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Harry laughed quietly and looked to the floor. If he tried hard enough to remember, he could almost feel her arms wrapped around his waist, squeezing as hard as she could. [b "I would never let you fall. Maybe you can join me for a ride. I'll show you how amazing it can feel."]

Realizing just how that sentence could be taken, he flushed red. [b "Anyways, I'm gonna head up. Get some sleep, and all that."]

He started backing away slowly, giving the most pathetic wave of his life as he bumped into the table behind him. [b "Goodnight, Hermione."]

In the privacy of his bed with the curtains drawn and a silencing charm protecting him, he groaned out loud at how he managed to make a complete fool out of himself in front of the girl he'd been crushing on for the past year.

[b "Genius, Harry. Just brilliant. May as well take flirting advice from Neville,"] he snapped at himself.

Burying his face into the pillow, he sighed and let sleep claim him for a few hours. His embarrassment must have drained the last of his energy, because he didn't wake up until Ron started shaking him the next morning. [i "You're going to be late for breakfast. Unless that's your next plan to get Hermione alone in the kitchens with you,"] Ron taunted, hauling the blankets off of Harry.

[b "I promise you, we were just getting something to eat, since we both missed dinner,"] the groggy boy explained himself.

[i "Whatever you say,"] Ron didn't believe a word coming out of his mouth. [i "But don't expect me to be so lenient the next time I catch you out of bed after hours."]

Harry rolled his eyes and scratched at his hair. [b "Remind me to thank you for your generosity."]

He pulled on his uniform but left his tie untied around his neck. [b "Let's go before your stomach eats you alive,"] he shoved Ron towards the door.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 2y 356d 11h 54m 50s
To her it seemed that they both were at a loss in how to act normal. Or at least not so awkeard. But what could they do when everyone was giving them funny looks or making snide comments? It was like everyone around them was making a big deal out of nothing. [b "I always enjoy when we get the time together like that..."] She answered with a soft smile.

Her hands then crossed in front of her as he asked about the walk. Again there was that pang of disappointment when Ron had been added. Was it wrong to want time alone with him and as often as she could get it? But even she understood that them spending too much time togerher would make people suspicious. [b "If we're all free tomorrow that sounds brilliant."] It took her longer to answer than it should have but she did and gave a weak smile.

As the mention of getting her on a broom was made, her eyes became big and she shook her head. [b "Harry Potter you know I don't like flying. I will watch but you will not get me on a broom."] Hermione squeaked, remembering the fear she had of flying. But it also made her remember their third year on Buckbeak and the closeness to Harry.
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She was right, of course. Ron was not about to let this go. Hell, Harry was half-expecting him to start interrogating him when he returned to the dorms. [i He's not the only suspicious one,] Harry thought to himself, remembering the look Sirius had given them.

In the quiet of the Gryffindor common room, he slid the cloak off of them and rumpled it up under his arm. [b "Well um...thank you, for joining me for dinner. I always enjoy your company."]

[i What the bloody hell was that, Potter? At least pretend to be charming!] Harry winced at his own awkward behaviour. [b "Maybe we can go for a walk tomorrow, after dinner. Sit by the Black Lake. With Ron, if he's free,"] he added hastily.

If the redhead was already suspicious, it would only make things more obvious if the two wandered down to the lake by themselves. [b "Unless you want to join us for Quidditch practice. Ron did mention he wanted me to help him with Keeper practice. Maybe we can even get you on a broom,"] he smiled widely at the memory of her behind him on Buckbeak, clinging tightly at the fear of how high they were.
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What had he been about to ask? It was bothering her that they had been interrupted and she had not gotten to hear. But she wasn't going to press because it seemed he had forgotten or didn't want to tell her. And she learned to respect that by now. [b "Honestly he won't... He's always stopping by the shop and gawking at the brooms."] Again she attempted and gave a weak smile of her own.

