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Harry rolled his eyes and smirked at the redhead. [b "I think you'll be surprised at my skills."]

He settled on the floor with his back against the couch. It wasn't even five minutes in to the game when he started to lose terribly. His brow furrowed as he scowled at the board, trying to figure out where he went wrong. Truth be told, he wasn't focused completely on the game.

Jealousy still burned in his chest over losing the prefect position to Ron. Granted, he wasn't the most studious and he tended to attract trouble, but surely he was the best option from Gryffindor? Compared to the other boys in his year, he was by far the top prospect.

He gave his head a shake. Pride would get him nowhere. He should be happy that his friend was selected. Ron would be a good prefect. Maybe it would even give him some maturity. Then again, the realization that Ron would get more time with Hermione was enough to keep the jealousy burning. Harry had always considered himself closer to their friend than Ron had ever been. It irked him that he would be losing time with her over this.

He heard Ginny repeat his name, and he snapped out of his thoughts. [b "Sorry, what?"]

[i "I said 'checkmate'. I think that's the worst game you've played yet,"] she tried to smile, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

[b "It's been a long few days. My head's not quite in the right place. Next time, I'll be the winner,"] he assured her, rising from the table.

A small fire erupted in the corner where the twins frantically grabbed a blanket to extinguish it. Another failed experiment. [i "No trouble at all. We'll figure it out in a jiff,"] George quickly announced.

[b "I'm not sure what's more frightening; when they fail, or when they succeed,"] Harry grinned, nudging Hermione a bit to take a seat next to her.

[i "Trick question! The most frightening is when Mum starts yelling,"] Ron taunted his brothers.

[b "Good book?"] Harry took a moment while the brothers argued to lean closer to Hermione. His heart sped up slightly at the warmth of their shoulders pressed together, but he dismissed the thought. [b "I don't think I've seen you read this one before."]
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She felt bad acting the way she did, but Ron was always so thoughtless ans it made her skin crawl. She had been lucky not to lash out at him and tell him directly what she was thinking. Even Hermione was aware, more than aware of the last days that had been spent at the dark and dreary Grimmauld Place and didn't want to have another of hers and Ron's ever famous show downs. Honestly she was tired of them as they had many bouts as it was and still the holiday wasn't over. The only good thing about being stuck in the grim old once noble House of Black was the being able to see Harrt again and them being able to have some free time to themselves to catch up.

Without thinking, thw tirl's hand had given the raven-haires boy's hand a faint squeeze as brown eyes just managed to fall on him before he had made his way past her. [b "Yeah, I'm fine..don't worry about me."] Hermione whispered before Harry was completely past her and had taken his seat. Her words had been meant as a comfort to her best friend, though she hadn't spoken them with much conviction and didn't even fully believe them herself.

Soon, the girl made her way over towards where Ginny and Harry sat and she took a seat, opening her book. Slowly she looked over towards the twins and Ron. [b "You know the lot of you are in for another scolding and again your mum will try and hide all of your experiments. Best try and keep it from exploding too much."] It came out a lot more haughty than was meant, but she was trying to look out for the Weasley boys as she didn't want to watch or hear another yelling match between the twins and Mrs. Weasley. Personally all the arguments in the past weeks had left her with a headache and she just wanted some peace.

After her words had been spoken, brown eyes fell to the pages of the book that lay open across her lap as she began to read. A soft red rose in her cheeks and her eyes quickly came up and locked on Harry and a small smile traced her lips. [b "You know I'll always bail you out.."] But her words were meant as more than just the game he was about to start with Ginny.

The red-haired girl tilted her head as she watched the two. A small frown was upon her lips as watching them clearly stung. [i "Are you ready to play and to lose?"] Ginny asked, smugly as she tried to regain her composure.

It was at Ginny's reaction did Hermione move slightly back and once more bury her nose in the book. But even as she was reading as each piece shattered, the girl would look up to see who was winning.
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The bitter feeling in his chest prevented Harry from meeting Ron's eyes on the way out of the room. [b "Not sure. Maybe she's just tired. It's been a hectic few days, I imagine."]

Whatever was bothering her, Harry made note to ask her about it privately. With no outdoor escape like at the Burrow, the last thing any of them needed was another Hermione and Ron fight while being cooped up in Grimmauld Place. No doubt Ron would take Hermione's sudden mood swing personally. Poor girl never could seem to voice her feelings without him jumping down her throat.

