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The sound of Uncle Vernon's bellowing voice still rung in Harry's ears, though he had already been whisked away in a whirlwind of loud voices and panic. [b "What is going on?"] he called over the wind, looking to Lupin riding alongside him.

[i "I promise Harry, we will tell you when it is appropriate. Just trust me until we get you safe!"] his former teacher responded.

Despite it being summer, there was a chill in his bones, though it could just have been from his anxiety. Gripping tighter to the broomstick, Harry remained silent for the remainder of the journey, until they touched down on a dimly lit street.

[b "This is the safe house?"] he questioned, raising an eyebrow. The rows of houses didn't seem any more safe than Privet Drive.

Moody grumbled something incoherently. [i "Just take this and don't be a smart ass."]

Looking at the scrap of paper, Harry read the scrawl in his head. [i What is Grimmauld Place?] Before the thought was finished, the sound of bricks scraping together reached his ears. Looking up, Harry's jaw fell as an addition unit appeared before them.

Without a word, Lupin led the way to the door, gesturing for Harry to enter first. The interior wasn't any better lit. [i "Come along, no point in straggling in the doorway,"] Remus pressed against his back, urging him forward.

In the darkness, Harry squinted to try and navigate his way. He barely made it in to the first room on his right before a pair of arms squeezed the air out of him. [i "Harry, dear!"] Molly Weasley's voice met his ears.

[b "Mrs. Weasley?"] he sputtered, eyes adjusting to the faint glow of the fire behind her.
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