It was odd but she felt the pang of disappointment that Ron would be there too. Which she felt annoyed with herself for being dissapointed. It wasn't anything new and they had spent the free weekends together since Harry had gotten permission to be able to go into the small wizarding village with them. But this time, though maybe it was selfish she had hoped they would get the whole day to themselves. And at that thought, her cheeks flushed. What had she been thinking? He was her best friend and there was no way he saw her in the same way she did him. She had to keep her thoughts in control.

The girl poked at her food, pushing it back and forth upon the plate. She had found after Ron's visist and them being let off with the warning had left her not as hungry as she had been. She finished about half the food on her plate and dumped the food, soon moving to help with their dishes. As soon as the little house elf had come back, she offered a smile and told him how brilliant everything has been.

[b "We are lucky that he saved us from a point docking...but he will be badgering us about this tomorrow."] The girl said quietly as the two of them walked back beneath the cloak. It was yet another awkward and tension filled silence as they walked. Almost she could not help wanting her bed.
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Harry looked at her with a weak smile. [b "Yeah. I'm sure he'd be fine if we left him there for a bit."]

It was a half-hearted attempt to cover his disappointment. The three of them had always gone on the free weekends together, and it shouldn't have been a surprise that Ron was going to join them again this time. Harry hadn't even quite believed that he almost blurted out a date invitation. Perhaps it was for the best that Ron had interrupted. He wasn't even sure that Hermione felt anything but friendship for him. He wouldn't put her in an awkward position.

A silence fell and he picked at his food. He was grateful for any time alone with her, even if Ron joined them for a portion of the weekend trip. He wouldn't sulk over a lost opportunity.

With his plate cleared far too soon, he gathered dishes to quickly wash in the sink to spare Dobby a job. It was all too hot being in this room with her. [i Stupid move, Harry,] he cursed himself. [i Way to open your mouth.]

[b "I think we should head back. Get some sleep. It's been a long day,"] he cleared his throat.

[i "Is Mr Harry Potter and Missus Granger leaving then?"] Dobby appeared, looking hopeful that everything had been well received.

Harry smiled down and held out his hand for the houseelf to grab. [b "Everything was perfect Dobby. Thank you. We'll come and visit again soon."]

Grabbing his cloak, he threw it over the two of them and moved to the door. [b "Good of Ron to let us off with a warning. We could have been in more trouble if it had been anyone else,"] he broke the quiet tension, listening to their footsteps bounce off the castle walls.
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Hermione smiled and nodded to Harry when he had agreed to the deal that she had wanted to amend his to. Even she knew though that it would be a chore for them. It wasn't as if they sought out the trouble, but it did always seem to find them. Some years seemed worse than others and with how this one had started, the girl expected it would be one of the bad years. A year trouble might find them almost constantly and at every turn.

[b "You know I wouldn't make it hard on you. Especially after today."] The girl found herself said earnestly. At his words of Hogsmeade, her head inclined slightly as she was curious. But before the boy could go one with whatever he had been about to say, another voice came from the doorway.

Her hand was pulled back from Harry's as she had just realized their pinkies had still been linked. Brown eyes were then on their red haired friend and she rolled her eyes. [b "Honestly Ronald you know you would have done the same. And if I recall you were even telling me this morning that you intended to sneak treats on rounds."] Hermione added in their defense.

And then she found herself stiffening at his look. It was unsettling and reminded her of the look Sirius had given before they had left. Quickly she looked away, cheeks pink at his words. [b "In the morning. When we head back we'll be going to bed."] Still she did not look to Ron or to Hannah as the pair left.

With the two being gone she relaxed some but was still perplexed by the look they had been given. Odd was one word for it. But then she looked to Harry and gave a small smile. [b "This Saturday I think Butter Beer will definitely be needed. And so will sweets. Maybe we can even leave Ron to look at the broom shop?"] She was trying to help with the thick and awkward silence and tension that seemed to fall between them once again. What was happening? Usually it wasn't this hard.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 2y 358d 11h 5m 24s
He locked his pinky around hers. [b "From breakfast to dinner,"] Harry agreed. [b "No mishaps. No detentions. Just one full day of being good students who don't cause trouble."]

