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Well I see that you've come across my little search, and I'm sorry that I turned this into a trap of sorts. But to be honest I am a bit bored and looking to take on TEN that's right TEN role-plays only. I haven't really got a plot in mind for any of them, and that's why I would love if you could help me with my boredom and plan something out with me that we will both love.

[size25 [#e82149 Types of Role-Plays I am looking for]]

1) Lesbian- [b open]
2) Lesbian- [b open]
3) Gay-[b open]
4) Straight - [b open]
5) Straight - [b open]
6) Whatever my partner wants- [b open]
7) Straight - [b open]
8) Gay- [b open:]
9) Harry Potter based - [b Taken]
10) Another Free Card - [b open]

[b These don't have to be taken in the order that I've listed them...just what I happen to be looking for.]

[size25 [#2141e8 Expectations I have for you]]

[b One:] This is going to be a LITERATE deal- meaning if you can't post at LEAST 800 characters don't waste my time or your own.
[b Two:] Real Pictures- I don't really care about the sizing, but I do ask that you don't use overly emo or scene pictures.
[b Three:] Post at LEAST once a week- You will get three 'strikes' and then if you still haven't posted after me politely asking for the third time, the thread will be removed and I WILL look for something/someone else
[b Four:] COMMUNICATION- This is a big one with me guys. I love talking to my partners and plotting things out and even possibly making friends with them as well.
[b Five:] Be able to add twists to the story- Drama, Romance, Swearing.. I mean like anything..
[b Six:] Godmoding- HELL NO...a little I get to move things, but don't completely control me and I won't you.
[b Seven:] Sex/Cybering- If the rps get to this point it will be skipped completely. Sorry I am just not into this and don't want to be banned, just as I am sure you don't.
[b Eight:] Don't start something and then ditch- You can tell me if you are bored and we can try and change things up or just drop the rp on MUTUAL terms. If you ditch I will NEVER role-play with you again.
[b Nine:] Just have fun

[size25 [#1ce93d What You can Expect from Me]]

[b One:] I will try my best to keep to 800 characters at the very LEAST- But I do tend to give you about what you give me...so be warned now.
[b Two:] I will post with in about a week- If I can't do this, I will DEFINITELY let you know
[b Three:] If I have a hard time posting to something you have written, I will ask you for ideas of where we can go
[b Four:] If I don't post right away I have NOT quit, just need a bit of time.
[b Five:] If you want or need my posts changed or added to, then I will do it.
[b Six:] I TRY to be fair- Just communicate with me on things.
[b Seven:] If I am bored or no longer wish to continue the role-play that we have I WILL let you know.

[#a226df Now if all these things haven't scared you off then I implore you to either post here or pm me so we can talk plots and start writing. I promise I'm not this much a bitch, I just want people who are serious about role-playing and who can give me something I can actually work with. This being said, I look forward to writing with you! ~ SheDevil]

[size25 [#e515cc Note: I know what I said about the once a week posting, but with me having school now it may/will take me longer than that. I promise that with this being the case I am NOT quitting.]]

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