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The Story

In a world full or hate and love, dead and living, evil and good, there are beings trying to keep the 'natural' order of Earth. Of course, this involves the higher powers from Heaven and Hell. Sent out into this crazy, muddy world are the underlings of the two powers. Fights often break out between the younger angels and demons, while the older ones pass simple curses or nudges. The scuffles are about their jobs. Who lives and who dies. Who suffers and who experiences little pain. Who gets hit by a bus or is saved from suicide. In this world, every human in danger of death is given one angel and one demon to fight for their destiny. Their jobs are to whisper to suicidal people and try to coax them from harming themselves or to argue and fight if the person is set to die. Each being has a watch and timeframes when they assigned humans' deaths are near. Demons want souls, while angels want the living.

In the mess of this world and the arguments between the underlings is a place where there is no fighting allowed. There is peace for the angels and demons. They don't have to worry about their work or the tension between the opposing sides. They can simply relax and talk to one another, if they so desire. It is deemed the Peace Room.For the most part, angels stick to their side and demons on their half. Naturally, some heated arguments occur or tempers rise, but there is generally a calm atmosphere. To control the fights, a counsel called the Peace Keepers are set in place. Five beings, including a head peace keeper, are set in a panel courtroom to sentence and judge individuals on their actions. Of course, below them is a large army split down the middle with angels and demons. The head peace keeper is the middle ground, while the rest are half demons and half angels. The panel is a sight to see: dark cloaks cover the four members on either side of the head keeper, while the Head bares the same cloak with the hood down. Being sent here is never a good thing.

In the midst of it all is a high ranking angel; he is calm and rarely confrontational. Currently, he has been having a wonderful stroke of luck with his position. He has been able to save many people from perishing without so much of a flash of a demon in sight. This is all because of a dead-beat demon. A drunk. This demon was once a high ranking demon, but he became careless and lost many souls in the process. He was demoted to the lowest rank, a novice; this only made him drink more, continuing the loss of souls.

When the demon finally figures out who has been his competition, a fight breaks out between the two in the Peace Room. They are sent to the Peace Keepers Panel and, out of the Heads' generosity and kindness, forced to work together. They are placed in the highest division of keeping the order in the Human World. Both of them will have to work together and rationally decide not only what officials live and die, but who is elected into high offices. If they fail, both of them will be forced into the cells below the courtroom, never to regain freedom. If they are able to work together and make the correct choices, the will both regain their high titles and resume their previous work.

Of course, things between the two start out terrible and rough, but what happens when the demon begins to see the angel in a different light? A light that causes attraction.. What happens when the angel finds out? Or the rest of the demons and angels? Join, and we'll write it out together..


MUST be literate!

Anime pictures, Only.

ES rules apply. ALWAYS

Cursing is allowed, just don't over do it

Anything sexual will be T.S.. No exceptions

I have a 1000 Character minimum, but I do expect more. I do understand writer's block, though

Romance is a given, but it obviously will not be immediate. They're complete opposites and fought for Christ's sake

I do wish you post at least once every week. I am not only a college student, but I work, and have a boyfriend, so I understand life happens. If you're going to be gone longer than a week, PM me or do what I do and put it on your profile.


Angel - Taken by AmberCough

Demon - Taken by Urizen

More Info.

Welp, that's that. If you would like to join, please PM with the title of this RP, a picture , and a sample post. This is not first come, first serve. Do NOT request access to the thread until you've sent a PM with the correct stuff in it.

I have provided my intro post as an example of how long I can post as well as an example of how I want you to post length and grammar wise and an example of the anime art style I like. Feel free to see my page and character profiles for more examples.

Necessary Information for RP

1) Ryan Gorden - Age 35
Recently lost father (?); Avoided questions on budget plans; VERY young; Possibly bad candidate

2) David Boise - Age 47
Heart issue; NOT a good candidate

3) Jake Hellier - Age 49
Background in Law; Studied at Yale; Focus on military/overseas issues; Background in military

4) Matthew Thomas - Age 54
Over zealous about budget (worrisome); sweats a lot ; background in Senate

5) James Smith - Age 43
Current Location - San Antonio, TX; Future Plan - Small time Pres. Candidate

6) Alexander Jordan - Age 56
Current Location - Berlin, Germany; Future Plan - Return home in two weeks

7) Jonathan Peckard - Age 48
Current Location - San Francisco, CA; Future Plan - Mediocre Pres. Candidate; Will be in D.C. by next week

8) Michael Baker - Age 51
Current Location - New York, NY; Future Plan - Small time Pres. Candidate

9) Kevin Richard - Age 60
Current Location - Washington D.C.; Future Plan - Member of Congress

10) Caleb Goodwin - Age 39
Current Location - Richmond, VA; Future Plan - Mediocre Pres. Candidate


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Roleplay Responses

It was so adorable; Seth’s furious blush, the coughs at the unexpected intrusion of alcohol, the stumble as the little white rabbit sought to right himself -but he couldn’t. Seth wasn’t a righteous angel, or an innocent one. Soren cocked his head, smiling broadly, almost fondly at the white rabbit. Rage. Untempered rage shimmered just below the surface of those cool eyes and finally! Finally the demon saw those sparking emotions that each and every single creature adoring life cradled within: a flame. A flickering flame that grew into a raging fire. It was beautiful.

The demon could almost taste the anger, could feel it in Seth and relished in the sensation. He recognised the white rabbit’s stance as one of an attacker, instinct taking over now that Soren’s higher functions were inebriated by alcohol.
The demon laughed as the angel came at him. He side-stepped Seth’s punch for the both of them, grabbed the little rabbit’s punching wrist and fell in behind, the other hand reaching for Seth’s free hand. Soon, Soren was still behind the angel and held up both of Seth’s arms by the wrists, abusing his superior height to restrain him.