It would be a miracle if they actually managed it. Trouble seemed to flock to Harry and his friends no matter what they did. It's not like they sought out danger; it just happened to find them every single year. [b "It's a deal then. We both agree to keep the other out of trouble. Don't make things difficult for me, Prefect Granger,"] he teased.

His hand held hers for probably too long. Before his brain managed to catch up with his mouth, he found himself speaking. [b "So the first Hogsmeade weekend is on Saturday. Maybe we could-"]

[i "You two are testing your luck, you know that, right?"] a new voiced joined the conversation.

Harry turned and saw Ron grinning. [i "I never thought I'd see the day where I'm the studious out of us three. What are you doing down here so late?"]

[b "We missed dinner because of detention. We got hungry,"] Harry defended them.

Hannah Abbott stood with Ron, seemingly torn between docking them points, or just letting them off with a warning. [b "We'll be going to bed soon. Once we finish eating,"] Harry promised.

Ron looked between them, with a hint of something in his eyes. They narrowed slightly before his smile came back and he stood straighter. [i "Alright then. We'll talk later. Come on, Hannah. We'll let them off with a warning."] He turned to the door but paused. [i "And we will talk about this later,"] he warned them once more.

Left alone again, Harry slumped back into his seat. The look Ron had given them was unsettling. As if he was reading what was going on, without there even being something going on. Any thought of continuing his invitation for her to join him in Hogsmeade went out the window.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 2y 358d 11h 38m 57s
The girl found herself flushing slightly as the little house-elf had glanced between the two of them the way he had before leaving. What was going on with everyone in thinking there was more between them? First it had been Sirius who had done so, then Malfoy, and now it seemed their little friend did too. Not that she didn't want there to be more, but she had been trying to bury those feelings and convince herself that she was content to keep their friendship. As long as she had him in her life in one way or another she would be fine. But then everyone had to keep throwing it at them and she couldn't help becoming flustered and wish it were the truth.

Slowly the girl has taken some of the roasted chicken, potatos, and carrots and put them on her plate. All the while she could feel the gaze of her friend on her but she didn't dare to look up and "catch" him. The girl could tell him to be just as flustered as she was. But had guessed it to be more so because he wanted the rumours and thoughts to stop. Not because he felt the same way. To her, or what she thought he felt was just being a protective brother. And it kind of stung.

It was his words that snapped her out of her train of thoughts and brown eyes came to look up at the boy. A faint smile traced her lips and she shook her head. [b "You didn't drag me into it. I chose to get into it with you and couldn't keep my mouth shut. But I know what you mean, going to these lengths is mental...the Ministry should get word out, not filter it and pretend it never did happen."] Her words were quick and seemed indignant because was bristling at the boy being called a liar. She then took his pinky with her own. [b "How about this...tomorrow we both keep the other in check better?"]
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 2y 358d 11h 17m 1s
Harry found himself wishing the house-elf had stayed. He grabbed his own glass of water and took a gulp, willing his cheeks to go back to their pasty colour. [b "Everything smells delicious,"] he changed the subject, piling food onto his plate.

Curse Sirius and his need to poke at them. Harry had been content to bury any potential romantic feelings towards his friend. Then the mischievous Marauder had to go and plant these ideas in his head. [i Thanks for nothing, Sirius,] the boy grumbled internally.

It wasn't helping at all that the oversize-fireplace was casting a warm glow across her features. This girl that he had come to trust more than anyone else was the only constant in his life. No matter how much he screwed up, she had been right there to help. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for their redheaded friend.

Realizing he was staring, Harry snagged another bite of roasted chicken and looked anywhere but her. No need to be obvious. He wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable. [i Keep it together, Potter], his conscience ordered him.

