressional reports. Seth was going to use this to his advantage and gain access to see their target.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 7d 10h 16m 30s
Finally the white rabbit caught up. Soren cast the little angel a smug look and ran a hand through his hair, using the diner's windows as an impromptu mirror.
"That, my little rabbit, is how demons work," Soren said sneeringly. Demons might not see the good in everyone, but they spotted opportunity when it presented itself very acutely. Soren also realized he now had to keep with the white rabbit so that the angel could vet their target as well. The demon looked at Richard's fading form disappearing into the morning traffic of humans with supposed goals, all trying to huddle around their dysfunctional little lives.
"I wouldn't want to cloud your judgement," the demon said with a tantalizing grin, unfolding his arms and stepping closer to the angel. People that wanted to walk past the two, inadvertently made a slight curve to avoid bumping in to the demon. Instinctively the people surrounding them were in a hurry to step around Soren.
"...but it's safe to say this man has no indomitable sin preventing him from running."

Red eyes pierce those gold baubles, as if hoping to find something else in the little angel's eyes. The space between them had closed almost unconsciously. Soren's eyes lowered to find Seth's tempting lips and a tongue darted out to moisten his own. The demon broke free from the moment right then and there, folding his arms again. All this D.C. cold was getting to him.
"Well, seeing as you don't need me for the time being, why don't I find us a lovely hotel to stay at?" Soren suggested they split up.
The white rabbit could hop after Caleb and Soren could stay in a luxury hotel and raid the mini-bar from its alcoholic contents. Perhaps resting up would finally give the demon time to mend the wound at his side.
"Unless..." the demon started with a devilish grin.

"Unless you don't want Mister Richard running at all," Soren offered. A small little accident would eliminate the man from ever reaching that kind of political status. That too was Soren's job in their partnering up, though the angel would be loathe to use that sort of tactics for their selection. It would come to that eventually however. Once they had their target locked, the opposition was likely to meet with some type or manner of misfortune to benefit their selection.
"Let me know which it will be, little rabbit," the demon said with a content smile.

Soren glanced at his dark nails, running then together to sharpen one of them. It would be a breeze for the little angel to crawl inside a building and gather what information he needed, wouldn't it? Unless there were demons who were keen to meddle. It was their, what? Fourth target? Fifth? At some point they were going to be met with greater resistance than Verrier and Anastasia's little parlour-tricks.
That still didn't mean Soren was keen to go. He probably would, if the white rabbit insisted on an escort.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 12d 20h 40m 19s
[center Bright eyes flashed up to ponder over Soren for a few moments. Seth's eyes were opened wide, until his eyebrows pushed together in frustration. He had felt his cheeks heat up with a faint pink color. Seth hated how the demon could so easily act in such a suggestive manor without a care to how the blonde felt or would react; sadly for Seth, it was typically an uncontrollable blush and a frown of disapproval. He huffed out a small breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding, before tearing his gaze from Soren and returning it to his food. The hellborn seemed to have noticed how little the angel had eaten and made a comment. While it was typical for Seth to eat a small amount, he had barely touched this place. He paused for a few moments more, before setting his cup down, lifting his fork once more, and beginning to eat again.]

[center His attention bounced from outside to the clock to Soren and to scan the inhabitants of the restaurant. In the mean time, he forced himself to eat what he could of the eggs on his plate. When the demon spoke up again, Seth let his eyes settle on him. The angel shook his head and gave a slight roll of his eyes. It didn't matter to him where exactly they spoke to the man, it just had to happen. As the angel took another bite, he noticed the dark figure's gaze had shifted to a specific person outside. Seth did the same.]

[center Soren quickly grabbed his wallet to produce enough to fit the bill and the stood up, much too quickly. The angel winced some, his hand instinctively moving to cover his uninjured side. He focused on Soren for a moment as he steadied himself on the table. Once he regained his composure, he stood up straight and flashed a grin. Without so much as a word, the dark man turned and left the building. The angel's expression turned to a faint look of disapproval, before Seth moved to quickly tug on his coat and scarf. As he exited the restaurant, a child bumped into him and peered up and then toward Soren with a look of terror on his face. Seth gave a warm smile to the boy, [i "He won't hurt you. Promise."] The angel murmured quietly, before giving the boy a pat on his head. The child gave a small nod, before running off.]

[center The blonde internally cursed the demon and his unwillingness to be kind, even to children. He just had to go and spread his hatred wherever they went. As Seth walked up to Soren, Caleb had turned and walked away. His eyes sat on the man for a moment, before landing on the taller figure, [i "What happened?"] Seth asked, a confused look on his face. [i "Why'd you let him walk away?"] He added with a small shake of his head. Seth hadn't noticed their short conversation, nor that a few words would be enough to see the man's internal sins and willingness to do good. As far as he knew, Soren had just let Mr. Goodwin walk off just to piss off and toy with the angel.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 8d 11h 36m 47s
"Well, I guess you don't have to embrace can embrace something else instead?" Soren said suggestively, eyebrows wiggling at Seth even as the demon's lips contorted into a wide and feral grin. One day the little white rabbit wouldn't be able to resist temptation. One day, it'd be hopping along helplessly, tired of all the previous times desire had been met with rejection and when that moment came, Soren would be waiting, ready to grasp the rabbit's white fur with black claws.