“That’s not a smart idea, little rabbit,” Soren whispered into the angel’s ear, licking the angel’s earlobe with only the tips of his forked tongue. Sharp teeth were bared as Soren grinned.
“We’re not in the Peace Room today now, are we?” the demon reminded Seth. That said, the demon wasn’t stupid enough to think hurting the little white rabbit would be to either of their benefits. No. There were far more interesting ways to play with his food. Until the day came their assignment was up, Soren would enjoy Seth’s company over all overs through no choice of his own.

“Calm down,” Soren soothed, blowing some air against Seth’s heated cheek.
He smelled fresh, from the earlier shower. Soren let the white rabbit go and reached down to grab the bottle from the floor. Empty already, such a shame.
“I did as you asked, didn’t I?” he teased. He’d stopped his drinking -for now. And he would continue as soon as room-service delivered another bottle.
It seemed they weren’t flying for Virginia just yet, so he might as well.

“Loosen up, my little angel,” the demon taunted.
“There’s so much pleasure in life; you know this, because it is what you promise the people that can see only the despair and yet, you don’t believe a word you say. But finally, now I see the fire within you burning brightly.” He was almost proud.
“Perhaps there is hope for you after all, Seth.” Soren made sure to clearly speak the angel’s name. “It seems you’ve opened the Pandora’s box in your heart,” he chuckled. “I wonder what will be next.”
The demon moved over to the telephone, back turned to Seth, and dialled for room-service. It was high time they got some more things in here; food, drink and perhaps some entertainment.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 49d 23h 40m 6s
[center The small, blonde figure stood before the intoxicated demon. The angel was slowly beginning to be able to tell when Soren was starting to feel the effects of whatever alcohol he decided to pollute his body with. His tongue got heavy and thick in his mouth; while he didn't slur his words, his sentences became slower and more relaxed. The demon also got more aggressive and confident . These two things were what Seth had learned by this point in their relationship, which is why he had decided the man had had his fill of alcohol for now. Of course, it wasn't going to be as easy as simply asking for it. Oh, no. That's not how Soren worked.]

[center Seth's extended hand was met with an odd remark, causing blue eyes to roll and a sigh to escape partially down-turned lips. He obviously wasn't amused. That expression didn't last long, though, as Soren grabbed the smaller man's hand and held on tightly. [i "Soren. Stop playing games."] Seth stated, his voice showing his meager irritation, while his expression had softened. The heat that had vanished from his features after the cold shower returned, though didn't burn as brightly as it had before. Soren abused the extra length he had on the blonde, which was a significant amount, to take another swig from the bottle and keep it out of Seth's reach. That was annoying as hell. [i "Knock it off."] Seth muttered out, stand on his tip-toes and reaching with his free hand.]

[center The added length he gave himself didn't last long as he moved flat on his feet upon Soren's motion. The demon took a step closer as he breathed in the scent of the blonde, speaking not long after he did this. His words were met with an obviously annoyed look. Seth was tired of the demon's antics. The demon lifted the bottle and took another swig, in which Seth stepped a bit forward to speak and berate the other being. This would appear to be a mistake.]

[center The sound of glass hitting plush carpeting caused a crystal gaze to flash downward, meeting a now wet carpet and emptied bottle. When he returned his attention to the demon, the man was closing the small distance between the two figures. A warm hand slid through blonde locks, causing the damp towel to slip onto the ground. Soren's other hand snaked around the male's small figure and pulled him close. As their body connected, so did their lips. Seth closed his eyes tightly, heat radiating from his features as the demon slipped his tongue into the blonde's mouth. Champagne nearly cause Seth to choke, who immediately coughed as their lips parted.]

[center The angel stumbled back a step, his forearm covering his mouth as he coughed into it. His lungs burned. He shot a glare at Soren, who was amused by the sight of the angel. Seth felt anger pulsate through his body, similarly to when the two found themselves in the Peace Room. Soren had to know he couldn't take advantage of the angel. The blonde stepped up, moving to throw a punch aimed at the taller figure's chest. Seth wanted to stand up for himself, but also not re-open the wound that had been healing. This move was stupid, of course, as the two were connected and any injuries sustained would be felt by the other. Seth obviously wasn't thinking properly, almost blinded by rage and embarrassment.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 50d 17h 25m 27s
Need; such a wonderfully human sin. No, neither of them ‘needed’ much of anything, because they had been elevated above God’s ‘creations’ and were now more. Theirs needs were met by fulfilling different desires entirely. For the white rabbit, Soren surmised it might be something of gratification -whenever a hapless soul was temporarily lifted from Earthly woes and sin, only to fall head-first in them all over again, because there was no escaping sin on Earth. Earth was the very fallacy of humanity in which sin was born, which was why all hell-spawn believed the angels’ cause to be a ridiculous effort of keeping alive a dream that everyone had long since woken up from.
Poor little angels. Like snow-flakes in a storm, they would soon land and melt away into nothingness. The fiery heart of hell would see it so.

Soren lowered the bottle from his lips and waited for the tantalising burn of alcohol to pass his throat before grinning at the little white rabbit. Was Seth honestly going to play-pretend being his conscience?
“No one ever ‘needs’ more,” the demon said with a chuckle. “But we want it, we crave it -it’s sin,” Soren whispered with a wicked grin. That didn’t seem to impede Seth however. The little angel extended a hand out to him and Soren grinned. Oh? Were they going to dance?

“But there is no music,” the demon snorted, then lifted the bottle for another good swig. He was taller than the white rabbit by some length and abused that fact to keep the bottle out of the rabbit’s reach. That, and Soren took Seth’s hand, just to be sure it wouldn’t go anywhere. The champagne was expensive and nice, creating a nice feeling. A happy feeling. A gleeful feeling.
Soren felt playful. Seth’s hand felt cold to his hand. Actually…
The demon stepped closer and sniffed at the little white rabbit. A shower, was it? From the scent of it, a cold one. So the heat had bothered Seth that much, had it? Poor little angel would have his heart melted into feelings come time.