[b "I don't suppose I've kept my promise of behaving today, have I? I'm sorry if I dragged you into any trouble,"] he broke the silence. [b "I just can't believe the Ministry is going this far to denounce last year. I guess the most we can do is make the best of it, right? I promise I'll behave more tomorrow,"] he held out his pinky with a grin, waiting for her to lock her own around it.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 2y 359d 11h 15m 9s
The two of them had never been tense around the other or even awkward before. But in those moments it seemed to weigh in the air between them. When had that started? Hermione was trying to trace it but the only thing she could think of was back at headquarters and after...Sirius... As soon as that realization hit, her cheeks turned even redder and the heat rose. Which was perfect timing for Harry to notice it.

[b "I...Harry I'm fine."] She tried to say it but before she could the boy had felt her forehead and cheeks and also went to get a glass of water. It was nice of him, but it made her feel a little awkward that he saw the need to look after her like that. Usually she was the one looking after him and Ron. A small smile came to her lips as she slowly took a sip from the water. [b "Thank you."]

Her eyes fell on the boy and she bit on her lip. [b "Are you sure you're okay?"] She asked as she noticed the slight red in his cheeks. Slowly she got up before Dobby returned and brought him a glass of water. [b "You should drink too.."] And once more she took her seat, looking to the little elf as Harry gestured to him. With a smile, the girl took the plates from him.

[b "Did you want to join us, Dobby?"] Hernione asked as she then looked over to Harry.

Dobby looked between the two teenagers and it seemed as if he was putting pieces of a puzzle together. The little house-elf then shook his head. [i "No, Dobby thanks you for the kind offer. But Dobby has other duties to attend. If Harry Potter and Missus Granger needs anything else call for Dobby."] And with that he was gone again
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 2y 359d 13h 47m 12s
If it was just Ron and his Hufflepuff partner, Harry wasn't too worried that he'd get in much trouble. [b "Ron might even convince her to join us,"] he joked, reaching for a brownie that was on a plate in front of them.

There was a few moments of awkward silence, aside from listening to the elves gather food. Harry wasn't quite sure about the sudden change in atmosphere surrounding him and Hermione, but he knew it had something to do with whatever had been brewing between them the past few days. Tension, maybe?

[b "Are you okay? You look a little red,"] he noticed her flushed complexion.

Reaching out a hand, he presses the back of it to her cheek and then forehead, testing for a fever. [b "You're a little warm. Should I get you something?"]

Without waiting for an answer, he rose from the chair and crossed to the sink to fill a glass with water. [b "Here, drink it. You may be dehydrated after the stress of the day. I don't want you to get sick."]

It surprised him that none of this felt odd. It came naturally to worry about her, and want to protect her. With Ron, it wouldn't have been a concern. Now Harry's face felt warm. [b "Dobby's back,"] he quickly uttered, gesturing to the small house-elf with stacks of plates in his hands.
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The closeness distracted her a little more than she would have liked to admit as the two made their was through the empty halls. It took her back to the Ancient House of Black just the night before and how comfortable that had been. Somehow the time being spent so close had her picturing that. But she had to shake her head to clear her thoughts before they could wander elsewhere. Friends, they were just friends. Though she did want more or at least wondered what them being a couple would be like. Her thoughts caused her cheeks to become a bright pink as her mind had done what she had been trying to avoid.

When they got to the kitchen, Harry called out to Dobby and removed the cloak. Brown eyes fell on the little house elf and she offered him a small smile. She still had it in her head that they were treated horribly and wanted to do something to help. Only thing was her last attemp hadn't quite gone well. They had tried to tell her they didn't mind it, which had left her thoroughly confused. It still did really as other elves were hovering around when Dobby had left them as if waiting for either Harry or Hermione to give them something to do.

Hermione gave the boy a small smile as she took the seat he had held out for her. [b "The funny part about that is..given that we really haven't eaten much today it would be welcome."] The words were soft and she looked down, avoiding his gaze as she realized what she said.