[b "You alright?"] Harry murmured from behind her when they locate the Weasley siblings, crowded around some fizzing contraption the twins had been working on.

He allowed his hand to give hers a faint squeeze on his way by, offering whatever silent comfort he could. [b "That's not going to catch the room on fire, is it?"] Harry asked the twins, taking a seat on the cushy chair by the fire.

Fred snorted. [i "That would be the least of our worries."]

[b "I don't think that's as reassuring as you think it is,"] the raven-haired boy retorted.

[i "It's meant to do a miniature fireworks show. We just can't get the mixture quite right,"] George responded.

[b "Oh, that makes me feel loads better,"] Harry caught Hermione's eye and rolled his own with a playful smirk. [b "Anyone up for a game of chess, or Exploding Snap? We need some entertainment after the day we've had."]

Ron brushed off the offer, choosing instead to watch his brothers and their latest experiment. Ginny was the one who accepted the challenge, excitedly pulling out the chessboard. [i "I think I have a chance. I've been practicing against Ron,"] she said smugly, setting up the pieces.

[b "Hermione, I may need you to bail me out if it gets too bad,"] he turned to nudge her knee with his hand, drawing her attention. [b "You'll rescue me, right?"]
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Brown eyes had been on her lap and she was mentally cursing her cat for having done what he had. She had intended to tell Harry on her own, but had been waiting for all the excitement to die down first. Besides, she and Ron had only found out that morning about the prefects and had gotten the badges.

Slowly her eyes came up to look at her best friend when he had congradulated her on being named prefect. Because of how she was, she couldn't help her heart swelling with pride as he had praised her. It was silly, but it meant so much coming from Harry, almost as much as it would mean to hear it from her own parents. But the moment he began to ask if the male prefect had been named, the girl felt her heart sink and brown eyes nervously went between Harry and Ron as Ron pulled out his own badge and showed it to Harry.

[b "Harry...."] God she wanted to say something, anything but for the first time in ages she could come up with nothing. She could see the hurt and the jealousy even when he tried so hard to hide it. Ron on the other hand didn't notice it at all.

"Yeah, that's a great idea mate. Maybe they'll have found a new way for us to listen to what's going on downstairs." Their red-haired friend said, moving to the door, stopping to look back at both Hermione and Harry.

Hermione stood and slipped her badge into her pocket and made her way passed Ron, not looking at the boys. Either of them. [b "Last I knew they were talking to Dung..."] And with that she made her way down the hall and to the study with all the books.

Ron's eyes followed Hermione and then went to Harry. "What do s'pose the matter with her is?" He asked, shoulders hunched for a moment before he straightened again. "Right, still want to find Fred and George?"
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Harry rubbed at his eyes wearily. This had added more stress that they didn't need. [b "Maybe Dumbledore will slip us some information. I'd like to believe he wouldn't leave us completely in the dark,"] he hoped.

Before they could dwell on the issue much longer, the orange ball of fluff that made up Crookshanks waltzed in proudly. Harry swore that the cat glared openly at Ron before his eyes caught the flash in his mouth. Almost as if he read Harry's thoughts, the cat pounced to him and dropped the shiny badge to the floor, as if to say [i 'Bet you didn't think things could get worse!']

With a twitch of his hand, he reached down to scoop up the Prefect badge, gliding his fingers along the gold. Looking up, he met Hermione's nervous eyes. [b "Congratulations! This is...fantastic. I never doubted you."] He gave her a smile. [b "Did they name which boy won?"] Harry began to ask, but Ron had slowly withdrawn his own badge from his pocket before the question was finished.

Not for the first time, he felt a flare of jealousy towards his red-headed friend. Harry hadn't ever thought that he would achieve the position, figuring it would go to someone more studious like Hermione. However, it irks him that Ron had beaten him for the job. Harry's grades were significantly better than his friend's, and Ron had never been motivated to do anything at school. It almost felt like a slap in the face.

Still, he forced the smile to reappear. [b "Wow, that's great, Ron. Really. I'm happy for you both. Really proud."] He cleared his throat and handed the lump of gold back to Hermione. [b "I'm sure it'll keep you both quite busy. Meetings and such."]