So pretty though. Like a fragile ice-flower. Soren narrowed his eyes at the angel and his grin relaxed into a smile.
“You should try some, it’s nice,” the demon said with a thick tongue. Not quite drunk enough to slur, but then he felt quite cocky and relaxed.

He was still holding Seth’s hand, even as he went for thirds, only this time, Soren didn’t swallow the champagne down. Instead, he dropped the bottle on the plush carpet and closed the distance between them. The bottle rolled away and leaked fluids as it crawled to a stop not too far. One clawed hand angled the white rabbit’s head, slender long fingers threading through Seth’s hair while the other was on the angel’s back. Soren pressed their hips close by stepping in. The demon pressed his lips against the angel’s, tongue seeking entrance and shared the alcohol through their kiss.
Temptation. Another of those infernal sins.
Soren let go with a laugh, looking down at the white rabbit’s face with a smirk.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 51d 15h 21m 16s
[center Sly words fell from the demon's upturned lips, which were only brushed off by Seth. He let them fall unanswered, not willing to go through this battle. Lying wasn't something Seth enjoyed doing, but it was a necessity in his line of work. If his target was in a location where specific access was required, it could become a difficult job without falsifying his words. Seth was forced to lie, or risk losing his target to a hell-born who lied without a second thought. The angel, once finished bandaging up the other, went to toss out the scraps of sterilized paper. He offered out a question to Soren, who had made his way to the comfort of the king sized bed. Of course, only one bed for the two of them. Every damn time. Seth would never get used to it, nor understand why Soren decided on this configuration.]

[center The blonde pondered over the dark figure, who sprawled out over the sheets. His response made Seth roll his eyes and give a shake or two of his head. That really didn't answer his question. Then again, it made sense. Soren had perished in the human world due to the cold, but his new demonic form shouldn't have too much issues with the chilly air. Seth drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly, his eyes briefly shutting. Such odd creatures, demons were. As Seth reopened his eyes, they fell upon the demon. He lay still, his body taking rest with ease. The blonde figured this would be a good time to get that cold shower he wanted, if only for a few minutes.]

[center The angel moved into the bathroom, letting the door shut nearly all the way. He didn't want to risk waking the demon by letting the door click. The shower was started and kept at a surprisingly low temperature. Seth stripped, letting his clothes litter the floor for the time being. Five minutes, that's all he needed to cool himself down. He was grateful for the demon taking some time to hush his teasing voice and relax for a moment.]

[center His shirt was draped over his shoulder with the towel settled on his head. His pants clung neatly to his legs. As Seth was exiting the bathroom, he noticed the demon tense. He paused in his stride, pondering over the man with a raised eyebrow. His emotions quickly shifted along with his body. As soon as it had started, it ended and Soren was back to his typically relaxed demeanor. Words cracked into the air, which was responded with the angel shaking his head. [i "I don't think you need any more."] He answered, moving across the room. Seth stood by the end of the bed, watching Soren with careful eyes.]

[center A hand raised to rub the towel against his hair, trying to rid the locks of excess water. Soren sat himself up, his eyes meeting the champagne bottle next to the bed. His words slipped out with ease, cursing the angel's very existence. That was normal and so Seth let it be. A clawed hand extended and pulled the nearly empty bottle to soft lips, a swing taken of the bubbly substance. Seth huffed out a frustrated breath of air as he made his way toward Soren, [i "You've had enough."] He stated, a hand extended out. Seth was obviously politely asking for the bottle. If the demon refused, his next step was going to be trying to swipe the item from Soren's grip. Alcohol was the whole reason the demon had gotten into trouble anyway, which had also resulted in the angel being drug through the dirt that this situation was. Soren had had enough, or so Seth believed, and he was going to try and stop him.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 54d 1h 47m 2s
Ever so gently those wispy cool hands worked around the bandages, pressing the fabric against the injury. Soren’s dark red eyes followed the white rabbit’s actions with great interest. Such frail little fingers, such pretty little face.
“Easy to fall into temptation and lie?” Soren suggested with a cocky grin, once Seth’s fingers retracted. With his moment of fun over, the demon’s expression grew lax and he approached the king-size bed. Now no longer worried about soiling the fine, silk sheets, Soren spread out and pulled one of the pillows close, letting out a yawn. It didn’t seem they would be flying for Virginia just yet, so he might as well get a nap in.

“Hmm, I hate the cold,” the demon muttered from his place on the bed. He did, so much, loathed the cold. The desolate fields of his passing had never quite been erased from memory, despite the years. The sensation of freezing to death was one inscribed in bold, icy letters in his heart and mind. Perhaps that was why the white rabbit irked him so much; because the angel’s stoicism reminded Soren of those cold pastures and that harsh winter in which he lost everything.

He hadn’t felt particularly tired or sleepy, still the demon’s body issued a ‘rest’-command to take hold of his always-racing mind. The warmth, the luxurious feel of the bed, a whole day’s worth of flying with the smouldering injury stinging at his side and the booze made a combination that felled the demon quicker than milk did a baby.
Soren’s rest however wasn’t long-lived.
His expression grew from relaxed to troubled, goose-bumps on his arms despite the hotel-room’s obvious heat. The demon’s nails dug deep into the plush cushions and mattress.

Before Soren’s claws could tear the bedding apart, his red eyes lazily opened to regard the hotel-room. For a second, the demon’s awareness of his surroundings faltered, until everything neatly fell back into place.
He had a ball-and-chain in the shape of an angel and they didn’t just suffer from one another’s company. Even now he could tell exactly where the little angel was hiding out.

“I need more alcohol,” Soren bemoaned from his spot on the bed.
The bland grey view betrayed Soren’s fears of being awoken in a cold place, yet his sleep had not been long or necessary. Soren shifted on the bed, glancing around the room for something more to douse his existence with. Perhaps he could get so drunk, he could temporarily forget he was cooped up with pain in the neck white rabbit.