[b "If a prefect comes to check and make sure students haven't sneaked down here.. It's Ron and the Hufflepuff Prefect. They were assigned the kitchens after mine and Malfoy's shift."] The bushy haired girl was trying to change the subject and found her hand running over her injured one.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 2y 360d 11h 3m 49s
Harry grinned and covered them both with the cloak. [b "I knew I could count on you. This is why you're my favourite."]

They moved quietly through the corridors to make sure they weren't discovered. Being in such close quarters to her was more than just a slight distraction. He could breathe in her shampoo and it relaxed him more than anything else could. He tried not to let it show just how at ease he was, pressed close to her like that.

Harry checked that the coast was clear and tugged her in to the confines of the kitchen, where several houseelves were cleaning. [b "Dobby?"] he called out, slipping the cloak off.

A high squeal reached their ears and the bubbling little creature appeared before them in a rush. [i "Mr Harry Potter, sir! And Missus Granger! What an honor it is,"] Dobby attempted to bow, but Harry intercepted and lifted his head.

[b "No bowing to us. We're friends, Dobby. You don't bow to anyone anymore,"] he smiled at his little friend.

Dobby smiled bashfully and gestured for them to sit at the large table in the middle of the kitchen. [i "Dobby assumes you are here for a snack, sir. Dobby will get you food!"]

[b "You don't have to rush,"] Harry tried calming him, but the houseelf was moving in a flurry. [b "I have a feeling we're going to be eating enough for an army,"] he looked to Hermione, pulling her chair out for her.
  Harry Potter / Kooza / 2y 364d 9h 35m 25s
The tension around the nurse was strong as they told her what had happened. And the muttering told both Harry and Hermione that the woman was not at all pleased. In fact, Hermione half expected the nurse to near go mama bear and hunt Professor Umbridge down. When it didn't happen and they were told to tell Professor McGonagall the girl only nodded. She hoped that perhaps something would be able to be down about the pink nightmare.

[b "Thanks Madam Pomfrey."] She said as the woman retreated to her office and was clearly done with her and Harry. Her hand still stung but it was better than it had been. A sigh slipped her lips and she shook her head. An eventful first day and night back. Even more so than the start of the last year. It almost had the prefect girl wondering what else would be coming their way if their first day was already so hellish.

Quickly she had to push that thought out of her head and looked to the cloak Harry was pulling out of his bag again. She knew they SHOULD behave and go to the common room and off to bed but she was hungry. After all, both she and Harrt had not had a proper meal that night. [b "Actually breaking one more rule doesn't sound too bad. Getting food and then back to Gryffindor Tower and to bed. We have early classes tomorrow."] She reminded him as she took the cloak from him and threw it over the both of them.
  Hermione Granger / SheDevil / 2y 364d 11h 44m 22s
Harry gave her a wince of sympathy. [b "I don't think I'd wish that on my worst enemy."] He paused. [b "Actually, scratch that. Malfoy and Voldemort deserve to be miserable together."]

He threw an arm around her shoulders and squeezed lightly. [b "All is well now. You're in better company. From what I'm told, I'm rather famous,"] he joked as the moved along.

In the Hospital Wing, he thought for sure that Madam Pomfrey was going to storm off after Umbridge once they'd told her what happened. As she properly applied healing salve and bandages, she grumbled under her breath about Ministry employees being scoundrels. [i "You make sure Professor McGonnagal sees these,"] she looked to them both sternly. [i "I don't want this undocumented. Torturing students like this. On day one, nonetheless!"]

She stomped off to her office, leaving them in the dark medical bay. [b "We have two options. We can either be good students who go back to their common room and get to bed, or we can use my cloak to go get food from the kitchens, seeing as we haven't had a proper meal this evening."]

He tugged the cloak from his bag and gave her a wicked grin. [b "What do you say, Prefect Granger? Break another rule with me?"]
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