Oh god, this was the first time Harry had wished it to be September strictly to get distracted by schoolwork. He practically jumped to his feet, avoiding their eyes. [b "Let's find the twins and Ginny, maybe get a game of Exploding Snap going. Or whatever Fred and George are currently scheming."]
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The girl's hands were folded neatly in her lap as she had her eyes trained on Harry. She was listening to everything said and trying to take it all in. All of it seemed strange and something out of a movie, which was ironic to her as she and Harry had talked about movies and such the night before. But she quickly had to push that out of her mind as she really needed to be focused on what had been told to them.

[i "There's got to be something we're missing. Fudge doesn't just back down and bow to anyone.. So how do we know that Dumbledore's not got something on him?"] Ron asked as Harry had finished and Hermione had yet to speak.

A sigh slipped from the bushy haired girl as she pushed herself up from where she had been seated. Brown eyes locked with green for a moment and then found their way to the dust old carpet. [b "Ron's right, surprisingly...If Dumbledore's got something on him..or he's not any real support he can't much touch him and has no choice but to back off.."] The girl muttered.

As she fell silent again, Hermione began to pace back and forth thinking over Harry's words of the Order and how they would be done for if Fudge was ever to know. [b "And that's why Mister Weasley, Tonks and Shacklebolt can't say anything and it makes things difficult...Fudge suspects that Dumbledore has help inside the Ministry...If he finds out he is right..You are right all of us are done for and can be sent to Azkaban...That's why Dumbledore tries to take the wrap for any motions made.."] She whispered. This time there was nothing that she could say or do to make the situation seem any lighter. For now all they could do was sit and wait watching things play out.

As the girl once more took a seat, her cat came in and hopped up on the bed. He had something shiny in his mouth and she tried to quickly take it from Crrokshanks before it was seen. There was no way she wanted Harry knowing that she and Ron were named prefects and got the letter while he was gone, but Crookshanks had other plans and hopped away from her, lazily going to Harry and dropping the badge at the boy's feet.

[b "Bad cat..."] Hermione whispered and quickly looked down at her lap. After his anger of them knowing about the Order she was scared what drama the prefect thing would bring up.

Even Ron looked a little skittish.
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Harry nodded, still slightly unnerved by the turn of events that afternoon. With a pardon from the adults, he followed his friends up the narrow stairs and down the halls to the bedroom. He shrugged off his jacket and flopped backwards on to his bed, draping an arm over his eyes.

[i "Well? Give us something to work with, here,"] Ron nudged his foot before sitting on his own bed opposite Harry.

Where to even begin?

[b "I think Dumbledore intimidated Fudge,"] he blurted first. [b "Fudge looked pissed enough to send me to Azkaban right then and there, but Dumbledore showed up and they just dropped the charges."]

[i "Just like that?"] Ron frowned in confusion.

[b "It was weird. I don't think I've ever seen the Minister look that small before. It was like he reverted to being a kid under Dumbledore's watch."] Harry sat up and looked at them. [b "He's the only reason I wasn't expelled. They wouldn't even let me defend myself. Every time I tried to open my mouth to explain everything, some council member cut me off and talked down to me like I'd purposely gone out looking for a fight."]

Harry rose to his feet and began to pace. [b "I don't think I've ever felt so sick in my life. I nearly lost Hogwarts. If Dumbledore hadn't shown up when he did, I'd be done. No more school, no more anything. Just back with the Dursleys, or prison, if Fudge had his way."]

The stress of the hearing was getting to him, and this time his head hurt from a migraine and not his scar. [b "The Ministry is trying to keep everything from last year hushed. They think I'm a threat. If I step out of line once more, Dumbledore won't be able to come to my aid. Fudge is looking for reasons to lock me up so I can't spread anymore lies."]

He looked to Hermione. [b "If they knew about the Order, it would be over for us all."]
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Hermione had been anxious since Harry and Mister Weasley had been gone. She had tried locking herself in the library with the books as she normally did, but even that for some reason was of no comfort to her. Mostly did she believe that her bestfriend would be getting out of the trouble that he had gotten into, but there was still that little bit of doubt in her that he could be found guilty and it was that small doubt which seemed to be eating away at the bushy haired teen girl.

[i "Come on Hermione, there's nothing to worry about. Dumbledore'll be there and able to get Harry off. Don't see why you're being as anxious as a mother hen. Hey, I know what will get your mind off of this for a little while, watching Fred and George get in trouble for trying to listen in on Order stuff. What do you say?"] Ron said as he watched the girl fidgeting in the chair she usually was curled up in with her books.