“Shame you’re not just a dream I can wake up from,” the demon accused Seth, the sat up on the bed. Ah, champagne. There was some left after all. The demon took a moment’s time to glance at himself in the mirror, inspecting some of his face before grabbing the bottle. This time, Soren didn’t bother with glasses. He was still feeling a nice buss from his earlier drinking and intended to continue that trend, at least until they left.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 54d 3h 14s
[center The decent sized box was carried carefully over to the small table that once contained the champagne. It was set down after being heaved up. Seth wondered what was in it that made it so heavy. He took a step back, his own curiosity giving in as he lifted a hand to feel his hot cheeks. His skin burned beneath his palm which now had a drop or two of sweat resting on it. Seth dropped his hand, irritated at the fact he knew his skin was colored a soft pink. It was frustrating, to say the least. Crystal hues slowly slipped shut, a soft sigh falling from the angel's lips. Maybe he could take a cold shower to ease away some of the heat. He opened his eyes as he heard the demon slide off of the bed and approach the blonde. Soren fumbled inside of the medical kit, before he produced a thermometer. Of course he had to have listened to Seth's conversation.]

[center [i "No. That's not it-"] The blonde started out strong, his sentence cut short as the demon reached out and brushed the back of his hand against Seth's cheek. Blue eyes cast themselves downward, [i "-you just have it too hot in here."] He continued after a moment, his voice soft and airy. A faint frown tugged at the corners of Seth's lips. The demon continued on with his words, casting out a simple question. Of course life wasn't too much for Seth, it was his sole purpose to protect and cherish lives. Soren was much too close for comfort at this point, but Seth didn't want the other to know of his unease; this is the reason the blonde stayed put. His attention lifted once more as Soren started rummaging through the box. From inside, he produced fresh bandages and settled them in the angel's hands.]

[center Seth reluctantly took them, letting his eyes fall onto the dark-haired figure. A soft request slipped into the air, the man's voice soothing. Again, the demon used the tone that would easily put any human in a daze. Seth internally shook his head, wondering if Soren believed that kind of tone would work on the blonde. With little hesitation, Seth got to work on ripping open the fresh bandage and getting it settled on the wound. It didn't take long, since all the supplies he needed were in his hands and Soren was so close. Too close, really.]

[center He pressed the edges down gently, noting that the wound was healing rather nicely and didn't hurt to touch around the sides. That was good. In another day or two it would be almost completely healed and no longer a nuisance. As the blonde worked, Soren spoke again. [i "You know that we have influences on humans when we speak. It's easy when talking to them."] Seth stated the fact, trying his best to brush off the demon's teasing words. When he finished bandaging up Soren, he collected the small amount of trash and left the demon in his place to throw it all away. As he did this, he ran his hand through his hair. A cold shower was definitely being heavily debated. He turned, pondering over the taller figure for a moment, [i "Why did you have to make it so hot in here, anyway?"] The blonde asked, his head cocking a bit to the side with faint irritation crossing his features.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 54d 19h 7m 54s
The demon listened in on the insipid exchange between angel and man, listened how miscommunication was key and how it opened the doors for a little white lie to slip in the white rabbit’s words. Flushed, was he? Soren stretched, winced and propped up the pillow behind his back a little more. Interesting. One would imagine Seth to be made out of ice, the way he loathed the human’s warmth. How he loathed the fire gifted to humanity given by his master.
Soren grinned wickedly when the door shut and got up, stalked towards the little box and with careful, deliberate movements extracted the thermometer.
“Something wrong with your temperature, little white rabbit?” the demon called Seth out, ticking his nails against the metal to see the quick-silver quiver inside the fine glass tube. He was stood close to Seth, red eyes trying to read the angel’s expressions. Flushed, from the heat?

“You’re way too used to being left out in the cold,” Soren accused God.
He rather liked the way the white rabbit’s frail skin looked plumb and alive with colour, like an icy corpse thawing under the gift of the sun. The demon reached out, brushing the back of his hand by the angel’s cheek. Vibrant with life, so much so, it leaked around the edges. The sensation doubled through their shared connection. The demon caught one of Seth’s drops of sweat and licked it from a clawed nail.
“Is it too much for you? The flame of life, that is?” Fear of life was what stunted humans in their growth. Poor, desolate creatures. No matter what they did, the outcome would be the same; death. There was no virtue, there was no honour. Only sin, followed by a crippling and painful demise.

Soren’s eyes narrowed, forked tongue licking his lips. He’d always wondered what an angel’s sweat tasted like. What it would smell like. Soren hovered close, close enough to reach out and lap the sweat straight from the white rabbit’s skin, but he didn’t. Instead, Soren took the bandages from the first-aid kit and pressed them in Seth’s hands.
“Please…?” the demon requested, voice sweet as honey.
One hand rested on the table next to the first-aid kit, the other stroked the skin close to the injury, as if testing the waters. Numb; pleasantly numb, because of the alcohol. Unless the angel insisted on cleaning it out more thoroughly, Soren doubted he’d be bothered enough for Seth to feel.
Was he finally falling from grace and turning sympathetic?

Hardly. They were all a ploy. Sooner or later, something inside the angel would melt and warm to the charm of all demons. And then, only then would Seth be in the right place to use. Virginia next, then the last few candidates and they could finally get started on rounding this whole mess up. Strangely enough, the demon didn’t feel particularly rushed to get the angel out of the way.
Not yet.
“You’re such a practised liar,” the demon complimented with a tint of admiration, speaking the words in a husky whisper. “I bet they believe it all, the moment the words fall from those cherry lips,” Soren teased with a sly smile.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 56d 23h 46m 53s
[center Soft hues met gently narrowed red baubles; Soren's eyes had settled on the angel with ease, his gaze and expression caused Seth to pull his attention away from the demon's face. Something about how calm the creature was created an uneasy feeling in Seth. His eyes trailed down the demon's exposed chest, eventually settling on the man's lower torso. The growing heat kept the pale figure's face flushed, a few beads of sweat having formed beneath blonde bangs. Of course Soren didn't care if the angel was comfortable. No. He simply wanted to enjoy a heat as similar to hell as he could manage. While heat, or the cold, didn't typically bother the unearthly creatures, the current situation the blonde was in caused his body to flush anyway. The added heat finally broke through the angel's tolerance, which was much less than what he had for the cold. Seth's crystals studied the soft, toned skin of the hell-born. The man's speaking caused Seth's eyes to meet the demon's once again. His words were calm, almost soothing. Oh how humans were so easily whisked away by such a sound. [i "Mm. It's not too far.."] He mentioned, giving a nod or two of his head.]