"Eat, you'll need it," the demon suggested. His own plate was already mostly empty. Bored, the demon drew lines in what remained and licked his fingers clean slowly. He grabbed a napkin and carefully tended to his hands and dabbed at the corners of his mouth. Catching his reflection in the vial of salt, Soren adjusted his hair.
He looked up when Seth mentioned their target would be arriving shortly.
Soren leaned back in his seat and stared outside. Children frolicked in the snow, people hunkered down in their winter clothes, shielding themselves from angelic cold: they longed for the warmth gifted to them by Soren's master.

He could see it in their eyes, read it in the way they held themselves even as they shuffled carefully down murky streets. The white snow didn't stay for very long where human feet trod. Rather than a white, serene cover, it turned grey and dirty, piling up in the corners and ditches.
"I'd prefer to be inside, don't you?" Soren offered with a slight wink at Seth.

Soren's red eyes stilled on one man. His hands were stuffed into his pockets deeply, a suitcase slung around his shoulder. The man's suit was slightly too short, slightly too small, but of expensive enough material. The coat hid most else. A scarf was poorly tied around the man's neck, and did nothing to shield the balding man's head from the cold.
The demon nodded at Seth, gesturing at the man.
"There he is," Soren stated.
It was time they went to work; to discover whether sin governed this man's history, or whether the man had lived a sanctimonious life. These days, Soren begged the former.

The demon brought out his wallet and counted off some bills. Regardless of whether or not they would vet this man in the deliberating room or outside, if they wanted to follow him, they would have to brave the cold. Soren heaved a sigh and stood, his side flaring up with the strange action.
The demon held still for a second, hands leaning on the table. He'd almost forgotten about the injury, sitting still like that. Soren shook the momentary weakness and straightened with a smirk. A simple injury like this was nothing.
Even if a demon's weapon wrought it.

Without waiting for his little white rabbit, Soren proceeded outside. Cold immediately assaulted him and Soren closed his coat, stuffing his hands away deeply. A child passed him by. The demon snarled and hissed.
As expected, Richard walked by their little diner. Soren put on his best smile and grabbed the man by the shoulder.
"Hi, John -oh...excuse me, I mistook you for someone else," the demon said suavely. Richard gave the demon a faintly confused expression, but cleared his throat and smiled back.
"Ah, I...I'm not John," the man said. "Excuse me," Richard started and turned to continue his path.
Soren crossed his arms. Their little scuffle had shown the demon everything he needed to know. Richard wasn't running, but there were no condemnable sins, other than perhaps neglect. That could change. If they did convince the man to run.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 298d 6h 5m 51s
[center Unfortunately, Seth knew that the other was right, but he didn't want to admit it; he was going to try, for as long as possible, to keep the demon's suggestive side at bay. At some point they are going to be forced into a situation where the possible candidate will have to be put under some sort of influence. Seth could only do so much with his words and suggestions, while Soren could do a hell of a lot more with greater ease. Still, the blonde couldn't help but loath the idea so he didn't give a response until Soren mentioned the rules. Seth gave a nod of his head and flashed a small smile. By the rules was their best option, or so the angel thought.]

[center Crystal baubles pondered outside at the faces that passed. Many people appeared tired and groggy, which was only assisted by the cold. In the midst of it all, children were scattered about as they walked to school. Their laughter softly broke through the glass of the window and hit the angel's ears. They looked so happy and innocent, unaware of the pain and dangerous of the world. Seth found himself smiling as he watched small group of children pass. They were fumbling around in the snow, throwing mediocre snowballs made in passing. His attention was brought back as he heard a plate hit the table. Seth's expression dropped significantly, but a hint of a smile remained as he removed his hands from in front of him to allow his own plate to be set down. He thanked the woman, who seemed more than uneasy being around the two, who muttered a quick response and left their presence.]

[center Seth followed her until she disappeared into the back. He let his gaze slide until it met the dark irises of Soren who had already begun to eat the eggs set before him. The angel shook off his curiosity and began to do the same, but at a much slower pace. His eyes fell down to ponder over the eggs absentmindedly. His attention was brought back to the demon as he spoke, again breaking the silence that had gathered between them. Seth stared at the other. He shook his head slightly, [i "Soren. I will never embrace you kind of manipulation."] The other responded, a faint sneer finding its way across his lips.]

[center He brought his eyes back down to his plate, which was barely touched. While Seth was more then aware they put an angel and demon together on this task because of the necessity to persuade people, that didn't mean he was going to openly agree to it. It was frustrating, to say the least, when demons went about doing whatever it was they pleased with a simple grin. Meanwhile, they were tearing people's lives apart by their actions. Seth settled his fork down on the plate and grabbed for his mug to take a drink. He let his eyes flicker to a clock hung on the restaurant's wall, [i "He should be arriving shortly.. If he parks in the garage across the street, he'll have to walk right by here."] Seth stated, tilting his head upward as if to point out the parking garage. [i "If he doesn't, we'll have to get into their deliberating room."]]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 299d 22h 55m 59s

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