A sharp brown eyed glare fell on the ginger haired boy. [b "You've honestly the emotional capacity of a teaspoon, haven't you? Even with Dumbledore's help and being there he still might not have a chance.. Especially with Fudge and all his deceptions."] The girl replied huffily, only to get up from where she had been sitting as loud chatter could be heard downstairs.

With the loud chatter and Mister Weasley's voice drifting up the stairs, both Ron and Hermione ran down the stairs just as everyone was crowding Harry. Ron had pushed his way through like his other siblings, but Hermione had hung back. When she could, the girl did make her way through the others who were still crowded about and over talking one another, hugging the boy tightly when she got to him.

[b "I'm so glad you got out of it!"] The girl said when she pulled back, a dark red in her cheeks when Ron all but stared at the two.

[i "I told her you would, mate. If we can steal you, want to go upstairs and tell us all about it?"]
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The boy hadn't even had time to get his balance back before he's being hurried off to the designated court room. If he was nervous before, his anxiety grew nearly triple the amount when he stepped inside and saw all of the eyes pointed right at him, with a single chair facing the panel of Ministry members. Cornelius Fudge was perched directly in the middle, and called for quiet among the spectators. [i "Mr Potter, I assume there's no confusion as to why you're here today."]

[b "Actually Sir-"] Harry began to speak but was immediately cut off.

[i "Because surely you know that you were committing acts that are absolutely forbidden by our laws. You're aware of our laws, are you not?"] Fudge continued.

[b "Yes Sir, but I wasn't-"]

[i "Then you are very clear on the consequence of these actions,"] the Minister droned on.

It continued like that for a while. Harry would attempt to break in to the conversation to defend himself, only to be spoken over. It was growing quite frustrating. Even Mr Weasley was getting rattled. Harry had begun saying an internal farewell to Hogwarts when the door opened and Dumbledore strolled in as though he hadn't interrupted an important government hearing. [i "You cannot be here, Albus. This is a private meeting,"] Fudge nearly foamed at the mouth.

[i "You see, Cornelius, I am here to act as Mr Potter's council. As, in our laws, you know is permitted,"] Dumbledore didn't look phased by the Minister's reddening face. [i "Why we're here in the first place is beyond me. It's clear the boy was defending himself."]

[i "He used illegal magic in a muggle location. You know very well that comes with charges!"]

[i "In defense against your dementors, was it not?"] Albus coolly replied.

Fudge's face drained of all colour. [i "Not to mention, this boy has single-handedly saved our world countless times. In the midst of Voldemort returning, you wish to remove Mr Potter from the safest location, and leave him defenseless in the muggle world? I think that will cause more trouble for you, don't you?"] Dumbledore continued.

The panel members were quietly murmuring to themselves. Despite Fudge's assurance that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had not returned, there were doubts among even the most high-ranking officials. Fudge listened to the male beside him and cleared his throat. [i "It is the official decision of this Ministry that the charges against Mr Potter are dropped, and he enrollment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry be reinstated."]

Harry had never seen anything quite like it. In the span of a few moments, he had gone from being expelled and exiled from the wizarding world, to being free once again. He could barely speak to thank Dumbledore before the headmaster had left the room.

[i "I told you, didn't I? Nothing to worry about!"] Arthur was all smiles as he clapped the boy on the back. [i "Let's tell the others the good news."]

Upon arriving back at the manor, Mr Weasley announced the news with a booming, "[i "Charges are all dropped!"]

The rest of them swarmed Harry to give him squeezing hugs and congratulations, with the Weasley children all talking over each other, and the adults trying to speak between breaks in their sentences.
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The girl gave a weak smile and then an indignant pout. [b "I've got a lot of classes, but Merlin Harry not that many. Besides everything is so fascinating as it is I couldn't decide what not to take."] Hermione said as a pink came to her cheeks.

For those few moments things seemed easy. Almost light even. Well they did until the knock came to the door and hurtled them both back into the reality of things. Gently her hand squeezed his and she nodded.

[b "I'm sure you'll get out of this...if they are true to the laws..."] The bushy haired girl managed to say before he and Mr. Weasley began back to the man part of the house, Hermione following them and taking a spot lining one of the walls.