[center It was true. They had seen almost all the candidates by this point and only one appeared to be decent. He wondered if this was typical in these kinds of situations. As the dark figure sat up, Seth kept his gaze steady on the pillow. He was obviously pondering over something. The blonde drew in a slow, deep breath as he allowed his eyes to briefly close. If only he hadn't fought back in the Peace Room, then he wouldn't be in this horrible situation. Crystal eyes slowly slid open, but remained partially closed and relaxed. Then again, if he had simply let the demon fight him, it would have been likely Seth would have gotten injured. It would also prove that angels were just as weak as they seemed, no matter their rank. He couldn't have that. Seth had seen too many of his kind come back from jobs injured and bloodied, having allowed a demon to best them and cause damage to their bodies.]

[center The blonde slowly blinked, bringing himself back into reality at the sound of a pop. He turned his head, scanning the room until he found the lost demon. Soren had opened another bottle of champagne and was pouring himself another glass. Typical. Seth moved some as he removed his shoes; he pulled a leg onto the bed as his ankle settled beneath his thigh. His hands rested gently on his lower calf, fingertips wrapping around the partially exposed flesh. Seth's gaze was cast downward. He felt tired, probably from the heat. He could always take off his shirt to relieve some of it. Seth gave his head a shake, knowing all too well the demon would say something. Or worse.]

[center The sound of foot steps approaching caused the blonde to lift his gaze. Soren stood before the small male, offering up the previously poured champagne. Sweet eyes studied the demon's face as he spoke velvety soft words. Seth's hand lifted, barely touching the glass and taking it from the demon when the door was knocked on. The blonde blinked a few times, Soren's harsh words cutting the air. The glass that had been taken was settled on the bedside table as Seth stood to his feet. The two figures were momentarily very close, close enough that Seth felt an uncomfortable heat radiating off of Soren. He slipped away from the man and headed to the door.]

[center The blonde slowly opened the door just enough to where his body was the only thing able to be seen. [i [+purple "Good afternoon, sir, I-"]] The worker began speaking, but paused in his sentence as concern crossed his face. [i [+purple "A-Are you okay? You're flushed. Do you need a doctor?"]] Seth stared at the man, his once kind smile slipping away into confusion. [i "Huh? O-Oh.. No. I.. I'll be okay. I just need the medical kit, please. To keep an eye on my temperature.."] The blonde lied with ease, using the other's concern to his benefit. The other man stared at Seth for a long moment, before handing over the box and uttering a few more concerned words. Seth brushed them off and sent the man on his way. The blonde re-entered the room, letting the door click shut before he continued forward to set the box on the small reading table. Seth paused, a hand raising to cup his own cheek. He was hot and sweating. How awful.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 58d 14h 37m 41s
The white rabbit was a withdrawn little thing at times; all bottled up, dealing with emotions never experienced before. Sins. Each and every single one of them: wrath, this time. Anger. Soren was keen to the emotion, and grinned maliciously from his perch on the bed. No angel was impervious to the ways of man. They were too engaged with the creator’s little toy for that to happen.
No, no. Happiness, righteousness, virtue…these could all be twisted around and uncoiled to excess, a point where they would blossom even in the most innocent of creatures. Intentions never really impeded actions, did they? At long last, the white rabbit dared to approach the vicious predator and Soren smiled languidly, listening to the frail angel’s voice. Seth had a nice voice; shame it was only ever used in the wrong way.
Caring for a demon, was it?
Soren could get used to that.

Desire propped up next, welling up like an unending fountain of misfortune, tainting the white rabbit’s pale emotions several shades darker. Tantalisingly placed, the glass of champagne create its own atmosphere, tempting the unwary just by patiently biding its time for some hapless consumer to give in.
The demon merely cocked his head, licking his lips.
He could do with something more to drink. His red eyes regarded Seth, eyes narrowing in delight. Soren didn’t need to say what they both knew.

“So Virginia, is it?” the demon spoke, almost mesmerised. He was calmer now, Soren’s nervous energy placated by the alcohol warming his stomach and the rising temperature in the room. Bored, Soren plucked at the dried blood with sharp, black nails, flicking off some of the crusts that weren’t forming properly.

“Soon we’ll have visited them all,” Soren started, letting his hand flop on the bed, close to the little white rabbit. He felt like playing with Seth some, perhaps take what they’d started a few days ago to the next level -true, he’d been drunk then, but that could still happen. Soren sat up and sighed out, running a clawed hand through his hair. The demon caught his reflection in the window and sorted his hair, twisting his head this way and that to catch every angle. Meticulous. Still handsome, despite the injury.
Or perhaps even more roguishly handsome because of it.

Soren pulled himself away and found more champagne in the cooler, practised hands uncorking the bottle with ease. He filled another glass and brought he angel’s one over to Seth.
“One drink,” he offered, “to another successful day,” Soren tried. “You owe me at least this much,” the demon played Seth’s guilt. What was one drink going to do exactly, right? Not even the little white rabbit was that sensitive to alcohol. Or maybe it’d open the door for a second. Or a third. Soren smiled engagingly.

“Go on…” he urged. “It’s just one drink.”
The demon’s words were soft as silk, sweet as honey.

A harsh knock on the door broke the spell. Soren’s face made a brief snarl before he raised his eyebrows at Seth.
“I think that’s your order,” Soren suggested the angel open the door. Humans weren’t overly keen on blood, and Soren couldn’t be bothered to make up an excuse for why they needed a first-aid kit in the first place. Leave it to the angel to spin a nice little white lie. Soren abused the moment to reclaim his perch on the bed and like a king on his throne, sit back in the pillows.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 58d 15h 15m 57s
[center Seth kept his gaze steady on the demon, his question slipping into the air with ease. Blue hues almost rolled at the words spoken. Soren's wound was disturbed that night and, once again, the blonde couldn't do anything to help. He couldn't even fight back. He felt his cheeks brighten and warm as they flushed pink with anger. Seth never once had to worry about how weak he was; he was extremely smart and was able to complete his jobs properly without getting into physical altercations with the hell-borns. With his current task, his weak body was becoming an issue. Soren slowly walked over, setting the glass of champagne down on the small table residing to the side of the chair. It would appear that the tall man hadn't thought much about his injury possibly reopening, dismissing Seth's question with ease.]

[center The blonde turned to fully face Soren, watching as he flipped on the television and then moved to turn up the heat. It was already hot in the room, but apparently not enough for the hell-born. Seth's flushed cheeks remained hot, now unable to feel comfort in the overly warmed room and return to its pale color. The dark figure offered out a suggestion, pulling Seth out of his frustrated daze. He pondered for a moment, trying to remember their list and falling flat. He turned back toward the chair and fumbled with his jacket to produce the list. He let his eyes scan the sheet, notes written beside a the names and a few were scratched off.]

[center The closest candidate was in Richmond, Virginia. It wouldn't take long for them to get there if they wanted to spend a few hours flying. Soren would likely oppose, though, as he hated the cold. He turned back toward the demon, a hand resting lightly on the small table containing the lonely champagne glass. His eyes still pondered over the list of names. [i "Hm.. The closest one is in Richmond, Virginia."] He stated, lifting his gaze from the paper to meet a frustrated demon removing a stained piece of gauze.]

[center Seth studied the injury from afar. It had definitely reopened from Sal's hit, but appeared to have scabbed over for the most part. The wound should be cleaned and redressed, though. He wondered if Soren would let him, or simply ignore it. Seth's thoughts were pushed away as the taller figure stepped closer as he spoke; the demon's body heat seemed to shroud the small blonde, causing Seth to freeze. He could have pushed Soren away like he had done before, but he didn't want to risk hitting the injury. It hadn't turned out so well the last time Seth panicked. Crystal hues fell to the ground, his stiff body relaxing only once the demon moved away.]

[center He let his eyes close, a small breath releasing from his down-turned lips. Why did Soren have to bother the angel like this? The sound of dark words hitting the air pulled Seth from his thoughts. He partially turned his body, glancing toward the demon with slightly narrowed eyes. If he moved toward the bed, he would only be giving into the dark figure's taunts, but if he stayed in his current position, Soren was sure to torment him verbally. Either way, Seth wasn't going to be happy. The blonde slowly moved toward the bed, pausing at the bedside table to pick up the phone. He dialed down to the front desk, [i "Mm. Yes, hello. I need to request a medical kit be brought up to my room, please. - No, no. Everything is okay. - Yes. - Yes. - Thank you."] The angel let his voice fill the room, his gaze holding on the nightstand as he spoke. When he finished, he hung up the phone.]

[center It was obvious he was going to at least try to get the demon's wound patched up. He was going to do it later, but figured requesting the supplies now would be advantageous. The injury needed to breathe. Seth took a slow breath in, letting himself sit on the side of the bed for the time being. Soft eyes slowly looked about the room, before settling on the bubbling champagne. He wasn't going to drink it. He couldn't let himself become intoxicated again, mostly for the fear of what Soren would do to him. Then again, one drink wouldn't hurt. He shook his head a bit, shaking the thought away, and turned to glance at Soren. What an awful creature, he was.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 59d 18h 17m 59s
“Did we?” Soren proclaimed, narrowing his eyes as he topped off two glasses. “All the more reason to drink and try again; I’m sure the odds of being attacked a second time are slim to none, don’t you think?” the demon said persuasively. He coyly approached the white angel and put the glass of champagne near. Red eyes bore into the white rabbit’s cool blue eyes, as if searching for answers that would never come forth from such an emotionless plain. Perhaps that was what God was like; a mirror reflecting nothing but yourself -forgiving, always forgiving, but absent and tormented.

Bleeding? Soren grinned and snorted.
“Maybe, I don’t really care to find out right now,” the demon dismissed Seth’s concern. It was rather adorable, how the little white rabbit’s guilt oozed from his aura, creating a rather stifling atmosphere. Guilt was not an emotion demons entertained for long, if at all. Regret, perhaps. Yes. Regret was definitely still there, alongside greed.

Soren drank from his glass, turning on the television, then fiddled with the thermostat to up the temperature. Outside, thick snowflakes came down upon the buzzing city down below, colouring the afternoon a thick grey.
The demon hated it. He loathed the cold and death it brought on white wings. Emotionless and uncaring cold, Earth’s true punishment. Soren longed for home, or to be held close to a woman’s bosom, cradled by plumb hips, close to the warmth of all children’s origin.
Soren’s eyes landed on the frail white rabbit and he sighed.
“It’s early, didn’t we have someone else to visit?” the demon offered, pretending to care for their little list. They’d so far only been crossing people out; having yet to make a decision.

He drained his glass and refilled it, shaking the bottle when it came up empty after only half a refill. The demon clacked his tongue in dismay, dark eyes already searching for more. Soren set the bottle down and pondered. Life was boring. Human life was boring. All the riches they worked so hard to gain were utterly, dreadfully boring, yet everyone gave in to greed in order to get in that position. He plucked at his shirt, lifting the black garment high enough to uncover the bandages, dark with dried and fresh blood.

They hadn’t thought to bring their supplies, had they?
Nonetheless, the demon’s dark nails plucked at the sloppily applied patch of cloth. Carefully, he peeled the bandage away, revealing an angry-looking injury, red from where Saleos had struck him. What blood could still run free had practically already dried.
“Curse you, Sal,” Soren hissed.
He tossed the soiled bandages next to the empty champagne bottle and drained the last of the alcohol, then took off his shirt, to prevent it from getting caught in the blood.