The girl had tried to be of comfort, but now it seemed that she could not think of what to say. She just only looked to her bestfriend and gave a small smile and nodded, which meant she agreed with the others that he would be fine.

Once everyone had said what they had wanted, Mr. Weasley had taken out a portkey and the two of them were off. The man looked at the boy when they had appeared.

[i "Right, the courtrooms are this way Harry. We still should have time to make it."] And with those words said, the man led Harry to the lifts.
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Harry faintly smiled at her, feeling his heart warm that she was doing her best to comfort him. [b "You're right. At least we got to see each other. Merlin knows Ron and I won't see you once classes start. How many are you taking this year? Seventy-eight?"] he teased.

The knock at the door brought a disturbance to the peace. Taking a deep breath, Harry gave her hand a quick squeeze. [b "Better get to it,"] he muttered.

Arthur held a suit jacket out to him as he pulled the door open. [i "Best look respectable. Any little bit helps."]

With a last look to his bushy-haired friend, Harry gave her a tight-lipped smile in an attempt at bravery. [b "See you soon,"] he spoke quietly.

It almost felt like he was being led to his death as they entered the main room of the manor, and everyone lined the walls. He could tell they all wanted to offer some sort of comfort, but could not find the words so they merely stood with confident expressions. [i "Try not to fret, dear. Arthur will take good care of you. We'll be waiting right here when you get back with good news, no doubt,"] Mrs. Weasley caught him in a hug.

[i "She's right. You'll be just fine,"] Sirius was next, giving his godson a tight squeeze.

[b "Can't be worse than Dementors, can it?"] Harry attempted a joke, which only the twins snorted at.

[i "Right. We must be off. Stick close, Harry,"] the Weasley patriarch produced a portkey wrapped in a cloth. [i "On three."]

As the count hit three, the two men grabbed at the same time, and Harry felt the familiar tug behind his navel as the world spun around them.
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Startled was what she could imagine the boy being as she called out softly to him, but she couldn't help it. Since he had left the table and seemed very off, Hermione found that she wanted to find him and wanted to help if she could. She knew that he didn't want her to worry about him, but he was her best friend and because he was, the bushy haired girl couldn't help herself from worrying about him.

When he didn't open the door at her first plea, the girl almost thought that her cat had been defective and led her to the wrong door. Only the soft creeks beyond the door let her know that Harry was indeed in the room. IF it had been anyone else, the girl would have given up and probably gone back to the others or even found her way to the library but after seeing him during breakfast she couldn't help but feeling he needed her more. So without really thinking about it, the girl called out to him once more, pleaing with him to let her in.

Almost did she expect him to ignore her again, but to her relief, the door was opened and waved her in. Quickly, Hermione slipped into the room and listened to Harry's words as he relatched the door and spoke his words. It was at that moment did the girl wish she was their redhaired friend as he would be able to make a joke and light of the situation. But even in being able to do so, she somehow knew it would not he of help.

Lightly she leaned on the door and slid down against it, her head resting back on the wooden door. [b "You know...considering how you've said you spent the summer before now...it has turned out to be interesting...Of course not at all the one we would have wanted...but at least we got to see the other before school started and even got a night to catch up."] She said as she slowly looked to Harry, offering a small smile.

At his next words, her hand went to take his and gave it a small and reassuring squeeze. [b "They'll do everything that they can to help you...please keep hope."]

It was after she spoke her words did a knock come to the door, making Hermione squeak and jump. [i "Harry, we best be going soon. Don't want to be late for the hearing!"] Came Mister Weasley's words from outside the door.
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Her voice startled him out of his thoughts, almost making him smack his head on the window sill. He should have known she would find him. Hermione always managed to. Sighing, Harry rose to his feet and crossed the room until he was staring at the door.

Should he open it? Maybe if he stayed quiet enough, she would go back to the others and give up looking for him. He didn't want to ruin her morning. Hell, she'd gone through far too much already to have to be stuck worrying about him. [b "I'm fine, Hermione. I just needed some air."]

His voice shook as he spoke. Pausing for a few more moments, he wasn't surprised that he could still faintly hear her breathing on the other side of the door. She pleaded with him once more to open up, and with resign he unlatched the lock and pulled it open, waving her in.

He closed it quickly behind her, leaning back against it as his head fell to rest against the wood. [b "Not quite the relaxing summer we've hoped for, is it?"] he muttered. [b "Secret societies, Dementors, and now a hearing at the Ministry. They might as well keep me at Hogwarts all year round."]