“Are you going to tell me a bed-time story?” the demon asked Seth, stepping in closer. So frail, so pretty. Soren sniffed at the angel’s hair, then passed the white rabbit on his way to the king-size bed. One bed. He could share, maybe. Either way the demon abused the bed to sprawl out leisurely. For the time being, they had nothing better to do, but be lazy, didn’t they? That and keep an eye out for Sal.
“Or would you rather hole up in your private little corner, like a scared, meek little rabbit?” the demon taunted, a smirk playing about his lips.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 62d 15h 38m 29s
[center Crystal hues held on the other figure, pondering over the taller man. His slender, dark figure held a stark difference against the cool, off-white colors of their surroundings. It didn't take long for the demon to begin to walk, doing so carefully as his injury had been disturbed. Walking caused it to flare up. It was possible that the scab had been torn and was bleeding again. Seth could look at it once they got back to the hotel. That is, if Soren would let him. The odd couple made their way through the halls to the elevator. Seth patiently waited, his eyes pondering over the shiny metal doors. In the reflection, he noticed the black wings disappear. This caused him to break his gaze and shift it toward the demon. His attention didn't stay there long as a ding sounded, alerting the two to the elevator's arrival. The doors slid open, Soren stepping inside first and Seth following behind.]

[center The blonde gently leaned against the railing, his body unconsciously mimicking the demon's stance. Soft words hit the silent air, brief confusion pulling through the angel. Seth's light blue gaze had shut for a few moments, opening only after he felt the heavy gaze of fiery hues burning into him. He stared back, his face expressionless. It didn't take long for the elevator to bring them to the highest floor, where Seth pulled his eyes away from the demon. With ease, the two made their way into the crisp air and onto the roof. A soft promise slipped into the cold winter air as black wings extended. Soren leapt from the building, his wings easily taking the man where he wanted to go.]

[center Seth stepped onto the ledge, a hand pulling through his hair as his own wings flashed into view. He let his eyes gaze over the bustling city, a white blanket of snow covering undisturbed areas. The angel slipped from the building, taking flight and following the demon's trail. Soren landed shortly before the blonde, having planted his feet on a balcony. The demon entered the room, his wings once against disappearing into nothingness. Seth tugged on his jacket upon arrival, his feathered appendages vanishing. The blonde followed the demon, exiting the cold and entering a warm, plush room. Nothing but the [i best] for a demon, huh?]

[center Soft eyes found the dark man with ease as he limped; the injury burned at Seth's side. It had to be worse for Soren. He offered out a bottle of champagne, a grin playing across his lips. Seth rolled his eyes and shook his head, [i "No thanks. We got attacked the last time I drank alcohol."] He stated, his arms crossing over his chest. Seth made his way to one of the chairs close to the demon. It was here his jacket and scarf were stripped from his overheating body and gently laid across the back of the seat. He partially turned toward Soren, [i "Are you bleeding again, from Sal's hit?"] His words fell into the air like ice, threatening to shatter.]

[center Seth's guilt of being so weak and defenseless was momentarily taking a rather large toll on his attitude. He was frustrated and pissed at himself, but he also knew there wasn't much he could do. Seth was an angel, let alone the fact he was smaller than most. His frame was weak. He simply wasn't built for fighting, like guardians were. He had the brains and Soren had the brawn. They worked well together as a team, but Seth was definitely the weak point. Their Achilles heel. Now that Sal had found this out, their already hard task was going to be that much more difficult.]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 63d 14h 53m 1s
It was as if he had disturbed the rest of the dead by addressing Seth. The white rabbit slowly crawled from his mental burrow and stumbled his mind into second gear. Soren watched it all with more than a little disdain. Honestly? Just how helpless was this little white rabbit then? Only knew how to salvage human lives, huh? Expanding their useless existence with pretty tales of forgiveness and empty promises that one day, one day…they life might actually be meaningful, while in fact it was all useless.
Why worry about what came ahead when the now was that much more entertaining? At last, Seth followed his instructions, most likely keenly aware of the demon’s impatience.
Soren shifted his weight on his bad side, carefully taking a few steps to bite through the initial discomfort. He needed another drink or two, or three.

He lead the way to the elevator, pressing a few buttons to get the machine to trundle upstairs. Soren crossed his arms while they waited, then realised his wings were still out. With but a thought they were obscured from the angel’s sight. Though not for long. Soren intended to fly to the hotel, too impatient to bother with humanity’s stupidity. A final ding alerted him to the elevator’s arrival and the demon slipped inside, pressing several buttons to force the machine to go top level.
He held the doors for his little white rabbit. Wouldn’t do to leave the kid behind, would it now? Saleos would have a fest if he did.

Soren felt hungry all of the sudden. A nice piece of meat would certainly hit the spot quite nicely. He didn’t need to eat, but indulgence was a possibility -so why not? Earthly comforts were meant to be enjoyed.
“So meek,” Soren pointed out. He’d expected Seth to at least defend his actions, to talk back in his ‘oh-so-wise’ ways like he usually did. Always trying to point out the sunny side to the demon, while the angel himself preferred the cold of ice.

They were alone in the elevator. There wasn’t even music on. Soren leaned against the raining, hands on the metal bar, head cocked and eyes narrowed at the white rabbit as if trying to see what manner of delusion was cast on this one. How had he ever lost against this white rabbit?
They reached the top floor at last. Soren stepped out into the cold, cursing the perpetual icy weather and extended his wings. “It’s not far,” the demon promised, heated breath escaping in strung clouds of white. With those words, Soren leapt from the building and spread his ashen wings, blending in with the darkening sky. Thick clouds hung overhead, more snow threatening. Soon, the humans below would struggle to keep to their comforts. Even as he flew, feathers of misfortune twirled from the sky on the city below. The flight was not a particularly long one, though the demon for one was glad to embrace the heated hotel-room. The injury was bothering him more now, a slight limp visible as he walked. The long flight, and now Saleos set him back considerably. Nothing a night’s rest wouldn’t fix. It took Soren exactly ten seconds to find where he’d left the bottle of champagne.
“Want some?” he offered the angel with a smirk.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 64d 29m 33s
[center With much surprise, Seth's kick hit his intended target. Sal was taken by surprise, or unable to dodge due to the small distance between the two. Either way, the angel was successful for once and was able to gain space between the demon and himself. Soren took advantage of the attack, gripping the man's arm even tighter and using a flat palm to strike Sal's chest. The brunette went down, likely with no injuries. Soren's tall, dark figure was able to find its way between the blonde and other hell-born with ease. Glass-like hues peered toward the man on the ground, Seth's small body having to bend to the side in order to do this. He was only able to get a glance toward the other, seeing the man start to get up. Black quickly obscured his view, causing his gaze to raise upward. Soren's black wings had briefly wrapped around his body, but were now extended fully. Embers and black feathers flew into the air; Seth guessed it was due to an attack.]

[center The sound of someone crying out peeked Seth's attention, knowing it had to be Sal. Shortly after, Soren stumbled back. His figure basically shrouded the smaller individual while he nearly ran into him. Pain shot through Seth's side, causing him to wince some. Soren had been hit. The fight was over just as quickly as it had started. Sal offered up some words, his voice dripping with acid as he motioned toward the angel. Seth's clear eyes narrowed, a small scowl pulling down on his lips. The brunette offered out a quick warning to Soren, wiping away blood from scratch marks on his face. It wasn't long until the sound of feet stepping away rung out, before slowly simmering to nothingness. The blonde gave a soft sigh of relief, allowing his eyes to close and features to relax. He was glad that he hadn't gotten injured and Soren was only hit once, the pain slowly dying down now. Faint words hit the air. The demon was right.. there was definitely a problem.]

[center It wasn't until harshness cut the air, causing Seth to draw his eyes upward, that he realized his mind was completely void of thoughts. Confusion briefly crossed over his face. Narrowed red eyes stared down at the blonde, more particularly at the papers he was gripping tightly. The angel wished he could just dissolve into the wall in that very moment. [i "I-I.. Uh.."] He began, stumbling over his words. Seth's eyes fell back toward the granite floor, leaving his sentence unfinished. The demon took the opportunity to continue speaking, directing the angel. He silently listened and nodded.]

[center [i "Right."] His voice came out softer than he would have liked, but he couldn't help it. He felt so weak. While he was able to protect himself, it was only in this one instance and only because Soren acted as a distraction. Had the demon not been there, Sal could have done whatever he liked. Seth couldn't put up much of an actual fight. He slowly slid himself away from the demon, stopping the closest person he could find. With soft words, he handed over the papers and the person went on their way. He turned partially, looking over his shoulder a bit to ponder over the dark figure. [i "I'll follow you.."]]
  Seth Dadismon / AmberCough / 1y 64d 23h 10m 36s
Oh, so the little white rabbit could kick, now could he? Such a fitting attack. Rather than step aside and let go, Soren’s clawed nails dug deep into Sal’s skin, ruining the man’s fine suit. Soren stepped in as the demon stumbled back from the force of Seth’s kick, thrusting a hand to the man’s chest before letting go. Saleos landed on his ass, embarrassed more than hurt or anything else. Soren didn’t care; he was positioned now between his little white rabbit and the demon; a far more advantageous position to be in. Sal got up, rubbing at his chest. Inside the fist he used to wipe at some imaginary pain, fire sprouted up.
Soren saw it coming.
Black wings flashed in front of him, easily breaking the fiery attack. Ashes and embers spat apart against the black feathered shield. Sal leaped at that moment, while Soren’s wings obscured his sight and they found themselves face to face. Soren bared his teeth, forked tongue curled back threateningly. His lashing out was swift and unrelenting, drawing bloody marks across Saleos’ face. Sal cried out in surprise, more than anything else, and delivered a punch in retaliation.

Soren should’ve known. He knew. He could only barely dodge back, but the fist hit regardless. The injury flared up painfully, forcing Soren to put a steadying hand to the wall to keep from stumbling back or sagging through that leg. Sal rose to his full height and regained his composure. Calmly, the elder demon touched the blood dripping from his cheek. Neither demon had won or lost this clash.
“So it is true? You would fight to protect…,” Saleos gestured at Seth, “this, huh?”, then snorted. He produced a cloth from his pocket and dabbed at the cuts on his cheek. As a vain demon, it irked him to have his face scarred like this.
“These better not be permanent, Daye,” Sal threatened, turned around and started to walk away. Soren’s red eyes drilled a hole in the demon’s back. One day. One day he would make them all pay. And when that day came, he would be the one laughing.

Soren let go of the wall and folded his wings, catching his breath.
“This isn’t good,” he said to no one in particular. He could fight off a demon or two, but not a score of them; and as a lieutenant of several ranks, Saleos could amass nothing short of an army. Especially if his hatred sought an alliance with Verrier.
Rathmon had been talking, but it was all within the bounds of his plan.
Soren’s eyes travelled to the little rabbit, settling on the papers the angel held.
“What are you doing?” The question was chewed out harsher than necessary because Soren was tired of how everyone homed in on his weakest spot. Anastasia had known what she was doing.
Which was setting him up for certain demise. He felt assured none of these demons would kill him outright however. No; when they brought him back to the fiery gates of hell to be judged, it would be with a grand parade.
Soren sighed and ran a hand through his hair, making sure every single strand was in place. The pain was slowly simmering down. “Put those away, I got us a lovely little room,” Soren offered.
“It’s not safe here,” he pointed out. If they were having this Richard run, they would have to deal with Saleos and his minions. Something Soren rather not, not yet.
  Soren Daye / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 1y 65d 3h 9m 33s

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