Harry slid down in to a sitting position, pulling his knees to his chest. [b "It's going to be okay, right? The Order won't let the Ministry arrest me, will they?"]
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Back and forth she began to push her own food on her plate. She had been trying to help Harry and it seemed that she was even failing at that. Of course she knew he was more than anxious; anyone in their right mind would be. But she couldn't help feeling that everyone was making things worse for him, herself included. And so when Fred and George offered their advice and Ron seemed to side with his mother, the girl did not even look up from her plate. She couldn't find it in her to even really be hungry with how the morning seemed to be shaping up and so pushed her own plate towards Ron, sure the red haired boy would still be able to want more after he polished off Harry's remaining food.

[b "You know..you could show more concern and try to be of comfort, rather than stuffing your face. Right now our friend needs us, and all you can seem to think about is food. And you two, I know you can find this funny and something to laugh about but don't. At least try and be more helpful without wanting to get him into trouble."] The girl muttered as her eyes locked onto Fred, George, and Ron after Mrs. Weasley had left the dining room to get more pancakes made.

After her spoken words, Hermione pushed her chair back, gave the remaining adults a small nod of her head and left the room. She was going to try and find Harry and make sure that he was okay. But as she left the dining room, the girl froze and skimmed the halls, biting her lip. She was not at all sure where he had gone and she knew that Kreacher would not help her because she was "foul" and of "dirty blood."

[b [i 'If I was Harry...where would I go?']] Hermione found herself thinking as she slowly began her way up the stairs, brown eyes on most doors as she passed. Many of them were closed and were known to be locked. But that didn't stop her from trying them and when they failed to open did she just simply move forward and continue her search.

As she moved forward, Crookshanks snaked around her legs and meowed at her. At first, the girl tried to nudge her car away, promising to pet him all he wanted after she had found Harry but the feline grew more persistant. Finally, the girl stopped and looked at the car who by now was looking up at her with an expression that seemed to mean to follow as he was on his paws and padding off down the hall. Oh it was madness and she knew it, but at the moment it seemed Crookshanks seemed the only one interested in helping her find Harry. And she was to the point of taking any help she could get.

It wasn't long before Crookshanks stopped outside a closed door and pawed it. The cat then looked up at Hermione. [b "You're saying he's in here?"] She asked as she tried the door's knob to find it locked. The girl turned to look at her cat, but the great ball of fur had gotten distracted and was already off down the hall to chase something he'd seen.

[b "Harry...if you're in there, please open the door."] She said, leaning against the door. Hermione hoped he would hear her and stiffened as she could hear foot steps coming down the hall. It sounded heavier, so she was assuming a man's, more like Mister Weasley's as he was the one who would be taking Harry to the Minstry. [b "Harry please!"] The girl now begged, wanting one more chance to try and say something to him, anything to him that might help him before he had to go.
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Harry knew that Hermione was only trying to make him feel better, but his stomach remained in a knot. As far as he was concerned, the only one in that room who would be siding with him was Mr. Weasley. After last year, he wasn't sure if he would even feel welcomed at Hogwarts. [b "Let's hope,"] he murmured under his breath.

[i "Harry dear, don't you worry. It will all work out. But you need to eat that food before you go. Your stomach won't feel any better if you leave it empty,"] Mrs. Weasley motioned to his still-full plate.

Throughout breakfast, he only managed to get rid of the bacon and toast. Fred and George offered him advice, most of which would surely only serve to get him in more trouble. Ron didn't seem concerned at all, believing his parents' words that it would work out. Instead, he helped himself to the rest of Harry's breakfast when the raven-haired boy pushed the plate his way and got to his feet. [b "Excuse me,"] he hurried from the table.

Harry didn't even know where he was going, only that he had to get away from the chatter at the table. He threw open a door to an empty room, closing it and locking it behind him. He needed to think. He tried to remember any such law that would prevent him from defending himself. Sadly, he'd never really come across laws regarding Dementors attacking civilians.

Suddenly feeling claustrophobic, he marched to the window and threw it open, dropping to his knees to breathe in the fresh air. He could see life outside moving on as always, the people unaware of the boy watching them from a hidden house. Not for the first time, Harry was envious that they didn't have a care in the world.
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